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About Me

Do to personal family issues I am no longer able to do Swap bot at this time I have sent out all my swaps. I hope to return soon. PLease let me know if you do not get your end thanks!

Favorite Music

My favorite music is hard to tell as I have studied music since I was 3 so I play the piano, guitar, the flute, the clarinet, and I sing as well. I like and listen to everything, I do love Phantom of the opera, and Jekyl and Hyde the MUSICAL:):):) I have three children so I of course know all the words to icarly music, transformers, and Hannah montana:)

Favorite Books

I live in Alaska so I read alot during the winter and I read everything from Ann Rule to Stephen KIng, some of my ultimate favorites are Twilight series sophie kinsella- love her books!!! Fern Michaels Nora Roberts Debbie Macomber Dean Koontz

Would love to do a book swap with anyone!!! I have shelves and shelves of books:):) especially if you have any of the shopaholic series by sophie kinsella!

Favorite Movies

My absolute favorite Movie is THe Princess Bride, and Julie and Julia I watch it once a week:) and I love the old horror movies from the 80's where you know what is going to happen in every scene. I love most Stephen King movies It, the Stand and Rose Red I have watched soo many times:) Of course the Twiilight series


I live in ALaska while it is in the UNited States mailing it takes extra time for things to get to me and to get to you.. I live in the rural part of my state:)

Before leaving me a bad rating please let me know if you have not received your end and I will fix it ASAP, also I give plenty of extra time for things to get to me to before I rate!!!

Favorite Crafts

This changes with the weather, during winter it is Kniting but right now I have learned how to make bath slats, bubble baths, bath bombs etc.. and I am having a good time experimenting with them.. I love to take something that is trash and turn it into something wonderfull I turn crayons into candles, jars into everything, old tins into wall art.. I drive my family crazy:):) I have recently since moving to ALaska become interested in gardening and canning and I am currently canning everything I can from Jelly's, pickles, to watermelon rind pickles:):) love to get others recipes!


I am a homeschooling mom which is a hard but rewarding job, as I have three kids, being creative with it has taken up my hobby time:). My husband says my coffee addiction is a hobby as I am never seen without it:) I usually average 7-8 books a week more during the winter, love to read!!! I love taking a recipe that is really good and full of calories and still making it good but low in calories and gluten free for my family I love baking!! I am have several firefighters that want to marry me since I supply my husband's shift with dessert almost weekly:)

My Kids

Devon-9 he is into anything video game, computers, and is a math addict:) he loves, spongebob, ben 10, bakugan, transformers

Ally-7 She is into anything animals, her favorite is Sharks, she is our little artist, she loves anything that has to do with art, paint clay etc... she is very much into Icarly right now...

Mady-5 she is our quiet one she is into red, everything and anything has to be red.. she loves barbies, the movie Matilda, and the cartoon Olivia, she is very much into learning how to read right now and loves it.

Favorite things

my favorite colors are forest green, deep chocolate brown I also love purple for the spring but most everything I have is green or chocolate brown:) I am a huge handbag addict, I am serious:) my husband has given me shelves in the house that have nothing but handbags on them, I am known on post as the Dooney girl, however I love a cute handbag anyway I can get it, especially if it is a chocolate brown handbag long enough to go over my shoulder and big enough to handle everything I have, as I always end up with everyones stuff!!!! I am a huge coffee addict!!! I like it anyway I can get it!!! I drink about a pot a day, can not get enough!!!! Currently looking for a coffee lovers themed handbag that is big enough to handle my things and with long straps, as I live in ALaska and we have to wear alot of clothing to stay warm in the winter!!


I would love to have these things

recipes coffee themed fabric coffee shop menu's pictures of coffee item's recipes using pumpkin, I love pumpkin as does my family stickers (3 kids:) earrings funky socks, for kids crayons, old or new I make candles out of them wicks for candle making essential oils of any type pencils pens pretty ribbons recipe cards blank canning jar stickers canning recipes books handbags of any shape and kind coffee lovers handbag, basically a handmade handbag with a coffee theme with a long strap:):) spices vanilla oil peppermint oil Eucalyptus oil or leaves lip glosses small swatches of fabric anything that could be used for canning coffee tea scrunchies frogs I collect them moose I collect them too:) anything that is alphabets for the girls for homeschool in good condition used magazines sugar free chocolate any sugar free candy starbucks via individual coffee barbie shoes( 5 year old loves these!!) stencils a homeschool child who is looking for a penpal, I have 3 kids that love to have penpals and I am looking for some for them:)

***PLEASE DO NOT SEND**** anything that has nuts, made from nuts!!


rogo09 rated for 2010 Christmas Card USA Swap on Jan 15, 2011
Comment: Have not received this swap..Will be happy to change.
gagirl828 rated for 2010 Christmas Card USA Swap on Jan 8, 2011
Comment: sorry to rate a 1. if i ever recieve anything i'll gladly change it. but as you've not logged in since dec 9th....
Chubmoma rated for 2010 Christmas Card USA Swap on Jan 2, 2011
Comment: thanks so much
momofboys rated for Moms need lovin' too! on Dec 19, 2010
Comment: Becky - Thanks so much for the lovely scarf and tea. I truly can't tell you how much I love the scarf - I've been wearing it the past two days and just love it! Wish I could make something like that. Thanks - especially when you didn't need to.
ArtyBeth3 rated for Weekend Mail ! - USA on Nov 14, 2010
Comment: I received your package on Friday, so I didn't have long to wait to open up all the envelopes. Thank you for what you choose to put into each envelope. Love all the pumpkin recipes! I especially liked the flower /butterfly stickers - they're so vibrant. The tea sounds good too, although a future tip for packaging peppermint tea - double bag it separately from everything else. The whole package smelled of mint. It really infiltrates and takes over everything. Thanks again for fun weekend mail! Oops - how could I forget? Thanks also for the handmade coaster. My cup of hot chocolate is sitting on it now.
Snoeshi rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 10, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much!
tattyteddy rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 9, 2010
decogirl rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 9, 2010
Comment: I think I'd be sad about that chocolate milk bath. A delicious smelling chocolate mixture that you can't eat!
Jadelynn rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 2, 2010
slammie rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 2, 2010
Comment: Thank you for your Halloween Card
Meisje rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 31, 2010
Charlotexxx rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 30, 2010
evieroz rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 30, 2010
Comment: Thanks Joan, Happy Halloween to you.
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rick1949 rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 29, 2010
wildchilddesignsltd rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 29, 2010
Teraceee rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 29, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the card it was great, Happy Halloween.
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Comment: Thank you

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nermalski on Oct 25, 2010:

Allison went with me to check the mail for goodies. She saw the tube shape and ran off going "it's my pringles swap". Tell Ally she did awesome. Allison and I just finished a bunch of the Highlights stuff. She was so excited. She is also very happy about the candy, and such, but mostly the crayons. They made it all in one piece and the pink/purple combo is her fave. Lots of hearts and smiles to you.

Oogolly on Oct 12, 2010:

Check out your partners Profile and leave a comment swap. Hello love, my name is April, reading your profile has been enjoyable! I was homeschooled for a few years when I was a kid and loved it quite a bit so your kids are lucky. I see that you live in Alaska and that has got to be amazing and I bet it's just gorgeous out there! I too am a handbag lover anything from what I find cute at Target to bigger brands like YSL (although I admire that brand from a far lol). I also love to bake and one of my big things is baking from my vegan baking cook books, those are always the best since they always have a gluten-free alternative on recipes, its pretty neat. Anyways I should stop blabbering, its nice to meet you and I hope you have a good week! :]

cathydolphinlvr on Oct 12, 2010:

Check out your partners Profile and leave a comment. HI Joan, I'm cathy. I loved reading your profile. I have ADHD myself. I wonder what Alaska looks like. If you want to send me some pictures in email I would love that..

I got a few recipes books and I can send you some recipes if you would want. (i love to swap them too) :)

arieslivinlife on Oct 12, 2010:

Check out your partners Profile and leave a comment. Hi!! I'm Michele and I loved reading your profile. How fun to learn about Alaska and what you do there. I do not know anyone that lives in Alaska until now!! It is so neat that you have played music all your life. I love that my parents thought enough to get me into music lessons my whole life also. I have played piano and violin all my life and now when I see my kids play... priceless. I also love all the oils you wrote about. I make soap with lemon oil, patchouli, and peppermint oil and I love tea tree for antiseptic purposes. I like getting back to nature and using herbs and oils for minor ailments. So fun reading your nice profile. Have good week!! Michele

klow on Oct 12, 2010:

Check out your partners Profile and leave a comment. What a wonderful profile! I can see that by sharing so much others enjoy sharing with you. I am a homeschooling mom of 4. Love it! Also we had the theme from Princess Bride played when I walked down the aisle on our wedding day. Nice to meet you.

beccamarie on Oct 12, 2010:

Hello, my name is Becca :) I am leaving a comment from the Check Out Your Partner’s Profile swap! I think it is so neat you live in Alaska, pictures make it look beautiful there! Also, I think it is very cool you have studied music since you were 3! I play the clarinet as well. I would love to learn to make bath bombs and things like that, it seems like a fun and rewarding craft. Also I am jealous of you canning so much, since I’m pretty young I am still a terrible cook! I love to bake, too, though :) I love to read as well. Have a great day!

sweetsugartree on Oct 12, 2010:

Wow! Hello! I'm SweetSugarTree, Wilma, from the swap - Check Out Your Partner's Profile! You definately have a great profile written out! I love it - so detailed! How cool that you live in Alaska - I so hope to visit there one day! Very nice to meet you on Swap-Bot!

aussielisa on Sep 28, 2010:

Hey I am your partner for the I love my crock pot recipe swap. I have just finished up your cards and will send off tomorrow. It may take 2-3 weeks for you to receive. Bye bye and happy cooking

Sapphyre on Sep 20, 2010:

I read your profile as part of the Profile Comment swap. Sounds like you have a very interesting life! My daughter just started home-schooling her two children, and one has ADHD, so I'm going to recommend that she look into the gluten thing.

I love how filled-out your profile is! It's so much easier to send things to people who have a variety of likes and preferences! (Plus, who could not like the profile of someone who lists a favorite movie of The Princess Bride? Have you ever read the book? I read it before the movie was made and was already a huge fan, but I think that the movie is even better.

ladyrn on Sep 17, 2010:

Hi You are one of my partners in "Read and comment on your partner's profile" swap. That is such a mouth full. lol
I love your profile. I would love to visit Alaska. I don't get to travel due to health issues but love to hear about others and where they live. Hats off to you for home schooling. I would think it would be challenging but also rewarding as well. I love to read and always am up for a new good book or two. Maybe we should consider a private book swap. I also love canning. I have made raspberry jam from fresh raspberries my aunt gave me. It is yummy. I also froze fresh squeezed raspberries so we would have them for later in the year. IT makes the best raspberry shakes. I love canning and would do more of it if I had the time. Plus my husband and I have enough trouble eating everything I do get canned. Today I canned pickled beets. Tomorrow I am doing corn. I also made homemade cabbage rolls and froze them for later this year. Next weekend I will be canning my own soups. I love making soups and have a tendency of making to much. So I can it since buying canned soup at the store is yucky. I have tons of old recipes from my grandmas. Let me know what kinds you are interested in and I will send you some. Just pm me.
Enjoy your life, love your family, live like tomorrow would be your last. Take care. Linda

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