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CurlyTea on Apr 10, 2018:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Lonestarchild on Apr 16, 2016:

Thanks for the MM: Postcard Tag. Funny -- my aunt & uncle used to take us to Mt Hood/Lost Lake when we were kids. Haven't thought about that in years! OH YES! I know all about Jamie & Claire. I've read the books and watched the whole first season on a bootleg DVD while we were in Vanuatu. LOVE IT!

ChinaCat on Sep 10, 2014:

Thanks again for the awesome addy labels! I really miss my labels when I run out. =)

jukejan on Jan 12, 2014:

Appreciate those kitty hugs, have a good Sunday!

jukejan on Sep 28, 2013:

Here is a hug from your OFAP friend.((OOOO)))

Paige1900 on Jun 20, 2013:

alt text

KarlaKC on May 6, 2013:

Thank you, Lori, for the postcard for the Mailbox Mania Postcard Tag. I loved the skyline of Portland, Oregon. One day I'd like to visit all 50 states. :)

kizmet on Mar 2, 2013:

Hello Lori,

thanks for letting me know that the package reached you this time =) I know too well what getting distracted by the week end means, actually I seem to get distracted by most of the week lately..I hope you,Kathy and all the furbabies are fine and enjy the spices!

Hugs from Italy


earthnk on Jan 22, 2013:

Your pic in OFAP is beautiful. I bet that was fun to drive through.

Hi to Kathy for me :-)


kizmet on Jan 7, 2013:

Hello Lori, guess what showed at my door today?? Your package! It must have took a scenic route but it reached us sound and safe (not for long anyway =P). Thanks a lot for all the treats..the candy canes are so cute and Elson was drooling on the peanut butter madness. I had never heard of peanut butter chips before but now I can't wait for my day off to bake =) Thanks a lot!!!!! =)



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