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2010 Christmas Card USA Swap

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2010 Christmas Card USA Swap
Swap Coordinator:user7636 (contact)
Swap categories: Themed 
Number of people in swap:271
Location:Regional - USA only
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:November 25, 2010
Date items must be sent by:December 4, 2010
Number of swap partners:5

We all love to receive cards during Christmas, so why not join this swap??

This is a USA swap only. For this swap, you will have 5 partners, and send 1 homemade or store bought Christmas card to each of your partners.

To make sure that the cards arrive in time for Christmas, I have made the due date early in December.

If you have questions, please message me.



keribearsmiles 08/17/2010 #

Dumb question but I just want to clarify - Are we to write the card to our partner or send a blank one for them to use for someone else?

TerryF 09/ 6/2010 #

I would think it is a card we write on (";)

LynnViolet 09/10/2010 #

Definately not a dumb question. How about putting your holiday wish on a piece of cardstovk with removable adhesive & your partner can decide to keep or resend?

user7636 09/12/2010 #

To all - you are to send a card with a Christmas greeting written in the card. It is a card swap and not a blank card swap.

LynnViolet 09/13/2010 #


user7636 09/15/2010 #

@LynnViol nothing to be sorry about dear. You may also do this especially if you are making a handmade card!

cindynvb 09/20/2010 #

what kinbd of removable adhesive do you use lynnviolet??

PamelaArts 09/22/2010 #

I think this is a great swap -- I'd love to received some Christmas cards. Seems few people send them any more. I am inspired to make some cards to send....

rubyhousesliprs 09/23/2010 #

Will you be checking profiles and banning questionable swappers?

user7636 09/23/2010 #

@shabbypink123 - I always check everyones profiles and ban questionable ones unless they have pm'd me and exlained their situation.

LynnViolet 09/26/2010 #

@cindynvb I recycle & use the sticky adhesive that comes in the mail, like Victorias Secrets or Kohls. They send a coupon that looks like a credit card (can reuse for ATC) & they are adhered with a blob of repositionable adhesive. I have found several peices of junk mail with the same stuff. They also carry several different brands at Joannes & Michaels. Not sure about Hobby Lobby.

rubyhousesliprs 09/29/2010 #

Great idea @LynnViolet

msrod1957 10/ 2/2010 #

I love it, I always enjoy getting Christmas cards!!! Thanks for this swap!

FiWebster 10/ 2/2010 #

On this other swap it says we're allowed to send Christmas cards about dead cats. Are we allowed to send Christmas cards about dead cats in this one? I need to know right away.

Carolinev237 10/ 3/2010 #

Had to check @melusina lmao x

TerryF 10/ 4/2010 #

You are allowed to send Christmas cards about dead cats as long as they have been dead for at least a week.

skippysmom 10/ 5/2010 #

Please do not send me a card about a dead cat!!

rubyhousesliprs 10/ 6/2010 #

Why would someone joke about dead animals? I happen to love animals and I don't consider that very funny.

nicolettebeach87 10/ 6/2010 #

@shabbypink123 to each his own brand of humor.

i <3 gallows humor for one. life is too short not to laugh!(p.s. i have 4 cats, i'm not some animal hater!)

user7636 10/ 6/2010 #

To all - Please do not send cards which you feel would be offensive to others. Please send what you would want to receive in return. Thanks to all that have joined this swap!

InsanePenguins 10/ 7/2010 #

I am new here but, I have tons of Christmas cards that were my mother's and I love to make them also.

Garrent 10/ 8/2010 #

Hello group! I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, but just so you know, I personally would not appreciate a dead anything theme. I'm not making a judgement call, it's just not my thing.

badandknowsit2 10/12/2010 #

no dead or live animals for me lol i have 2 very live dogs and i dont think they would fit in a card lol

DogLover59 10/12/2010 #

I am new here, just joined tonight. How do I go about signing up for this swap? (And other swaps?) Thanks!

CBreiten 10/14/2010 #

PLease NO dead animals here either.."PLEASE"

FiWebster 10/15/2010 #

Well! Given the varied & interesting responses to my comment about Christmas cards about dead cats, I think all 164 people signed up for this swap so far should specify, here in the comment section, exactly which dead animals they would & would not be offended by, if they appeared on a Christmas card. I mean, one person might be OK with dead silverfish but not OK with dead aardvarks, and another person might be OK with dead sloths but not OK with dead mosquitoes...it could be pretty tricky just what sort of Christmas cards to pick out, if you don't know all 5 of your partner's preferences in this regard! So please be sure to spell out in some detail your preferences with regard to animal kingdoms--what are they, anyway? help me out here: Mammalia, Reptilia, Insecta...uhh, what do fish go on? I'm afraid someone more knowledgeable needs to take over for me. I haven't had my first cup o' joe yet.

rubyhousesliprs 10/15/2010 #

I think I'll skip this swap..

Sillyna511 10/15/2010 #

@shabbypink123 - LOL you really thinkg somebody is giong to find a Christmas card with dead animals on it? LOL. I can tell melusina is being funny... but I guess you can't. I'm also an animal lover, but I find their comment HILARIOUS!!!

rubyhousesliprs 10/15/2010 #

Well I guess we all have a different sense of humor, don't we, @Sillyna511 While you may find dead animals hilarious, I fail to see the humor in it. :)

FiWebster 10/16/2010 #

I hereby apologize to @shabbypink123 and anyone else I may have offended with my dark humor, and I'll stop pulling your leg (legs?). I love animals intensely: just ask my two sweet kitties, Edgar Poe & Annabel Lee =grin=

Jutta 10/18/2010 #

Very new at this swap stuff so this may be a stupid question but do you make the same card for all your partners or can they be all different? Thank you.

Peacewytch 10/18/2010 #

Heads up @shabbypink123 - @katken is signed up for this and the international card swap -with 33 ONES, mostly for Xmas swaps from last year! Just helpin'! :O)

TerryF 10/18/2010 #

Jutta, I would say they can all be the same, or all different - it is up to the sender. (";)

If anyone had checked the link in melusina's first post above, they would have realized that she and I were joking about dead cats in relation to another swap - not this one. I too love cats and have one! I would never send anything offensive to anyone unless I were positive they were open to it.

Sorry if I offended anyone, and if we scared off any participants for your swap user7636 (although 337 is a pretty good number! lol).

pandessa 10/19/2010 #

Wow, there are some sanrky comments on the dead cat thing. Humor is humor. I have cats and was not offended by it! I plan on signing a piece of post it note and including it inside so my partners can regift/reuse. Lighten up, you live longer!

HisTechnoAngel 10/19/2010 #

Sounds like a great swap :)

preslarb 10/24/2010 #

I've pretty much had enough about the dead cat thing...let it go already....is it the same person who makes this comment on a lot of other swaps? User7636...your swap sounds lovely. Thanks for setting it up for us ;^)

Jjean 10/24/2010 #

I love to receive Christmas cards & really don't get that many anymore....Thank you for hosting this swap, looking forward to it.......

pandessa 10/26/2010 #

I would like to ask mine not be signed on the card, please.

Deeno1105 10/26/2010 #

I have a question about the type of card to send. I am member of the World Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation. They send me really pretty Christmas cards to share. Would this type of card be appropriate. They aren't store bought and they aren't hand made but they are new and pretty and something any animal lover would like to receive.

rubyhousesliprs 10/27/2010 #

Gonna be fun checking all these profiles, huh?

Megbomb 10/29/2010 #

i would be more than happy to help go through profiles

user7636 10/29/2010 #

@Deeno1105 those cards are fine as they are brand new.

skippysmom 10/29/2010 #

This looks like fun and I love to save handmade cards althought I don't make them myself. But I can "embelish" a card if that counts as creativity. what a fun group!!

Candyn29 10/31/2010 #

Tooooooooooo FUNNY!

PamelaArts 11/ 5/2010 #

I have a lot of cool vintage cards with great graphics -- and "used". Can we use cards like that? I guess some folks would like that and some wouldn't...

kellyldriver 11/ 6/2010 #

I've already finished making mine. Can't wait to mail them out.

Batgirl 11/ 7/2010 #

I am a noobie can I join this swap?

Rozbudd 11/11/2010 #

How do I find or pick my 5 people to send a card to? I'm new

Deeno1105 11/12/2010 #

@Rozbudd ..........your partners will be assigned to you when the deadline to join is over. You'll probably get your list on the 26th since the last day to sign up is the 25th; Happy Swapping!

julie11710 11/14/2010 #

If anyone should get flaked on I can always (Angel) I have just purchased extra christmas cards.

andannabegins 11/14/2010 #

i'm smiling and amused... some of us can joke just fine!!

user7636 11/15/2010 #

Hi everyone, I have started going thru the profiles of everyone that have signed up for this swap. Just to let you know that I have dropped quite a few from this swap due to ratings of 3's and 1's and not being online since October.

WearMeOutAccessories 11/16/2010 #

Excited!!! this is my first swap I need to move up out of Newbie rank!!!

pahunt925 11/16/2010 #

OK, dead cat aside, am I too write on the card? If I have to use the adhesive things (I'm not sure what these are) I won't be able to join.

stummicakes 11/17/2010 #

can't wait! glad to be back at swapbot!

tamtamlee 11/17/2010 #

Just want to say....Can't wait for the swap!! If anyone should get flaked on I can always (Angel) extra cards.

QuiltyGirl 11/18/2010 #

My cards are ready to mail but my question is to whom? No assigned partners so does that mean I just randomly pick 5 people?

kpatricialee 11/18/2010 #

@QuiltyGirl Partners will be assigned after the 25th of november, it is a random assignment, but you will get five adressess to send to. (Check back on this page after the 25th)

jacque 11/20/2010 #

I think this will be fun!

LuvsPink 11/22/2010 #

Looking forward to sending out my cards . . . it seems hardly anyone sends Christmas cards anymore.

millie52 11/23/2010 #

Hi everyone, I would like to let everyone know that if you send a card that is a 1/4 inch thick or more it will cost more postage to send.

DaydreamLane 11/23/2010 #

Hi! In my circles, folks aren't sending many cards any longer, so I'm really looking forward to this. Thank you for allowing newbies to join in!

michelle32855 11/24/2010 #

I can angel as well, if necesssary.

michelle32855 11/25/2010 #

Unfortunately, we've had a death in the family, so I'll have to be gone for a while and have to leave the swap. Send a prayer and some positive thoughts for the family, if you would. Hope to be back soon.


skippysmom 11/26/2010 #

user5789 - sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my dad in June. I will send a prayer your way. Hurry back.

DaydreamLane 11/27/2010 #

I'm very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

CookieLPN 11/28/2010 #

Just wanted to let you know that I sent my swaps today. I am confused though because I thought this was a USA only swap. One of my partners was from the United Kingdom. Anyway, I still sent it. I am sorry for your loss.

DaydreamLane 11/29/2010 #

I sent mine today too. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

gemkorn72 11/29/2010 #

""Just wanted to let you know that I sent my swaps today. I am confused though because I thought this was a USA only swap. One of my partners was from the United Kingdom. Anyway, I still sent it.""

Same here. i got a united kingdom also. thought it was us only?? Oh well. still sent. Happy Holidays and sorry for your loss.

bauerdesigns 11/29/2010 #

I received my first one today - sending one back to them too : ) I'll just keep it going!

Pamela2Heaven 11/29/2010 #

Mine are going out tomorrow~ fun fun! thanks for the swap!

Happy Holidays! :-)

DixieDiane 11/29/2010 #

Mine sent today :) Happy Holidays all

SDCarter 11/29/2010 #

Looking forward to getting the cards. I send out quite a few each year & rarely get any in return. No one sits down & writes anymore. Sad...

Artistic 12/ 3/2010 #

Cards were mailed out today to my partners. Have a merry happy!

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