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Date Joined: March 6, 2012
Last Online: August 21, 2017
Birthday: March 16, 1987
Country: Netherlands
My ATC's, Pocket Letters and crafts

About Me

I am terrible at responding to ratings, but please know that I cherish every rating and that I take feedback very seriously! Thanks to everyone who has given me such amazing thoughtful ratings!

Profile updated 20/08/2017

I am a green haired writer named Annejo who is 30 years old. I have a bachelors degree in "Creative writing and Storytelling", so I like telling people I am allowed to put “bs” behind my name. Most of them don't get the joke :P

I write short stories and poems. I have written novels for NaNoWriMo (11 time winner) but they’re not very structured and I prefer shorter pieces. Most of what I write is some sort of fantasy, science fiction or magic realism. A friend once commented about my “mopey wizards”. I do love me some mopey wizards.

I am disabled because of (C)PTSD and Fibromyalgia. I do volunteer work for a company that provides reintegration into society for youths who have problems due to addiction, disability, trauma or a mix of those. I write promotional material and research methodology. I also do the graphic work in Indesign.

I have been a huge nerd all my life, but sadly I am still not cool or hip these days, so I’ll just have to be content with being myself. I have four piercings and two tattoos and I’m always saving up for a new tattoo. I am 6’1’ tall and I have shoe size 13 in mens, so I am used to standing out in a crowd. I love making silly selfies and my hair doesn't like being brushed.

I love villains and anti-heroes and I always cry when a favorite of mine dies. Which they seem to do a lot!

I am a Christian. I believe in Gods love for all people and I am supportive of rights and respect for the LGBTQ community.

I love cats and my Loki is my true love. He’s an extremely stubborn Norwegian Forest Cat who pretends he’s a bad boy but can’t hide being a sweetheart.

My Crafts

  • Writing, I would love to swap more stories on here!

  • ATC's I hand draw all my ATC’s, but appreciate receiving all kinds of mediums.

  • Pocket Letters

  • Mail Art

  • I do a lot of cross stitch for fun. Right now I’m working on Taskmaster. Loki likes to help!

Things I Love

  • All things comics

  • Cats and kittens, Norwegian Forest Cats!

  • Hearts and heart shaped things

  • Polka dots

  • Fifties (the decade)

  • Pin ups

  • Cupcakes, sweets, candy print/goodies

  • Black and White

  • Tulips (my favorite flower)

  • Coconut ANYTHING

  • Someecards

  • Motörhead

  • Volkswagen Golf

  • British humor

Favorite Flat Items

  • ATC’s

  • Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter goodies

  • Stickers

  • Anything Jetoy

  • Stories written by you!

  • Washi Tape

  • Fun or Inspirational Quotes

  • Short Stories or recommendations for short stories that you love!

  • Books and book recommendations

  • Recipes for awesome chocolate or coconut cakes

  • Note cards

  • Silver earrings

  • Little charms (especially heart or lock/key shaped)

Loki Loves:

  • Catnip

  • Ribbon

  • Snacks

Foods I Love

  • ANYTHING with coconut. I adore coconut. The flavor, the smell, the tropical island feel :-)

  • Chocolate. Milk and white, all kinds of fillings welcome!

  • Hershey Hugs! And Cookies and Cream Kisses!

  • Life Savers

  • Nestle Crunch

  • Nougat

  • Pistache flavor

  • Cadbury chocolate

My Fandoms

  • Marvel, comics, movies, tv series, cartoons, everything

  • Sherlock

  • Star Trek The Original Series

  • Star Wars

  • Transformers (Beast Wars, Animated, Prime)

  • Dragonball Z (I just can’t stop loving this!)

  • Big Wolf on Campus

  • Pokemon

Characters I Love

If you make me an ATC of one of these, I will love you forever!

  • Loki

  • Dr Doom

  • Deadpool

  • Taskmaster

  • Ant-Man

  • Dinobot

  • Knock Out

  • Blitzwing

  • Starscream

  • Beast Wars Megatron

  • Grand Inquisitor (SW Rebels season 1)

  • Ahsoka Tano

  • Kanen Jarrus

  • Hera Syndulla

  • Darth Vader

  • Charizard

  • Magikarp

  • Gyarados

  • Haunter

  • Drifblim

  • Electabuzz

  • Tyrantrum

  • Rayquaza

  • Groudon

  • Snorlax

  • Mr Spock

  • Vegeta

  • Merton Dingle

  • Knuckles the Echidna


  • Tea and coffee (I will regift these because I don't drink them)

  • The scent lavender

  • Touristy postcards, sorry, I'd rather see a beautiful photograph of people or an object :-)

  • Satanic/very negative/destructive occultism

  • Non-artistic disrespectful nudity

  • Hate/shaming/nastiness against anyone or anything

  • Marzipan!

Swap-bot stuff

I try to start working on my ATC/writing/craft swaps the moment I sign up, if they are senders choice. This is why I often send them the day partners are assigned :-) I take pictures of everything I create and every envelope I send.

If you should have received something from me, but didn't, please let me know! I'm always a bit worried that things will get lost in the mail - if they do I would love a chance to re-send! :-)

If you are waiting on a rating for me - send me a PM! But please remember that International mail can take a few weeks.

Private swaps: ATC's, stories and anything fandom related, yes please!


peipeicl rated for FLYING TYPE POKEMON ATC on Aug 19, 2017
Comment: Such a beautifully drawn pokemon! Thank you so much for Salamence, you are an amazing artist! <3 <3 <3
Jennifer2004 rated for Electric Type Pokemon ATC on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: Super cool Electabuzz ATC! Thank you! I love it!
Jennifer2004 rated for Fire Type Pokemon ATC on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: Awesome Charizard ATC! Thank you so much! Love it!
Comment: Lieve Annejo! I was so happy to be receiving an ATC from you again and truly, you created a lovely one. The hand drawn flower is beautiful - and the haiku was so evocative of a summertime garden. I have another one worthy of display now. Thank you so much! xoxoxo
jukejan rated for Science Fiction Flash Fiction #3 on Aug 2, 2017
Comment: I really loved your story and the content was so intriguing. Especially the crisp crisp of the pencil as a remembered moment. Big heart!
LadyWoods rated for Random Word Flash Fiction on Jul 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Great piece.
bombardiette rated for My hectic life on Jul 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing this...especially since I can so very well relate to so much of what you shared. xoxoxo
bombardiette rated for Think different on Jul 26, 2017
Comment: I really loved this piece. It left me interested to read more - and I love to see your versatility in writing. Thank you so much for sharing this! xoxo
wm rated for From a song #3 on Jul 26, 2017
Comment: Andrew Eldritch? A goth anthem? Perhaps because I'm not familiar with the genre it's all shocked me to the bone! But maybe that's the art itself: Because you shoot yourself in the foot I can't take you seriously :) Great stuff!
Comment: So cute!!! Thanks for the cat meow meow ATC! Its a very good drawing!
pernie123 rated for Think different on Jul 24, 2017
Comment: Fun story with different slant. Well done.
bombardiette rated for From a magazine on Jul 13, 2017
Comment: I truly loved the image you found - and the piece behind it. It was wonderful to get a glimpse of Young Annejo. We share more in common than I think either of us realized (although my mohawk was pthalo blue highlights over black)...and I loved the introspection this piece so clearly brought out. Thank you for sharing this - and you. xoxo
Artistic rated for Poem or Piece about Redemption on Jul 3, 2017
Comment: A sobering and reflective piece. Thanks for sharing.
bombardiette rated for Create and Write on Jun 26, 2017
Comment: I cannot say enough about how much I loved this swap. The ATC is absolutely beyond phenomenal and poem had such rhythm and flow and pulsed with so much...*words fail me here*. An additional thanks (x a million) for those brush pens we'd spoken of too. I'll be interested to see how well I do with them! :D But truly, I wish I could give a million hearts for the poem and ATC. Just brilliant, Lieve Annejo. xoxoxo
smadronia rated for Flash Fiction - Siblings on Jun 22, 2017
Comment: Fantastic. I can almost feel the entire thing, the snow, the blow, everything. Thank you.
AynE rated for Write Your Way Out of a Paper Bag on Jun 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the very thematic paper bag, I have a fable for you about an discontent bluebird named Terrence. I just need to quit working 18 hours a day so I can type it out.
tiger1i1y rated for Just Write #10 - Poem on Jun 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the bookmark feather and the poem. As usual, I find your poetry full of imagery and emotion. It pulls me in to the places/scenes you depict. I really liked the last lines: "the prince lies down before the altar where deaf gods need supple words to entice them."
Artistic rated for Inspire a Writer (July-September) on Jun 13, 2017
Comment: Package arrived. Thank you! I'll be back in touch during the upcoming quarter.
wm rated for Story Cubes (new) on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Yes. I wonder how many people out there wonder about the crack in the sky :)
pernie123 rated for Random Word Flash Fiction on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Another true great story! My family is boring in comparison.

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wm on Aug 21, 2017:

alt text

MsRose on Aug 17, 2017:

Just in 🌈 Anniejo happy nail 😻 Love the picture of you and your fur baby ! So adorable you both are, putting this up on my inspiration wall . Love you friend thanks for the smile , Ms Rose 🐥

Artistic on Aug 8, 2017:

Just opened the August envelope. You have NO IDEA how much two of those messages resonated with me, especially as I struggle with my WIP.

TereDiane1954 on Mar 20, 2017:

Hugs to you for your kindness and generosity! I got the ubs drive RAK, and I like it a lot. Thank you!

pkpeace on Mar 6, 2017:

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!! Peace ~ Patty xo

nellswell on Feb 13, 2017:

Thank you. <3

Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 4, 2017:

Adorable ATC! Thanks! :)

Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 4, 2017:

Adorable ATC! Thanks! :)

TereDiane1954 on Jan 2, 2017:

Hey, green-haired lady, I sure had fun with you over on facebook today! Thank you for cropping my photo just the way I wanted it♥ We did good, didn't we?

owlsinathens on Nov 28, 2016:

Three more days to go! Including today! Did you get your package? I'm a Little worried about my outgoing mail - our post Partner is in a newspaper agency where the owner just died and None of my packages have made it to their recepients yet :( I do SO hope you get yours till Thursday... I strung your beautiful calendar over my Bookshelfs, it Looks so stunning^^

Sorry for the late answer, sweetie, I'm in a Christmas-baking-frenzie atm and don't know my own Name sometimes :p


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