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I became a grammy to Matt on December 24, 2006. On October 22, 2015, Matt became big brother to TWIN siblings, Kat (Katherine Shannon) and Corey (Corwin Sean)! They live in Connecticut and I live in New Hampshire now. I knit, crochet, like to travel and I love movies. I love the color PINK. I also like blue and lilac. I don't care much for orange and I really dislike mint (or any light) green. I like forest green, though. I love crosswords and reading. I like soft things. I like to travel . I have no pets. I am not much for perfume but I like scented shower gels and body sprays, mostly raspberry and PLEASE absolutely NO VANILLA! If you're thinking about sending me any item of clothing, please ask me first since I am larger than an XL. Easy but beautiful patterns (knit or crochet). I have a very serious pattern addiction - I collect easy patterns from everywhere, especially for small projects. I love snowmen! I like fairies . I have a soft spot in my heart for butterflies and certain cartoon characters like Wile E. Coyote, Droopy, Opus, Tennessee Tuxedo and Bullwinkle. I DO NOT SCRAPBOOK SO PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY SCRAPBOOKING ITEMS EXCEPT STICKERS. Handmade cards are great and I love to receive them!!.

Favorite Music

Neil Diamond, Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood, 70's music (think Barry Manilow, Linda Ronstadt and the Bee Gees), Taylor Swift but NO heavy metal or acid rock.

Favorite Movies

Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, Paternity, Tombstone, 50 First Dates, You've Got Mail, People Will Talk (50's Cary Grant movie)

Favorite Television

Law & Order (any of them!), Blue Bloods, Chopped, Criminal Minds, and any NBA basketball game I can find. I admit that I watch most of the shows on the Food Network because I enjoy learning new things about cooking. Even after probably 45 years of cooking!

Favorite Crafts

Knitting, crochet

Other Stuff

If you want to send extras and have no idea what might work for me, here's some helpful hints. I don't drink tea but do drink coffee and cocoa but just plain coffee, nothing flavored. I prefer milk chocolate to dark although but all chocolate is welcome. I always like a good bookmark, free, store-bought or home-made. Little notecards are good. I like roses and yellow ducks and cute white bunny rabbits and yellow chicks. I especially like them on stickers. I appreciate an easy recipe for one. If you have no idea of what to send or have an idea but are not sure I'd like it, please, I do NOT find it insulting if you ask. I prefer that you ask and I will do the same for you if I am unsure.

About Swapping

I always look at your profile and if I have any doubts, I will PM you. I always send my packages and almost always they are early. It's not meant as pressure to partners, just that I am an early person. I was born 2 weeks early! And if you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I am always the first person to arrive. So please if you do not get an envelope or package from me by the deadline, PM me because I do not want to disappoint anyone!


My wish list is not really big and mostly I am wishing for things I don't have, do or know much about. There are a couple of items on it that are related to what crafts I do but mostly not. Here's my list:

A fairy wish jar, A tote bag to haul a knitting project around, a plastic bag holder, Pink yarn, Handmade notecards with snowmen or yellow ducks, handmade earrings or handmade socks!

Wishing, too, for anything related to the Boston Celtics. I am a huge fan. Favorite players are John Havlicek, Robert Parrish, Bob Cousey, Kevin McHale, JoJo White, Dennis Johnson, Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell, Dave Cowens and, of course, Paul Pierce.

Latest News

THE LATEST is that after 31 years of living in California, because I was unable to find employment, I moved back to NH to live with family. No swapping until I get a job (or sadly, disability) and can support myself. I have been unemployed since November, 2014 and am sad I have had to give up swapping by mail. So sorry, no swapping except electronic ones until finances improve. I have had a rough 4 years. I want to swap but financially it just isn't possible.

More About Rating & Swapping

I rate you the same day I receive your swap. If you take the time and make the effort to ensure I receive your swap on or before deadline, I feel that rating you the same day is fair.

I am always up for a private rated swap. Be forewarned, though. If you don't send to me, I will give you a 1. I ALWAYS rate.


mariaeliana rated for EASY: Profile Comment #6 on May 18, 2015
Comment: At first I was like “uhm no images, no italic nor bold… maybe is a newbie girl just getting into Swap-Bot” so I accepted because I’m still new at this and some things are confusing for me and I do my best to learn everyday and I hope swapbotters to understand that, but then I look at your profile and I find out that you are far from being a newbie!! You have a perfect score and 356 hearts, that fact kinda upsetting me, because if you had reach that level you are supposed to be better than an ordinary comment. Anyway, I’m giving you 5 because it wasn’t mandatory to include those extras in the profile comment and it looks like at least you read my description . Please don’t take this personal, I don’t want to be rude, it’s just my opinion that you can’t be compared with someone that just join the website, one would expect more of someone with that much experience
Response: Thank you. I have been here since almost the beginning but truthfully I am not sure how to go about putting in pictures etc. since I rarely comment. I could probably knit or crochet you one, though... haha. So sorry to disappoint with no picture but if I ever learn how, I'll come back to your profile and add one for you!
gusmom2000 rated for Christmas Cards- USA on Dec 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute card!
Response: I like to send early so I hope it was one of your first! Thanks for the heart!
lagemaz rated for Let's swap a dishcloth! on Aug 28, 2014
Comment: what a cool name! Love the colors you chose. I must try the pattern. It is so pretty... Might have to use it as a hot pad, can't imagine washing dishes with it!
Response: Very glad you liked it. Pattern came from a book of dishcloths. I love that it can use complimentary (or not) colors. Only the middle takes more cotton so it's easy to use scraps of colors you like. Thanks for the good rating!
Sagebrushs rated for Monthly Dishcloth Swap: Blue on Jul 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you. Love the round cloth and the scrubbie, have not seen one of those before.
haroro rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 26, 2013
Comment: Definitely enjoyed reading your interesting answers and some made me think twice about mine! Thank you for sharing :)
AngelikFiona rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 22, 2013
Comment: This was fun!
Zelfgemaakt rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 22, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for your answers, I loved reading them. Regards, Angelique
ladyofunicorns rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 19, 2013
Comment: I did enjoy reading all your answers. I wish that I could say I am at a job I love. I have never found one. I am so used to not having a job I love that having the 90k is better to me. It is kinda scary having diabetes. I have to watch myself as my mother had it and my younger brother has it.
GraceIsabella rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 17, 2013
Comment: Thanks!
nightrainboww rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 16, 2013
Comment: Thanks for sharing! :)
ElizabethObviously rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 14, 2013
Comment: Loved how you talked through each one! :D
cmdunderground rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 14, 2013
BadTurkey72 rated for Would you rather?! #3 on Apr 14, 2013
Comment: Thanks! It was really fun to see what you picked!
meganporter789 rated for One Word Answers on Mar 25, 2013
topekagal66601 rated for One Word Answers on Mar 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you for sharing! :)
Jadelynn rated for One Word Answers on Mar 24, 2013
Comment: Thanks a lot!! :)
Fever rated for One Word Answers on Mar 23, 2013
Comment: Haha, awesome answers! You got so creative with this - I especially laughed at the dogfart, because my answer is similar to yours. Really cool, thank you for sharing!
fawnscrafts rated for It's all about ME!!! on Feb 15, 2013
Comment: Thank you
samanthateal rated for It's all about ME!!! on Feb 10, 2013
Comment: You seem like a very nice person. (:
elleto rated for It's all about ME!!! on Feb 9, 2013
Comment: Thanks for sharing :-) loved reading it :-)

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bjmonroe on Nov 21, 2016:

bjmonroe on Oct 30, 2016:

bjmonroe on Oct 12, 2016:

bjmonroe on Sep 22, 2016:

DerpyShy on May 18, 2015:

I like that you knit, I'm a loom knitter. :). If you ever want to swap patterns let me know

(EASY: Profile Comment #6)

RyeRye on Oct 9, 2012:


RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

signalflare66 on Oct 19, 2011:

Positive Comment For Your Partners Profile

Hello again! Looks like I get to be your partner for this one! (; When I read you like Wile E Coyote, it made me think of this Plastic Cup I had of him when I was younger... It was like his face with a handle, and he had a super long nose! I can't remember if I got it at a fast food restaurant or Six Flags, but my brother and I used to fight over it like crazy! So then my Mom ended up send it to the Phillipines! Boooo! ):

Haha. Well, I hope you are having a wonderful evening!


Jadelynn on Oct 16, 2011:

Hello :)

I am one of your partners for the "A Nice Comment #5 swap" :)

First thing I noticed: WOW! what an excellent (and a lot!!) ratings :D haha. Congratulations :)

I am still verrry new here on swap-bot and I am not even close to a rating like yours :). But I'll strive for it!! :D

Oh and I saw that you like 'Gone with the wind.' I actually have a postcard of that movie :). Would you like me to send it to you? ^^ I don't need anything in return. The idea of your smile when you open the mailbox is already a big gift!!

I had to search my dictionary for some words on your profile so: Thanks!! I learned a couple of new words thanks to you ^^ Haha, I am just addicted to learn new english words.

I am very sorry to hear you lost your job after so many years. I think it must be hard for you. I can also imagine how it is to find a new job. I know a lot of people here in Belgium, who really want to work, but just can''t find a job... It's really a shame :(

If you would like to exchange pattern someday, please let me know!! I have A LOT of patterns and I'd love to share them with you :).

I have to hang on now, but I wish you a very great sunday and a lovely week :)



dolcxvita on Oct 14, 2011:



Love the play, the movie and the book!! enjoyed reading your profile. You seem like a great swapper... I do hope that you find a job soon. stay strong.. it'll all turn out ok in the end! :) Hope to bump into you for another swap on SB! x [Positive Comment For Your Partners Profile]

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