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Date Joined: December 5, 2014
Last Online: July 17, 2019
Birthday: February 7, 1995
Country: United States

About Me

Hello everyone!! My goal for 2019 is to continue with my creativity, and continue to engage in a healthy life style. Health in my family was a concern last year so this year as part of my resolution is to be more healthy.

  • You can follow on instagram @jojokittysawu which is my personal account and on @amathyst _ kitty _ art which is my art and penpal account :) I am a traditional art student, I enjoy painting and drawing, however I also enjoy trying many other art related projects. My favorite thing to do after a longs day work is go home watch some netflix, play some PC games and enjoy a meal with my hubby. i love cats. I am currently obsessed with pastel colors and pastel goth items. Lol i am always changing what I like but im 100% sure I love cats and unicorns. My new obsession are those handmade fabric dolls.
  • here's a little bit more about myself I got engaged in September 26. I got married on 1/27/2018 and what can i say the highlight of my 2018 forever!!!

Favorite Books

My favorite type of books are adventure, fiction, romance, mystery, science-fiction, teen books only the interesting ones Books I have read are Brave New World The Hunger Games trilogy, Hollow City, The Last Unicorn, Star-Crossed, 50 Shades of Grey triology, Favorite art book The Gay 90's i love the art in there minus one if you read it and seen the illustrations i think you can imagine which one it is.

  • Books that have caught my attention which are my wishlist Books:
  • Six of Crows
  • Carnaval
  • Demon King
  • City Of Fire- Garth Risk Hallberg
  • Magonia- Maria Dahvana Headly
  • Atlantia- Ally Condie
  • Things No One will Tell a Fat Girl- Jess Baker
  • Fire Fly-P.M Pevato
  • Big Mac Creative Living Beyond Fear- Elizabeth Gilbert,
  • Dumplin-Julie Murphy
  • The Night Circus ( I just want to own this because its such a good read)

My Moms wish list

If my mother was allowed to create a swap-bot rosaliafairy would be her username :) Well since I havent moved out yet she cant create an account.

  • Here is her info: Her name is Amelia Meneses, She loves turtles and loves collecting items that are turtle related. Her all time favorite band is the Beatles, one time she told me about the concert she almost went to in mexico but all tickets were sold out. She is an animal lover, loves to collect a variety of stickers. She does love incenses like dragon blood , and soda pop ,sandalwood

  • Likes: stickers

  • washitape
  • foam sheets variety of colors
  • anything cute
  • dogs and cats
  • fabric
  • unicorns & fairies

  • Things she does : she knits, crafts, she does scrap-booking, likes to make flowers,ornaments and awesome jewelry boxes. She also make fofucha dolls.

  • My sister Marlene

    • her birthday is on January 20 so if you wish to send anything to her it'll be a kind gesture. She loves gudetama, pandas, gel pens, candies and her favorite candy is spicy sweet candy, and she loves music. She likes to play PC games like left for dead, and leauge of legends. she's currently getting into reading YA novels that are focused on thrillers, murder or mystery. Her favorite colors are red and black.
  • My husband

    • his birthday is on November 2. He loves to play PC games like fortnite, leauge of legends, resident evil, left 4 dead, cup head , and black ops. He is big on music, he loves to play acoustic guitar and ukalale. His favorite characters are deadpool,hulk, Rick from Rick and Morty, he also loves anime same like me but hes more into the action and thriller anime. His favorite colors are blue, purple and green. He is a big fan of DC and Marvel characters like deadpool, aquamen, and hulk.

Wish List

  • pusheen cat art
  • Artist Trading Cards Themed: Love, Vintage, Rainy Day, Pastel Goth, SteamPunk, Flora and Fauna, Flowers, CAts
  • Le Pen
  • pretty stickers from amazon
  • D.v.a item
  • Cat accessories for pet cat (I love dressing my cat and putting cat hats even if it means they'll wear it for a minute. Aslong as they let me :) I have some pictures in insta).
  • decoden
  • kawaii cabochons
  • kawaii postcard
  • Kawaii patches for jacket
  • an art/poem journal
  • mermaid art
  • unwanted anime book
  • pigment ink
  • resin mini flowers
  • PC games suggestions
  • Personalized Address Labels
  • mini instax pics of beautiful places in your town with a note
  • glitter metallic gel pens
  • A CD with awesome music ( you can look at pintrest for my type of music)
  • kawaii themed pens
  • a letter describing your favorite three kawaii outfits, include pics, pics can be doodle style.
  • Watercolor/acrylic brush
  • cute postcards
  • painting sponges
  • fragrance oil
  • vintage/shabby/romantic/Victorian ephemera
  • Bat wings for pet size small/medium
  • completed or semi-completed art journal/ poetry journal
  • geode art +Witchy items
  • quartz/geode/crystal stickers
  • geode pc


  • Flakers
  • rude people
  • coconut
  • smashed potatoes
  • receiving Disney stuff ( with the exception of ariel, hei hei,)


  • For OTHER Swaps: Anything pastel goth, Punk-rock, steampunk, galaxy, mythical,witchy items, celestial, geode, purple crystal aura quartz, moons, anything fall related.
  • Mermaids

  • Kawaii: chococat,pusheen, gudetama, jinbei-san, rilakkuma, sentimental-circus.

  • Videogames/PCGames: D.v.a (from overwatch) soraka,Ahari, Syndra (from League of Legends) Artists: camilla de'errico, mel stringer, mab graves

  • Unicorn

  • Tea ( chai tea, green tea and vanilla chai, macha tea)

  • Incense (my favorite is dragon blood

  • plants ( bonsai tree, cacti 🌵, succulents, bamboo, poppy, lilac, sage, dahlia, orchid, 🌻sunflower,

  • Cats (any kind but my favorite is the tabby cat)

  • Post-cards (favorites: inspirational quotes non religous, anime, kawaii, cats, illustrated citys)

  • Animals (fox, 🐓rooster, 🐇bunny,🐼 panda, wolf, tiger, giraffe, peacock, pig, pugs, huskys, tabby cats, fruit bats)

  • Any wonderfully handmade art/ crafts

Favorite anime/ comics

Favorite Anime:

  • Seven deadly sins
  • Death Note
  • Anne-Happy
  • Attack on Titan
  • Your lie in April
  • No Game No Life
  • One punch man
  • Soul Eater
  • Love, chunibiyo, and other delusions
  • FLCL

Favorite Games/ cartoons

  • Jet Set Radio Future

  • Leauge of Legends

  • Cup Head

  • Left 4 Dead Diablo 2, Mortal Combat, Nintendo games, pac-man, the binding of Isaac

  • Cartoons: Adventure Time, Teen Titans, Invader Zim, power puff girls, the adventures of billy and Mandy

Favorite Music

F.O.B,The Beatles ,Escape the Fate, Man Man, Moderato, Joan jett, Meg and Dia, Laura Welsh, Deerhoof, Kongos, Melanie martinez, Ingrid Michelson,

Favorite Movies

Big Hero 6, Home, Spirited Away, The Help, My Neighbor Totoro, The Memoir of a Geisha, Ponyo, Hals Moving Castle, Wolf Children, Wreck it Ralph, Super 8, Spirit, The little mermaid, Hidalgo, Instructions not included, speed racer, Australia, The life of Pie, Astro Boy, Alice in the Wonderland (tim burton movies), Edward scissor hands, Hell Boy, Pans Labyrinth, The Orphanage, Ladrones,Warm Bodies, Stardust, Suicide Squad


paperboats9 rated for Artistic Penpals on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Johana, I just received your letter today and I LOVED everything about it. Your letter really spoke to me as I struggle with similar thing and also enjoy similar things - I can't wait to reply to it and get to know you better :) I also am in love with the painting you sent, which is so unique and pretty! I'll get working on a reply asap :) xx
Response: So glad it reached you and put a smile on your face. I'm looking forward to your reply.
arimails rated for Out of this world! #6- USA on Jul 15, 2019
Comment: thank you for the space swap, although I don't think one sticker counts as one item on the list and the only space themed washi tape was actually deco tape. lovely original art just make sure to fulfill swap requirements
Response: Your right about the one sticker sheet and not a sticker, but a sticker sheet. My apologies I miss read that last letter on sticker (s). The swap also said 5 items so all I sent was 5 items. Next time I'll clarify with the host of the swap what she means by 5 items. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
Comment: Thank you!!!! I love it
Response: 💞❤️
MelbourneGirl rated for Intl Hello! on Jun 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard ❤️ Hope you had a great day! :) :)
Comment: Awesome ATC! I love your skill with water color
Comment: Awesome Flash ATC! I love your coloring job. The background really blows my mind (and makes my hand hurt just thinking of making all those circles lol). Really cool Flash postcard extra. Thanks so much!
Response: I'm glad you like it. I totally forgot to take a picture before I closed it inside the envelope.
Jewelss2 rated for MONTH OF APRIL (2019) ATC #11 on Apr 26, 2019
Comment: Hi Johanna! Your ATC is SO cute! Love it!💜
Comment: Hi Johana, Thanks for the awesome caticorn ATC!! I love it!! I really like the product Galaxy you used. Also loved the caticorn notecard and all the lovely kitty extras. Thanks for a great swap :)
Response: so glad you love it <3
Comment: I love your Batman! He has such a strong jaw and chin, lol. And your notecard is adorable to boot. Thank you!
Lablauri57 rated for MONTH OF MARCH (2019) ATC #10 on Apr 1, 2019
Comment: Love the technique you used for the background. The flower reminded me of my Camilla’s which are in bloom right now. The whole card was nice done
BLUR rated for Batman or Superman on Apr 1, 2019
Comment: Yay! Love Batman! Like your cityscape background (hand drawn!) Thanks again for willingness to swap with a "newbie" and thank you for the extra stickers (even Wolverine♡). ♡
Comment: Awesome
sharmison33 rated for AAA: Super Hero ATC on Feb 27, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the Wonder Woman ATC!
Comment: Omg, I got your package at the end of a crummy first day back at work and it made everything better! I love it all! The ornament is awesome and I love that you sewed it yourself. And I love the postcard! And the washi... and the card... I am dying. Can I give you more hearts?
Response: Im so glad it made your day <3
Rabbitfreedom rated for Be My Hallowtine! on Feb 16, 2019
Comment: thanks so much for the wonderful card and goodies!
JudalineZ rated for Be My Hallowtine! on Feb 14, 2019
Comment: Love the card and beautiful drawings!
suzwa rated for ATC #8: MONTH OF JANUARY (2019) on Jan 29, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the amazing ATC!!
p0megrants rated for Stickers and a Sketch (January) on Jan 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you soooo much for the swap! You made my first experience here extremely special! I love the extras you included, and the cat sketch! Thank you sooooo much!!! 💕💕💕
Comment: Thank you so much for the Harvest Moon page. I really loved it!
ittybittykitty rated for Halloween Art Journal on Dec 15, 2018
Comment: Oh this is beautiful! Thanks so much for creating such a lovely journal, and I’m so glad that your father’s condition is improving!

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