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Hello Fellow Swappers! My name is Kristy, crafting is my favorite pastime and I love all things handmade. My husband is on disability retirement and we work a small part-time job together. I love mail art; I think I enjoy making and decorating the mail as much as I enjoy creating the contents. Even if it's not a decorated envie, I love to create envies for my swaps from vintage book pages.

I haunt Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn Fabrics. I am lucky to live close to all three. In December 2015, 'my' Hobby Lobby moved their location and now it's far away--sad for me! I also adore shopping for supplies online. My latest collection obsession: washi tape! It has become a truly guilty pleasure. There are so many pretty ones! Oh . . . and postcards--just finished organizing then all (6/16) and I have 32 photo boxes brimming with them.


Postcards: I do not care for color-your-own postcards. Here are some of my favorite postcard themes:

  • Cats

  • Animals (photos or illustrations--no monkeys, please ;+), especially bears, foxes, and other woodland critters

  • Nature cards

  • Nouvelles Images cards

  • Sumo wrestlers

  • Alaska and Alaska animals

  • Fotofolio cards

  • San Francisco cards (especially Alcatraz!)

  • Unusual images

  • Zoo or Aquarium cards

  • Little Otsu

  • Trolls and gnomes

  • Moomin

  • Any card with swans

  • Map cards (just starting to collect!)

  • Interesting black & white photographs

  • Vintage deckle-edged cards

Those are my favorite themes but I'm always open to receiving something different. I always prefer my postcards sent blank in an envie, even when the swap says to, 'send naked.' I understand if you can't do that, but it's my preference.


Anything Halloween

Paper, paper, and more paper!

Cats cats and more cats

Vintage stationery sets

All vintage paper ephemera!


Snail anything (especially things that say "snail mail")


Gnomes and other woodland creatures

Pink anything (my favorite color)

Heart-shaped things

Vintage buttons and needle cards, or any other vintage sewing notions

Koi fish images

Bird images

Handcrafted/decorated envelopes of ANY size--especially ones that are sewn!

Anything crafted of paper

Stickers--especially cats!

Although I am not Catholic and have my own beliefs, I adore images of the Virgin Mary and the Catholic saints. I think they are beautiful!

Recommendations of good books and bookmarks

Kind people

RAK's (sending & receiving)

Swappers who are here for the joy of the creative process and not the opportunity to become rule-enforcers. Sheesh . . . we have enough rules in our lives already.


Short and sweet here:

Foam crafts or stickers

Color-your-own anything (including postcards)

Scented products (I get a headache!)

Although I LOVE washi tape, please do not send samples--I have over 700 rolls! If you ask, I'll send YOU samples ;+)

I do not like user profiles with a HUGE "do not like" list--some of these are more detailed than my family's Christmas lists! haha!

Favorite Movies

Some favorite movies: The ORIGINAL Fright Night, Prometheus, The Talented Mr. Ripley (this is probably my favorite movie of all time), Aliens, Last of the Mohicans ("Stay alive; I WILL find you!"), Hocus Pocus, Shawshank Redemption, White Oleander, Terminator series, Blood Creek (LOVE Michael Fassbender), Stephen King's It, Venom, Fright Night, The Thing. I love well-made scary movies! Not a fan of romantic comedies. My movie & tv choices might not seem to "fit" with the rest of my profile! I have always loved science fiction and scary movies!

Favorite Television

I'm a fan of: The Walking Dead, Homeland, Top Chef, Unreal, Silicon Valley, Veep, Project Runway, The Monsters Inside Me, Game of Thrones, Black Sails, House of Cards, and more. So sad that both Penny Dreadful and Banshee have ended ;+(

I think (ok, I know) I watch too much TV but there is a TV in my craft room so I'm not likely to stop any time soon.

Favorite Crafts

Mail art is also one of favorites. I love to jazz up all my envies before sending--fun, easy and what's more fun than a colorfully decorated envie in your mailbox? I especially love the postoid rubber stamps--the ones that look liike a postage stamp but say something funny. I have quite a collection!

I love paper of all kinds and, along with the beautiful papers, papercrafts. Creating envelopes is so much fun, too--I think I join every envie swap I can.

And, of course ATC's! I used to hate them and be consistently irritated at how many ATC swaps there were here on swap-bot. Now I love them! Also love twinchies and other paper crafts.

Love creating junk journals using vintage ephemera and I'm crazy for using vintage books in all my work.


If you are an avid reader and read anything in the suspense/thriller/horror genres, please send me a recommendation! With so many book choices available, a recommendation from an avid reader is worth its weight in gold.


I'm an early bird as opposed to a night owl. Hubby is a night owl so I have a few hours to myself each morning and he has a few hours to himself each night.

I am a mom of four grown children and a granny to four adorable grandchildren (Noelle, Xander, Lucas & Evan). Unfortunately, my sweet Noelle and Lucas live in San Francisco ;+(--much too far away from their granny.

My hubby is the light of my life (we met on match.com and have been married for 9 years already!). We are so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time together. When we encounter problems in life, I always remember just how lucky I am to have someone who loves me unconditionally and puts my needs first.

I am an only child and have always wanted a sister to share with. I love that I have some crafting 'sisters' here on swap-bot!

My four-legged furbabies are: Mizzy and Junebug (2 shelter cats). I truly enjoy the company of cats. For me, a house is not a home without a pet.


I'm not a stickler about postmarks. I do understand the need for rules and regs within this swapping community, but if you're going to be late in sending a swap to me, just be courteous and let me know.

In a community of inspired, thoughtful, and artistic swappers, I believe we should show each other kindness, grace, and understanding. When I read posts in the forums I'm always so sad that there are those who focus on policing and informing on others. Mostly these folks do very little actual swapping; their time seems to be spent on investigating other swappers. I worry that new swappers reading these posts will get the idea that swap-bot is a police state! I choose to think about swap-bot as a place of creativity, sharing, and making new friends. We all have enough stressors in our lives outside of swap-bot--let's not let swap-bot become one of those stressors instead of the joy it is meant to be!

I appreciate kindness in any form. One of my favorite quotes is from the Dalai Lama: "Be kind whenever possible . . . it is always possible."


Comment: SQUEAL mail! This is PERFECT. You always send such generous and thoughtful and profile-driven swaps. Nancy Drew! Yes!! Super fun washi and all packaged so sweetly. Always a pleasure -- swap with you anytime! Thank you!
turtles27 rated for Envelope of Journal Fodder on Jul 26, 2017
Comment: Wonderful envie of goodies! Ha! I've forgotten the note too and had to open it. Thanks so much!
Comment: Wow! You went above and beyond with this package. Thanks for the cool postcards! xo
Comment: Please read my explanation for this rating At http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/142353/1#comment-2364733. I look forward to re-rate this once is received.
Response: Don't know what else to say . . . my record speaks for itself. This swapper is simply angry and mean-spirited when, in fact, it's the fault of the Costa Rican postal system.
mgallardo68 rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #125 on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: Please read my explanation for this rating http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/142353/1#comment-2364733. I look forward to re-rate this once is received
Response: Please see my ratings; this swapper is a terrible anomaly.
Comment: Please read my explanation for this rating at http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/142353/1#comment-2364733. I look forward to re-rate this once is received.
Response: So very sad since I just mailed the SECOND resend yesterday. Please remember I never received 2 swaps from you, Maria. Should I now rate you '1' ratings for those?
Babsmomof5 rated for WIYM: Postcard Scavenger Hunt on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: Excellent collection of post cards! Thank you!!
Babsmomof5 rated for AN: Nature Scavenger Hunt on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: Wow! Thanks for all the great postcards! The "Mushroom" on is so stinking awesome! I, too, sent a bunch of extras to my partner...it was fun finding as many to fit the themes as possible. Great swap, hope to see round 2!
emilynhr rated for WIYM - Postcard Scavenger Hunt July on Jul 24, 2017
Comment: Great choices!
Comment: Another wonderful swap from you!! Thanks so much!! I love the paper you wrapped them in! So pretty! Have a great day! Shelley
luvbird rated for VJP: Hula Girls! on Jul 24, 2017
Comment: Kristy, how I love this darling Hula girl journal page. As usual I am in awe of your collage work and all the sweet little details. Love the pretty hibiscus flowers and the sparkly palm tree just takes it to the top! Love the tiny specks of "sand" at the base of the tree. Thank you for the great piece of art and for the nice extras. Would love to know where you get the little string of rhinestones...I love them!
simcoe54 rated for WIYM: Alphabet soup postcard swap on Jul 24, 2017
Comment: Another great postcard swap. See you at the mailbox.
minniepic rated for WIYM: Alphabet soup postcard swap on Jul 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you so very much for all the wonderful postcards:)
minniepic rated for WIYM: SURPRISE POSTCARD SWAP on Jul 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautiful postcards, I loved the Vogue card:)
Comment: The watercolor is beautiful but I have to say I wish you wouldn't have taped over it because I ruined the painting when I pulled some of the tape off. It's such a soft, pretty and delicate watercolor, you did a wonderful job on it!
Response: I'm so glad you like it and sorry I taped over it ;+( I didn't expect you to want to keep it.
Comment: Thank you for the amazing postcards -- both sets! Each card was better than the last! I can't wait to start using them.
Arabella rated for PH: A Challenging Scavenger Hunt on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Love all of these postcards, Kristy!! I think this is my first Jetoy one! And it's a cute kitty! And of course I love the owls and birds and the fishies!! Thank you!
Arabella rated for MFF: Your Favorite 'F' Bird ATC on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Lovely atc, Kristy! Your atcs are always so beautiful! And this one is going to be one of my favorites! Thank you so much! And love the extras, too - you always know what makes me smile!!
JazD rated for SSUSA: 5 Random Envelopes on Jul 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you for all the owl stuff
EllieBeth8 rated for PH: 1 + 2 + 3 Animals on Jul 20, 2017
Comment: Another great swap!! You always have the packaged soo nice!! I loved the paper you used Thanks! Shelley

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CajunLady on Jul 26, 2017:

Thank you for the pineapple scented wax melts for AATW!!

Margothecat on Jul 26, 2017:

WOW - thank you for all the AWSOME Washi tape for my July AATW list! You are so generous!

CajunLady on Jul 22, 2017:

You are very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love Halloween also, so I always have a lot of little goodies!

orneryswife on Jul 14, 2017:

I've had that card in my stash for several months, and from the day it arrived I thought you would like it. It resurfaced not long ago and I finally got around to sending it to you. I think I have another one somewhere, not just like that but vintage. I'll send it along when it floats to the top again. 😀 Glad you liked the goodies. 😘

LMeowkin on Jun 19, 2017:

Thank you SO much for the kewl kittiehs! I love absolutely everything you sent! I appreciate your thinking of me and granting one of my AWG wishes for June! You totally put a smile on my big ugly mug!

Margothecat on Jun 19, 2017:

Thank you for the gorgeous mustang postcards for my June AATW list. I am familiar with this photographer and have seen his work, but I had no idea you could get his postcards! They are just wonderful! You made my day!

sherba31 on Jun 19, 2017:

Yay! So happy to feed a pc hoarder. I'm sadly storage-challenged so I've cut way back on pc swapping/hoarding, but still do acquire some for wishes, penpals, etc. Enjoy!

anrtist on Jun 17, 2017:

Thank you for the AWG ~ June Wish of an Inspiring Coloring Book! ;-)
I like the quotes in it too!

Blessings, cc

ChrisAnne on Jun 17, 2017:

Thank you for your incredibly generous grant of my washi wish in the AWG group. You are so sweet to share so much!

Babsmomof5 on Jun 17, 2017:

You have absolutely spoiled me rotten with the amazing packet of vintage playing cards that you sent for the AWG wishlist. Thank you so much for your generosity. My "little" collection has just grown by leaps and bounds thanks in large part to your wish granting! Thanks again ❤️

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