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Crafty lady from California, proud mama of two fur babies. Addicted to all things beautiful paper and modern mixed media. Would love to get into encaustic but I’m too much of a chicken. And I already spend so much on paper/mixed media that I could never afford to set myself up properly.

Please note: i share items that I am proud of on my Instagram. So beware to my partners if you prefer to be surprised!

💌🎨 Feb 2019 UPDATE:
Now that I’m settled into my new craft room, I realize how much crafting stuff I have and don’t need. I will be doing several RAKs in the coming weeks so please check them out, as I’d really like to see them get some use, or at least given to a crafter in need ...that doesn’t live in this particular house, ahem. They will be listed below if they’re still available. 🎨💌

RAK #1: Farm card kit (CLOSED)

RAK # 2: Birthday card kit


To save some of you time:

  • I’m not a huge fan of western religious iconography so if you send me something cross/Jesus related, it will likely go unused.

  • Racism/homophobia; basically: don’t be an a$$hole to your fellow human and we will get along fabulously. Actually, just don’t be an a$$hole, period.

  • Vintage/Steampunk. I like distress to a degree but I don’t like the sepia/vintage photo look as it looks dirty to me. I like my vintage as clothing, furniture and wine only. Steampunk in limited doses. Right now I’m rather obsessed with Mitform Casting.

  • Postcards. Well...not so much dislike, more that I don’t understand the obsession?

  • Disney and super obvious kiddie themes (except for rainbows and unicorns, those can stay). Doodlebug and the like are super cute, but just too much for me. I like their washi, though. And I make an exception for cartoon-friendly holiday collections, however. Everybody is a kid on holidays. 😉

  • Hazelnut anything. Not allergic, just don’t care for it.

Random Likes ❤️

I like the following (will add more as I remember):

  • making stuff: paper crafts, off-the-page and standard mixed media (I’m really into texture, dimension), watercolor (total beginner!), acrylic painting, alcohol and acrylic inks, collage and fiber art, drawing, hand lettering (warning: I’m terrible; I would’ve never been a surgeon as I just don’t have steady enough hands, and the same is true for lettering sadly), mail art, color studies, photography, stamping, etc.

  • Other artists, such as Camilla d’Erico, TandiArt, Michael Parkes, and lately Illustrator Kristina Brekke of LadyKikki.

  • music

  • stickers, embellishments, ephemera, and have an addiction to funky shaped paper clips

  • flowers, nature, plants, animals and insects, the ocean (except in handmade crafting; they remind me of a cheap motel, always.)

  • mixed media oodles and bits, like wood and metal, fabrics and found objects, etc. I’m currently stalking the Mitform Casting’s website until I can mentally justify the cost to ship it from the UK.

  • Funky tissue paper. I like text, bold patterns and colors, random animals, prints, metallic, iridescent, etc. Honestly, the weirder the better.

  • mythology/regional legends 🐲

  • learning + books

  • sharing my learning + books 📚

  • tea/coffee, baked goods, veggies (Cali girl born and raised) Lebanese food, sushi, New York Super Fudge Chunk

  • urban agriculture and edible city movements, as well as underrepresented food sustainability programs; these are primarily what I choose to volunteer my time with. 🍎🍊🥦 It still staggers my heart to remember that as a native Californian, I see crops surrounding me year round, yet we will also see 80% our crops exported to other countries, while families and the homeless are still starving within miles of said crops, and across the country. For info on what cities should look like, check out Seattle’s take on food sustainability: a park filled with edible plants and orchards for anybody to eat. Why fill our parks with no-value grass shrub when it can be a green bean vine? Or a grape tomato bush? /steps off soapbox

  • Lush products. Yum. I will always cry in joy to receive Big Blue, Butterball, wiccy massage bar, Sakura or Sex Bomb, Woosh, Lust, or any product with those same scent profiles. 🛁

  • travel, camping, getting lost in a new city, meeting the real locals, taking public transport or riding my adorable scooter: Pico de Gallo Beep Beep Ciao Bella (yes, that’s really her full name; I call her Pico for short) 🛵

  • technology. If there’s a gadget for it, I probably want it...

Favorite Styles 🎨

I gravitate toward bright colors mixed with bold black/white/gray patterns (and as of late, navy). While I don’t hate pastel, the design has to be really compelling. Think Maggie Holmes vs generic shabby chic.

Paper collections: I’m a fan of classic concepts like flora/fauna (including geo, space, etc), cool textures incl boho/feathers, travel, seasons/holidays, etc.

Recent brands that I’ve purchased and loved:

  • Pink Paislee and Paige Evans (always a fan!)

  • Crate Paper

  • Pebbles - Jen Hadfield is always good

  • My Minds Eye (I’ve never met a collection of theirs that I didn’t immediately love)

  • One Canoe Two

  • PinkFresh Studio - Indigo Hills 2 was gorgeous but I find I like PinkFresh about 75% of the time

  • 7 Dots Studio - their recent Garden Party Collection is quite lovely if you like botanicals. It’s the only company I love who does grunge (sorry Tim!). Paint Chips has a killer palette, too. Basically anything designed by DeeDee Catron usually has my vote, including her mixed media brand Um Wow Studio.

While I’m a fan of glitter, I prefer foil or better yet, gilding. I have an unnatural obsession with sequins and enamel dots.

Scent & Perfume

Jasmine, mimosa, violet, linden and orange blossum, honeysuckle, citrus and vanilla are my top picks for perfume scent profiles. I am constantly on the look out for new scents, so feel free to send me your niche samples that you don’t like, or give me a heads up if there’s something I should check out. :)


YooperHill rated for 3 Jane Davenport inspired ATCs on Feb 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank YOU. 😊
blueseabliss rated for 3 Jane Davenport inspired ATCs on Feb 15, 2019
Comment: Hey, thank you! And I loved the extra backgrounds and the papyrus card!
Response: I went through a papyrus phase about a decade ago and I’m STILL trying to work trough them. LOL
MyRetroSoul rated for 3 Jane Davenport inspired ATCs on Feb 13, 2019
Comment: She’s even pretty in person and the colors are gorgeous. I really struggle with water color. I have a hard time using them without the colors getting muddled. I just bought JD’s water color crayons and haven’t tried them yet. I’m hoping they will help me get the water color vibe without losing the vividness. Anyway! Thank you for this ATC, I hope we get matched in another swap soon!
Response: I’ve heard her watercolor pens (though they’re known to leak) are downright amazeballs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you fall in love with them. Oooh I just got an idea. Keep your eyes on your mailbox this weekend/next Monday. 😊
MyRetroSoul rated for Jane Davenport Themed ATCs on Feb 11, 2019
Comment: This is gorgeous! Definitely a favorite! And I am looking forward to getting the “alien” JD girl as well. LOL! I mean it! She’s beautiful too! ❤️
Response: Bless your generous soul. 😉 Actually she was the only one that I felt proud of. The colors are so vibrant in person (Qor high chroma watercolors) and I thought you might like something a little different. I’m glad I picked correctly. 😊
Tverne05 rated for Valentine's Day Flipbook on Feb 11, 2019
Comment: OMG!! Thanks so much for the flipbook and goodies.. It was amazing. It also gave me ideas of another creative way to make one. Most times I use envelopes. I hope you will have a great Valentine's Day!
Response: Honestly I probably should’ve used envelopes. Or maybe tags. It wasn’t sturdy enough, you know? But I’m glad it made it there and it sparked creativity. I couldn’t ask for more. :)
Comment: Wow. Just WOW!!! What an amazing artist you are. So excited to be able to have your art in my collection. Thank you so much!! ❤️
Response: Aww shucks, thanks. It was fun to make. :)
JennLostAndFound rated for Jane Davenport Themed ATCs on Feb 10, 2019
Response: Thanks!
aoliver rated for Zine... About Dreams & A Letter! on Feb 9, 2019
Comment: Your zine was AWESOME! Also,the stationery you wrote your letter on was rad. My favorite page was the chapstick one. 😂😂 One of my favorite zines yet!
Response: Dude, the mind is a strange place. I’ve had that dream repeatedly too. What does it mean? That I’m dehydrated when I go to sleep? LOL And I’ll email you the digital stationary for your own use when I get to work Monday. Remind me if I forget. :)
valleychic rated for My Playlist in January 2019 on Feb 9, 2019
Comment: Thanks for including the Spotify playlist. Always great to find some new to me music.
Response: My pleasure.
Comment: Thanks so much for my fun transparent post card. We had the same idea using extras and sequins trapped inside. What fun. So glad I took the plunge. Lynn
Response: Me too. It was my favorite valentine swap so far this year.
zurdoswifey rated for Playlist | Favorites: 5 x 5 on Feb 6, 2019
Comment: Thanks for sharing your songs =)
Comment: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! These cards were so much fun to make! 💕
Response: They really were! I hope there are future swaps like this. :)
Ellivlove rated for My Playlist in January 2019 on Feb 5, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the playlist!
Comment: Thank you so much, I absolutely love it.
Response: I absolutely loved making it!
jenirlsrsly rated for My Playlist in January 2019 on Feb 4, 2019
Comment: Ben Harper is one of my faves! I'll have to check out a few of your picks, thanks!
Response: Pay close attention to Thomas Oliver on the list. His solo track on there was inspired by Ben Harper’s first album. He wrote an entire album for the instrument Ben plays. It’s pretty good!
elflady rated for ETHP: Tattered Rose ATC on Feb 3, 2019
Comment: Love, love this ATC especially the dimensional part. Thanks so much for sending it my way. Elflady
Response: Oh yay, I’m glad it made it there. It was a challenge as the color is so light I had a hard time thinking how to make it interesting and still stay within the bounds of the color. So dimension it is! :)
j3ss1ca rated for Valentine Mini Pocket Letter on Feb 2, 2019
Comment: Nothing yet. :(
Response: I hope the postage has arrived by now?
Jenicat rated for Playlist | Favorites: 5 x 5 on Feb 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing your playlists. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is one of the best songs ever! 💜
Response: #truth
Jsereg001 rated for Pocket full of Christmas Presents on Feb 1, 2019
Comment: I’m so sorry for the late rating!! Your pocket letter is beautiful and I absolutely LOVE it!! Wish I could give you extra hearts!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Response: No worries; I had totally forgotten it myself. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. :)
Comment: Very cute thank you

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1koolkrafter on Feb 16, 2019:

Hello...yes... I have quite an arsenal of die cut machines.... I haven’t seen that red thing in years.

CaseyErin on Feb 14, 2019:

Thanks for leaving your comment! How cool M’Lynn helped you land the part.

I love Steel Magnolias so much that when I got married, I had a red velvet armadillo groom’s cake! I’m sure people thought I was nuts but I was thrilled.

jenmcjen on Feb 13, 2019:

Okay I'm awfully late on this, but that was a FABULOUSLY hilarious pet story of the day! Thank you so much for sharing.

My pet was not cute today. Little dog tried to bite me. I'm teaching her to stop barking like a maniac when people come here (rare occasion as we live in BFE MN). My mom has spoiled her for 6 years, so it's a difficult battle.

She's very sweet and silly otherwise. You can say, "Go get your Grinch" and she gets that toy, or "Go get your hedgehog," and she gets that toy, so also pretty smart for such a tiny, pea-brained thing (I prefer bigger dogs - want a great Dane me).

Next time your dog is silly, I'd love to hear about it!

kiddomerriweather on Feb 11, 2019:

I know. 😫 I’m very sad. I had to have my neighbor take him away for me. The temperature change was a shock to his system.

Paige1900 on Jan 30, 2019:

Thank you for the lovely envie of goodies! I enjoyed all of it. :)

aoliver on Jan 29, 2019:

Ha! I just came across the book section on your profile. :) I will for sure have to check out Riftwar Saga, it sounds super interesting!

aoliver on Jan 29, 2019:

Hello! I should have the links fixed on my profile so stalk away! I'd love to hear about your current reads and favorite books. Thanks for the sweet and encouraging words! I'm so happy you joined my first ever swap :) Hope you have fun making your dream zine!

choke on Dec 7, 2018:

Thank you so much for the tip about stencil usage, I never thought of that! I tried it last night and it worked great. Plus, even if it does make a little damage at least it's on the back and that would typically get covered up anyway. Woohooooo!

choke on Nov 23, 2018:

The swap is up! I am excited to try this, I think it will be a great challenge! I am awful at getting the stencils to stay put, even with washi, so I need more practice ;-D Hope to see you there!

choke on Nov 21, 2018:

Sorry I didnt see your comment on the distress fade swap until now. I will make a new swap with your idea, sounds fun!

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