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Date Joined: March 31, 2008
Last Online: July 6, 2020
Birthday: August 16, 1982
Country: Italy
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I'm always open to private swap, especially the ones of handmade creations, edibles, profile surprises and things typical of your country! PM me if interested

Current obsession: gree tea latte =P

  • my name is Marta
  • In 2010 I lived in Portugal from 11 months, now I'm back in Italy living together with my boyfriend
  • I've a 5 yo tabby cat called Fluffy..he's my lovely devil!
  • I'm working in in the orders management dep. in the food industry
  • I've always been interested in foreign countries, traditions, food
  • I've been into penpalling since I was 13
  • I'm quite shy and introvert but I love to get to know people well
  • craftying is one of my fave activity to release stress and feel happy
  • I'm a goth at heart
  • I've two chronic illnesses that often make me incredibly tired


  • Animals: Monkeys, Sheeps, Penguins, Pugs!, Cats, Zoos in general

  • Books: I'm an avid reader! Some of my fave authors are C. Dickens, A. Sapkowski, CJ Sansom, Tiago Rebelo, D.Silva, J. Austen,Shakespeare, E.Bunker, I. Allende, LK Hamilton, S. King, PZ Brite, P. Pullman, "The wizard of oz" serie ..I also adore Pearls Before Swine comics and Harry Potter Books!

  • Characters, Games, Anime: Naruto, Loco Roco, Mooomins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Despicable me

  • Collection: Postal Stamps (if you have any used stamp you don't need..hint hint!), Asterix comics in any language (I already have Italian, Portuguese and French)

  • Colours:Red, Purple, Black, Turquoise, Glitter, Stripes, Rainbows

  • Food & Drinks: apple cider, azuki beans anything, candy, caramel anything, cherries, chocolate, coffe (♥), salt and vinegar chips, japanese food, Maple syrup candies, Mexican food, oatmeal (which oddly we don't use in Italy), Goldfish crackers,raspberry, Reese's peanuts butter cups,and candy bars, spices, soups, Take 5 bars, Twizzlers, Jelly Belly Beans, green tea latte!

  • Movies: Dead Poets Society. The Illusionist. Memoirs of a Geisha. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Monsters & Co. Ice Age 2. Sleepers. American History X.Moulin Rouge. Hero. House of flying daggers. Natural Born Killers.The Great Gatsby

  • Music: I'm mainly into goth, metal, rock, 80s music. Some bands I like: Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer, David Fonseca, Mafalda Veiga, Siouxsie, AFI, Aerosmith, Apocalyptica, Bloc Party, Einsiferum, Portuguese Fado, Silverchair, Marina & the Diamonds

  • Scents Raspberry, Cherry, White Musk, Lavaender

  • Stationery! writing papers (which is SO hard to find over here), random cute sheets, pens, eraser..anything really!

  • Teas I drink mostly black and greens (matcha as well) but I don't mind herbals, chai and white. I love spicy teas but also fruits flavoured ones.

Not too fond of rooibos and puh-er.

Some teas I like and I can't get here are: (Swiss Coop) Jamadu cherry & banana tea, Stash Vanilla Nut Creme, Tea Forte green mango and peach, Nordqvist Keisarin Morsian

  • TV My fave series are Twin Peaks, Bones, Navy NCIS,How I met your mother, Pretty Little Liars,Criminal Minds,How to get away with murder, Elementary and Emerald City

  • Other: Dracula , Christmas, Cooking & Food in general,Earrings (any kind really!), Egypt, Goth style, Castles, Feminism, Pirates, Mirrors, Make up, Hair clips/barrettes, Pins, Nature, Paganism, Penpalling, Cooking/Baking, History, Lineage 2, Crafts & Cooking Magazines, Geography, Reading, Thinking, Dita Von Teese, the Supernatural, the Ocean, the Wind, learning and experiencing, Theater, Art, Souvenirs, Handmade things, anything Kitchen related, Pens, Recipes, Fashion, Tattoos, Individuality, Anime & Manga!, anything Russian ( anything in Russian language or Russian themed things), Nici stuff, Fabric!!(even tiny scraps), Kawaii, stickers Mugs



I don't like..

  • pink

  • too girly things

  • vanilla scent

  • not too much into Disney stuff

  • candles

Favorite Crafts

  • Sewing/ Patchwork/Quilting I've quite a slight fabric addiction !
  • Crocheting: I'm a beginner though!
  • Cross stitching ♥
  • Embroidery: currently in love with hoop art!
  • Paper Crafts I've always made cards, decos and since I landed on SB I've been enjoying doing ATCs and inchies.
  • Matchboxes I do like to decorate them so any embellishment is welcome!
  • Felt creations I do love to sew little animals and various other things in felt

Any patter/magazine that could teach me something more about the above mentioned crafts or a new craft is welcome, such as your own kits/patters to teach me your speciality!

Tags, Games and Flakers!






  • 2009/2008 swaps: sherrykadan, laughingcrow, pinkpeony, Sublime87, Pavotrouge, Kalmir, Thenerms, Maidmirawyn

  • Tags: Lovelyrita, Jellybeanjoe2


  • gwilliams


  • Amberisenergy, Lolacat, Gck, Kalmir


I'm a languages addicted! Besides my mothertongue Italian, I can speak English, French, Portuguese and German. I also took a night Russian course for a few years but I just know the basics! Anything in one of these languages will surely make me happy!

Feel free to write me your notes/PMs in any of these languages and if you need some help with your Italian I will be glad to help you!

My boyfriend

He's always curious about swaps and often helps me on the creative side!

Send me things for him and I will be as happy as if you sent me something from my wishlist ^_^

Some things he likes:

  • The Crow and Super heros in general
  • League of Legends
  • Vampires
  • Naruto
  • Big bang theory, Games of thrones
  • milk/white chocolate
  • anything coffee or peanuts
  • Reese buttercups
  • comics
  • cookies/biscuits


metammi123 rated for Metammi123 & Kizmet Private Swap on Aug 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you Very Much Cute little monster bags
Response: I'm glad the envelope finally reached you! I've the rak one ready to send out as soon as I go to the post office!
Comment: Thank you Marta for the stamps and the nice extra papers you included!
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Comment: Hi Marta! Thanks for sending an array of colorful and likewise beautiful stamps! It is a good addition to my collection of international stamps! Regards always!
Response: You are welcome =)
hispanka77 rated for hispanka77 - kizmet private swap on Apr 12, 2017
Comment: Ciao Marta! Grazie mille per il tuo pacchetto e soprattutto per "erba mate"! Le coccinelle di cioccolato e il coniglietto di Pasqua ha mangiato il mio bambino gia:) E grazie per tutte le altre cose. È un piacere fare swap con te. Buona Pasqua!
Response: Sono felice che ti sia piaciuto Katy! Spero che la tua Pasqua sia stata felice e tranquilla! Rimaniamo in contatto e magari facciamo uno swap nel futuro =)
hispanka77 rated for TLE: Tea and chocolate #3 on Feb 16, 2017
Comment: grazie mille per il pacchetto! il cioccolato è delizioso, ed i tè sono così ricchi! Ora, se vuoi possiamo organizzare uno swap, puoi scrivere che vuoi ottenere dalla Spagna:) Grazie di nuovo!
Response: Sono felice ti sia piaciuto! Ti mando subito un messaggio!
viza rated for Kizmet and viza on Dec 26, 2015
Comment: Dear Marta! Thank you very much for your swap! You really made my day with it:)! The cross stitch kits are very nice, especially the Russian one:) I've never seen such before:) I also like the chocolate and Twinings teas are my favourite! Hope to swap with you again soon!
Response: I'm so glad my swap reached you sound and safe and that you liked what I chose for you =D yes, let's keep in touch and organize another swap !
Comment: What an awesome swap! I really appreciate you taking the time to send me edibles tailored to my profile. The little TamTam chocolate cakes are so cute and tasty. I'm looking forward to trying the cheese snacks too! There was (I think) a similar cheese snack made locally by a dairy and I was addicted to them and then they stopped making them. It will be a special treat for me! Would love to do another swap anytime!
Response: I'm glad my swap reached you and that you are enjoying it! Let's keep in touch and organize one more some day =D Keep notes of what you like so that next time I will know even better what to send ! I wish you a fabulous Sunday!
Stargazer90 rated for Tea and Chocolate #1 on Dec 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the delicious chocolate, teas and beautiful postcards! I honestly can't wait to taste the teas! They are all new to me and they look really tempting! Mille grazie! :)
Response: You are welcome! I'm happy I could find something new to you and I hope you will enjoy everything!
Stepht rated for Kizmet & Stepht Private Swap on Dec 11, 2014
Comment: Wow, thank you Marta for a great package! I've already broken into the pocket coffee! Yum :) Looking forward to trying the rest. I hope we can swap again in the future! ;) Merry Christmas!
Response: I'm happy you enjoyed my package Stephanie =) And yes, let's keep in touch and organize a new swap somewhen in 2015! All my best wishes to you and your family!
Mrrranda rated for Edibles: Halloween Sweet Swap on Nov 8, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the Halloween sweets, I know they're a lot harder to find in your country! What does it say about me that I'm especially delighted by the chocolate coins with the little reapers on them? *healthy eating*
Response: =)
uiltje rated for Tea and chocolate #5 on Apr 10, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for your delicious chocolate and tea. I've received the Finnish Nordqvist earlier, but I never with the marvelous Moomin! My friend will be very happy with those teabags.
Response: =) I'm happy you liked what I chose for you!
sonja rated for Tea and surprise #2 on Feb 21, 2014
Comment: thank you!only you have not wrapped the present,s!!!!!!!!!!
Response: I'm sorry but it wasn't a requirement.The swap description just Said to send a surprise.
merlainne rated for Edibles: Breakfast Delivery #6! on Nov 16, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the breakfast package. I too am a sweets and coffee girl, although I am always trying to eat something healthier. Try to avoid those coffee-only mornings.
Response: Thanks to you!
Tatsu rated for Trick or Treat? on Oct 27, 2013
Comment: Yummylicious swap! I love the little ghost chocolates and the pencil. <3 I'm saving the rest for later - but the brownie bar is already calling to me. Don't know how long I can stand the temptation...
Response: =) I'm glad you are enjoying your swap Alex and that it reached you just in time !!
NorthernBorder rated for Private swap on Oct 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you, thank you for the wonderful selection of Milka candies!
Response: I'm glad it reached you so fast! Enjoy!!
Comment: Hi Marta, Thank you for the very nice stamps of Italy and the postcards of Portugal and Germany. They all will look nice in my world wide album. Best wishes.
Response: =) I'm happy you enjoyed what I chose for you ! And thanks for having joined my swap !
Comment: Wh00t! It finally got through! lol. The smell of gasoline makes me dizzy - it's an offputting smell, but strangely addictive too...although I've never been able to strand the smell for over 2 minutes or so.
Response: Ohh finally!! Thanks for rating !
valancy rated for Happy Tea Time #2 on Jun 20, 2013
Comment: Dear Marta, THANK YOU for your AWESOME swap <3 and sorry for so late rating. My life has been hectic and I have felt that I have taken too much things to do; so much that I feel I haven't been able to concentrate to live here and now and without stress. A summer holiday from Virkkula just started and I'm actually very happy about that (because I work a little there too: I bake, cook and clean). I really need days that I can forget everything and just be, hang out with cats, do the gardening, drink tea in my yard and clean the closets. Now that time has arrived :) So I feel fantastic. I'm gonna do a little less swaps too. But hehe, back to your swap! I'm absent-minded, that's just me. The pig cartoon is crazy! :D Very funny! RAT-MAN is funny too. In the crocodile cartoon were parts I didn't understand, I mean the language. But the last part is funny anyway even if I didn't understand the whole cartoon and the crocodiles look so unbelievable :D :D Thy have these furry hats... The "God love you"-cartoon is fun too. Teas are great and thanks a lot for the hot chocolate too and the good instruction for it <3 I love hot chocolate and I always try to keep some at home but now it's run out and I really should buy some when I can afford it. Is it Italian hot chocolate? I'll drink it when I don't have anything good in the house and need to pamper myself :) The little clothespin is so beautiful, I actually collect those because I use them in loose tea and many other things. Again I'm sorry for this taking so long, it's also because you made such a fantastic swap and I wanted to give you a proper rating. Last but not least: thank you for your lovely message on the card, I loved to read it :) I'll PM you and reply, some other time, okay? :) I really like you and would like to make a private swap with you some day if you want to :) Right now I'm taking a break from private swaps because I can't afford them and need to rest and "load my batteries". Take care and happy summer to you, enjoy the days and tea :)
Response: Dear Sanna, thanks a lot for your fabulous rating+ comment. It's so long and beautiful that it really worth the wait =) I totally understand what you meant. Sometimes life is just too crazy with too many things and too much stress and we really need to take a break and forget everything for a while to focus on the things that we love and on ourselves only! That's exactly what I'm trying to do this week end..baking, reading, writing to you drinking a cup of tea =) I'm happy you enjoyed my swap ! Crocodiles talk a little weird and I actually have problems fully understanding them but they are funny I think! Yes, the chocolate is Italian and is the most common we drink over here! It's thicker compared to US/UK chocolates, almost like a cream but I find it yummie overall when you need that extra comfort! I would love to do a private swap with you whenever you will have time/energy/mood for it..it would be really great..just PM me when you feel like! In the while I wish you a great happy and realxed summer! Hugs
FrancescaP rated for Tea Week #3 on Jun 20, 2013
Comment: Grazie mille per gli spettacolari pacchettini! Ieri ne ho aperto uno, tutta diligente, poi stamattina ho ceduto e ho scartato tutti gli altri (naughty girl!)... Che spettacolo! Inutile dire che sono subito corsa sul sito della Teteria per fare un mega ordine ;-) Grazie davvero, mille mille grazie!
Response: Eh eh,,sono davvero contenta che ti siano piaciuti Francesca! E' stato davvero un colpo di fortuna trovare la Teteria poco prima dello swap cosi' sono riuscita a mettere insieme un bello swap nonostante fossimo entrambe italiane =) Enjoy!!
Comment: I really enjoyed reading your answers, Marta. And now I want to visit Portugal. I love to travel, too.
Response: You should really include Portugal in your next European trip!

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viza on Dec 31, 2015:

Happy new 2016 year!!!

haiku25 on Aug 13, 2014:

Hi Marta, if you'd ever like to do a private swap, please let me know!

mariadastrouxas on Apr 4, 2014:

Olá Marta. Obrigada pela tua mensagem no meu perfil. Candidata-te ao programa de embaixadores do swap-bot e podes ser a representante do fórum em Itália :D Beijinhos e boas trocas!

racheljohnson on Jul 25, 2013:

yay! I am glad you are doing the Color Run! I think you will really enjoy it. Take lots of pictures!

Thank you for reading my blog... I don't update it very often, but it is good to know there are a few readers out there. :)

sugaraddict on May 27, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

loricritt on Feb 26, 2013:

Your package arrived a few days ago. I meant to thank you then but got distracted by the weekend. Thank you so much for the two spice packets. I'll have fun trying them. We love trying new flavors. Thanks!

polvodestrella on Jan 26, 2013:

Thanks for joining Active European Swappers! alt text

grimmlynn on Jan 7, 2013:


Your package arrived today! Everything looks absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to try the desserts and to use the wool roving. You are so thoughtful!


rhynah on Dec 19, 2012:


for your kind words. We will definitely keep close with the family this holiday season and cherish every moment we have.

julief on Dec 16, 2012:

Thank you so much for the card and drink mix for the PR Xmas exchange! It's finally starting to get cold here, so it is much appreciate :)

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