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"WARNING my blog may contain spoilers you've been warned ha ha"

Hi there thank you for being my swap partner! I'd like to let you know right from the start that I'm pretty easy going and I'm sure I will love whatever you take the time to send me. Also please don't feel obligated to send extras I'm very generous with 5s and hearts. Personally I sometimes send extras and sometimes not, if I have something I think you'll really enjoy I'll send it. I think we can all agree (or at least a lot of us) that it can be pretty nerve racking sending our arts and crafts out into the world to be judged by others and it's important to me that you know I love all kinds of arts and crafts everyone has there own style and technique and I appreciate them all.

Favorite Crafts

So far I've only swapped ATC's on swapbot and that's the reason I joined so that's what I'll be focusing on here! I enjoy so many arts and crafts I'm always experimenting with new tools and mediums. I've recently tried conte crayons and have fallen in love! I love making prints with lino cuts although I'm still not really good at printing and am still learning but I'm getting there, actually if anyone has any advice on a good paper to use or getting nice prints without a press I'd be happy to hear it! I love graphite, watercolor, pen and ink, zentangle and lots of other mediums. I also enjoy making scrapbook style ATC's with rubber stamps, sometimes they can be a lot of fun! I also enjoy sewing and have made some fabric ATC's which are a lot of fun for a bit of a change sometimes.

Favorite Things

A list of some things that I really love

Pretty much any animal but especially Octopi, cats, frogs, lizards, snakes ravens and crows

I love cryptology especially bigfoot, jackalope and any kind of lizard or dinosaur related creatures.

I love anything to do with the ocean

I love all things whimsical and woodland related

Fairytales especially the ones involving woodland settings

Mushrooms fascinate me

Wildflowers, calypso orchids being my favorite

Nature in general I guess ha ha!

Puss in boots the original or the Shrek version

Norwegian trolls


google eyes pretty much never fail to make me smile

grumpy cat

I actually also like bugs I think they're fascinating and this may be super strange to a lot of people but I love composting it's like magic to me ha ha.

These are just some of my likes but I like a lot of things. Please don't spend to much time worrying about sending me something you think I'll enjoy the wonderful thing about ATC's is that you get to see how other people will interpret a particular theme and get a glimpse of there personal style!


There isn't much I really dislike maybe strong artificial scents but I can't see how that would be an issue here.

I'm fine with nudity and swearing. Admittedly I'm a bit on the fence about gore sometimes it bothers me sometimes it doesn't. I'm fine with cartoonish gore, anatomically correct organs and bones and skulls. I guess it's more really realistic or disturbing gore. I can't stand horror movies especially those in the "torture porn" genre( for example saw and hostel just the trailers for these turn my stomach). Again though I can't really see how that would come up I'm certainly not gonna join any saw ATC swaps ha ha.
I think that's about it to be honest I get a little frustrated when people have super long lists of dislikes. I find it super intimidating, especially when I was very new to swapbot it's nerve racking enough sending our creations into the world. I feel like if you strongly dislike very cartoonish things for instance maybe avoid a swap for a silly, happy, google eye monster ATC, I"m just saying. Or if you hate scrapbook style ATC's maybe join hand drawn only swaps. As I said everyone has a personal style and for some people that style is fancy papers and cool rubber stamps, I mean I've gotten some lovely ATC's done in this style that people have obviously worked very hard on, but anyway that's just my little rant sorry and I really hope this doesn't offend anyone it's just my silly opinion after all ha ha!


Lastly I always send my swaps out on time or I will message you if I'm going to be late. If I haven't sent my swap and haven't messaged you I have been...

abducted by aliens.

I ate a delicious apple that a kindly looking old lady gave me but it turns out she was a witch and the apple was magic and now I'm in a magical comma.

I accidentally stepped into a tear in the space time continuum and was sent millions of years back in time (cause that's how time travel works trust me I read books) and have probably been eaten by one of the giant reptile creatures that roamed the earth at that time.

I somehow came into a whole bunch of money and as a result I was kidnapped and am being held for ransom.

An apocalypse and or doomsday scenario in which case I think we'll all have bigger fish to fry

I forgot to leave milk out for the fairies and everyone knows what happens when you make fairies mad, they mess with you're swapbot responsibilities.

I angered some kind of god and was turned into a cockroach or rock or something.

I got hit by a bus and am dead

I was trying to take a good picture of some cute animal or neat bug and int he process followed it deeper and deeper into the woods and am now hopelessly lost.

I decided to take a trip on an plane and it crashed on the lost Island and now I'm stuck there.

I didn't take the proper precautions and the monster under my bed finally got me

Hmm did I cover all my bases so anyway if any of the above scenarios happen I'm very sorry, otherwise if you don't get your swap please don't be shy about messaging me although I do try to keep and eye on my sent swaps and will probably message you if I notice it hasn't been rated. Speaking of rating I always do my best to rate as soon as I can so people know that there ATC's have arrived.

Anyway that's about it please have fun, happy swapping, and have a wonderful day!


VASaint rated for Pig ATC on Mar 7, 2015
Comment: HAHA! What a great little piggy! Thank you so much, I love her:) Love the Skelly stamp on the envelope too;)
Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thank you so much for the heart!
EmilyT rated for Unusual Materials #2 - BURLAP on Mar 3, 2015
Comment: I love the Vulture and the quote! A great illustration and burlap is great with birds, makes me think of their nest!
Response: Oh ya burlap really does have a nesty look about it ha ha! I'm really happy you like the ATC I had a lot of fun making it!
Comment: I love love love it! Thank you!
Response: I'm so glad you like it, this was a really fun challenge!
Comment: Love the frogu ATC! Thank you so much!
Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for the heart and happy swapping!
margaeli rated for Map ATC Swap on Feb 14, 2015
Comment: Apparently your envelope arrived this week, but snuck into the pile on the dining room table. LOVE the ATC as well as the extras. BONUS: your many stamps didn't get cancelled. I should mail them back to you!!! See you around the swaps.
Response: I'm so glad you liked the ATC it was such a fun swap.
edgetorn rated for ATC - Tree on a Bookpage on Feb 9, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the relaxing Rain Forest Tree ATC! I could imagine being there and seeing/smelling the moss, mushrooms and wildflowers! I also love your little goat postage stamp, the super cute kitty card And your nice note on the Birdie Air Mail stationery.
Response: Thank you for the wonderful comment I'm so happy you liked everything! Thank you as well for the heart!
Comment: I love it! Thank you for the blow by blow of making it. That makes it that much more awesome!
Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for the heart!
Yorkshirepurl rated for Map ATC Swap on Feb 7, 2015
Comment: Thanks very much Laura for your beautiful ATC. I really appreciate that you took the time to describe how you made it. Thank you also very much for the writing paper and the postage stamps -so thoughtful. A fab swap partner💕💕
Response: What a great comment , I'm so glad you liked everything! When I read you liked yellow roses I remembered that I had that paper and just had to include it! Thank you so much for the heart!
trollop rated for Deep sea creature ATC on Feb 6, 2015
Comment: lovely! thank you
Response: I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the heart!
DevonGirl rated for ATC for Easter on Apr 29, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the ATC's and for replacing the missing one so quickly :) I love them both and hope you had a great Easter
rebecca1975 rated for ATC for Easter on Apr 10, 2014
Comment: Thank you. Can you wait for your 2 one in may.
Response: Sorry Rebecca I was meant to send you two ATC's, I misunderstood the instructions I will be sending another soon and am very sorry. Thank you for rating me a 5 anyway that was very nice of you and you didn't have to do it!
lartisteaffame rated for Spring ATC on Apr 9, 2014
Comment: oh my goodness! ♡ Thank you SO much for the adorable ATC, the cute card, and the (amazing) hello kitty stickers! Everything you got me was so spot-on! Even the pink and bow themed deco tape you used on the envelope was so perfect. I noticed your in Canada too! So awesome! :D Thanks again! ♡♡
Response: Your comment made my day I'm so happy you liked everything!
Comment: Beautiful ATCs! thank you
Response: No problem I'm glad you like them!
Comment: Thank you, for your ATC and joing my swap :) AND for the stamps, so thoughtful! I really like Platypus, I even have a tiny plush of it
Response: I'm so glad you like my ATC!
Karmi53 rated for Easter ATC on Mar 31, 2014
Comment: Hi thank you for the cute card l love it very well done and thanks for all the things you said in the card that went with it. You are a very nice person. takecare
Response: What a wonderful comment thank you! I'm glad you like the ATC I always have so much fun making them!
Comment: thank you. they arrived quickly too
Response: You're very welcome!
Comment: I love your Blue ATC's you sent me Laura for this swap, thank-you so much.
Response: Ahh You're very welcome, I'm so glad you like them
Izafelidae rated for Sugar Skull ATC on Mar 25, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the sweet card and the cool sugar skull! Awesome!
Response: I'm so glad you like it!
jjhere rated for Color Association ATCs #5 - Green on Mar 21, 2014
Comment: You're right. We DO have a lot in common. Love the ATC and thank you so much for the great note as well.
Response: I'm so glad you like everything!
saraphin rated for Color Association ATCs #6 - Orange on Mar 20, 2014
Comment: hi laura! thank you for the beautiful atc. it will look lovely in my album! michele 🌴
Response: Oh Thank you I'm so glad you like it!

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Candyn29 on Feb 23, 2014:


angelgram on Dec 21, 2013:

Lucky Me I have new art from you! I have my collection in a special place and so pleased to get my hands on more. The owl ATC is amazing. I wish I could layer textures, colors, motifs and create techniques and one of a kind drawings/characters like you. The beautifful hand crafted silky gold Christmas Card with b/w zentangle overlay and star embellishments is beautiful. If only I had a website to share these treasures !!!!!!!!!!!!.TX for the ATC background papers. Loved the letter and writing you back very very soon. Thanks friend :) from a fan.

Kbrewer on Nov 26, 2013:

Hello Laura, I just received my holiday lights ATC in the mail today and I LOVE it! So cute and creative and extra thanks to the small paper squares I cant wait to use them on future ATCs. :)

angelgram on Sep 15, 2013:

Laura, Thank you for the thoughtful and generous package you sent me "out of the blue" for a "just because" reason. I loved everything about it !! I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. I enjoyed the letter, adore the drawing, love the art. I am writing you back by snail mail. Forever a fan of your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (angelgram)

Mak on Sep 12, 2013:

Thank-you Laura for your great ATC drawings of a teapot.

audball55 on Sep 7, 2013:

Hey Laura! Thank you for your great comment! It's so nice to find a like-minded soul! It looks like we have so much in common and I have some great whale cards I think you might like. Send me your address in a private message and I'll send you some goodies! At the risk of sounding like a huge nerd...lets's be friends! Ha!

laura987 on Sep 7, 2013:

Mum's sure are great that's for sure!

Mak on Sep 5, 2013:

What an amazing Mum you had! My mum was not crafty or a sewer, she knitted, but she encouraged me with my art and craft over the years. My mum is now 85 and I am 54 and although she does not always appreciate my art she acknowledges the work involved and my passion. Aren't Mum's terrific.

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