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**** Another Update*** I found out today that I am having a girl!

UPDATE I found out on Friday the 10th of October that I am 8 weeks pregnant! HOORAY! After 19 years of trying everything from hormone therapy, surgery and home remedies I gave up. It finally has happened. I am excited and scared to death all at the same time. But, as excited and happy as I am, I am also sad. This is something I wanted to be able to share with my mom and nanny. My mother passed 14 years ago and my nanny lives 4 hours away. I know mama is watching over us, but still want her here. Anyway, enough of that before I start crying again. I just wanted to share my good news. So be warned, if you get me as a swap partner for letters or notes I will probably gush about the baby!

Wow, I didn't realize I have been part of this community for nearly 4 years now. I have met some great people here and have had a lot of fun swapping. I took a year or so off from it, and missed it. I am slowly going to start swapping again, right now some post card swaps. I have nearly all of the states and would like to finish my collection of them. If anyone wants to do private swaps for Georgia cards, please let me know. My choices are pretty limited as I live in a rural area and have to travel to get them. (1/25/14)

Taking time off from swapping. I started school in September, and just don't have the time right now. And I've not felt very creative in a long while either. If I have missed anything, please email me and let me know.

(update 8/20/2011) Name change, due to divorce. I'm back to my maiden name, so if you question it, there is a reason! YAY!!!!

After sending out post cards and putting things about my city on it, i decided to find the web site and post it here. it shows some of the historic places here, and tells about the chickens that roam the city if your interested.

UPDATE 9/9/10 out of bordom i thought i'd come in and update this. i just turned 31, got a new kitten named Abby, and got rid of the dogs. they were eating my house, literally. i think i do much better with cats. but i miss the girls. they were always happy to see me, the cats could care less as long as i feed them.

there isnt much to tell. i am up most nights and work all the time. i love to read, write and play video games, shop and just have fun. if there is something you would like to know please feel free to ask. i am 30 yrs old, i have no children unless you count my 4 legged ones. i have a cat, a ferret and two brindle weiner dogs. i have three tattoos. two are butterflies and one is a cross with a bluebird and vine for my mother. i lost her 10 years ago this summer.

Favorite Books

i read almost anything i can get my hands on. i love anne rice, patricia cornwell, laurell k hamilton, sherilynn kenyon, maggie shayne and so many others i cant name them all. i am really into vampire novels lately. but love anything paranormal that i can find and good romance novels. i also love the jd robb books. eve dallas is awesome!

if you have a suggestion on a book or series, i'd love to hear it. always looking for something good.


there isnt much i dont like. i collect eeyore, books, and love butterflies. i aslo collect porcelain dolls. oh and i have an ink pen fetish. lol i tend to walk off with good writing ink pens. i have a collection like you wouldnt believe. when i was a kid i loved strawberry shortcake (still do), gummi bears on tv, smurfs, snorks, fraggle rock, garfield and friends, flintstones and the jetsons.

i have a collection of coloring books, and colored pencils. i love find a words, and hidden pictures.

my favorite holiday is christmas. i love to make and give gifts, decorate and look at everyone elses lights. i have a village my mother and i started a few years before she passed. i try to add to it every year. have most of it on a shelf my husband built fot me that spans one wall and it's not all of it. lol i hunt for peices at thrift stores, discount stores and anywhere i can find them really. i love any kind of ornament, prefer handmade to store bought, but all are appreciated.

when i watch tv i watch a lot of food network. i'm always looking for something new and inexpensive to make. i like the original csi, law and order svu, cold case, forensic files, first 48, cops, ghost hunters, ghost adventures, the haunted, scariest places on earth, spongebob, fairly oddparents, king of the hill, family guy, america's funniest home videos to name a few.

favorite movies would be a christmas story, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, a corpse bride, nightmare before christmas, the associate, gone with the wind, steel magnolias, a lonestar state of mind, x men series, underworld series, georgia rule, hocus pocus, halloween by rob zombie, strangeland, labyrinth, legend, the goonies, rocky horror picture show, the princess bride, jewel of the nile, romancing the stone, the ringer, and so many more. i have a collection of dvds and vhs movies from every era and genre and all are my favorites. i'm looking for babes in toyland, the original that aired years ago. i found it on amazon but havent gotten around to ordering it. oh and high spirits with steve guttenburg and daryl hannah. i love that movie. havent ordered it either. (bought both of these!)

other stuff i like......tasteful tattoos (i currently have 3), gold earings/jewelry, my fat cat peanut butter, collecting recipes, reading books over and over till the cover and pages fall out, shopping in thrift stores and discount stores, popcorn, spending time with my family and friends, bowling, fishing (but i'm not touching a disgusting fish unless its dead), and writing. i absolutely love to sit and write letters, especially to other countries. i've had a pen pal in germany since i was in middle school. my ultimate goal is to go visit her one day.

I am also collecting post cards, atc's, smashed pennies, key chains,


i love to paint porcelain (ceramic) pieces. i do christmas ornaments, and figurines. i painted a family of faceless dolls, the ones that look like little amish people with bead heads. they are really pretty (under the dust LOL). i'm slowly working on decorating my spare bedroom/office/junk room. i decided to do it in fairy tale stuff. gnomes, dragons, fairies things of that nature. i've completed a few peices and have them put away until i get it cleaned out and shelves put up.

i want to learn how to crochet and do cross stitch. i've done the ones that had the pattern on the cloth and enjoyed it. i do a little amature sewing. i finished the top of a quilt that my great grandmother had started for me, but it got ruined before i could finish getting it together. she also used to do tatting. that is an art that is way beyond me. i have fat little fingers and it's such dainty work.

i also want to learn to draw and paint canvases. i can see what i want to get out, i just dont have the talent or skills to get it on paper. i can do some things, like vines that turn out fantastic in my opinion.

what are atc's? i've seen it all over the place here but dont really understand what they are. if someone can drop me one in a swap, i'd like to learn how to make those as well.


If i cant find something on your profile to add as an extra or something that you like that was going with the swap such as the ornament swap i'm in, i hope you wont mind if i pick and choose what to send. i try to make it a point to do things that you will like but sometimes it can be difficult. and i'm still learning so bear with me.

also if you dont get my swap please let me know. i'll resend as soon as i can.


I'm enjoying post cards and atc's. i'm slowly filling up a picture album with state cards. There are some that I'm missing, so if anyone wants to send them my way, please do. I need Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Vermont. (going over my cards again to see which ones I've gotten recently, so will be updating this list. I only a few more states to complete the set)

I also love ones from around the world. I'm not particular as to the kind, other than no ad-cards. I like something unique from your area or state.

Flaked on by...

@renelouisedesigns for us christmas ornament in july (july 2010) @butterfly35124 for i love surprises in my mail box (july 2010) @rsantia3 for fall coloring (september 2010) @madsmom99731 for 2010 christmas card usa swap (december 2010) @pirateriot for christmas card exchange 2010 (december 2010) @grrlbehindthestache for quick national post card week (april 2011) @poohbear1183 for usa penpal letter and stickers (august 2011) @saskwoman for really simple penpal swap #2 (september 2011) @weeprain for more postcard mail please (february 2012) @sojealous for obsess over a celebrity (april 2012) @motherlovebarb for snail mail penpal #2 (april 2012) @wenwen680531 for 5 erasers and 5 pencils (april 2012)

i was angeled for a few, at least for the ones i let the coordinator know about, i am sure i forgot about a couple. it's why i took the last 2 nights at work and went thru each swap, wrote them down, and checked my own ratings. if you never recieved from me, please let me know, i've not had anything but 5"s but that doesnt mean we don't forget about some things.


skippysmom rated for Traveling Girls *edited* on Mar 21, 2015
Comment: I think she lost interest in the swap.
Steepandsleep rated for Christmas Card and A Tea Bag on Dec 15, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much! I loved the card, I can't wait to try the tea, and the gingerbread man stickers are adorable!! You made my day!!
Comment: Thank you Chandra: The ornaments came in the mail today. I especially like the Christmas Tree. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!
Response: you are welcome and i am glad you liked them.
Comment: Thanks so much for the swap ;) and extra stickers ;) xoT
Comment: Thank you for the PC!!:)
Comment: Thank you for the GA Peachy Place PC. My heart is in GA with my Daughter and Grand-daughter:-)
Comment: Thanks so much for the super card :)
HeatherannB rated for June Butterflies on Jul 6, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package. I immediately put the bracelet on and I adore it. Great job. Hope you are feeling better.
Response: So glad you liked it!
Mizchef rated for Wish Postcard #11 on Jun 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard! Being on an island right now sounds amazing haha. Have a great week!
Comment: Thanks for sharing your mom with me. My Moms name is Gail also. This was very therapeutic.
Response: It was for me too. I cried the entire time I was writing.
maybeblue rated for Wish Postcard #11 on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the waterfall card. I've never been on a cruise either.
simcoe54 rated for Letter & 3 Postcards on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the interesting letter & the great postcards. They will all go nicely in my collection.
Belindaw911 rated for My state PC swap on Jun 12, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Comment: Thanks for the recipe! It sounds so tasty!
Comment: Thank you for the Georgia PC and the yummy Apple Pie bites recipe. I can't wait to try it. Blessings,
Comment: Thank you for the cute bookmark and list! Can't wait to try some of your recommendations!
emilynhr rated for Yet Another PC Swap #3 on Jun 9, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!
suepier rated for Post Card PenPals on Jun 6, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the great card from North Georgia Mountains and sharing a little about yourself.
JaneInSD rated for Yet Another PC Swap #3 on Jun 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the cool PC!
lexfrog rated for Yet Another PC Swap #3 on Jun 4, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the scenic card!

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THANK YOU so VERY MUCH for the absolutely AMAZING notecard RAK. It's arrival was very therapeutic for me. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is outstanding. Thanks again.

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So...I'm reading your profile and freaking out a little bit by how much we have in common. O_o

Let's see: collects eeyore--check; likes a whole bunch of super cool 80s/90s cartoons--check; has a pen fetish--check...and the list continues.

Based on these facts I've deduced that you must be a cool person. Very cool. :)

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