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October 2017: Yikes. How do I make up for my past swapping fails? Where do I even begin? Do I contact folks? Do I RAK or angel for the next er, few years? Someone let me know :/

Swapped years ago. Last time was on here, was 6 years ago (2008). 0_0

And I own that I flaked like whoa. deep breath No excuses (partially because I don't remember what happened to made me drop off swapping earth, but mostly because there is no excuse great enough to just ditch). And I'm trying to make up for those. All of them have been contacted (by Jan 6, 2014, but I forgot to put the date on some of the repsonses to the ratings), some have responded, several were mailed January 16, 2014 and January 17, 2014.

~SWAPS~ (will remove name when received)

2008 swaps SENT (January 16, 2014): @lauraj78

2014 swaps

SENT (February 12, 2014):
- @vlhafer54 - 20 used stamps swap

- @JudyP - Shuffle it Up!
- @HoosierRain - 4 Indiana postcards

~TAGS~ (will remove name when received)

SENT (JANUARY 24, 2014): @cutesygirlynai - art postcard via Postcards Tag!

@ArtDragon - postcards via This or That tag...

- from @LittleDonnaGirl - lotion via Tag You're It - US Only
- from @anicka22 - kawaii via This or That tag...

Cheap Postage Tag International!


So far SENT to (Names removed if they have received): @anrtist @nyanSan

Sending to @cgoltz @Beckykat @jennylamestas @snailmailrocks @lilmissthrifty


.February 26, 2014,
Bad week last week. Stress from finances, my forgetting to take my fluoxetine, can't go to clinic until May so will run out anyway, and feb 22, 2002 was when my dad died, so every year, I try to forget how bad it gets for me and mom, but this year especially was bad.
I'll send out swaps I owe by Saturday. Please, Please, Please rate me a 3. I've disappointed myself and, pretty sure, this community. And I'm embarrassed and guilty about it, so it's kinda triggery at the moment.

Hope everyone's February was better than mine.

.January 31, 2014. I got my old job at Netflix back! Because my boss was (therefore IS) legit the best boss EVER, and never wanted to lay me off to begin with, but it made sense budget-wise. And now I have an opportunity to do my exact old job for 1.50 more an hour! I AM STOKED! This was my first week back, and it's like I took an 8 month vacation LOL. And luckily I didn't forget all that much! Woot!


My name is Bonster (well, Bonnie, but I go by Bonster and have since college when I got the nickname). I'm 32, and I live in Oklahoma. I live with my momma, who had a stroke in 09. It's currently sometimes a rough ride (like when mom got arrested last year... ikr, she's 62 and it's like she's a rebellious teen lol), but I'm in a pretty good emotional place at the moment.

I'm not flat-out diagnosed as having Depression, but I do take the generic form of Prozac every day, the max level a general practitioner can prescribe. It keeps me on an even keel, and honestly, if anyone ever feels like talking about their own issues, I'm a good listener, and I know how important it is sometimes just to vent. So feel free to message me if you need.

I have two dogs, 5 year old Marly (a mutt) and 4 year old Blueberry (a jack russell). I love them ridiculous amounts. They're my babies.


I mostly spend time on the internet. I'm involved in land comms on livejournal. Land communities are simply places for fans of something to gather and do challenges (puzzles, graphics, writing, et cetera) and earn points for a team, but to mostly have fun. I participate in hogwarts is home (RAH RAH RAVENCLAW), beacon hills (YAY TEEN WOLF), and Universe The (multi-fandom, and I'm team AIR).

I'm bisexual (after years of going 'oh no, i have to choose one way', and dealing with internalized biphobia. I'm about a 4/4.5 on the Kinsey scale, as I do prefer women, but the amount of celeb boy crushes so overweighed fully identifying as lesbian lol), feminist (the gender binary rather irritates me as i think as a human you can like/gravitate toward whatever you want as long as you don't hurt/harm someone non-consensually, whether it's traditional or non-traditional), pro-choice, and I have no religion, but I'm spiritual in the way that I think the universe and life is, at heart, balanced/works at balancing.

ABCs of Things I ♥

A ~ argyle, aliens, ACEOs/ATCs, address labels (my handwriting is loool, so these are always wanted)

B ~ badass women, butterflies, blue things, bookmarks, bad jokes

C ~ cthulhu, clovers, comets, cookies, crams

D ~ dolphins, dogs, die-cut anything, dark chocolate, dell puzzle books, decos

E ~ envelopes (especially handmade ones, but any are fantastic), etsy

F ~ faeries, fashion, flowers (the stranger the better), fbs, frames

G ~ galaxies, grumpy characters (Badtz-Maru, Grumpy Bear, Grumpy, Oscar the Grouch, Grumpy Cat, Eeyore, et cetera), green (color), gel pens (of all colors), goddesses

H ~ horror, halloween, hawaiian shirts, hippies, Hello Kitty

I ~ icicles

J ~ jigsaws

K ~ koalas

L ~ lions, lemons, lyrix

M ~ mysteries (Miss Marple, esp. Geraldine McEwan, owns my heart)

N ~ notepads

O ~ outer space, owls, orange (color)

P ~ postcards (odder the better but anything listed here in the abc's is groovy; naked or in an envie also good), puppies, prismatic things, paper ephemera, palm trees, planets, polar bears, panda bears, penguins, plaid, pickles (sour not sweet), puns, polka dots, penny press puzzle books

Q ~ quizzes

R ~ rainbows, robots

S ~ science fiction, shiny/sparkly anything, stickers (especially Suatelier), stationery, slams, stars/sun, spooky/scary things, shabby chic, silver (the color), salty things, scarves, sour candy

T ~ turtles, tea (WISSOTKY is a fave), tape (deco/washi)

U ~ unicorns, ugly sweaters, used stamps

V ~ VINTAGE, violet things, variety puzzle books, volcanoes

W ~ wolves, waterfalls, whales

X ~ x-slips (sticker related)

Y ~

Z ~ zombies

I'd rather not receive

Anything Bieber, geese, clowns, alphabet and reward stickers, Elmo, Pocahontas, Bratz, Tweety, Hannah Montana, roses, overly religious (unless it's non-Christian related), or Barbie.

Anything that is patchouli or peach scented or overly perfumed.

Anything that is green apple, peach, banana flavored.

I'm allergic to latex. Also cats, but only if I am in skin to skin contact or around the cat for half hour or more. So I'm okay with stuff sent from homes with cats, as long as you don't send the cats themselves lol.

Favorite Movies

Transformers the Movie (1986), Avengers, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridget Jones' Diary, Cold Comfort Farm, The Hours, National Treasure, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Enchanted, Mammoth, Pirates of the Caribbean (all), Wayne's World, Shaun of the Dead, Wall-e, 28 Days Later, Hostel, Pride & Prejudice (FIRTH), Contact, But I'm a Cheerleader, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Day of the Dead (original), The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Spider-Man (the first one mostly), Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Disney: Wall-e, Mulan, Dumbo, Beauty & the Beast, Robin Hood (OO-DA-LA-LEH, THAT'S WHAT THE FOX SAYS), Fantasia, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Incredibles

Favorite Actor/Actresses

Jack Lemmon, Henry Fonda, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Idris Elba, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, James McAvoy, Damian Lewis, Peter O'Toole, Viggo Mortensen, Emily Blunt, Ioan Gruffudd, Kiefer Sutherland, Guy Pearce, Rachel Nichols, Bruce Campbell, Colm Meaney, Katharine Hepburn, Andre Braugher, Renee O'Connor, Simon Pegg, Barbara Stanwyck, Rufus Sewell, David Hewlett, Gary Cole, Nathan Fillion, Clea Duvall, Hugh Jackman, Summer Glau, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart, Armin Shimerman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Michael Palin, Ted Raimi, Alexander Siddig, Joel Gretsch, Hudson Leick, Nana Visitor, Kim Raver, Dina Meyer, Michael Shanks

Favorite Books

anything by Octavia E. Butler, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Harry Potter by JKR, the Dune series by Frank Herbert, The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, the Newford books by Charles de Lint, the Narnia books by CS Lewis, Neverness by David Zindell, I Wonder As I Wander by Langston Hughes, anything by Isaac Asimov, CUSP by Robert Metzger, anything by Neal Asher, anything by Alice Walker, Green River Running Red by Ann Rule

Favorite Television

Current top faves are THE WALKING DEAD, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Orphan Black, Miranda, and Deadly Women (most things on Investigation Discovery).

Allison Argent is my queen.


Alphabetical other faves: 24, The 4400, Alias, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Angel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Archer, Battlestar Galactica (2003), Bletchley Circle, Bomb Girls, Brooklyn 99, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Carnivale, Chuck, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Dead Like Me, Deadwood, Dexter, Doctor Who (2005), Dragon Ball Z, Elementary, Everwood, Family Guy, Farscape, Firefly, Friday Night Lights, Ghost Hunters, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Hemlock Grove, Homicide: Life on the Street, Horatio Hornblower, In Plain Sight, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Jackass, Jeopardy, The L Word, Lie to Me, Lost Girl, Kids in the Hall, La Femme Nikita, Luther, Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Once Upon A Time, Orange Is the New Black, Oz, Pawn Stars, Psych, Rome, Sons of Anarchy, Star Trek (DS9 first and foremost, TNG, and TOS and Voyager as well), Stargate Atlantis and SG-1, Supernatural, True Blood, Twin Peaks, Viva la Bam, The West Wing, The Wire, World's Dumbest, Xena: Warrior Princess

Favorite Music

U2, Lady Gaga, Dixie Chicks, Flogging Molly, Butch Walker, Weezer, Erasure, New Order, Sarah McLachlan, Lana Del Rey, Brandi Carlile, Lorde, Chvrches, Adele, Ke$ha, Goldfrapp, Mumford & Sons, The Cranberries, Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer

Favorite Artists

Brian Froud, Katherine Ace, Basquiat, Claude Monet, Wangechi Mutu, Susan Dorf, Edward Hopper, Lorna Simpson, Julie Mehretu


EricB rated for Classic Movies Postcard Swap on Mar 21, 2014
EricB rated for Newbie PC Swap- 6 word story on Mar 21, 2014
Comment: This was one of my 1st swaps. I was super excited for it and packaged mine up and ran up to the post office. I waited a long time for my package to arrive. I even sent a PM. I still haven't heard or seen a thing. Guess I won't do private swaps. Deadline was FEB, this is MARCH 19 --- about 1 month. I really hope it doesn't mess up my score also!
Comment: Will change when I receive.
Comment: Thanks for the great Indiana postcards.
vlhafer54 rated for 20 used stamps swap on Feb 18, 2014
Comment: Thank you!
Lalasam rated for Winter is Here! on Feb 11, 2014
Comment: Wow what a nice winter view card. Thank u so much ♡
Response: Awesome!! Very glad you like it! You're very welcome! :D ♥
sweetpea22 rated for jacklemmonpie & sweetpea22 swap on Feb 10, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I loved swapping with you!!!
Response: So very much the same, darlin! ♥ <3 ♥
paraxparaxnoia rated for TEEN WOLF PD #1 on Feb 10, 2014
Comment: Sterek, wht is that? XDD yep, I admit it, guilty as charged! Thank you for the goodies, I have excellent participants in this swap<3
Response: You're very welcome! And don't worry, I'm guilty of sterek love too ;) They're my otp on the show. Well, besides Crystal Reed/ME lol. ANd omgggg Holland endorsed sterek, and I cannooooooooot dealllll ~flail~ Looking forward to the next TW swap! :D
kimpulse rated for TEEN WOLF PD #1 on Feb 9, 2014
Comment: i loooved the scene where derek had to change(find keke) shirts XD thank you :)
Response: It's one of the best scenes of anything ever. "Miguel" LOL. Glad you enjoyed the reminder of that scene! hehe <3
pinkchiffonbear rated for TEEN WOLF PD #1 on Feb 9, 2014
Comment: Yay! Thanks for all the great Isaac gifs :)
Response: You're very welcome! He's such a cutie! And I love his sass hehe. <3
carolynne99 rated for Quick Swap #5 on Feb 5, 2014
Comment: Nice card thank you carolynne
Response: Awesome! Very glad you got it and liked it! :D
Comment: I Loooooove the stickers Bonster! You have a kick-butt collection, and now I have some too and I am so happy!!!! Planets and starships and dragons, oh my! And I loved how you packed them into wee envelopes inside the main one - nice job <3
Response: YAY!! I'm so glad! I've been saving them since we first started talking, and I had a pile of sheets that I thought 'her! do not use these for other things!' LOL. And I figured I had to spice it up somehow, so the mini-envies were like, shouting at me to use them xD Thanks so much for a great swap, darlin! <333
EmilyT rated for Galaxy profile decorations~ on Jan 31, 2014
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: You're very welcome! Galaxies are purty, so it was super fun finding images :D
Comment: Haven't received anything, and since you didn't click "sent" I'm assuming you didn't send anything. Will change the rating if I get anything. | 2014-01-29 received your card today, thank you! I really liked it :)
Response: contacted Jan 6, 2014; recieved addy; mailing by Wednesday January 15, 2014; mailed January 16, 2014; YAY! So glad you got it! Sorry for the 6-year late arrival xD But very glad you liked the postcard! Thanks for letting me make it up :) <3
Artdragon rated for Artdragon & jacklemmonpie on Jan 27, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the tapes! And a HUGE Thank you for the stamps and extras!
Response: HOLY MOLY. I mailed SATURDAY. It's MONDAY. How on earth did they get there that fast? GO USPS! lol. So darn glad you enjoyed the items! :D It was a pleasure putting it together, darlin! :D
wolfmother rated for Galaxy profile decorations~ on Jan 26, 2014
Response: Groovy! Glad you dig :D
NickyNightmare rated for Galaxy profile decorations~ on Jan 26, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the pictures! I love galaxy pictures, they're beautiful. :)
Response: Yay! I tried to stick to pink and purple'ish, as you had those colors as your favorites, so I'm super glad you like the images :D <3
agonysdecay rated for 100 loose stickers on Jan 25, 2014
Comment: Although this swap was sent YEARS after it should have been, Bonnie came back and made it right! Thanks for all the stickers!
Response: Contacted; recieved addy; mailing by Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014; mailed January 8, 2014; contacted Jan 20 to see if received and offered to resend, but no response yet (January 22); had response they got the stickers! woot!; You are so welcome, and I really do apologize for my fail., and am super happy I could make it up :D

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ktmcg82 on Feb 22, 2014:

Congrats on getting your job back! And to the raise! :)

MissWhimsy on Feb 22, 2014:

Congrats on your job back at Netflix & the pay raise! Woo hoo for you!!! ;)

abbyaguas on Feb 13, 2014:

I'd just like to thank you for the postcards that you sent :D I am so happy, that you even tried to match them on my profile! :D :D

I hope that you'll find favor in the bot!

paraxparaxnoia on Feb 10, 2014:

Teen Wolf PD #1

Thanks for taking part, keep an eye open for the next parts ;))


kimpulse on Feb 9, 2014:


kimpulse on Feb 9, 2014:

my laptop wasn't on my side yesterday sigh so this one is kind of late... almost time for the last post :|

midwestkiwi on Feb 7, 2014:

had to take a look at your profile after seeing your posts in the forums. WHat? NO Bieber?! (JK in case the facetiousness did not translate in writing) and I promise not to ever, ever, ever send you my cat!

kimpulse on Feb 7, 2014:

kimpulse on Feb 6, 2014:

no... what happened.... i am going to end up as a spammer D:

(the preview worked fine...)

once again...

kimpulse on Feb 6, 2014:


A bit of Teen Wolf a day, keeps the doctor away ;) So I am going to post a picture a day until the swap deadline.

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