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About Me

Note (dec 2018): the last few super stressful weeks have made me realize that I need to take a step back from SB a bit. I’m apparently rushing through the process and have had SEVERAL of my items returned, due to my own schleppy postage woes (I either put three times what is due or only half of what’s owed, I can’t seem to get it right either way). So I’m going to finish out my current swaps and only do private type 3 swaps for a while, at least until I can figure postage out. Sadly common sense (ahem, postage) isn’t so common in my case. If you’re missing anything from me, it’s probably on it’s way back to me....I am so so sorry for the unintentional delay. But I do promise it will get there eventually, Buddha willing!

Crafty lady from California, proud mama of two fur babies. Addicted to all things beautiful paper and modern mixed media. Would love to get into encaustic medium but I’m too much of a chicken. I use YouTube card making and mixed media videos as therapy (it totally works, I can’t explain why), and am fiercely dependent on my Amazon Prime account (Aug ‘18: just tried grocery delivery: I’m totally never leaving my house again. Bliss!). Also a massive music fan but my Spotify account really needs to be organized before showing it off. ;)

I share items that I am proud of on my Instagram. So beware to my partners if you prefer to be surprised!

Favorite Books

I lean toward fantasy, but I will honestly read anything (string theory, memoirs, etc). I read several favorite fantasy series every year. I usually hold off until I’m having a hard time (i battle depression and pretty extreme anxiety), and then slide into a favorite series like an old soft pair of jeans. Major fantasy series favorites: Game of Thrones, Mistborn, Raven Boys (if you haven’t read this, you must. I learn something new that I love about it each time), the Way of Shadows trilogy, The Inheritance Trilogy (the world building alone is worth reading it for), and just re-read the Lumatere Chronicles series. I go back and forth between fantasy and YA fantasy a lot. I just read the Throne of Glass series finale; was damn near perfect. I also love Sarah J Mass’ Court series, which is a slightly more adult version of YA fantasy. Both are wonderful.

I also will read pretty much anything related to Odin/Norwegian/Greek/other gods. A recent book that I loved (that I’m still impatiently awaiting its follow up) is The Butterfly Crest. Gorgeous retelling of Greek myth, and Asian myth cameos, but with unexpected lead characters. Very promising for a debut author (she’s actually an attorney in her ‘real life’. Currently accepting recommendations, especially for Asian folklore.

Currently reading (Dec 2018):

** The Fifth Season, a 3x (!!!) Hugo Award winning trilogy by the impeccable NK Jemisin (also author of the Inheritance Trilogy, mentioned above). NKJ is adept at using literary writing styles in her sci-fi/fantasy hybrids, with themes usually centered on culture, mysticism and oppression. I would start with the Inheritance trilogy first if you’re new to the genre. She’s also an underrepresented author who includes ltbgq characters in her work. Support her so we can get more diverse authors in the world.

** Fire and Blood, the new Game of Thrones prequel by George RR Martin. Ugh. Why do we need a 700+ page prequel when we really just wanted a 700+ page Winds of Winter, I ask you?!

** The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose Capetta (I am really enjoying the (not quite a) metaphor for gender fluidity; it’s subtle nudges are important in today’s fiction). Note: I’ve actially DNRed this one. It seemed to lose steam halfway through. I think the pacing is too front heavy, but just my opinion.

** The Iron Trial by Holly Black, while I impatiently await the Wicked Prince sequel. I’ve read everything else of hers, so I’m going middle grade while I wait. It’s cute.

** Just finished Girls of Paper and Fire. Honestly the book was good but the ending was so-so. Just a heads up.

Favorite style

November Obsession: the Wild Hare paper crafts curator service. https://thewildharekits.com/products/

Each time you purchase, you fill out a short survey of your color palette preferences and current interests/projects, and a personal curator goes and picks out items for you. It’s a lot cheaper than you may expect! The Petite pack is $20 and is enough for three scrapbook layouts (or endless happy mail projects, probably), and the next step up is $35, in which you get more paper and even more embellishments. They mix and match collections and brands and so you’re always discovering new things, and the various items they send always go together cohesively. It’s a really great way to get introduced to a new collection/trend without overcommiting or breaking the back. Needless to say: I find it pretty damn amazing and I highly recommend it. (No, I’m not on their design team/endorsed, but I sure wouldn’t kick them out of bed for eating crackers!) If you’re curious, check out some unboxing videos on YouTube. All of the recipients are exceedingly happy and surprised with what is sent. :)

I gravitate toward bright colors mixed with black/white/gray. (Emphasis on Black/white/gray: I will never cry if you send me anything b/w, including washi!) While I don’t hate pastel, the design has to be really compelling first and foremost. Think Maggie Holmes vs shabby chic.

I am not a huge vintage fan (except Halloween!!), though I do love Tim Holtz and Finnabair components in my mixed media. When I distress I use black instead of vintage photo - I just prefer the stark contrast that black provides vs Vintage Photo.

While I’m a fan of glitter, I prefer foil or better yet, gilding. I have an unnatural obsession with sequins. Meaning I keep buying them and looking over at them fondly, but I never use them for my own projects, only for others. For stunning (and cheap!) sequins, check out Cartwrights. They also sell beads and confetti:


Paper collections: not a Disney fan (Sorry!), I think I’m just more a fan of classic concepts like flora/fauna, travel, fashion, textures, seasons/holidays, etc. Recent brands that I’ve purchased. Pink Paislee (well, really, most sub brands of American Crafts), Simple Stories, My Minds Eye (pretty much always), Echo Park (preferred over Carta Bella, usually, and yes I realized they’re basically the same. But Carta Bella relies on ‘retro’ a ton, and I’m like ‘eh’.) Basically if your tween likes it...I probably do too.

I’ve also been sitting on a number of collections because either they’re out of print (My Minds Eye: In Bloom) or they’re just too perfect (7 Dots Studio: Paint Chips), etc. I’m hoping swapping will allow/force me to share my treasures as they’re art and art shouldn’t be hidden on a shelf, AMIRITE?

Favorite Music

I grew up in a recording studio with a professional musician father (country/classic rock). Oddly I lean the exact opposite toward more modern mediums: analog made interesting via digital remastering. I like expirementation so I listen to a lot of Radiohead, Washed Out, M83, Bon Iver (basically: I love me a good falsetto, yum), and many other electronic and indie bands. Just discovered Daughter, mildly obsessed with both their arrangements and lyrics, like whoa. Summer 2018 new favorites: Glass Animals (thanks Tiff!) and Local Natives sophomore albums are pure summer confection. Also getting back into the percussive sexiness of Vampire Weekend. I also love me a good drummer (aka the instrument I actually wanted to learn, but dad said ‘nope’ and taught me Stairway to Heaven on guitar instead. Musicians. Psh.)

I would also do anything to become a music supervisor for films and television but I should’ve interned about ten years ago. Siiiiigh, dreams for my next life, eh?

If you’re looking for music, let me know and I’ll send you a play list. :)

Favorite film/tv

TV/what I’m currently watching:

If you’re not watching Legion, you should be. Hands down one of the best things on TV since Game of Thrones and Lost way back when. It’s intriguing (try not to peak at Wikipedia), it’s so spectacularly stylized, and the mystery of everything seems like one long acid trip. It makes my adhd super happy!

Favorite film:

This is pretty easy. Baraka is a wonderfully shot documentary that took three years to film. It’s really like a moving dedication to the earth and it’s occupants, and juxtaposed with how the west affects the east/native populations. It awes and guts me every time I watch it, and parts will make you cry. There’s no script, just beauty in unexpected places, like finding beauty in the destroyed, or the organic in the inorganic, how things in our world are naturally synchronized. Its subtle, it doesn’t preach...but it does make you question. It’s a marvel of a film, and I think it should be required viewing for everyone before they graduate high school/enter the world as an adult. It’s also one of my favorite things to give as a gift, as it’s had a huge impact on how I look at the world and my place in it.

The Baraka trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=452SwB_vgZI

If you like watching the Discovery Channel, travel shows, learning philosophy or are a fan of the visual arts (which most of you are!), you’ll love it!


I’m not a huge fan of western religion iconography so if you send me something cross/Jesus related, it will likely go unused.

Vintage. I like distress to a degree (see above) but I don’t like the sepia look. I prefer my paper design backgrounds/ribbon bright white so I can color it accordingly.

On those same lines, not a fan of steampunk. I will use steampunk chipboard pieces but it will only be used as general background for texture, never for a main element, and I have a ton of chipboard so hold onto your stash.

Postcards. Well...not so much dislike, more that I don’t understand the obsession? I’ve been gifted a number that have been regifted, and I appreciated the gesture. But if it’s a choice between a postcard and, say, a scrap of funky cardstock? I have more use for the funky cardstock.

If you ever have a question, please reach out!!

Other favorite: perfume/scent

Lush products. Ladies, amirite? Yum. I like most of the older products (the herbie ones), not so much their current kick (grapefruit/neroli). While I don’t hate it, I’m still not a fan of any of the cotton candy products. They just end up smelling like plastic on me. Hands down, I will always cry in joy to receive Big Blue, Butterball, wiccy massage bar, Sakura or Sex Bomb, and Woosh jelly soap, the only citrus I like of theirs: it reminds me of fruit loops! I took it on a backpacking trip to Costa Rica so it’s now my CR memory scent. :)

Lemon/citrus: I still love the JR Watkins lemon lotion you get st the pharmacy. It smells like lemon cake. Mmmm.

Violet. There are two perfumes that I absolutely love: La Violette by Annick Goutal (straightforward violet), and I Miss Violet by the Different Company.

Mimosa: I wear it in Mimosa Pour Moi by L’Artisan. Another L’Artisan line that I love is La Chasse Aux Papillons (eau de toilette). It reminds me of laying in the grass in the spring.

Jasmine. I’ve loved jasmine since I was a teen, using Lush’ Flying Fox temple balm as a solid perfume. They retired the line BUT their solid perfume Lust is practically the exact same scent.

Vanilla. Tihota by Indult makes a truly exceptional vanilla. It’s pure vanilla backed by a light dry down of musk and it’s incredible. You will never have that ‘ew, chemical vanilla’ experience with Tihota.

My point? I will take your perfume samples (especially smaller batch niche scents!) if you’re given something that doesn’t sit quite right on your skin. :) I am constantly on the look out for new scents!


JennaZ rated for Christmas Altered Bag Swap on Dec 18, 2018
Comment: Wow! Lucky me to get two wonderful packages from you this month! Thank you!
JennaZ rated for A Cozy Christmas Eve on Dec 16, 2018
Comment: Absolutely delightful package! I will have SUCH a cozy Christmas eve!!
Comment: Ty for the mini PL. Love it and the goodies ( that paper clip😍 ). And definitely not just you I have tons to still do as well!
margaeli rated for Christmas Mail Art and ATC on Dec 11, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a bright and cheery ATC. And the extras. Happy holidays.
Onaki rated for ATC - Free Themed #150 (USA) on Nov 15, 2018
Comment: Lovely ATC! Thank you so much for the extras as well. <3
Response: Yay, glad it finally made it! :)
CheyanneB rated for AAA - Rainbow Series on Nov 15, 2018
Comment: Thanks for all the little extras and the beautiful ATC! I can't wait to add it to my collection :)
Response: I still owe you a postcard blank! ;)
Comment: Thank you so much for the pocket letter, I am intrigued to say the least! I just took one of my audible credits and downloaded book 1 right in the post office parking lot lol!! I will let you know how I like it!
Response: I hope you like it! I had to push through the first part (I’m sure you know which part I’m referring to) and then it starts getting awesome. The best part is every book after gets even more amazing as you understand the timeline/players. Brent Weeks is a truly gifted writer. His other series is good too, but this is still my favorite. I had a hard time at first with how he depicted women because it seems like obvious objectification until I read the whole book/series. And his other series. The women he writes are really strong and I admire him for that. :)
nancylee rated for Lollipop Wand Craft USA on Oct 28, 2018
Comment: I love the wand and added it into my decorated branches as part of my decor- thank you too for the seasonal letter and happy thoughts > Happy Halloween!!!
Response: I’m glad you liked it! It was fun to make. :)
Comment: Yay! I get to send this one back just in time! Thank you!
Response: Phew!
keahirada rated for Halloween Pocket Letter on Oct 25, 2018
Comment: Wow, this was a lot of fun to open. Each pocket was really a piece of art and I absolutely loved your letter. It seems like we have a lot in common! Will definitely be writing you back and hope we can do some swaps/penpalling :)
Response: I’m glad you liked it and I’m so looking forward to your letter! <3
Breadzim rated for FFF-Halloween Flipbook USA on Oct 24, 2018
Comment: Wow! I am so lucky that you were my partner. You did an amazing job. It's so detailed, well executed, and freaking cute! And I love that it's a tag flip. It's amazing. I keep flipping through it. Thank you so much, you lovely lady! Have a Happy Halloween!
Response: It was so fun putting together for you, so i’m really glad you liked it. We should definitely have more tag flips on SB! Maybe we should host one for winter/Christmas? :)
Comment: Thank you. Everything is so pretty and festive, just in time for Halloween. You did a really lovely job. Thank you again. Update: I probably would have noticed that tonite when I get home from work because it is sitting on my desk. But thanks for letting me know. Now I'm going to do the under the desk trick to watch it glow! lol
Response: Oh yay, it made it! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and hope you can get some use out of its contents. Have a wonderful Halloween! Ps. I forgot to mention in the bag flip that the b/w patterned cardstock and the bag of bones are both glow in the dark; thought I should mention that for your crafting purposes. :)
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Comment: Been enjoying your Spotify playlist-- thanks!
Response: Oh good! :)
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Comment: Thanks for the playlist! I too love Men at Work!
Response: They’re pretty amazing!!
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Comment: Thank you!!! I have some new music to check out!!!
Response: Hope you enjoy my nostalgia!
Comment: Thank you for the playlist.
Response: Thanks love!
CraftyChristina rated for Halloween ATC on Oct 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you Melissa for a super cute Halloween AT C and I love the rosette you made for me too! Happy Halloween!
Response: I adored that little ghostie; enjoy your fall season too! :)
Comment: melissa thank you for the very nice fall notebook, wow you got a lot of paper in it! and it smelled so good! Lavender?
Response: I’ve been thinking about this since last night and I have NO idea what could have been scented when I packed it. Thank goodness you happen to like it!
nancylee rated for Halloween Mini Pocket Letter on Oct 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the Halloween Mini pocket letter caramel apples are a favorite of mine too! Enjoy the season
Response: You too; thanks for the heart!
Comment: Loved the ATC and it wasn't flat flat... 🤗. I love dimension too but also keep things flattish because of postage costs. Lady in PO now pokes my letters and every time as if it's just paper. Always say it's a card but tell her it's layered. 😋. So far she hasn't put it through their measuring guage and I've not had any issues so long may it continue. Thank you for the extras also.
Response: LOL, my postal lady now does the same, and she’s actually always right - it drives me crazy! I argued with her the other day that a tag with paper flowers on it should still be considered ‘paper’ and therefore not necessary to upgrade to the parcel fee. I did not win. LOL

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choke on Dec 7, 2018:

Thank you so much for the tip about stencil usage, I never thought of that! I tried it last night and it worked great. Plus, even if it does make a little damage at least it's on the back and that would typically get covered up anyway. Woohooooo!

choke on Nov 23, 2018:

The swap is up! I am excited to try this, I think it will be a great challenge! I am awful at getting the stencils to stay put, even with washi, so I need more practice ;-D Hope to see you there!

choke on Nov 21, 2018:

Sorry I didnt see your comment on the distress fade swap until now. I will make a new swap with your idea, sounds fun!

RiverTopanga on Nov 19, 2018:

I wish I'd had my computer with me... I literally just returned from Sacramento/Carmichael on Sunday Morning! We could have met and swapped Crafty news! Welcome to the Artisan ATC group. We look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!

naturenerd3 on Nov 16, 2018:

I'd love to have some tag flips in the group so feel free to host whenever you'd like

naturenerd3 on Nov 16, 2018:

Welcome to Pockets and Flips USA

EmJayBe on Nov 15, 2018:

Ohmygosh I'm SO glad you liked the scents I sent. Ineke is my favorite perfume maker and my signature scent from her is Field Notes From Paris. I love perfume and have tried many other designers but I always come back to that. Can't wait til you find a guy you can make wear that one heheheee! Sending good thoughts to you through these terrible fires...maybe we can do a private flipbook swap when things calm down for you.

smmarrty on Sep 10, 2018:

Just wanted to say thanks for adding to my Art Collab post card!

ThePaperLetterBlog on Sep 9, 2018:

I'm a bit late, but decided to answer your sweet comment after all! Thank you so much for being so kind, it really made my day. Now everytime I scroll past it, it brings a smile to my face! Yay! Have a wonderful day!

Lorellie on Sep 3, 2018:

I got your comment! I actually did Nano for this first time last year. How to give advice about it, that’s a tricky question for me. Nano is extremely difficult and that stress is bound to hit everyone differently. But don’t take that the wrong way, you should challenge yourself.

Anyway, here’s what I would do, if I were going to do it again: (1) Set a time and defend it. At least an hour and be ready when it starts. Have your coffee first, put on something comfy, etc. (2) Use paper or maybe a typewriter, but stay off your laptop. If you feel the need to do an exact word count, count all your words the first day across how many pages it takes and then do an average. Assume every page you write after has your average amount of words. (3) Know that writing every day at all is a big deal, it doesn’t always have to be the max #. It’s a rough draft, you’re going to have lots of time to agonize over word counts and everything else later. Trust me. (4) Never write anything for any reason but that YOU love it, even when you hate it.

I hope that helps at all & I wish you luck!

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