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Country: Singapore
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About my swaps...

  • For my partners overseas who have yet to receive my mail after a month, do contact me before simply rating a 1. I really appreciate communication since international airmail can take as long as 2 months.

I've moved more info on how I handle my swaps to the end of this profile because it's kind of long-winded, so jump straight to the bottom if you care to read more. Thanks!

About Me

  • A mum with 3 teens, and so with work on top of kids all in different schools with different curriculum/ schedules, my days are pretty occupied.

I've just found a new job recently in Feb '19 with irregular hours, so am on a swapping hiatus till I settled into the job. 😊 Still logging in frequently,, so just pm me on current swaps!!

  • Love handicrafts, papercrafts, scrapbooking & rubberstamping. Dabble in sewing, embroidery, cross-stitching, felting and crocheting, Tend to repurpose and DIY small practical items for use around the house. Used to love making hair bows/ accessories and upcycling clothes for my girls but sad to say they won't wear them now since becoming teens. :P

  • A hoarder of crafting and paper supplies, and the hubby patiently puts up with all hoarding issues. Together with kids' stuff, my home is one big organised mess lol!

  • I started scrapbooking only some time in year '99 and enjoyed paperpiecing and collaging in my layouts (love the look of layers!). Then in 2004, I found digital scrapbooking and got involved in designing and creative teams, so for quite a few years, my paper scrapbooks were put aside in favour of digital layouts and printed albums.

  • In early 2013, I came across some blogs enabling Project Life and Smashbooking which revived my love for paper scrapbooking! Now I'm happily doing hybrid, combining digital scrapping with pocket scrap/smashbooking! They help me make a dent (even if just a small one) in my mountain of photos while having fun! :D

Favourite Movies, Music, Books

Don't watch TV much but I love catching movies with my family, especially those adapted from books we have read, fun action movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe, animation & etc.

Some of the Disney movies & characters we enjoyed very much are the Incredibles, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc. and MU, Finding Nemo/ Dory, Wreck-it Ralph, Up, Tangled, Inside Out... actually very much all of the recent Disney/ Pixar movies! I also love Ghibli Studio anime and the characters :)

For music, it's the oldies, ballads, pop rock & etc, nothing too heavy or noisy for me, but my kids like alternative rock and such kind of music, so I can't help not hearing those.

As for books, I enjoy reading novels by the authors, Michael Crichton, Pearl S Buck, Louisa May Alcott and Mitch Albom. I also read whatever my kids are reading at the moment, I just pick up their books left around their rooms and start reading, authors such as Roald Dahl, Diana W. Jones, Jacqueline Wilson, Rick Riordan, Patrick Ness, as well as series such as Harry Potter, Narnia, LOTR, Spiderwick Chronicles, Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Peculiar Children... books ranging from children to the YA fiction ;)

The things I like...

= Happy colour combinations ~ bright, muted colours. (Not primary colours & certainly NOT neon)

= Washi tapes ~ diecut washi, lace patterns, metallic foiled, colourful, scenery/ rows of building, watercolour style, anime, kawaii, cute graphics, inspiring words.

= Flat scrapbooking embellishments, craft items, planner items ~ patterned paper and patterned/ textured cardstock scraps, stickers, clear rubber stamps (used is fine), adhesive gems, die cuts, sticker flakes, paint chips & etc.

= The look of stitching and needlepoint work on paper and embellishments. Lace or lace patterned items such as colourful small doilies of 3 inch & below.

= Gold foiled, metallic foiled, sparkly, glittery, iridescent and shimmery items, though not loose glitters. Heat transfer foil of any colours, small mailable sizes are fine.

= 4"x6" & 3"x4" journaling or filler cards for pocket scrapbooking ~ Project Life, Simple Stories & others... I love to swap for/ receive such cards! Don't need many from each kit (mixed filler & journal cards) and please let me know what kit the cards are from... a post-it note with the kit's name will do, I just like knowing ;)

= Kawaii & cute ~ I like Disney, San-X, Kamio, Sanrio & etc. They're all too cute for me to have favourites! Also love anime cute style, for example things with cute faces.

= I use postcards for journaling or in crafts, so I'd like them unwritten, of cute graphics, images of superheroes, comics, anime, movie posters, books and children literature, or artsy with inspiring/ meaningful quotes. Not touristy, and I prefer illustrations over photography.

= For rubberstamped images, please stamp with dark pigment/ water resistant ink on white / off-white cardstocks for lined images if possible, as I like (water) colouring them to go with whatever I'm using them for. I especially love stamped images diecut with coordinating dies.

= If you're mailing with or sending cancelled stamps, I prefer cute graphics, Disney, movies, books and children literature related ones. Please use stamps and not postal labels if you can :)

= I'm using an A5-sized binder as my family journal/ album, so I'd appreciate planner items for use with this size. Page protectors with divided pockets around the sizes of A5 and 6" x 8" or smaller, any number of pockets and how it's divided and any brands are all great!

9 pockets sleeves for pocket letters are very much appreciated too! I'd like to join full pocket letter swaps again... :P


º Would love to receive washi/ masking tapes but not so much of plastic deco tapes & paper tapes.

º Prefer themes such as everyday events/ ordinary day-to-day activities => Can't use items with names of the seasons, religion &/or national holidays unique to countries other than mine.

º Don't want teeny tiny items, such as microbeads, loose glitters, small stamped images, tiny loose stickers, scraps, punchies & etc smaller than 0.75 inch or 2 cm. For paper scraps, 3"x4" or bigger, please.

º Don't need kiddish craft stuff like loom bands, thin origami paperfolding paper, fun foam and also little monsters or tooth fairy that sort of designs for young children. Also I don't use paper bookmarks, wooden pencils and erasers.

º Please don't send tea or food & etc unless we are in such specific themed swaps.

º If you're sending accessories, I only wear simple stud earrings smaller than 5mm in diameter (don't want dangling) and simple thin bracelets (no chunky stuff).

º Can't use vintage/ heritage items or pictures, for example, photos of unknown people from the past. I scrap my own memorabilia, so don't need items like used tickets, stubs, brochures & etc.

º Please don't send torn book pages, recipes/ recipe cards, photographs &/or printed pictures of real things, such as cutouts, magazine clippings & etc.

º Not into friendship books or crams or slams and not collecting ATCs or Inchies, but I enjoy working on these little canvases for my partners if they collect them.

º Don't ever want creepy or twisted pics or items, and also NO realistic clowns or freak circus graphics.

º Please don't make Zetti art for me, I don't know how to appreciate this style!

º Don't want any beauty products, such as lotion, cosmetics or skincare items.

º Can't tolerate the smell of smoking, cigarettes, tobacco & etc.

That's about all... I appreciate your taking time to check out my profile, thank you!

Continue... About my swaps

  • Please do give my mail some time to reach you as it might take any length of time from 10 days to 10 weeks for international mail. Likewise, I'll also wait for at least a month before contacting if I didn't receive a swap.

  • I'll click 'Mail Sent' after I've posted my envies to keep track of what I've sent. Please note that my mail posted on Sat or Sun will have a postmark date the next working day since we have a 5-days' postal work week here. Mail posted on public holidays or after the postmen have cleared the mailbox for the day will also not have the same postmark date as the date I click 'Mail Sent'.

  • I'll definitely try to contact my partner in advance if I foresee missing the send-by dates. I know sometimes life gets in the way of swapping, and I'd appreciate my partner doing the same too, so that I can take note and keep a lookout for the swaps.

  • I always leave ratings as soon as I can upon receiving a swap. If a swap hasn't been rated, it is most likely because I have yet to receive it. Please do not hesitate to message me to confirm.

  • Please leave me a rating as soon as it is convenient for you upon receiving my swap (or a comment if it's a tag). I get worried about my mail not reaching you, and yet I don't want to bother you with messages such as "have you received..." or "did my mail reach you ..." if I can help it. (^ ^ ')>

  • Every swap had much consideration put in and I've never hastily thrown together any swaps just to meet deadlines. So far, I've double-checked all the profiles of my partners even for sender's choice and destash swaps, except for blind swaps (I seldom join blind swaps cos I want to send mails my partners will enjoy). I hope that the items I sent were what my partners might like or could use, and even if I'm unable to meet their 'Likes', at least I hope to avoid their 'Dislikes'. So if you're unhappy with the swap from me for some reasons, please contact me so that I know what's wrong and can improve.


sharmison33 rated for Washi Lover's MEGA Swap #2 on Jul 1, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome washi samples. I love the cat butt one lol 😊
Response: Thanks for letting me know :D Happy washi-taping!
MBakker rated for Washi Lover's MEGA Swap #2 on Jun 27, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the awesome washi's! Love them all! Xx Monique
Response: Glad you liked them all, happy washi-taping!
Thumpersivy rated for Washi Sample Scavenger Hunt on Jun 7, 2019
anicka22 rated for Pick 3 Swap #2 on Mar 22, 2019
Comment: Giessen what??? The resend arrived today! Thank you very much. Love it all very much, especially the stamp.
Response: Yay!! I'm so happy you received, hope the original turns up some day too 😄
Hugsie86 rated for IWTS: February Samples on Mar 6, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much for the washi samples! Cannot wait to use them!
Response: Have fun using them 😄
HotTramp rated for INTL - Happy Mail 5 pieces #2 on Feb 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you !
Response: Thanks for rating! 😃
lilsiyh rated for Put NATURE on it! on Feb 10, 2019
Response: Glad you received! 😃
CheyanneB rated for WIYM: Rubber Stamp Images - INTL on Jan 16, 2019
Response: Thank you very much for rating 😃
PrettyAlice rated for Put words/letters on it! on Jan 11, 2019
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Thanks for letting me know, hope you liked my swap! :D
lorz88 rated for WIYM: Mini Flipbook - Christmas on Jan 8, 2019
Comment: This flipbook is so adorable, thank you so much!! It's so well made and so nicely presented! Thank you so much, Love it! All the best for 2019!!
Response: I've enjoyed making the flipbook for you and so glad you found it cute :D Happy 2019 to you!
shellbee8 rated for Stationery lovers swap #6 on Jan 2, 2019
Comment: I love the journal cards and everything you sent thank you so much!
Response: Glad my swap reached you quickly :D Happy 2019 to you!
Comment: Thank you! Love the die cuts!!
Response: Thanks for rating! Happy 2019 to you!
NaitomeaMinx rated for Any Christmas Card on Dec 16, 2018
Comment: I loved the card, sadly the post office didn't read your note and they crushed it so much-- but never fear I have mended your lovely effort with tape and glue huzzah! Happy holidays!
Response: I'm sorry that the card's crushed, but hope all the diecuts and stickers can still be used! Here's wishing you Happy Holidays and a great 2019!
Jbee rated for Fall/autum Pocket Letter on Dec 9, 2018
Comment: thank you very much for the lovely pocket letter. love the shaker element a lot 💗
Response: Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!
Comment: Lovely pocket letter. I do like the quote also the backgrounds on the cards.Lovely gorjuss doll . Thanks so much . elflady
Response: Thank you for letting me know! Happy swapping!
waldfee rated for MEGA Fan of Washi #2 on Nov 19, 2018
Comment: Absolutely adoring samples! I don't know which one I love best. Thank you very much <3
Response: Glad you liked them :D
Comment: Oh my what a lovely flip book!! I just loved it 😊 Thank you so much, Iwish I could get you hundred stars!!!! Everything is perfect, I loved the cool cats.
Response: 🤗 so happy you received it since I wouldn't be able to replicate this as I only had a strip of that paper ☺ Thanks so much for waiting for this mail!
Mye rated for WIYM: Washi Tape plus 2 flat items on Nov 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for the awesome washi samples and flat items you sent to me! I love them ❤️️❤️️❤️️ and I totally agree with you that swapping made collecting washi tape more fun 😉
Response: Glad you liked them, Happy washi taping!
Arhel rated for Craft Surprise Bag International 02 on Oct 21, 2018
Comment: Thank you for lovely mail! :) Also, wow, this has been traveling more than a year. (And the stamp proves you totally sent it on time, too.) Now that's what I call impressive mail service... LOL Anyway, I love the items you sent! Especially the super-pretty rock texture paper and the lovely watercolor postcard.
Response: Omg!!! This swap took so long?! I'm glad it reached you and you liked it 😅 Thanks so much for letting me know!
Comment: Love this pocket letter. It is very colourful and creative. I love the extras you have included also Thanks so much for both. I will treasure them.We have only started to celebrate Halloween these past few years .elflady
Response: I enjoyed making this mini PL for you, very happy you liked it! ☺

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