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Date Joined: July 16, 2015
Last Online: November 11, 2020
Birthday: October 14
Country: Chile
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About Me

In case you need to contact me but I haven't been online recently, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to [email protected]

Hi everyone!

I'm a 31-years-old Spanish crafter living in Chile.

I work as a freelance translator at home, which means I have plenty of time sometimes that I use for my hobbies, hehe. I also teach bookbinding in private workshops, which I think is so much fun!

I live together with my wife and our furry kids: Javiera (12 y/o), Jacinto (3 y/o) and Julieta (1 y/o).

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December 2015. Despite this (or maybe thanks to), I have received a lot of support and met new lovely people, so thanks a lot to those of you who have decided to walk by my side in this long path of chronical surviving.

If I am your partner and you need any ideas, please scroll down to the "Things I'd love to receive" section.

I am always open to meeting new people, so please PM me for private swaps or simple communication :)

If you are worried because I haven't rated you yet, please check the disclaimer at the end of my profile. Thank you!

Books and languages

I'm pretty much into Spanish literature, but I also love trying with books from other countries. I read around 30-40 books a year, so anything with letters on it seems attractive to me :)

I love manga as well (and anime), specially thrillers such as Monster, Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin, Serial Experiments Lain... but also shojo works for me (Marmalade Boy rules!).

I also love traveling and learning different languages. I would really much appreciate anything related to this, such as touristy postcards, maps... Sending a card with a famous quote in your mother tongue would be awesome! Translation appreciated though, if it's not in any of the languages listed below :D

I can speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese and Norwegian, so feel free to write your letters or send any books, magazines, etc. in any of these languages.

I am currently learning Japanese, although I cannot speak that much yet. But definitely anything written in Japanese will be useful :)

My major is in Classical Studies (Latin and Ancient Greek), so I love ancient cultures and mythology.

Crazy craft lady

I'm pretty much into cardstock, mainly card-making, scrapbooking and bookbinding. Cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarkers... well, anything cardstock-made will make me extremely happy!

I also make candles from time to time, and I would love to learn a bit more about handmade soaps and creams.

I love cooking and tasting different things, so please feel free to share any info or recipes about your country's typical food! I'm a vegetarian though, so no meat/fish/seafood, please :)

Things I'd *LOVE* to receive

I collect ATCs, postcards (better if written!), postage stamps, Starbucks cards and teabags, so any of these would make me the happiest girl on Earth :D

  • Hot drinks: Specially tea and chocolate, although I also drink coffee from time to time. I collect tea bags, but only of those teas that I drink myself. So if you send different teas, you'll make me really happy! But please don't send empty tea bags/wrappers. I prefer local brands, although international brands are perfectly fine as well.

  • Tea wishlist: my favorite brands are Tess, Curtis, Pickwick and Karel Capek, but I also would love to receive Moomin tea, English Tea Shop, Yogi, Whittard, Pukka... well, any kind of tea works, actually :)

  • SNACKS. I really love them. And I specially love tasting other countries' savory snacks, as well as sweets and candies. The only thing I don't like is hot/spicy stuff and/or dried fruit and nuts (although I do like chocolate with dried fruit and nuts). And I hate liquorice in any form. Besides that, any small treat from your country will drive me crazy! :D Please avoid anything containing gelatin, as it is made from animal bones and cartilage.

  • Cookies! I love the American-type cookies, specially with milk or white chocolate and/or berries. I also love speculoos and pepperkaker - or any type with cinnamon and/or ginger. Pan di Stelle from Italy! I really miss when they were sold in Spain, many years ago. The only biscuits I don't like so much are butter/Danish type. And not so fond of nuts or raisins either.

  • Chocolate: I love both white and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate not so much, but I eat it with bread and love it anyway. My favorite brands are Chocolove and The Tea Room, as they are delicious + fairtrade. But I also like Cadbury's and Hershey's (guilty pleasures though).

  • Special likes: Strange flavors savory snacks, Pop Tarts (specially Sundae Fudge Pop Tarts). My favorite flavors in the world are vanilla, coconut, caramel and berries, specially raspberry. Oh, and I specially love the mix of savory and sweet - for example, I usually dip my popcorn in Nutella LOL And I really miss Norwegian Smash, just in case I get a norsk partner :)

  • Stationery: I love kawaii style, although I also like others, like vintage. I'm actually obsessed with stationery in general, hehe.

  • Anything that I can use in my scrapbooks: stamps, stickers, cardboard, washi tape, embellishments... I have a Silhouette Cameo, so random cuts are really not needed.

  • Cotton fabric and/or thread for my hand bound notebooks.

  • Pokemon! And anything related to manga/anime, even if it's from a series I haven't read/watched yet. Then I have a reason to do it :)

  • Quotes in other languages! Please make sure to include the translation if it is in a language I cannot speak, hehe.

My *big* wishlist

Here's a list of the things I hope I'll be able to buy one day, in case I join a swap that requires more expensive items:

  • Any tote bag from The Tote Project, specially Bob Goff "Hope": this is such a beautiful initiative, but they don't ship outside USA :(

  • Any Distress (Tim Holtz) product: preferably not any green, blue, red or pink shade, as I own most of them.

  • Board games: I love board games, specially those that are cooperative (Dead of Winter, Forbidden Island, Pandemic...).

  • Prismacolor Markers: I don't have any yet, but I've seen the result and I really would love to try them!

  • An English, Norwegian, French or Portuguese grammar (in the original language) or Japanese, Finnish or German grammar (in English): languages nerd here, yep.

  • Novels in English, Norwegian, French or Portuguese: I specially like thrillers and dystopian novels.

  • Graded readings in Japanese, Finnish or German: Basic level, please! Any topic works as long as it's easy to read :)

  • Music from other countries: everytime I travel abroad I buy CDs from popular artists in that country that I've never heard of. I love music in other languages! I specially love female voices. Not so fond of folk music though, I prefer pop music - if it's in the top 10 of your country but completely unknown abroad, it's perfect for me!

  • Regarding the CDs: I have recently discovered Sylwia Grzeszczak from Poland and I fell in love with her music and voice! Any of her CDs would be the best. I also love a lot of female singers from the Balkans: Doris Dragovic, Danijela Martinovic, Nusa Derenda, Vesna Pisarovic, Kaliopi, Maja Blagdan, Vanna, Severina, Mija Martina, Karmen Stavec, ManuElla, Alenka Gotar, Karolina Goceva...

  • Hobonichi Techou: I love nerdy covers, such as Mother 2 collection, as well as any of my favorite colors (listed below), such as the blue-green.

  • A vintage teapot and/or tea set: I have recently discovered the beautiful world of tea parties!


I have recently started an ATC collection. I love them! Here is a list of the topics I like:

  • Videogames: I love Animal Crossing, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Osu Tatakae Ouendan, Parappa, Dante's Inferno, Just Dance, Assassin's Creed, God of War, Tales of Berseria, Fallout, Little Big Planet...

  • TV series: Orange is the new black, Orphan Black, The IT Crowd, How I met your mother, Breaking Bad, The Good Place... And my favorite: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

  • Cartoons: Adventure Time, Regular Show, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy... and all of the 90's, such as The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Animaniacs... And I specially love Moomins, Bojack Horseman, Hilda and Disenchantment.

  • Anime/manga: Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Marmalade Boy, KareKano, Witch Hunter Robin, Aishiteruze Baby, Serial Experiments Lain, Elfen Lied, Rozen Maiden, Fruits Basket, Hetalia, Monster, 20th Century Boys...

  • Pokemon! Gotta catch'em all! :D I love Eevee (and all of its evolutions), Togepi, Vivillon and Lucario.

  • Food: Anything sweet, actually: macarons, cupcakes, candies... but also savory food, specially cuisine from your country.

  • Languages: as well as in the postcards, I'd love to receive ATCs with quotes in other languages.

  • Kawaii characters: my favourite is Keroppi, but I love all of them: Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Mamegoma, My Melody... Oh, and I love Sentimental Circus :D

  • My favorite colors are blue, purple, black, pink and blueish shades of green, such as turquoise or teal.

Yes or no?

- Tea and coffee
- Food
- Videogames
- Manga/anime
- Literature
- Classical Studies and mythology
- Languages
- Countries
- Gender studies
- Human rights, specially LGBT rights
- Music: almost anything! Excepting gospel and classic flamenco. My favorite styles are symphonic metal, trip-hop and 90's eurodance. And I love the Eurovision Song Contest :D
- Movies: thrillers, drama, dystopic
- Animals: butterflies, cats, dolphins, horses, deers and beluga whales
- Pagan religions, specially Hellenism and Wicca
- Dia de los Muertos and sugar skulls
- Witches!
- Fruits: specially strawberry and pineapple
- Flowers: orchids are my favorite, although I like anything with flowers on it
- Patterns: feathers, arrows, chevron, raindrops, snowflakes
- Mariusgenser ANYTHING - that pattern reminds me of my life in Norway :)

- Monotheistic religions (I don't have anything against them, I just don't feel identified with them)
- Sports (excepting rhythmic gymnastics and ice skating)
- Horror movies (I'm pretty easy to scare LOL)
- Halloween (I don't celebrate it)


Chilean Post is extremely slow, and a simple flat letter or swap can take up to 2 months to arrive in my postbox.

I always rate my partners the same day that I receive a swap, so if I haven't rated yet, it means that I haven't received it yet.

If after 2 months I have not received a swap, theeeeeen we can start worrying, hehe.

If you still want to get in touch to ask if I have received your swap, do not hesitate and send me a PM! I'll confirm whether I have received it or not (I am human, of course, and it can happen one day that I forget to rate a swap).


Allegrae rated for Black Lives Matter ATC on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the fantastic ATC! You did a wonderful job, and I love it.
Csomma827 rated for Watercolor Anything #1 on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely ATC.
raveniacono rated for Mixed Media Mini Journal on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you Ana the page you created was beautiful
Larina rated for Handmade Art Journal Go Round R48 on Feb 19, 2020
Comment: Got the lovely journal this morning. I love the page you worked on! Thanks so much!
Comment: I’ve gotten the Pocahontas atc . Thank you it’s awesome 👏
Meba rated for Handmade Art Journal Go Round R44 on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: I love the page and all those left eyes.
Comment: Thanks for the cards and the sticker strips. They're going to be so handy with my crafts.
Comment: Thank you Ana! The envelope is so so pretty - the embossing is just great!
annim rated for "A week in my life" letter swap on Apr 23, 2019
Comment: Received your letter today. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading your letter. :) I will give that singer you mentioned a listen. :)
Catida rated for Profile-based ATC - HD/HP #2 on Apr 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the colorful deer ATC! And thanks for organizing this swap :)
Emro rated for Profile-based ATC - HD/HP on Feb 8, 2019
Comment: Your wonderful ATC arrived today! 😄 Your version of Shôko is truly amazing! Thank you so much for making me something anime-related. 😍
Keruka rated for FF: Disney ATC #3 - Cinderella on Feb 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for my beautiful ATC!
gothbarbie rated for Mini Handmade Art Journal R40 on Feb 5, 2019
Comment: What a lovely page you've added to this journal! I'm going to look up the artist you were inspired by too. You obviously spent time and care creating this artwork and I really appreciate having you in this swap series!
Mekenzie rated for Rick & Morty ATC (HD/HP) on Feb 4, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful ATC card. I like it very much. I'm glad I could make this exchange with you. ♥
Comment: that more often our paths cross! glad to be you. I loved the pope's beautiful Stamp.
JoanH rated for Deseos de Año Nuevo #5 on Dec 30, 2018
Comment: Por fin llegó. Gracias por la tarjeta, y el sobre estaban preciosos. Uno de mis mejores del 2018, también incluía gatos <3 Feliz año!
Meba rated for Mini Handmade Art Journal R39 on Dec 11, 2018
Comment: Believe it or not, the package arrived this week (1/17/19). I love your rainbow page. So colorful and bright.
anicka22 rated for Holy Moly Washi Swap on Dec 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful samples. Especially love the Pokemon!
Comment: It arrived safely but i miss the next travel..hope to be in the next travelling journey. Thank you and all the best.

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Artstamper on Aug 5, 2019:

Hi, I just received my Handmade art Journal you worked in. You worked on round 44 "eyes" I like what you did and wanted to thank you for the effort you put into it. Thanks so much!

CurlyTea on Oct 22, 2018:

Happy Belated Birthday!

CurlyTea on Oct 16, 2017:

pcmiminini on Dec 17, 2016:

Hi Anna, thank you for angeling me! I am still translating the letter, and once I am done I'll write a reply through PM.
I enjoyed all the goodies thoroughly! The fabric markers look beautiful; sometime I'll have to try them out. And the comb is useful for my easily tangled hair. I use hair elastics all the time, so the elastics you sent will be super useful! Thank you also for the "manjar de mi campo!" It looks very tasty! I like the huge emery board too. Everything is so lovely! Thank you so much for angeling.

ammely on Nov 4, 2016:

Muchas gracias por las cositas del concurso!!! demasiado util los post it, y ame la tarjeta, si o si DEBO hacer algo con ella.

lou on Oct 16, 2016:

Happy Birthday month from WIYM group!

OrigamiGrace on Oct 6, 2016:


From CPG!

notme78 on Sep 17, 2016:

I came across your profile on here. And i was wondering, do you happen to be Ana that used to live in Norway some years ago? Just wondering :)

Mareree10 on Aug 28, 2016:

Welcome to the Skinny Swappers group! There may be a postal strike in Canada soon so there will no swaps until then, but thank you very much for joining our awesome group!

BennysMumma on Aug 7, 2016:


Was just stopping in to say hi and saw you got married! Congratulations to you both!

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