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Date Joined: January 21, 2017
Last Online: August 25, 2019
Birthday: December 11
Country: United States

About Me

Hi, I'm Leslie.

JUNE: Thank you all for the wonderful outpouring of love, sunshine, and support regarding the "1" rating. Please know that I really appreciate you all. I have had such a great time swapping with you. Everyone is so creative, I've learned a lot from you ;-) I will have to make a decision at the end of the summer, after my move. But I will be back on at least to let you all know what I have decided.

MAY 2019: Hello everyone. I am taking a break from swapping after my June swap is completed. I will be back after I move, sometime in late August to early September. At that time, I will decide if I want to continue with the site, or just continue with private swaps from all the very lovely people that are on here.

March 2019: *** PLEASE give extra time for your swap to arrive from me. We are having disastrous flooding here in Nebraska and it has affected EVERYTHING! ***

If you have not received a swap from me, please let me know before you rate. I very rarely miss a swap deadline, and will always message you if I think it will be late.


4/28/19: I received a rating of 1 today for a swap I sent over a month ago (3/2/19). The person receiving the swap did not message me to tell me they had not received it. I can't resend a swap if I have not been notified that the swap was not received. The other two people in the swap did receive their swap and commented on my page (so you know it was, indeed, sent). This is very distressing for me, as I always communicate with my partner. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED your swap BEFORE you rate. I have never flaked on a swap, and never will.
UPDATE: on my "1" rating- I wrote: 4/30/19: I still have not received any messages from you. Please check your "messages sent to" section at the top of your message page. You will see you have never sent anything to me. I really think you have me confused with someone else. Again, as requested below, please message me. UPDATE: 5/10/19: The swapper has now been partially suspended. UPDATE: 6/15/19: The offender is now back on regular swapping status... How is this possible? I received an email from her (Finally) on June 11. This is what it said, "Hey dear I havent receive your envelope... I got a PObox address in USA... So let me know if u want to resend your mail... I Will give you the address there ok??? Peace โœŒ๐Ÿฝ" Is she kidding? I have already sent it twice (and she never requested a resend in the first place). I am NOT sending again to a PO box in a country she doesn't even live in!! - RIDICULOUS!

4/19/18: Sorry if I responded to ratings a bit late recently. A very dear friend passed away suddenly on Monday. It's been hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I won't be seeing her again. 21 years of wonderful friendship and fellow Red Hatter. I hope she is watching us all and is at peace.

1/28/18: Huzzah! I have been released from the Doctor's care for my ankle! Hooray! He advised the swelling will continue for a few more months... but I definitely have strength back in it. What a Long Strange Trip it's Been having ankle surgery :-)

3/22/18: Gave up on the Traveler's Diary. I didn't like having to be tied down to a diary every day. But, more importantly, it's heavy and cumbersome. I still have it, and will write in it when the mood hits. // 1/28/19 - Bought my first Traveler's Diary today. Just an inexpensive one from Michaels. Not sure if I am really keen on spending most of my days writing in a book... I also have a beautiful Dylusions Art Journal that I started 2 years ago when I took classes from her. I only do about 1 page a month! So the Traveler's Diary is an experiment.....

I love Snail Mail! It's so fun to come home from a long day at work and find some wonderful Happy Mail! I am so happy that I was told about Swap-Bot by a snail mail friend! I am really having fun swapping with everyone


SOCKS: Please note, I wear a size 9-9.5 shoe. Please buy socks accordingly :-)

My likes: (these are not in any particular order): Travel, Coffee - Not Keurig, I have a real coffee pot! Love flavored coffees too :-) - Please no Instant coffee. I dislike the taste of "powdered" coffees., Polar Bears, Bento lunch boxes, Cardinals/birds, the colors purple, teal, Red Hatters, England-Scotland/ France/Belgium/Japan/Hawaii /California-San Francisco, Boston, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, John Denver, Jimmy Buffet, Dr. Who, Butterflies, Lady bugs, Flowers, ALL animals, the SUN, making bento lunches, the Paranormal, good wine, card making, scrap booking, mini pocket letters, Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Godzilla, the unusual and whacky.

Would love to have a collection of Postcards from every state and as many countries as possible.

A NOTE about TEAS: Nothing containing Chamomile or Echinacea please, I am allergic to the daisy family. Also, I do not like the taste of Licorice. So please no teas with licorice or anise in them. Another note: I love teasanes, flavored black teas, and David's Tea. Caffeine is my friend :-)


Update on my son. He has gone back to school - hooray! and has decided that instead of being a Neurosurgeon or Neuro-scientist, he wants to be an astro physicist. He's intelligent enough. I hope he sticks to the schooling this time and gets his degree... in anything! He is currently living in Sacramento, CA. and has a wonderful, sweet, beautiful girlfriend. Her father passed away at Christmas time, so she and her mother have been having a rough time.

My mother also lives with me. She is 86. She still drives, and has made friends with everyone in town, Literally.. EVERYONE!

Favorite Crafts

For Crafts, I am a long-time stamper and scrapbooker. I have stopped making full size Pocket Letters- they are very time consuming. But I do make mini pocket letters, and I am very excited a friend told me about Swap Bot! I can do most crafts, however, I have not yet been able to get the hang of sewing, crocheting, or knitting... but I would still like to learn.

I have found an inner artist me from being on swap sites. It's exciting to be challenged like this!

Favorite Books

My all time favorite books...

  1. Martians Go Home

  2. The Disc World series by Terry Prachett

  3. The Harry Potter Series

  4. A book from childhood... The Diamond in the Window.

  5. Little Men by Louisa May Alcott

  6. The Golden Compass trilogy

Favorite Movies

Favorite Movies... hmmm So Many!

I love old movies: Examples: Singing in the Rain, Bringing up Baby, Oklahoma, Carousel, The Philadelphia Story, American Graffiti, Back to the Future (the first is the best! and yes, it IS a classic!), Dirty Dancing... and the list goes on.

I saw La La Land before Christmas 2017, it was Fantastic!

If you like classic movies check out this website... http://www.omahafilmevent.com. My friend Bruce puts on these events, and I am a volunteer at the bi-annual events. A fabulous evening!


Also, I love all things Dyan Reaveley/Dylusions. I use the Dylusions paints and inks in a lot of my Swaps. The colors are so vibrant, and the Dyan Reaveley stamps are so funky and fun, I love them! So receiving anything you create with these would be fabulous!

I recently took some classes from Dina Wakley. She is a beautiful, warm, talented woman! I learned how to use a gelli plate, and I love it! Never thought I would want to learn something else, but Gelli printing is awesome.. try it if you have a chance. Loved, loved, loved the Dina Classes!

And, I really love Smash Books. They are what I have been using on my trips for the past year. Anything to be used in a Smash Book would be great!

Swap On!!

..Thank you!



SMOKEY OR STRONG SMELLING ODORS. I have severe allergies and any smokey, moldy, or other strong smelling odors will be thrown in the trash before I even open them.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SWAPPING WITH ME: Please don't take offense if this does not apply to you. If you are going to be late, NOTIFY ME. Even if it's only going to be 1-2 days late. I would do the same for you. Nothing ticks me off more than someone that doesn't follow the rules. I follow them when I send to you, you should follow them when sending to me. 99.9% of the time we know If we will be late completing a swap. If your mail date says you mailed AFTER the deadline, then it obviously was NOT a postal problem... it was your problem. I'm sure everyone would appreciate the truth more than some lame excuse we all know isn't true.


Lonestarchild rated for CPG: 2 Teas & 1 Note - US only on Aug 18, 2019
Comment: Well -- how cool is this!!! So many teas and other fun stuff too. AND AND AND -- how cool are those tea filters. Never seen anything so fancy like that -- made my day! Thank you very much! (and best wishes as you settle into your new place!)
Response: I am so happy you like the teas I sent. See your messages for the details on the filters! Thank you for the heart rating... Enjoy the teas - <3
Rainydancer rated for SUNFLOWER ATC on Jun 25, 2019
Comment: thanks!
Response: Hi. Glad you got it. Thanks for the rating! Today is my first day back on the site since my arrival here in Florida... sorry response was late)
AliCrafter rated for MJS: Magpie Time May to June on Jun 25, 2019
Comment: What a fun journal! thank you for the goodies enclosed and your nice note included. I came home to find it in my mail and I took it and an ice tea out to the patio where my cats were and sat down ready for fun. You didn't disappoint! Thank you so much!
Response: Hi! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. This is the first time I have been on the website since my arrival here 6 days ago. I am so glad you liked the journal! That's fabulous! I really stress about making journals... not sure why, but do love them nonetheless! I really am please that it made it to you, and that you like it! Enjoy! (and take care of those cats :-} They are truly wonderful friends)
Kathy821 rated for Just Saying Hello Notecard on Jun 9, 2019
Comment: I am so sorry to take so long to thank you. You are so kind and generous. The only reason I would tell you there was a restriction is to get another beautiful card just like that lovely card you made :) Thank you so much. So many wonderful items Can't wait to use them and enjoy the tea. Did I say thank you? Once is not enough. Thank you and I hope your move is going well. ***No, nothing at all wrong. You definitely made me smile and your beautiful work on the card was the icing on the cake. I was just teasing you saying that I could say there was to get another gorgeous card. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I was totally playing though. It was perfect!!โค๏ธ
Response: Hi. Glad you like it. Did I do something wrong? Was there a rule/restriction I missed? I will send another card if I did it incorrectly! You deserve one made as outlined in the swap.. . I'm happy you like the items. I have such a hard time deciding what to put in envies.. :-) You are so welcome. Thank you for the kind words regarding the move... Pray it goes smoothly!! Thank you again for the lovely rating, and I really am glad you liked it all :-) *** PHEW! for a minute there I thought I might have missed part of the directions! Always a fear of mine... Happy you like it!! This is my first day back on the site since my arrival here in Florida 6 days ago.... Again... SO HAPPY YOU ARE PLEASED with the notecard. Thank you so much for the rating.
StwbyQT rated for Just Randomness Giveaway on May 30, 2019
Comment: :)
Response: Thanks!
luvbird rated for RF: Spring Theme Small Altered Rolo on May 29, 2019
Comment: Thank you so very much Leslie for the darling little Spring Rolo. It is really pretty...of course always love a bird and I love the use of the Wink of Stella glitter pen; so much so I had get me one! Lol! A very nice swap! Thank you for the great extras.
Response: So happy liked it! I loved making it. I love rolos!! I hope you can use some of the extras..or pass them on. Thank you for the rating ๐Ÿ’œ
elflady rated for ETHP: Fossilized Amber ATC on May 20, 2019
Comment: Love, Love this ATC. It is very colourful and creative. I am so happy I received it .Thanks for the lovely card and note also the extras. Elflady
Response: I'm so happy you like it!! You are more than welcome. Thank you for the rating <3
Comment: Thanks so much
Response: You're welcome โ˜บ Hope you like it. Thank you for the rating.
dakotadee rated for Chunk O Cardboard - March 2019 on May 18, 2019
Response: Thank you for the rating. I hope you liked it.
Comment: Love the watermelon socks! Thank you!
Response: So glad you like them! This was such a fun "assignment". Thank you for the lovely rating! Enjoy..Happy Summer!
AromaAlchemist rated for CALG:Spring Time Note & Tea on May 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely teas, I can't wait to try them!. Still early spring here in Ottawa too, hopefully waarmer weather is coming soon for both of us!
Response: I got my wish here in Nebraska...going to be 90 today โ˜บ๐ŸŒž I hope your weather is warmer today too! ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž
Comment: I loved your painting! Thank you so much for participating in my swap!
Response: Oh my gosh! Did you just get it?? That sure took its time getting to you!!! I'm happy you liked it. I loved the swap. Thank you for hosting it :-) Thank you also for the brilliant rating. Have a wonderful Mother's Day <3 Did you get served breakfast in bed by your kids? :-)
ablev92 rated for Black and white ATC on May 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for your black and white atc. I love it ! & your correct black and white was a challenge for sure!
Response: Hi. I'm glad you liked it. I never thought it would be such a challenge! I hope you enjoyed making yours also! Thank you for the lovely rating. :-)
Gobarb rated for GREETING CARD ATC on May 7, 2019
Comment: Hi Leslie. Thank you for the beautiful card...oops, I mean ATC or card or ATC card! I really think it's pretty and agree that it would make a nice gift card. I will look for the other swap where it is being done also. I enjoyed this swap a lot!
Response: Hi! I am so glad you liked it. I think it was fun to make mini card that was the same size as an ATC..thank you for joining the swap! Check my profile page for the new one if you still want to make another โ˜บ
dardarbinx rated for A-Z Rolo: Birds! on May 2, 2019
Comment: Hi Leslie, thanks so much for the lovely rolo card...I love it! Its a bit bigger than the one I made for my partner. So, I hope mine will be ok for her. Yours is great, spring is where were at!
Response: First, I am so glad you liked it. It was a fun one to make! Second, Did I mess up the size? I thought it said 3x5..I'm usually careful about that, because I don't have any Memorydex cards ... please let me know if I need to redo the swap for you! Third.. thank you for the generous rating!
Jenicat rated for YTPC: Index-Card-A-Day: Day 30 on May 2, 2019
Comment: Thank you for this beautiful ICAD! Itโ€™s absolutely lovely ๐Ÿ’œ
Response: I am so happy you like it! I have discovered that I love making ICADs! Enjoy it! Thank you for ๐Ÿ’š rating. I appreciate it. โ˜บ
Response: Thank you for rating
Comment: Neither a msn to explain whatโ€™s going on ... I write to my partners to let them know whatโ€™s going on whit the mails or if Iโ€™m going late... like courtesy norm.. so no hard feelings... I will change my rating for sure...
Response: 6/9/19: I resent the washi swap on 5/1/19. I have not heard from you, nor have you changed my rating. -- j WHAT IS GOING ON??? 5/12/19: Please change rating. I did send the swap to the address you provided. When I resent the swap, your address had changed. You added a PBX which was not there previously. You have changed ratings for another swapper whom you also rated a 1. - 5/1/19: I resent the washi swap today. And your address is now different than the one that was originally on there. I keep a book with all my swaps. However, you still have not messaged me. It is customary for someone to tell their partner that they did not receive the swap, and THEN request a resend. I was advised by a very wise person to resend anyway... this time. I hope you get this one. If you don't you should talk to your post office. I believe that now you have your real address on the site, that your swap will get to you. Please change my rating when you get it. 4/30/19: I still have not received any messages from you. Please check your "messages sent to" section at the top of your message page. You will see you have never sent anything to me. I really think you have me confused with someone else. Again, as requested below, please message me. I have never received a message from you. I have checked all my messages. What are you talking about??? Please check the swap "view participants" section. I sent the swap on Mar. 2 and I had until March 11 to send. Did you not get it? You never messaged me to tell me. My other two swappers got theirs. A "1" rating should not be given until you check the swap, and message your partner that you did not receive the swap, so they have the chance to resend. Please msg me. If you have not received a swap from me, please let me know before you rate. I have never missed a swap deadline without notifying my partner. I will always message you if I think it will be late.
choke rated for ETHP: Wild Honey ATC on Apr 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful ATC! This captures this beautiful color perfectly with the bees, honey, and honeycomb shapes. Fabulous job and very inspirational!
Response: Hi! Your comments are so sweet. Thank you for them. I put a lot of thought into my swaps, and I love that there are people like you that get that, and appreciate them. Thank you so much for hosting the TH color series. I don't have a lot of TH Distress Inks. But I will try to enter as many as I can. Thank you for your rating.
Anettethhjertnes rated for AAA - Rainbow Series Orange on Apr 25, 2019
Comment: Beautiful and real nice atc, thank you also for the extras
Response: Oh, Yeah! I am always so tickled when someone likes what I create for them. Thank you for the rating! Enjoy everything, and have fun swapping :-)

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choke on May 4, 2019:

I never noticed it before, but when you're my send to partner, the pop up window with your address asks if I want to translate this page from Zulu - hahahahaha! No idea why, do you?

Sorry to see you have had to recently deal with some nitwit who gave you a poor rating, you're one of the best on here and I'm sorry this happened to you! xoxo

Mimi7 on Apr 11, 2019:

Thanks for angeling the swap, Love the ATC!! Donna

jenmcjen on Mar 17, 2019:

djcamp04 on Feb 22, 2019:

Glad you joined the paper clips swap! ๐Ÿฆ‹

SeleneW on Jan 13, 2019:

Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes RiverTopanga!


BusyB on Dec 29, 2018:

Welcome to Merry Memorydex and Rolo Swaps USA! I will have more swaps for February soon. :)

CurlyTea on Dec 18, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

splendorpursuit on Nov 20, 2018:

Thanks; Iโ€™m super excited!

How was the smoke? ;)

CraftyChristina on Sep 18, 2018:

We did make it through the hurricane UNSCATHED! But so many people are having a terrible time with flooding right now or no power, or they are displaced from their homes....one of my friends lost EVERYTHING but their camper and car and 2 dogs, 4 chickens and a squirrel. They had to flee last minute and now there is no home to return to. I am so fortunate that all we got is a few inches of rain and some limbs down. Thank you for asking about me.

CraftyChristina on Sep 16, 2018:

Thank you for your kind words to me/comment on my profile regarding my safety throughout the hurricane, comment I deleted totally by mistake! Anyways, thank you for your kindness!

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