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Date Joined: July 12, 2012
Last Online: September 21, 2018
Birthday: October 29
Country: United States
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About Me

I am a 37 year old hippie chic. I love peace signs, vintage trolls, Christmas, peacocks, stickers, glitter, snail mail, taking pictures, sharpies, my iPad, unicorns, stickers, rainbows, hot air balloons, Lisa Frank, Prince, nail polish and vintage / retro stuff. Did I mention stickers? More on that later...

I'm very extra and believe there is never enough glitter and confetti. I carry a zipper pouch of confetti in my purse at all times. #alwaysbeprepared

I have a 9 year old mini-me (B) who loves to get mail. She loves stickers, crafty stuff, magnets, animals - especially cats, 90s fashion, and she collects key chains and Shopkins. She's also a girl scout. I am the leader of a Brownie troop of 12 amazing girls! We are 3 years in and love it!

I mainly host and join sticker swaps. I LOVE stickers and I always share with B!

I have several smashbooks. I keep little things I like, quotes, bits of artwork B draws for me, small magazine clippings, photos, prayers, etc.

Sticker Wishlish

-Vintage stickers

-Full sheets / mods

-Prism and holographic stickers

-Laser stickers

-Puffy stickers

-Foil stickers

-Glitter stickers

-Cool vinyl/weatherproof decal stickers (for my kayak!)

-Vending machine stickers (old/vintage)

-Hot air balloon stickers, gumball machine stickers, and rainbow stickers make my heart beat faster! Especially vintage.

-OK, really any stickers (no reward*, word, flakes, or holidays other than Christmas and Halloween, please)

*I like smiley face and star stickers though!

I don't care for kid/cartoon character stickers either (like dinosaurs, Dora the Explorer, etc.) ~ with the exception of Carebears, Trolls, etc. (anything that's a throwback to the 80s/90s!)

I am always open to private (vintage or new) sticker swaps.

Random Facts About Me

My nickname is CK (really creative, I know)

I just cannot pick a favorite color. Is rainbow a color? What about glitter? Holographic?

Most of my closet is fashion jewelry, not clothes.

I do not like my bare feet touching the floor.

I have 3 tattoos, including a peace sign and an amazing unicorn! (It's on my instagram page @thegrantgirl

I sell and collect [hoard] vintage stickers.

I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe, and a little OCD.

I hate putt-putt (mini golf).

I love the HBO show, GIRLS.

I am not easily offended.

I am a full-throttle Scorpio

I am a Girl Scout leader.

I love Johnny Depp and all of his sexy weirdness.

Favorite Crafts

Bible Art Journaling

Smashbooking/junk journaling

Dream Catchers

Bow-Making (hair, floral and package/gift)

Random watercoloring and acrylic painting

Anything involving glitter

I also make fun planner charms, etc.

Things I love...

I mentioned some of these above...but I love seeing a list on people's profiles, it makes swapping easier!


-Crystal clusters

-Peace signs

-Nail Polish (indies like Color Club, FUN, etc.)


-Pioneer Woman stuff (at 'the Walmarts' LOL)


-Rainbow anything

-Treasure Trolls (originals, from the 90s) NOT the new movie ones, ugh.

-Dream Catchers

-Hot air balloons (they remind me of my mom who went to Heaven 1/29/18)

-Lisa Frank (vintage/retro is even better)


-Pom Poms


-Gumball Machines (obsessed!)

-Carebears (all, especially Cheer Bear)

-80s stuff




-Moons (especially crescent shaped)

-Vintage frogs that hold sponges in their mouths

-Straws (non-bendy ones, the bendy ones and paper ones should be banned) I do my part to recycle, but I will not give up my straws.


-Winking Kitty Cat stickers

-Alice in Wonderland

"Do you suppose she's a wildflower?"

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

"I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours."

-Vintage hobnail milk glass

-North Carolina shaped things (stickers/decals, charms, etc.)

-Full House TV show

-Used stamps

-Space/Galaxy themed stuff

-Acrylic craft paints

-The Goldbergs TV show

-Post-It Note Cubes (or regular non-sticky memo cubes) in bright colors!

-Travelers Notebooks, all sizes

-Any fun toys or neat items from the 80s/90s

-Gumball machines

Things I really like doing:

Sending happy SNAIL MAIL!

Kayaking (I have a purple kayak named Purple Rain!)

Taking pictures

Playing cards

Play-doh with my 9 year old mini-me

Roaming around an antique store

Swapping #happymail

Riding and driving - road trips!

Making things (like crafty stuff)

Organizing all the things

Chopping vegetables

Flipping through an office supply catalog

Avoid and Dislikes...

I am not generally that picky, but I do like to see dislikes on some profiles. I do not have many, but here's my list of non-preferred stuff:

-Disney, cartoon, superhero stuff, princess stuff

-Overly childish unicorns

-Beauty samples

-Sticker Flakes, foam stickers, alphabet stickers, reward stickers (I like solid colored smileys & stars though!)

-Cut out stickers or cut sticker sheets. (unless swap says they are ok)

-Perfume, candles, other scented stuff

-Paper ephemera, scraps, and trinkets in themes not listed above

I would not "rate down" for any of this stuff. I just don't prefer it.

Favorite Music

Both ends of the spectrum and everything in between!

A few favs: Prince, Daft Punk, Aerosmith, When in Rome, Warren G, Missy Elliott, Clay Walker, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Taking Heads, Alan Jackson, Sia, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Color Me Badd, Ram Jam, Kenney Chesney, TLC, OutKast, Poison, Nelly, Ludacris...oh and Lil Wayne, Vanilla Ice, and Human League, and Travis Porter, and Muse, and Foster the People, and j Cole, and Kid Rock, and Motley Crue, and Blake Shelton, and Alice Cooper, Ramones, The Police, and and and...

See what I mean?!


The Twilight Series (#teamedward), Water for Elephants, Johnathan Livingston Seagull, anything by Danielle Steele (Granny Dan, Legacy, Jewels, Sisters, etc.), The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

I love magazines too. I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Country Living, National Geographic, Our State, Woman's Day, Natural Health, Bust, etc.

I tried the whole reading-magazines-on-my-ipad-and-nook-color and it is just not the same, because I like to tear out/clip things I like and keep them in a notebook!

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do really like: The Goldbergs, Full House/Fuller House, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, OITNB, Girls, The Ranch, Freeks & Geeks, Black Mirror, Atypical, and other random stuff on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu.


Bendabb rated for 50 Sticker Swap- USA on Sep 15, 2018
AliCrafter rated for Magic Box Destash Swap September on Sep 15, 2018
Comment: I am so sorry for the delayed rating. I was blown away by your box of goodies. So many fabulous WASHI! There was so many fun things you destashed - I can't imagine what you kept! I will have pencils for life (and I do use traditional pencils). Thank you so so much for such a fun swap.
zurdoswifey rated for 50 Sticker Swap- USA on Sep 14, 2018
Comment: Always a lovely swap from you....Thanks so much for the great assortment =)
shinebrite7381 rated for 50 Sticker Swap- USA on Sep 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the great stickers. I love them. We could have met for coffee or something and saved you some postage. I have never had anyone that close to me mail anything....that is awesome!
Susang7 rated for 10 Sticker Sheet Swap #7 USA on Sep 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the sticker sheets!
HexG rated for Fall Sticker Fun!! on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the stickers! You didn’t have to send extras but I appreciate them none the less! Thank you so so much! ~ happy swapping!
kraftiekimber rated for 50 Sticker Swap- USA on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: I loved the stickers...so cute! And the way you decorated the envelope...it made me smile the second I opened the mailbox because I knew it was for me. Thank you soooo much <3
Mamabemus rated for 50 Sticker Swap- USA on Sep 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you for a great package! I do love the stamps you used. My first cactus paper clip too!
candybeads rated for Sticker Sheets & Onesies on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Nice swap. Thanks a lot. Another home run.
Comment: Giiiiiirrrrlllll...WOW just WOW...loved the sheets you sent and all the extras...my first skinny washis too =) *hearts* After the few weeks Ive had it was an awesome surprise to open your package...I always feel so spoiled...Thanks for another fantabulously fantastic swap
zurdoswifey rated for 10 Sticker Sheet Swap #6 USA on Jun 2, 2018
Comment: Im always in awe like a kid on Christmas morning when i get your swaps lol...Thanks for another fabulous assortment =) if I could give you 100 hearts I totally would
Queensmiley2530 rated for The Happy Mailbox #9 USA on May 12, 2018
Comment: Omg thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies!
zurdoswifey rated for The Happy Mailbox #9 USA on May 10, 2018
Comment: OMG!!!!! Another fabulous swap...absolutely loved everything...and a head start on Halloween labels YAS!! I was all gleefull going through my goodies haha
Zefaniya rated for The Happy Mailbox #9 USA on May 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You sent me so many awesome things! LOVE the washi & cactus stickers and the postcards so yeah, everything! I'll look for you on Instagram!
zurdoswifey rated for 10 Sticker Sheet Swap #5 USA on May 4, 2018
Comment: Are you kidding me?!?!?!! I would never get sick and tired of getting stickers from you... YOU ROCK!!! I feel so spoiled with all the sparkle and Unicorns =) Thank you so much for another amazing swap and the time you took to make it special
Beckysheldon38 rated for 5 Sticker Sheet Swap #3 USA on Apr 30, 2018
Comment: I LOVED the deco'd package and extra stickers!!! Thanks so much =)
polyk rated for 5 Sticker Sheet Swap #2 USA on Apr 30, 2018
Comment: Girl - you are simply amazing! You went so above and beyond with this swap. I don’t know why, but this was delivered to the vacant house across from me (what the heck!? Lol) I’m just so happy the owner of the house was kind enough to bring it over today - it brought a tear of joy to my eyes 🙃😊 I do feel terrible about late rating - coincidently, I wasn’t even aware I was missing this swap. Again, thanks so much for the amazing swap!!! I especially LOVE the vintage teddy bear stickers! A millions hearts for you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ganjaprincess rated for Lisa Frank inspired flat swap on Apr 29, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much I loved everything!!!

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Thank you so much for the AWESOME envelope of goodies you sent to "angel" the bad swap. I wont lie those Lisa Frank stickers might not get shared with the kiddos, those took me RIGHT back to childhood haha. I loved all the stickers. Thanks so much.

zurdoswifey on Aug 25, 2017:

Thank you for the lovely surprise envie...and what a beautiful tuck in card you made...so excited to use these in my projects...how very nice of you =)

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