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Date Joined: February 9, 2021
Last Online: March 1, 2024
Birthday: August 3
Country: Malaysia
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About Me

astronaut holds flower

Updated bio

Hello 👋🏽 You can call me Hanna. I'm a Muslim. From Malaysia. Still single & currently self employed. I have 2 cats: Shapo & Lily.

Just ignore my username. It’s because the time I registered SB I was into MBTI stuff. Tho I still think it’s true that I’m an INFP.

After joining several swaps, I kinda figure out that people in SB is not always like what they said in their profile. Honestly guys, please updated your profile.

Also, please be kind. At least leave me a comment say “Thank you”. I prepared all your letters meticulously, the least I could hope from you is a simple “Thank you”

Thank you for reading.

Hope you all have a great day!


|| 17.1.24

Starting swapping again. Begin with Type 1 swap ✨


|| 4.8.23

Not feelings well at the moment. Not gonna join any swap for a while (except the one i already in before i got sick)


|| 2.7.23

Waiting to arrive to the recipients:

  • HMPC Let’s do collage July
  • HMPC Book pages art July


|| 1.6.23

I’ll be taking break from joining swap Type 2 & Type 3. I still got a few swaps which haven’t arrived to the attended recipients:

  • ATC #10 (ARRIVED)
  • inkbox #4 (ARRIVED)
  • neurographic HMPC (ARRIVED)


|| 4.10.22

‼️ All my letters safely arrived to the attended partner except one: Zines #3 coordinated by Onaki

The last communication I had with this partner, she told me something like “if I don’t rate, that means I don’t receive it” after I sent a message just to check up. So I decided I will not send her any messages from that on.

Until today, I haven’t received a rating from her. So I don’t know my letter’s status. Based on all of my previous letters, each one is arrived safely.

I will not resend her anything for now. The stamps isn’t actually cheap from Malaysia to US. Unless she rated me with with “1” or “3” until then I will not take any action.

I refused to getting bullied anymore. My whole childhood I had to endure that. Not anymore.


|| 27.9.22

Almost all my letters arrived to the recipients. Except for swap name Zines #3 & a private swap - postcard. At this point I can be sure, there’s nothing wrong with my postal service.


|| 5.8.22

I will take a break from swapping Type 2 & Type 3 for a while. There are still lot of my letters didn’t arrived to the attended recipients. You can visit me on IG or YouTube if need to know my latest updates. For now I’ll go on hiatus 👋🏾


|| 2.12.21

⚠️ For any future flat mail - I will send out the letter before / on the date to be sent. I always followed the dateline. I will provide picture if you want the prove 👍🏽 Please don't rate me below 5 just because the postmark date isn't right. Tysm for your understanding 🙇🏽‍♀️


|| 25.09.21

Our main post office (POS Malaysia) is resuming international mailing. But only to certain countries. Can't wait to start swapping stuff with a few of you!


I'm new to penpalling/swap thing-y. As this February 2021, I've successfully sent 2 happy mails to international friends. A little note before we agree to swap; I do need a contact number too. As right now my main post office (POS MALAYSIA) is onhold doing international shipping. So I have to use courier services & they needed a contact number to inform of any trouble with the parcel. I do hope this is not a problem but if it is then I understand.

To any potential swap friends, it's nice to know you all & thank you, thank you so much for believing me with your address & contact number. 🙏🏽


[ ]

Some days I feel like a bomb

barely containing a concussive force

and other days I feel like

the rubble & ruins left in its wake - Nick a west

[ ]

Favourite Topics/Themes

  • Cats 🐈🐈🐈
  • Astronomy
  • Plants/trees 🌲
  • Rains (petrichor)
  • Sky (night sky 🌃, morning sky)
  • Alone
  • Humanity
  • Magical/secrets stuff
  • Inception
  • X-files
  • Ocean
  • Psychology
  • Woodland animals
  • the 80s

More to come later...



Music : nowadays I prefer music without lyrics in it whatever you called it.

Books : Khaled Hosseini's, Kazuo Ishiguro, Neil Gaiman, graphic novels, manga or anything that captured my interest really.

Genres : Movie/tv show - I prefer mystery & thriller, true crime. Currently watching on YT ; Frank James, That Chapter, JCS, EWU


Likes (Swap stuff)

Willing to trade & receive:

  • Art!!
  • Postcards
  • Washi tapes samples / full (if I got some to share)
  • Stickers (I'm not picky but please share something that you would love to receive back. It's just fair)
  • Face masks
  • Bookmarks (handmade preferred)
  • Scrap papers
  • Hand made papers
  • Origamis
  • Poems
  • Polaroids (DIY, or real one)
  • Used teabags


Art I enjoyed making for swapbot (so far)

  • ATC
  • Inkbox card
  • Home made postcard
  • Art journal page


Dislikes/To Avoid

🌺I'm a Muslim🌺 Non-halal foods I have to decline. (Please Google what's Non-halal foods are). I actually don't mind if you wanted to share about your religion with me, but I do hope you could do the same. Just not too much preaching 🙏🏽 I'm sorry for such trouble & thank you for understanding!


I have non 💫 So anything is good except those I've mentioned above 👍🏽

Rating ✨✨✨

I Pledge to Rate

People who usually don’t rate me: - From swap Type 1 🤔

‼️ How I handle swap


  1. I prefer sending two (2) messages to my swap partner. One is SB inbox & second is email. Why? To inform you about how long my letter will arrive & picture proof for reference.
  2. It’s not always I’m going to resend swap (so far haven’t got any issues) We will discuss how to resolve it.
  3. I can safely say that I always will be nice to any SB users or partners. However please don’t take it for granted. I know communication using messages kinda misleading, therefore please rephrase your words carefully. I sometimes using emojis to appear more friendly/approachable. I don’t like to talk with people too tbh, but in here it’s necessary because we got free stuff from others the least we could do is to be kind to each others.


MamaKek rated for Scavenger Junk Journal Round #13 on Feb 9, 2024
Comment: I love the little girls on your page! So cute. It all came together nicely!
hellojett rated for Scavenger Junk Journal Round #13 on Feb 1, 2024
Comment: I like your page a lot, I like that the tag opens to reveal what's underneath. The little characters are sweet too :) Thank you for sharing!
Comment: This is a beautiful layout! I really enjoy the use of fabric here and it makes such a nice visual and physical texture to the entire thing. Looks beautiful!!
Response: Hi 👋🏾 haha that’s not my junk journal page. You need to check on the comment section & find infphann’s post :) this is a new way the swap coordinator gave us to do the swap. Anyway thank you for the rating & have a good day ☺️🌿
Comment: Great pages and love the chunky journal too! I stuff so much fun stuff into mine and it's thick and exactly how I love it!!
Response: Yes to chunky journal 🥳 tysm for the rating & ❤️
PinkPengin rated for Scavenger Junk Journal Round #12 on Jan 15, 2024
Comment: I love this spread!! Espreically that cute cat on the calendar and your wonderful owl painting. I really adore cats and owls both. Thank you for sharing your page and about Junk Journal January!
Response: I love cat as well! :D tysm for the kind word. I really appreciated it. & tysm for the rating & ❤️. Have a great day.
Comment: I really enjoyed your spread! The layout you went with is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
Response: Hi 👋🏾 I’m glad :) tysm for the rating & ❤️. Have a great day!
Comment: Wow Hanna!! What a gorgeous package from across the border! The ATCs turned out amazing! I appreciate the extra ATCs too! Love what you made from my chaotic mess.haha..lets do another one soon! Thanks for the extras! Can't wait to use them on my other projects.♥️♥️♥️
Response: Hi 👋🏾 I’m glad my letter arrived to you safely 🥰 it’s a bit challenging yes but i enjoyed the process so it’s a win :D Tysm again for accepting me as your swap partner! ❤️❤️❤️
January rated for AA.HM.PC: Book Pages Art - July on Jul 24, 2023
Comment: I love the beautiful PC you created! The colors, the composition, and the message - all beautiful. Thank you!
Response: Tysm for the nice comments 🥰 Thank you for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
Comment: The kitties have arrived! Thank you so much for a great P.C.!
Response: Yay 🥳 Thank you so much for the rating & ❤️ Hope you have a great day 🌿
soyprincesa2 rated for Junk Journal Round #33 June on Jun 21, 2023
Comment: I love your style so much. The different bits of media! My endings page was going to NOT be about death. But then as I was starting my page this weekend, our 16 year old dog Charlie had to be euthanized and so not only did it mean I needed to push the swap deadline out a few extra days. But also I wanted to do a different layout and have mine be about death as well. Thanks so much for your beautiful design and always coming back to swap.
Response: I’m sorry about Charlie 😔 Losing a pet feels like losing a relative & I really understand ❤️ Take your time making your page 👍🏾 Thank you to you too for inviting me joining your swap. Because your swap is a public swap, so I can’t receive any notification. I don't join public swap anymore (unless it’s Type 1) Maybe you can open up a group so we can join? Thank you so much for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
carol rated for Junk Journal Round #33 June on Jun 16, 2023
Comment: Beautiful page, and a lovely tribute to your mother. Thanks for sharing!
Response: Thank you for replying my email (2 times 😊) really appreciated it 🙏🏾 Thank you so much for the lovely comment, rating & ❤️ Hope you’re having a great day 🌿
hellojett rated for Junk Journal Round #33 June on Jun 16, 2023
Comment: A lovely page and a nice tribute to your late mother. It's subtle and does convey the message of Endings. I like the colours and the fold out part.
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comment :) Thank you so much for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
9O96O rated for AA.HM.PC: Neurographic Art PC - May on Jun 13, 2023
Comment: Well done. So colourful and I really like how you make the sections look bubbly. I love your PS because it looks like neurographic did exactly what it should do for you (focus and relax). :) P.S. I love the chicken theme Malaysian postage stamp.
Response: I’m glad the postcard arrived there safely 🥲 I always anxious to think about whether my HMPC will arrived to the partner 🫣😅 Thank you so much for the nice comment, it made my day :) Thank you for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
Comment: Thank you for the awesome ink box cards. They are perfect. You did a great job. And love all the extras. ❣️
Response: I’m glad it arrived safely there. Tysm for the nice comment, I really appreciated it :) hope the set can added a variety to your collection. Thank you for the rating & ❤️. Have a great day 🌿
Comment: As always, beautiful cards Hanna. I love the postcard and envelope. Thanks so very much.
Response: I’m glad it finally arrived there safely. Hope the cards set added some variety to your collection. Thank you so much for the rating & ❤️. Have a great day 🌿
carol rated for Junk Journal Round #32 May on May 17, 2023
Comment: Wow! Gorgeous layout! I always love it when people add so much depth to their pages. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Response: Tysm for a nice comment :) Thank you for the rating & ❤️ You have a great day 🌿
ScrapHappyGabi rated for Junk Journal Round #32 May on May 10, 2023
Comment: I really am enjoying the spread you created for your journal! I love the textures, layers and colours! Looks amazing!
Response: TYSM for such a lovely comments 🥰 It made my day! TYSM for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
BuddyBriar rated for Junk Journal Round #32 May on May 10, 2023
Comment: Lovely spread. I'm fighting a cold & my creativity is "snuffed" out right now. This is very inspirational for me. THANKS.
Response: Oh, please take care of yourself ❤️ hope you’ll feel better soon. TYSM for the rating & ❤️ Take care 🌿
Comment: Your postcard arrived today, after only one month, in perfect condition. I love the floral and pastel washis you chose and how you layered them with the other images and text. Thank you so much for this lovely postcard!
Response: Yay :) I’m glad it arrived sooner than i ecpected. Tysm for your comment, it really made my day & it feels like all my effort is paid off 🫶🏾 Thank you again for the rating & ❤️ Have a great day 🌿
Comment: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Hanna cantik giler lah u buat ur swap! I give u 10,000000 hearts! Wah so much effort put into ur crafts! I felt like I just bought something from a shop! Thank you so much for ur generosity and creativity. All the ATCs are beautiful and so unique. Thank u for the gorgeous extras. Did u draw them urself(the black and white animals?
Response: Yeay dh sampai 🤩 Only the best for you 😘 Yes, I draw them myself :) Tysm for the rating & ❤️ 🌿

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colleenbUSA on Aug 22, 2021:

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Hello and good morning- I'm unable to post pictures unfortunately... I've had a good go. Im a newbie and have only managed to leave 2 pictures on my own profile - and gawd knows how I finally did it.... Because I can't remember, hehe! I hope my profile comment finds you happy & well. Hopefully we will swap again sometime. Have a beautiful week. Take care.

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