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Things Change!

  • My friend Cindi is starting chemotherapy on February 20th. I am hoping, with the help of SB friends to keep her mailbox happy! Several people have already sent cards and small gifts and I am so very grateful! There is a thread in the group Sympathy, Empathy, Kindness and Support with her mailing information etc. I'm more than happy to swap with you if you would like to send a note/ Happy Mail/ small surprise, whatever! Please PM me for information! She is extremely appreciative and so am I! She is fighting for her life and bringing her a smile is such a small thing for me to do to help.

We're still missing my Mom so much but it is getting a little easier. After she passed on May 17, 2016 I was overwhelmed by the love from this incredible community! I will be forever grateful! W are happy to have moved back home and prior to the water heater flood we were pretty happy while still settling in! In the past few weeks we have been spending time with long time friends who we somehow lost touch with while living close to our Moms. That has been so heartwarming! Also, for all who were interested in the book donation in memory of my Mom, it totaled over $35,000. retail in books! I did not pay that amount for the books! That's the msrp of them. It was a lot of books and honestly more came out of the storage unit and I think we delivered the last of them last week. Who knows, there are still boxes to go through and organize, there may be more. My Mom would be thrilled to be honored in this way.

I love children's literature and have been collecting children's books since I was 18 years old! While most of my collection has been donated I have kept all of my favorites so that one day I may share them with a grandchild or two. That probability is looking less and less likely to happen but I still have hope!

I studied Fine Arts in college as well as Early Childhood Education. I have enjoyed two careers! I worked as a designer for beaded and/or embroidered garments in the garment district of NYC. The company that I worked for, G&R Royalcraft Trimmings and Embroidery has closed it's doors after many generations! While it's sad they chose to not follow technology... this art is most commonly done by computer now. There are still a few smaller companies that do it by hand but they are few and far between. I also enjoyed many, many years as an Early Childhood Educator then as an administrator. I trained thousands of teachers for the state of NJ in the area of art and how to present different experiences to very young children. Our focus was always more on the experience rather than a finished project. I also taught a class called "What color is your rainbow?" I did not learn "ROYGBIV" until I was older... in my 30's! Of course I knew it in scientific terms ( the prism) but never applied it to my art.

I have always enjoyed crafting as a hobby. I've long given up counted cross stitch for projects much easier to see! I love working with all mediums and on all kinds of projects I love, LOVE all things old... antique, vintage! Art Deco jewelry, vintage Fiestaware, depression glass, doilies, crockery, pottery, furniture. I love spending time at garage sales and estate sales. I love spending time with family... I adore being a mom and also an aunt! I have many nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews as well! My love for dogs is something that partly defines me. From puppies to senior dogs, they all have my heart! I am a peaceful, soulful person that adores treating strangers to a cup of coffee! If I'm at a coffee house I many times will just pay for the person in front of me! I also love all things hippie, bohemian, peace, love and happiness!!

Favorite Music

My taste in music is quite eclectic! I can listen to my husband play the acoustic guitar all night! We enjoy music from the Woodstock era to Natalie Merchant. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Buddy Guy, Box Scaggs, Van Morrison.... my husband and I met through our love of the Grateful Dead!

Favorite Books

As I get older I seem to be reading more non fiction than fiction. I enjoy reading the Dali Lama as well as James Patterson. We both loved the Harry Potter series and have read it several times. We enjoy literature for young adults as well...and of course I'm passionate about children's literature. I would love to know what your favorite childhood books were! Some of my favorite authors would include, in no particular order:

Jodi Picoult, Herve Tullet, ***Shel Silverstein, ***Robert Munsch, Susan Jeffers, Ezra Jack Keats, John Steinbeck, Jane Yolen, Harper Lee (RIP), Lois Lowry, Neil Gaiman, Gordan Korman, John Green, Kate DiCamillo, Jane O'Connor, Byron Barton, Eric Carle, Bill Martin Jr., Donald Crews, Jerry Pinkney, Rachel Isadora, ***Mem Fox, S.E. Hinton, ***J.K. Rowlings, David Sheff, Nic Sheff, Roald Dahl

I could go on all day....

Favorite Movies

We go back and forth between obsessively binge watching shows on Netflix, documentaries and various cable TV shows. Currently my husband is "taken" with the election. I get enough of that at home and I also think it's a somewhat personal thing. I don't want politics in my Swap-Bot world!!

Favorite Television

Cooking shows, DIY shows, DWTS or The Incredible Dr. Pol... loving the new show "Little Big Shots" is that the name?? Adorable! We loved The Sopranos and have the boxed set which we enjoy every now and then.

Favorite Crafts

Paper crafting to include paper piecing and rubber stamp/ embossing, are just some of the things I enjoy. I recently learned to draw Mandalas and I'm hooked... I just learned to Zentangle and really like using a fountain pen to do it. I also crochet and enjoy loom knitting. I use an AIO loom as I prefer the smaller gauge. At some point in 2017 I would like to weave on one of my larger looms. I also paint with watercolors, enjoy sketching and block cutting. It's printmaking that is my true passion! I just got my second "gelli plate" but also use glass to achieve a slightly different effect.

Before my Mom passed away she insisted on buying me a sewing machine which is an unsophisticated computerized Singer machine. I hope to overcome my "fear" of running this machine. II know HOW to sew. But, I have a difficult time running a machine. Especially when straight lines are called for. I've spent my life coloring outside of the lines and avoiding straight lines... oh geez. We'll see how it goes!

While I have crafted all my life and learned to use different art mediums it's not always been as a means to an end. I believe in just experimenting with mediums. No expectations. I am a firm believer that children should have large pieces of blank paper or newspaper rather than coloring books. I do not enjoy coloring for adults either but understand how it's a comforting, relaxing activity for some people. I'm very interested in learning how to felt wool. I purchased a "Klutz" book and kit for felting wool and making little creatures. It's stored away in my ottoman! I will bring it with me on a vacation some day or rip it out when the mood strikes me!

PEACE Poster Project!


So these are photos of the Peace Poster small! It will be much, much bigger when it getts arranged on it's new wall. I promised photos so here are the previews! More to come! Thank you for everything you have sent!!

I have to say... you have have sent me ANYTHING with the word PEACE on it or a PEACE SIGN on it... it's on the poster. If you sent a sticker, it's on there. If you sent anything at all, in any way, shape or form having to do with PEACE, it's on the poster.

I am simply amazed by how many people that want to be a part of this! I mostly get peace items randomly!! Not from a swap or tag. I get envelopes containing great additions to the poster which I promise to take a picture of and post very soon! My husband suggested taking photos as it evolved which I thought was a great idea. One day however the mail was loaded with peace and the poster morphed into huge before my very eyes! Don't worry, if you sent it... it's there with at least the state from which it came. By the way, it's beautiful!! So, THANK YOU! It's something I have been doing for many years. A Peace Poster is started By using one piece of paper to cover a door. Then, I write the word PEACE on it. There are always many writing instruments close by. I have done this in several childcare centers, places of business etc. As time goes on, people will also write the word peace. Then stickers start to appear. A news clipping, "peace" cut out of a magazine, newspapers etc. Rubber-stamps are usually brought into the picture. Peace is written in many languages. Eventually the large piece of paper fills up. It turns into a one of a kind masterpiece. I leave them where they are created. PEACE, I have come to believe, is universally embraced. Not just the word. It's the word that starts the thinking. *****Please send me something for MY Peace Poster. The one that I will keep. ***** On a simple piece of cardstock, up to 6' just write the word PEACE. If you can write it in a language other than english, all the better!! (Yes, my kids and mother think I'm weird. But my dog adores me.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

Things that I enjoy

PEACE written on card stock in your handwriting, any language

PEACE / Peace sign on advertising, newspaper, any kind of ephemera

Any Moleskin Notebooks have always been and continue to be a favorite

Sugar free candies


Vera Bradley Notebooks

Aloe infused socks

Burts Bees (plain lip balm)

Whole bean coffee

Any coffee actually! Dark roast is a favorite

Garden flags

Paper punches... small (I donated my collection to a needy school)

~Archival Ink Pads (Reds, Metallics, Sepia Chocolate Brown)

~I love bags! Especially homemade drawstring bags! Any kind of bags! Yes, it's an addiction! Also zippered pouches!

~Sachets for my drawers

~Sterling silver bracelets or dangly earrings

~Anything to do with Children's Literature

~Your favorite quotes

~Quotes about books

~Hand thrown pottery especially if it's not perfect

~Batiked anything! I haven't batiked in probably 17 years! Wow! (Update January 2017 Santa brought batik supplies!)

~ Ducks







~Sugar Skulls

~Skeleton keys (real)


~Pinup Girl images

~Burlesque (images, ephemera)

~Anything related to the band "Grateful Dead"

~Anything related to Woodstock", the first one 1969

"During the three days of the Woodstock festival, there were no reported incidents of violence among the half-million people in the audience"

~I love and collect all copies and anything to do with The Princess and the Pea and The Gift of the Magi

~I love AA MILNE's Winnie the Pooh and gang... not the Disney Pooh

~Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty and Woodstock

Favorite colors...combo of purples, pinks & oranges, browns, non-metallic golds, blues however, I TRULY love every color

Homemade, thick, warm, wool, hand knit by needle red or brown or deep purple mittens would be a dream come true!!

My heartfelt Thanks to @scrappycats who has made this dream come true! Two beautiful and very warm pairs of mittens arrived last Saturday! I absolutely love them!

~ Through Swap=Bot I have discovered Dottee Dolls and have four "hippies" created by: @Tigerlilyknotwise @Kiddomerriweather @oblivionspin and @judgedbyabookscover My many thanks to these friends for sharing their talent with me! I love them and they have a special place in my world! Thank you ladies! If you , too, create Dottee Dolls and would like to make a hippie, I would totally be up for a private swap!

Please do not send food, I am diabetic Although, I will happily accept sugar free candies!

While I do appreciate everything that is sent my way there are some things that I just won't use! So to that end, Please do not send


~ Reward stickers

~ Coconut

~ Yarn

~ Tea (with exception to black spicy teas such as Chai)

Kawaii, Disney, Lisa Frank, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty and other cutsie types of characters are wasted on me. They are truly not my thing!

Make up, nail polish

Tiny die cuts. I'm overwhelmed at the moment

Thank you for reading my profile. Please know that I ALWAYS send out my swaps! If you do not receive in a timely manner please do not hesitate to contact me! I rate the day that I receive!

Most importantly, I will always send my VERY BEST to you. Always. If I would not like to receive it I'd never swap it out. Please give me the same respect! If you don't want it or like it, I probably don't want it either!



shinyserra rated for Doggie ATC on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful doggie ATC! I love the rescued theme!!! And that jack russel is so cute. It reminds me of Lola and Pickle :)
Response: I picked that picture because that's what I thought too! Thanks! xo
ChelleHames rated for SS: Peace Out ATC on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: First of all, the package you sent it in is beautiful! I love the envie, and I love that you wrapped it! Both ATC's are awesome, but I'm like you, I like the simpler one best! The fabric backing is cool and I love the wax seal! Thank you as well for the lovely extras! Those white stickers are very pretty! And I love the blingy peace signs! The best thing about the package is your mother's handkerchief. So beautiful, I can see why she loved it. Thank you so very much for sharing it with me! I will treasure it!
Response: Oh I'm so happy you liked the ATCs! I love the fabric one too but couldn't resist making a collage with all of the peace stuff at hand! The handkerchief well, I have been wanting to send that for a long time. Hugs and thanks for being the amazing **YOU**! Patty xo
angelgram rated for #kindnesscounts ~ 2 on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: Cute decorated envie. Gorgous handcrafted tag with window+ clever inserts ribbon+ baker's twine+ flag. Owl I Clips that I had no idea this nifty product exists wrapped in Unique paper. Adorable Owl stickers and pretty inspirational card with friendly note. Wish I had a camera and flickr to share this So KIND of you -Thanks so much!
Response: Oh I am so happy that you liked it! That Tag just kind of evolved... lol! I didn't set out to make it that way, isn't it nice when that happens?! I'm so glad to introduce you to the magnetic clips! I love them and use them often! Enjoy! Patty xo
turtles27 rated for Doggie ATC on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: Love the ATC! I need to try that technique.
Response: I'm so glad you like it! They are addictive to make! Thanks for the heart! Patty xo
myancey rated for WIYM Postcard Alphabet - B - USA on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: thank u patty for an awesome card from the jersey shore. thats crazy yall have to pay to get onto beach. wow. hope they use it to keep up the beach. i know we love myrtle beach and jekyll island. have a good day
Response: After a few really bad years I have to say that our beaches are very clean... they should be! Glad you liked the card! Thanks for the ❤️ ! Patty xo
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the colorful floral envies plus the extra green "peace sign" one. Yes, it does look like a peace sign. :) All these envies will be great to go out & color up the world. May all who see them, smile!
Response: I'm so happy you liked them!! I didn't realize how subjective the word "floral" was until I started looking through my paper...Enjoy! Thanks for the heart! Patty xo
Comment: Thank you for an awesome swap! I love the decorated envie, the adorable Snoopy St. Patty's day card, and of course the pinback button and shamrocks. You're the greatest!
Response: Yea! I'm glad it finally got to you! You know Suzanne, there are only two of those exact buttons ... I have the other! ☮️ ❤️ Enjoy! xo
jukejan rated for Private Quickie jj & pkp on Mar 9, 2017
Comment: You are "dino-mite" like my fun enclosure said. What a great swapper you are...two kind of addie labels and I love the cheesecake cards. So grateful that we could make a fun swap like this! BIG HEART!
Response: Thank you for responding to my plea for this very special paper! I will enjoy many projects using it! Up to swap with you anytime, Jan! ☮️
Sazza rated for #kindnesscounts ~ 1 on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the thoughtful note and package, Patty. :) I received it today, it was so lovely and I already have ideas on how I want to use the items you sent. It was very kind of you, thank you so much! :)
Response: I'm happy that you liked your goodies and enjoyed the swap! Have fun!! Hugs, Patty xo
Comment: LOVE my card & goodies! Thank you so much, Sweetness!
Response: I was happy to see your name! Happy St. Patty's Day! xo
Comment: Thank you! Loved the Irish sayings too!:)
Response: Happy St. Patty's Day!!! Thanks for hosting!! xo
toni rated for HMPC: Put Some "Foreign Text" on it on Feb 27, 2017
Comment: thank you for the colorful postcard!
Response: You are most welcome! I had fun making it! Thanks for the heart!!
shinyserra rated for Pack & Play - Goodie Bag Swap #4 on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks Patty! This will be a fun one :)
Response: I think so too! Thanks for your help, sending the envelope today! xo Patty
clorinspats rated for About Your Pets PC Swap on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Murphy sounds really cute! I'm really impressed with the bell ringing...whenever I hear about someone teaching their pet how to do something like that, I always wonder, "how did they do that???" Thank you for telling me about Murphy!!
Response: Thank you for reading about Murphy! He is so special to us! But there's another dog on the horizon, Camilla, pictured above...so far they like each other but she hasn't moved in yet! Thanks for the heart!! xo
edgetorn rated for Valentine "No Sweets" Treat Swap on Feb 14, 2017
Comment: Wow....what a cool envie! Love your peace sign washi tape! It stayed together really well. Love the Joanne rose. Bag...I haven't seen that one yet! Pencil case will get immediate use...and I love the extras...Sharpies (with 2 sides!), stickers and cards. Thank you for such a fun and thoughtful package! Happy Valentine's Day!
Response: I'm glad it survived the trip! I have been having fun creating my own bubble mailers from bubble or foam wrap! I loved that the rose bag was visible through it. There should have been a roll of nice washi in there too... if by chance there wasn't please let me know, I'll send another roll!
bbsporty rated for HMPC: My Favorite Subject Postcard on Feb 11, 2017
Comment: I feel peaceful already just looking at this bright beautiful postcard! Thank you so much!
Response: I have to say that was really fun to make and completely different than my original design! Thanks for the heart! xo
djcamp04 rated for Thinking of You ~ Valentine's Day on Feb 8, 2017
Comment: Oh, Patty, I loved your card, the quote from Maya Angelou was so sweet & butterflies galore & the cute little notebook!! Thank you so much! ❤
Response: I'm happy you liked it! I love to share those butterflies! So pretty! Thanks for the heart! xo
tcornell rated for Private Valentine's Day Gift Swap on Feb 8, 2017
Comment: I truly LOVE my gifts! Thank you Patty!!! That stencil set is awesome, I already used one, the pug postcards are super adorable, as is the pug Valentine's day card. You always find the coolest stuff! Hugs and happy Valentine's day!
Response: Happy Valentine's Day! So happy you liked the stencils! xo
tcornell rated for Private: Multi Mediums. Make ... on Jan 30, 2017
Comment: I really love the bookmark that you made, it is gorgeous! Thank you also for assisting me with this swap, you are such a wonderful friend! Hugs, Tracy
Response: So happy that you liked it...I definitely learned a lot about vellum through the process! Or processes should I say! Thanks for everything, Tracy! xo Patty

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Thank you for the adorable Snoopy St. Patty's Day card!!

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Happy Spring !!

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Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

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Thanks so much for the beautiful happy mail! The butterflies and punchies and the way you packaged everything! I love the gelli print paper, gorgeous! Mine do not turn out that way......lol I appreciate you sending those things I needed! xoxo

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Thank you for the St Patrick's day greeting on my profile! Big Hugs! stpatricks day

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