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Date Joined: August 28, 2013
Last Online: December 10, 2015
Birthday: September 19, 1985
Country: Belgium

About Me

About my 1 rating: this is beyond my own control. Sadly enough this swap to Chile got lost/never arrived, even after sending multiple times. I am a reliable swapper with good ratings!

I'm a positive-minded woman, born and living in the oldest town of Belgium (living in the Flemish region of my country). I speak fluently Dutch and English. I can help myself in French. Reading German is no problem for me, but writing or speaking it doesn't go so well. Notions of Spanish.

On weekdays I work as a fulltime administrative assistant doing HR, logistics and accounting. In a relationship with the best man a girl can imagine for over 6 years now.

What can I tell you about me? I'm full of passion when it comes to books and reading, photography, poetry, music, nature and animals, writing, food and cooking, (art)journaling, all kinds of snailmail, everything paper related, self-development and so much more.

name for image

Loving the little and big things in life. Belief. Hope. Optimism. I believe in the goodness of all people. Wanderlust. Serendipity. Living with my head in the clouds but always with both feet on the ground.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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Favorite Music

I don't like to speak in genres cause music goes a lot further than that. But I can tell you I like intense music. Some of my favorite bands/artists are: Arsenal, Kylesa, Sólstafir, Agalloch, Les Discrets, Patrick Watson, Katatonia, Kiasmos, Alcest, Tool, Wolves in the Throne Room, Musth, The Raveonettes, Kontinuum, Ólafur Arnalds, Hellacopters, Deftones, Mark Lanegan, Kyuss, Sigur Rós, Downfall of Gaia, ISIS, Beastmilk, The National, Ray LaMontagne, Trixie Whitley, Kings of Leon, PJ Harvey, Mumford & Sons, Cat Power, Lana Del Rey and so much more.

Favorite Books

Fiction, non-fiction and poetry: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, Paulo Coelho, Mary Oliver, Marianne Fredriksson, Etty Hillesum, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deborah Meyler, Susannah Conway, Kahlil Gibran, Margaret Atwood, Pablo Neruda, Joy Harjo, Rainer Maria Rilke, Brené Brown, ...

Books on psychology, cooking, typography, nature/animals, self-development, photography, crafting

Favorite Television

The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, The X-Files, Mad Men, Millennium, Scandinavian crime series

Favorite Crafts

Anything paper related, coloring, pasting/glueing, collages, stamping, making cards, mixed media, little books and zines, aquarelle, zentangle (beginner), painting and drawing, hand lettering, (art) journaling, bookmarks, mail art, envelopes, paper goodies.

She likes and wishes for ...

  • style, themes and colors: vintage, monochrome, retro, sephia, bright and colorful but also neutral tones, nature, the sea, flowers, birds, feathers, airmail, travel, couples, romantic, The Little Prince, bicyles, travel, Paisley, henna inspired designs, Scandinavian patterns/designs
  • all kinds of fine liners, pens, markers, pencils, Posca (you never can have enough of them ;)
  • anything tea - kitchen - food - book related
  • gemstones
  • all nature "gifts" like little stones, feathers, leaves, etc.
  • animals: bunnies/rabbits, dogs, little birds, owls, bigger birds (ravens, magpies, doves), wolves, squirrels, guinea pigs, red panda's, raccoons and raccoon dogs, foxes, deers, hedgehogs
  • street art
  • vintage advertisements
  • vintage photos/polaroids, Holga, Diane. Just basicly any kind of analog and instant photos
  • vintage cameras & typewriters
  • esoteric things
  • illustrations and drawings: botanical, birds and all other animals (except bugs and fishes), nature in general, Vera the Mouse illustrations, fairy tales with animals, Scandinavian
  • cruelty-free care products such as face masks, body lotion, scrub, soap, lipstick, ... you know: woman stuff ;)
  • all kinds of paper that is usable for crafting
  • anything that is usable in art journaling and mixed media
  • interior/DIY/hobby/craft/cooking magazines from your country
  • notebooks & Moleskine
  • bookmarks (beautiful handmade is fine too!)
  • handlettered quotes
  • quote cards
  • oracle, tarot and affirmation decks/cards
  • postcards and notecards
  • Instagram
  • tote and cotton bags
  • beautiful (but nickle free) earrings
  • aquarelle/water color drawings and art reproductions (Chagall, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin, Miró, Renoir, Manet, Klimt, Magritte, J.W. Waterhouse, Mucha, Tamara de Lempicka, Edward Hopper, Carl Larsson, Beatrix Potter, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Pre-Raphaelites, Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Marjolein Bastin) and art in general
  • little handy bags to go in my handbag
  • (positive) psychology
  • languages and other cultures
  • Henri-Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Robert Doisneau
  • garlands/little flags/prayer flags
  • dresses
  • Flow magazine
  • incense sticks
  • favorite smells: anything light flowery, musk, exotic/foreign, natural/neutral
  • candles and tea lights (currently looking for soy candles)
  • socks (European size = 38/39)
  • scarves
  • globes and (vintage) maps
  • colors, pencils, pens
  • positive quotes
  • nail polish and nail art
  • little vintage boxes/cans
  • Buddhism/Asian related/Maneki Neko

She doesn't like ...

  • childlike stuff
  • things with cats
  • Kawaii, Disney, Diddl, Hello Kitty, etc.
  • touristic postcards
  • too much glitter and "bling bling"
  • 3D-stickers
  • horror, fantasy and SF stuff
  • anime/manga or anything comic related
  • gums
  • and this should be obvious: dirty, worn-out stuff, no rubbish or crap please!

I do like cute stuff and things, but please keep in mind I'm a grown up woman ;)

Please, don't send me any more washi tape, deco tape or stickers. I really have enough of them!

About swapping

I've seen a section like this in many other people's profile, so I also thought to do this.

I really put a lot of effort, love and attention into all my swaps and it would be nice if you do that too. I always read your profile, even if the swap is sender's choice. Isn't it all about putting a smile on your partner's face? If there are any problems with a swap, please don't hesitate to send me a private message. I send out all of my swaps.

Handmade items are really welcome!

I do not give a heart for extra's, but I do give hearts for swaps that were made with "heart and soul" and attention ;)


name for image

I don't like white and black tea. Please don't send me plain rooibos or green tea (in mixes is okay though). My absolute favorite is ginger/lemon(grass) tea.

Some of my favorite brands are Celestial Seasonings, Pukka, Clipper, Tazo, Stash, Yogi, Nordqvist, English Tea Shop, Løv Organic, Natural Temptation, Numi, Salus, Higher Living, Traditional Medicinals, ...

Please no teabags without their wrap! Please don't stick anything (tape and such) to the tea bags, I keep them for my collection.

Loving herbal and organic/biological teas, infusions, spicy and chai(-ish) flavours. Ginger, all kinds of berries, orange, spear- and peppermint, licorice, rose, pumpkin, camomille, lemon(grass) and so many more. Also relaxation and sleeping teas are welcome. Morning teas too! Much to choose from :) If it happens that you have any raw tea, I would love to taste! I'm really not picky on my teas, I love to discover new flavours and brands but please mind my dislikes mentioned above.

Also (solvable) chai latte, hot chocolate (all kinds of flavors are welcome) and coffee (but only decaffeinated please because I don't tolerate caffeine) and all kinds of solvable drinks are welcome! I've seen many variations of chocolate drinks from the US, they'll be kindly appreciated :)

I like healthy/biological food and super foods but I also love salted/savoury snacks, dried fruits and all kinds of nuts. Also chocolate, the darker the better! I'm not much of a sweet tooth and try to avoid sugar as much as possible or find things with alternative natural sweeteners. I always like to find new ways to create breakfasts with oats/porridge, muesli, fruit, superfoods and so on. Bread alternatives like crackers, Knäckebröd, rice crackers and such are always welcome! I love hard/dry grated cheese or just anything cheesy (but please no salted snacks with cheese, they taste horrible!)

I'm always in to discover new food, recipes, spices, seasonings and spice mixes. No allergies or real dislikes. My favorite kitchens are the Italian and all South-European ones. Also Scandinavian, French, Mexican and American. Pasta, rice, risotto, vegetables and soup are my favorite dishes :) I also enjoy making muffins and cakes.

She collects ...

  • TEA and anything tea related like tea holders/filters, teaspoons, tea cups, tea tins, illustrations with tea, ... ANYTHING
  • beautiful tea towels
  • anything I can use in the kitchen
  • anything bunny related
  • little/mini porcelain animals
  • little vintage cans/boxes
  • nature and animal guide books (with drawn illustrations)
  • gemstones
  • books with illustrations drawn by Marjolein Bastin
  • vintage books on (hand) lettering, sign painters, typography
  • globes
  • vintage photos (also black and white)
  • vintage postcards (also black and white)


Comment: You have not contacted me at all about the journal . I will rate you a 1 which can be changed if the journal is sent to me or returned to its owner. The deadline for sending was Oct 23 2015. You were last online Dec10 2015
veronicadelvalle rated for 10 teas different ! # 2 on Nov 10, 2015
Comment: I wrote to her many times, the deadline was on may 29th and nothing arrived. I will change the 1 if i get something. I'm sorry.
MINNIECC rated for Favorite Quote on Oct 20, 2015
Response: It would have been nice to send me a little message/question first before rating me a 1, so I could have had the chance to re-send you my swap.
kacka rated for week of tea nr.10 on Sep 5, 2015
Comment: thank you so much for very nice selection of teabags and other items:) so sorry about the late rating, i just found it in the pile of rated ones already
Comment: Yay! It has arrived! Lovely page in a gorgeous journal.
Pouffia rated for Poetry Journal Swap #2 on Aug 28, 2015
Comment: It arrived safe and sound. Thank you for the lovely extras!
kacka rated for 10 teas different ! # 3 on Jul 5, 2015
Comment: thank you, I love the selection:))
Pouffia rated for Poetry Journal Swap #1 on Jul 4, 2015
Comment: Wow, what did I do to deserve this? I was so confused when I opened this parcel, I didn't know what it was for! So many goodies, and wrapped too! Thank you so much, I loved it and wish I could give you more hearts! Also, lovely poem of Mary Oliver!
viza rated for Tea for 2 partners on May 25, 2015
Comment: Thank you for great selection of teas! Your swaps always make me happy:))
henjomaani rated for Tea for 2 partners on May 25, 2015
Comment: Thank you, as always your swap was a daysaver <3 i absolutely loved it :) !!
EvaIzzy rated for week of tea nr.9 on May 23, 2015
Comment: Hallo Aline, bedankt voor de heerlijke theetjes!
RockyBeach rated for week of tea nr.9 on May 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you for your colourful letter and of course for the assorted teas! <3
violetkim rated for Tea Overload! on May 14, 2015
Comment: After 5 month, i receive this swap. Thank you for resend.
Response: You're welcome!
idasideetje rated for week of tea nr.8 on May 11, 2015
Comment: Thanks a lot for this so nicely packed tea-swap :-) Het was een kadootje om uit te pakken en de theetjes zijn heerlijk!
henjomaani rated for week of tea nr.8 on May 7, 2015
Comment: This swap was lovely as always the swaps are which you send <3 a BIG thank you once again for you :) here should be some button for extreme effortnes, you always put your heart to your swaps and i just love it :)
dea rated for 30 teas different ! on May 6, 2015
Comment: thank you ! i loved your swap and it was lovely as always :) <3
henjomaani rated for 20 teas different ! on May 4, 2015
Comment: thank you, i loved all :) your swaps are always so properly made <3
viza rated for Tea Lovers' April on Apr 29, 2015
Comment: Dear Aline! I'm glad to communicate with you again:)! Yes, I've noticed you were not very active during last time. And I'm sad about it:( as you are great swap-partner and I'm sure beautiful girl:)! Hope you are well! About this swap- I love the teas you sent to me! Thank you for Ahmad cinnamon teas and Twinings and new tastes of Tea forte teas! Good luck:)!
redwrapper rated for 7 Chakra's - 7 Happy Days on Mar 27, 2015
Comment: I finally got the package!! :D I opened up only a few but so far I'm very happy with what you sent! :) The stone is so pretty! And the tea, my mom will love. She is in a Ginger craze right now. Did you make that little heart pin?? It's so adorable!! :D very cute! Thanks so much!! :)

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sojourner on Feb 25, 2016:

You have not responded to my messages for return of my Pocket journal. Please have the decency to return it to me. Thank you.

viza on Dec 22, 2015:

Dear Aline! I'd like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I havn't seen you in the swaps for a long time, hope you'll come back soon. I couldn't find your address to send you something before holidays. Have a good time!

veronicadelvalle on Oct 13, 2015:

Hi, I sent you a DM, hope you can read it.

mydreambook on Oct 2, 2015:

Het heerlijk avondje gaat weer komen, we kunnen dus nog even dromen. Over pepernoten, kadootjes en speculaas. Kom doe mee met de Swap van Sinterklaas: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/209304

viza on Dec 22, 2014:

Dear Aline! thank you very much for Christmas card! I'm very surprise and very glad:) Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

hesedetang on Oct 13, 2014:

Hello thanks for participating in the first of my ZIA swaps series! Just a little note to say ZIA Swap #2 is up: _http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/185080

Artistic on Oct 9, 2014:

So glad you enjoyed the Bookworm Bonanza swap! A couple of the zines were pass-alongs. Mine were the mini ones. Have fun with all of your reading!

Mugsie on Sep 19, 2014:

Happy Birthday from all of us at "WIYM"!

sanna on Jun 9, 2014:

I wanted to thank you for the super lovely envelope you sent to me. :) The birthday card is perfect, and bunnies = <3 What a nice surprise! :)

sassafrass on Jan 9, 2014:

Welcome to International Small Swaps! We have lots of great swaps going on, and more coming soon. Hope you will enjoy our group :)

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