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About Me

I think too much. It is a struggle for me to get through a grocery store. I have a big sloppy heart as well. (Yeah, I'm one of those people -- annoying, right?) I cry at the drop of a hat, but I'm getting over it.

Favorite colors include blues, grey, coral, teal, yellow, orange and green, also black and deep reds. I love batik and intriguing patterns, especially geometric and organic ones.

I adore my kids. My daughter is thirteen. She is passionate about her fashion, music and art interests, writing, inspirational quotes, dystopian YA fiction (a lot out there these days!), and BBC crime/ drama/ sci fi. Also, rolling up her shorts and explaining why lip gloss is different than lipstick. She is immensely clever (good at math!), and good at making sure that I keep my faults in mind. She plays the piano when not avoiding practicing, sings loudly and dreams of living in New York, or perhaps in a "better house."

My son is six and loves animals (cats, pigs, ducks, squirrels, dogs, and chameleons), buses, fire trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, semi trucks, pickup trucks .... and Mini Coopers. Red cars are his favorite. He loves tools of any sort (from spatulas to screwdrivers), gears, pumps, and gadgets. He also likes Minions, Dancing With the Stars, and cooking shows on TV. We have a shared passion for diecast cars. He loves talking to people about all the details he notices in his environment. He is not the world's most coordinated kid, but he is quite a dancer and likes a variety of music. His brain is rather lively (he has diagnosed ADD and autism), so it can be fun when he gets stuck.

My garden has a mind of its own: please feel free to check its web site and send it mail! (OK, garden has been regenerating, and it is finally about ready for a reboot. Sorry, all!)

Favorite Music

I will listen to just about anything. I turn on Hawaiian music, New Orleans, African Jazz, funk, and samba to relax; Southern Rock, soul, gospel, and classic rock and country when I am alone; electronic and French cafe music to think; medieval European and choral music to be meditative before sleeping. When I feel low, I listen to my quirky 80's pop and feel happy. My son and I both enjoy classical Indian music and bhangra, while my daughter and I listen to Broadway and 80's pop.

Favorite Books

Terry Pratchett is my favorite author. He just about says it all. The man understands humanity :) I am now beginning to appreciate Neil Gaiman -- branching out :)

I also like detective novels, the Flora Segunda series, diary of Samuel Pepys, Jasper Fforde, Jane Austen, Robert Rankin, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Ogden Nash, Steve Martin, Carl Sandburg, Robert Louis Stevenson, Langston Hughes, poetry to recite, Archie and Mehitabel, the Moribito series, Dante's Inferno, and the Odyssey. It's easier for me to listen to recorded books and the BBC iplayer. I appreciate all book suggestions, especially those with a bit of humor, however dark :)

Manga/ Manhwa: The Color of Earth/ Water/ Heaven,Gintama, Library Wars, and especially Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture.

Nonfiction: DIY and small house living, shabby chic/ vintage/ flea market decor, art, sewing, printmaking, history, knitting, felting, watercolor, cooking (Pan-Asian, particularly Southeast Asia and Korean, Mexican and Indian/ Nepali are my favorites, along with Mediterranean, French and gasp! British. Also baking, although I am terrible at it unless I completely go by instinct.) Belle Armoire and all of the Somerset Studios magazines!

My daughter enjoys novels about growing up and dystopian fiction.

My son likes (surprise) books about vehicles and animals. He appreciates the very detailed pictures of Benedict Blathwayt (The Little Red Train) and Richard Scarry.

Favorite Movies

Studio Ghibli (I cannot pick a favorite, but I admit to wanting to hug the cat Jiji in Kiki, the radish spirit in Spirited Away, the last robot in Castles in the Sky, the fishie Ponyo, and every version of Totoro and the cat bus, too :), The Blues Brothers, Persuasion (actually my favorite Austen book), Up!, Rio, and just about anything by Pixar, dark comedies, anime, Alien, Grumpy Old Men, slowish films about nothing in particular. I like Youtube movies by random folks. One of my favorite movies of all time is called "Shower" -- it is a Chinese film about the final days of a family-owned bath house. It's absolutely beautiful.

TV, radio, and random likes

Dr. Who (my daughter and I both love Peter Capaldi). We also watch mysteries (Death In Paradise is a favorite), baking and cooking contests, and Moone Boy. My son and I are big fans of Odd Squad (Agents Olive and Otto! Interrogating a unicorn! Ms. O as Agent Oprah!) and Wild Kratts. Fun fact: Danny John-Jules from Death in Paradise played Cat on Red Dwarf ...

Random likes: I like Cambozola cheese. I like to go plane and harbor-spotting. I used to find sneaky ways to watch Monty Python as a kid -- the fish slapping dance and Ministry of Silly Walks still make me laugh :) I love diecast cars like Hot Wheels. I love odd miniature tokens. I love boats, and the character of Ratty in Wind in the Willows. Did I mention that I like the 1970's? So optimistic and full of promise, and some really good and really bad music! I love the movie Crooklyn. I love heroes who Do the Right Thing (classic Speed Racer) and heroes who Are Still Here Despite It All (Gintama -- love, love, love Gintama and the music and the jokes), also the Heroes Who Are Not Really Heroes/ Annoying Heroes (Godzilla, Arthur Dent, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Shiro Yamaoka from Oishinbo -- THE classic foodie manga :). Dr. Who kinda fills all those categories at times, as does Samuel Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork Watch.

I am a huge fan of BBC radio i-player, also the World Service, National Public Radio's On the Media and AltLatino.

Favorite Crafts

I have been into watercolors and pen and ink lately, as well as using these in mixed media. I would love to try more gouache, and mixed media painting. I love fibers and stitching on paper. I love collage. I love trying new things. I love making books, although I am not super skilled at it. Fused plastic, combining fibers and paper, a little of this and that, paper dolls, puppets, paper hats .. you name it. I do enjoy making minizines, postcards and ATCs as well. I like writing letters, mainly on the typewriter, and doodling on them. Sewing wise, I make a lot of pillows and bags and love to make dolls. I also make dolls with paper clay.

Places I'd like to go

have really fond memories of travels in Quebec along the St. Lawrence, Seoul, Hawaii (the food! the people!), France, Mexico, and Ireland, Lake Superior, Iowa, southern Utah and northern Arizona. I wish I could go to, well anywhere, but I think I would especially like to visit California, India, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, West Africa, the Mississippi River from north to south, and ...well, anywhere with an ocean, lake or sea ... big skies and open water.

I'd like to receive?

I love swap-bot because I get to see a little of what makes my swap partners happy and inspired. I am especially fond of *small dolls and figures *cars and vehicles *geology *astronomy science *math *printmaking/ screenprinting *painting *drawing/ pen and ink *watercolors *world cultures *textile art *modern art *dance *engineering *architecture *vehicles (modern and antique) *humor *silliness *history *notes about your life or someone else's life *bridges *water and boats *Quebec *Canada *South Korea *Mexico *the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence seaway *Hawaiian history *shipping *recipes, the more adventurous the better! *ham radio *the "maker" movement *agriculture *urban and rural landscapes *patchwork *batik *indigo dying *graffiti *pop culture: Monty Python, Speed Racer (classic), Godzilla (classic), Route 66, Dr. Who, K-pop, K-drama, doughnuts, and Where There's Tea There's Hope :)

Confessions: I am a fan of touristy anything, from just about anywhere, but Canada, Quebec, Korea, Mexico, southern France, and the St. Lawrence Seaway are special loves :)

I love recipes.

I am currently looking for positive images of modern and historic Asian, Latino and African American men and women. I'd love any names of artists/ photographers, etc., or links or images -- thanks!

Current issues/ projects

Getting my house packed up for a move -- yikes!

I have a project that I am working on after the move ... involving the library and postal mail :)

If you happen to be sending me postcards, I would love to receive the 2 standard sizes of smaller cards 3.5" x 5" and 4" x 6" -- new storage system makes it easier for me to file and enjoy them. If you are sending a larger card, no worries :)

Also, due to new filing system, I will probably be doing more ATC and APC style swaps. Minizine size as well. I am working with older file card drawers, and would be interested to know if anyone else is doing this!

Favorite animals and plants

Stingrays, seahorses, sturgeon, nautiluses (what is the plural of nautilus?), octopi and paddlefish fascinate me. I have a very small stingray collection, consisting of a vase, a plushie, a postcard, and a nice stingray painting from a Swap-bot member; also a stingray ocarina. My daughter used to call them "pancake fish" when she was little and how I still think of them -- I just love the way that they move. Cats, dogs, ducks, geese, turkeys, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, foxes, otters, hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels, tapirs, any kind of bird, draft horses, any kind of fish with spots (or without spots), whales, camels and llamas (although I find them a little intimidating!) I found an awesome postcard of a tapir wearing a Santa hat that I will cherish forever.

Nigella, squash (other people's -- I fail to grow them yearly), nasturtium, marigolds, amaranth, rhododendrons (other people's, of course), Rugosa roses, anenomes, ranunculus, redbuds, narcissi and daffodils, magnolias, poppies losing their petals, your grandmother's garden plants, Japanese and Korean maples, Virginia creeper, kale, potatoes, prairie plants, fall gardens, cottage gardens on the edge of being unruly, tea house gardens, Zen gardens, container gardens in the middle of the city, gardens after the first fall harvest, gardens that are just a little bit sad / alone / tough / wistful/ surviving, gardens with wandering chickens and some tomatoes missing after being stolen by chipmunks ...

In houseplants, I like those that I find difficult to kill - sanseveria and Norfolk Island Pine, and one palm tree and one cactus and one pothos. I think that all the rest have died. Probably due to natural causes...


Onibah3 rated for Great Muslims of history on Apr 22, 2017
Comment: Hello Tanya. Thank you for sharing your interest in Rumi and Muslim influenced cultural arts. I enjoyed reading your postcard, and can connect some similarities in Eastern vs Western art (such as the Damask pattern you put on the card). Also the Rooster stamp was appreciated a lot!
Fullsteampowell rated for #ShePersisted Postcard on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely and informative postcard!
sabbysteg rated for #ShePersisted Postcard on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks! I could not read your handwriting unfortunately so no idea what you wrote. :/
January rated for Hamsas for Love&Tolerance on Mar 13, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the lovely hamsas - great colors! And thanks for hosting the swap.
samsstuff rated for ZMACS FEB: Sunny Polyptych on Mar 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the amazing polyptych!
nannydino rated for Banana PC on Mar 10, 2017
Comment: Hi TR , thank you for the awesome PC. I love it. Quite original. Happy swapping Blessings and take good care.
AmookIslandCreations rated for ZMACS FEB: Star Book on Mar 9, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful star book with Robert Frost's poem and your illustrations! He is one of my favorite poets! (miles before I sleep) Thanks too for the extras and the stamps. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
knitterofhats rated for HG: IWD Fiber Goddess on Mar 4, 2017
Comment: Thanks for this awesome creation!
3trysandimout rated for Like Moses ATC Swap on Feb 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for joining this swap You did a great job, considering you didn't have a smaller brush. I can still see what pictures you describe. Thanks again
wittmert rated for MA: Drawing Practice on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your Otto sketches!
RockyBeach rated for MA: Create and share artistamps on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your collection of whimsical stamps! What a cool idea. And I learned something new. :) It must have been a challenge to use watercolour on such limited space. Great!
Response: You are too kind -- I was in a fruity sort of mood when I sat down to make them! I should have used a different medium or brush, I think :) Next time ...
stephiedee rated for MPU: Galentine's Day Mail Art on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the painted pc! At first I thought you did a recreation of some Impressionist Suffragette painting, haha, so I had to do a double-take when I read it was the Ghostbusters reboot. :D
Response: :) It's been a very dark and fuzzy couple months, so Impressionist Suffragettes sounds about right! Seeing some actual sun now, so hopefully my art will become a little bit less ... er ... Impressionistic?
Comment: Thank you very much for this postcard about the NASA women.
Comment: Thank you for the fab postcard! It was a great swap - thank you for hosting xx
jukejan rated for IS:UgH It's A Bug Brooch USA/CAN on Feb 4, 2017
Comment: Thanks for joining the swap, you created something really out side of the box!
FiWebster rated for CC: Janus for January on Feb 1, 2017
Comment: I love this postcard—especially the stitching! I oughta take up stitching myself...
ladyaduial rated for Winter/Holiday Postcards (USA) on Jan 27, 2017
Comment: THank you for the postcards!
Comment: Thanks for the awesome letter. It arrived yesterday and I immediately read it. It made me smile so much that I made my husband stop what he was doing and listen to me read it aloud. This was a super swap idea.
Comment: I like your 'impressionist' painting :) Thank you!
Comment: Thanks kindly! I'm a fan of your pages. :)

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