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Fluff and Feathers (blog)

About Me

I live out in the foothills of California, along with a small flock of goats, two donkeys, several dogs, chickens, parrots, finches, bunnies, and a three-legged feral cat. In cold weather, I heat my house with a wood stove. In warm weather, I garden. I raise my own chickens (for eggs only), and I am slowly trying to build an orchard consisting of one of every fruit/nut tree I love and that grows in my climate. I am on ten acres of land.

As you can tell, I am an animal lover. :) I love hearing the donkeys and roosters in the morning, and every day is an Easter egg hunt with the hens, since they have the run of the property. I have also been involved in animal rescue for some time now, and have to admit to having a few "foster failures" living here with me.

Favorite Music

Classical and blues. Loving the latest Hugh Laurie CD. Also a fan of Diana Krall. However, I also listen to classic R&R, Eminem, and Fun Boys Three, so not sure if I can claim a favourite type of music

I would marry David Bowie if he would have me, even though I know he is insane. Just having free access to that VOICE would keep me happy for the rest of my life. I love The Beatles, even though I was born too late to enjoy them the first time around.

Nick Cave is also one of those people who has a voice that can transfix me. Love, love, love "Red Right Hand."

Favorite Books

Lit major, so any of the classics. I do have a soft spot in my heart for H.P. Lovecraft. :) I grew up on Shakespeare, Emerson, Ray Bradbury, Robert Aspirin, and Stephen King, with a little Peter Straub thrown in for good measure. I am a horror fan, but also love most of the Russian classics. I like some sci-fi, but it has to be really GOOD sci-fi. I am not into fantasy or romance. I like most humour, and I have a special spot in my heart for Ogden Nash.

I am an official member of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

I read a LOT, so I have a lot of other authors I like. I even went through a Louis L'Amour phase (my guilty secret). I am always up for trying a new book, but if it doesn't catch me in the first 15 pages, I'll never finish it.

I like some biographies, but not pop celebrity biographies.

I like dog and bird psychology books.

I have a strange addiction to business leadership books, even though I am not in a position to use about 90% of the advice I get from them.

Favorite Crafts

I am an avid knitter and beader, and I'm actually pretty good at both. In relation to the latter, I think I am part magpie, because bright and shiny always gets my attention.

I want to be an artist, but I took a drawing class once and the teacher recommended I consider technical drawing, because I draw what I see, not the concept of what is there. I still love getting drawing stuff though, chalks, paper, etc.

Whenever I hear of a new "thing," I always want to try it, but I generally lapse back into what I do best: knitting and beading.


Love pens that write well. I like fine-point, but hate "skippy" ink. I like thin pens, not fat ones. I don't really have a favourite colour, but my house is mostly greens, reds, and oranges. Sounds hideous, I know, but I like it. :) Most of my kitchen gadgets are red and kitchen utensils are green.

I am a big insect fan. No, really. :) I love things with realistic insects on them. (I don't like real dead insects, though, like scorpions [yes, I know a scorpion is not an insect] in paperweights.) I am not so much into butterflies, but love beetles, bees, ants, etc. E.O. Wilson is my hero. If I had not traveled the path I'm on, I would have become an entomologist. I like spiders, too, btw, and scorpions.

I have two beehives (hoping to make it three next year) and I also "keep" orchard mason bees (and keep each successive generation of cocoons in my fridge every winter).

I am a fan of reptiles and amphibians, with frogs topping the list. I share my property with a number of snakes, including rattlesnakes, but we have a "live and let live" policy. ;) I think they are gorgeous, but I suspect they do not reciprocate my feelings.

I am not big on cutesy stickers and such, although I would probably like them if they had insects (or David Bowie) on them.. I do like beads, bead-making bits, and knitting googaws like stitch markers, counters, holders, etc.

I have pierced ears and don't have metal allergies, so I like earrings. I usually go neutral, because of my job, but sometimes wear fun ones on the weekends. I don't tend to wear huge earrings, but I like to wear small but visually interesting earrings. (For example, I have a pair that look like guillotine blades.) I am not a ring or necklace person and the only bracelet I usually wear is a paracord one that I have for emergencies when I'm hiking.

I like Twinings tea, but mostly am a coffee drinker. I should mention here that I am also a coffee snob, so coffee is not a great gift for me. I get my beans fresh-ground from a local coffee shop, and if that shop ever goes out of business, I will be in withdrawal for months.

I love cookie cutters and have a small fortune in them stashed about the house. ;)

I like knives. That makes me sound like a serial killer, but I do like them. I am attracted to unusual blades and once had a small collection (before I decided having a collection of knives made me look like a serial killer).

I love homemade ornaments, and my Christmas tree each year is adorned with pretty much nothing but ornaments made for me by friends. Even the little paper snowflakes and such are better than mass-produced ornaments.

I am a big reader, so bookmarks are always fun. I am just now getting to the age where I am using reading glasses, so anything related to those (holder, strap, etc.) is great, too.

In terms of snacks, if it is salty, I'll probably like it. :) Chocolate works in a pinch, but my favourite snacks are usually the "sweet and salty" ones, such as the sweet/salty Bugles (deadly), honey mustard pretzels, or BBQ potato chips (Boulder brand is KILLER). But potato chips might not ship well. ;) I like the funky little Japanese snacks as well, like Botan candy and Pocky sticks.

Favorite Television

I am not a big television fan, although I am a Whovian and I keep up with The Walking Dead. I am more of a podcast fan, and I enjoy several, including "Pseudopod,""HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast,""Nightvale,""Planet Money,""This American Life," and "Drabblecast."

I will stop what I am doing to watch any Twilight Zone episode that crosses my path. :)

In terms of movies, I am again pretty diverse. I do love horror movies, although I am finding it harder and harder to find one that doesn't leave me flat. I also enjoy Monty Python, and I own every year in the series of "AbFab". Recently stumbled upon "League of Gentlemen" and it is my current favourite. My top ten list of movies would include (not necessarily in this order): Doctor Zhivago, The Sand Pebbles, Cabin in the Woods, Seven, Monty Python and The Search for the Holy Grail, Kinky Boots, Erik the Viking, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, House on Haunted Hill (the original), and A Christmas Story.


I am a wannabe writer, part of a local writing group, working on a collection of short stories and a draft (and many-moons-from-completion) novel.

I am a runner. I have a little five-ish mile loop near my house that has lots of hills, and I also run with a group twice-weekly down in the "flat lands" (aka Sacramento).

I am a hiker. I live close enough to the Sierras to be able to spend a lot of time out there. Enjoy getting little things to add to the daypack, although weight is always a consideration.

I am a baker, although I am not much good at anything that isn't a pie or a cookie. At those, I rock. My pot roast leaves a lot to be desired.

I am an atheist. I'm strongly against religion, organized and otherwise, but I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about it with others until it gets pushed into my face or it starts affecting my rights. That said, not only do I not appreciate prayers and religious objects, I also don't pass such paraphernalia along. If you send it, know that it will end up in the garbage or as kindling, if it burns.


swamplover rated for May Field Journal on Jun 14, 2015
Comment: Thank you for this swap! And the wonderful field journal.
Karen2013 rated for Travelling Letter #3 on Jun 13, 2015
Comment: thanks have a great weekend
swamplover rated for Rolodex Field Guide Swap #3 on Jun 9, 2015
Comment: Great card......I love the photos..wish I had thought of that!
Response: Thank you! I felt kind of guilty not drawing, but I liked the way it turned out. :)
sammalmquist rated for My State Pocket Letter May on Jun 8, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much! I love everything :) The tea is perfect - 3 of my favorite flavors in one!
Response: I am glad you liked it, and thank you for setting up the swap! It was a lot of fun!
1happyday rated for Book of the Month May on May 21, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the book, and the tea! I already drank some, and I'm looking forward to reading the book. :)
Response: Hope you enjoy it and glad you liked the tea! :)
Comment: Sorry about the late rating I love the atc thank you
Response: Thank you
Comment: Thank you for the adorable little salad bowl and placemats. Looking forward to the next one!
Response: Glad you liked them! Thanks for the heart. :)
SandyLane rated for R&LB: Reading Challenge #1 on May 12, 2015
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. The book sounds very interesting.and one I would read.
Response: Thank you
mo13 rated for DATES AMENDED - Travelling Letter #2 on May 7, 2015
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: Glad it arrived safely!
hazelwitch3 rated for Rolodex Field Guide Swap #2 on May 7, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Rolodex Field Guide. I love my Elegant Crab Spider!
Response: I am glad you liked him. He needed to be raised up a bit out of obscurity. :)
crzycakes rated for Cemetery Scavenger Hunt on May 6, 2015
Response: Thanks
teresacraft rated for Writers Swap! on Apr 29, 2015
Response: Thanks!
Croll86 rated for Send Something Kind... on Apr 27, 2015
Comment: I love EVERYTHING. The knitted angel was lovely! I have a mini Christmas tree in my office that stays up all year. The angel is now there! I also loved the cook books the coin purse was fantastic! Ahhh I just love it all so much! Thank you!
Response: Yea!! I am glad you loved it all!! I always get a little nervous, trying to figure out what to send based on a profile. I am happy to hear the angel has such a nice home. :) Thank you for the rating and the heart!
rngstgstll rated for Write Me a Letter on Apr 27, 2015
Comment: My college advisor did research on a symbiotic relationship involving ants and trillium -- always stuck with me, as we read a little EO Wilson in her class. You have quite the hive/ colony mind :) Ever read a sci fi about hive mind? Fun and creepy!
Response: I did read one once about humans being attacked by a fungus similar to the one that turns ants into zombies. The premise was that the fungus was the reason we are trying so hard to explore space. Kind of like how the fungus makes the ant crawl up to the top of the blade of grass so it will be eaten.
rngstgstll rated for Tourist Trap T-Shirt on Apr 27, 2015
Comment: It was the spotted fish slap bracelet that stole the thunder away from the shirt! My son played with it for hours, then all the rest of us tried it on! Thanks for the fun, and the cool story about the gold mining town that time (nearly) forgot :)
Response: How funny!! I bought that bracelet at the local museum a few months ago and threw it in there just for fun (and just in case she hated the shirt)! I should have tossed in the gecko bracelet as well! Thank you for the heart! :)
Briarstitch84 rated for Cemetery Bestiary on Apr 26, 2015
Comment: Great photos! So interesting and creepy. Old cemeteries are some of my favorite places to walk :)
Response: Thank you! The cemeteries out here are not as old as ones the east coast, but still fun to walk through. Thank you for the heart as well!
hazelwitch3 rated for R&LB: Reading Challenge #1 on Apr 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for your review of 'How Not to Be Wrong'. Having read your message, I have a feeling that my maths are too shaky for me to make sense of it, but I really enjoyed reading your account and your reactions.
Response: Well, I got a D in Algebra as a HS student, so don't sell yourself short. ;)
Comment: What an ~amazing~ package! Thank you very, very much! :) I can't wait to read the book! I love the candy, the coffee (so excited to try!), the paper soap... everything! :) You put a lot of effort into this swap, and it really shows. :) Thank you again!
Response: I really enjoyed putting it together. I am so glad you are happy with it all!
armadillogal rated for CHWH: Home Sweet Home PC Swap on Apr 23, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the great card from California....I'd like to come and hike/geocache there...
Response: Thank you for the quick rating. Geocaching is VERY popular in the foothills, where I live.
natasha838 rated for CL: What Are You Reading? April on Apr 23, 2015
Comment: Glad that you are enjoying your current read. Thanks for the swap!
Response: Thank you for the quick rating and the heart!

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