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Give one, get SIX!

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Give one, get SIX!
Swap Coordinator:JingleKeys (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:102
Location:Regional - US ONLY
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:September 24, 2020
Date items must be sent by:October 10, 2020
Number of swap partners:1

Hello all!

I've crawled out of my cave for another swap. I was going to do a lottery for just one winner but I recently found a bunch of stamps while cleaning so everyone will get something from me!

How this will work:


YOU will have ONE (1) partner to send a naked (written and stamped) card to, which can be anything you like. As usual, it's nice if you can check their profile but not required. If you would, please do write something nice on the card other than the swap name and your name.


I will then send an envelope of cards to everyone that signs up! I am trying to de-stash as I am moving and just don't really have the time to swap right now but I want people to be able to give my cards life aside from sitting in my storage. I'm doing it as one stamp envelopes so 1oz which is usually 4-5 cards. The ones I send out will be blank (except the one I send to my actual swap partner).

Important: The card themes I have are all over the place. Boston, Albany, NYC, Vermont, Star Wars Comics, Alice, farm animals, Jane Austen, food art, Pixar, Memu, Earth/space, patriotic, and many more random ones. I am going to do it so that the 5 cards are all different. You may end up with 2 touristy cards in an envelope but they will be different cities.

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU HAVE PREFERENCES!! For cards you want: This will only be for a set suggestion like if you want an Alice in Wonderland card I will put one but I can't guarantee any particular image.

PLEASE comment specifically if there's a set you DO NOT want. Some people have strong feelings or beliefs about certain things like not wanting nudity or religious or crude humor or some such things. I generally have completely neutral cards but I will definitely avoid certain things if you tell me to.

Finally: I just want to say this: I am not doing this to get rid of UGLY cards whether it is the image or if they are used or bent. This is for NICE, NEW cards that I consider to be very lovely but I just don't have the time/money to send them. I have over 2000 available. I promise to not send ugly cards! :) I hope many join, I'm excited to stuff envelopes!!!

And also sorry, US only because I only have forever stamps.


I changed the name of the swap from "Give one get five"

You will technically get 6 cards... 1 from your swap partner and 5 from me. I wasn't thinking about that when I named the swap!

One more (important) thing....

Because you will really only have 1 partner to send a card to and I'm just using the master list to send envelopes to everyone, you won't be able to rate me the standard way. If you would leave a comment on my profile if you like the cards that'd be great! Also please message me if you don't get them. You might think it's silly to message about free cards but I do want to make sure everyone gets a batch :)


Rabbitfreedom 09/20/2020 #

This is very nice of you to offer these cards. I would love anything having to do with Alice in Wonderland, or anything that is animal themed, esp. rabbits. Also, if I could request possibly no patriotic or disney, thank you so much.

Katiebree 09/20/2020 #

This is amazing! I love anything floral, colorful, Pixar, no really picky!

jenh7498 09/20/2020 #

I like food art, earth & space, Pixar, & farm animals, please :)

colleenwrites 09/20/2020 #

This is so sweet of you! I’d love any earth/space themed cards, but if they’re not available, I’ll love anything!

bringitb 09/20/2020 #

What a great swap—thank you! I’d love to request NYC and/or food (and would love to receive anything you’d like to share)! =)

pinklilly 09/20/2020 #

Thank you so much for doing this destash!! I love postcards!! I love Jane Austen, Alice, Disney, flowers or whatever you have available. I would be so happy.

captkristi 09/20/2020 #

Farm animals and Earth/space sound awesome. But like everyone else...I will be super happy with whatever you send. Thanks so much for the generosity!! 2k postcards is incredible!!!

PooKwin73 09/20/2020 #

What a sweet thing to do! My favorites are Disney, (especially Aladdin / Genie or anything Disney parks-related), any animals, or tourist attractions / landmarks (ie, Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Mt.Rushmore, etc). But I'll happily accept whatever you send, Thank You!

Allegrae 09/21/2020 #

How nice of you! I love food art, sports, ocean/lighthouse themes and weird cards that defy classification.

03Scarlett 09/21/2020 #

Thank you so much for such a generous offer! I would like any cards that you might have that would make senior citizens smile ... flowers for sure but if not, that's okay. Just any that would make older people smile (these will go to residents of nursing homes who are in lock down and can't have visitors.) Thank you so much!

Aseret25 09/21/2020 #

This is so generous of you! I'm fairly open, although I would prefer not to receive anything religious, patriotic, nudity, or crude humor. Thanks!

ladydy5 09/21/2020 #

I think you are so gracious to send your collection out. I did that with art trading cards when I moved. I like to send animal postcards to my great grandsons so that would be nice to get. Thanks.

squince 09/21/2020 #

I'm pretty open! I like tourist cards the least, but i'll take whatever! :)

alwayslearning 09/21/2020 #

This is a great idea! I have to wait to sign up, but I would love Alice ones. Thank you!

baseri 09/21/2020 #

Thank you very much. I love them all, I did grow up near Albany, NY.... my elderly relatives love to receive my weekly postcards.

Vickimac 09/21/2020 #

I’ll take any weird or unusual ones you have :)

sleepingrover2010 09/21/2020 #

I would be happy with any you have to share. I really appreciate your kindness and willingness to share. I would prefer you share the following with others--Star Wars, Comics, Pixar, and Memu. All other topics are just fine. Thanks again! Barb

Maud1916 09/21/2020 #

I love earth, space, Alice in Wonderland & artsy cards in general. I also love NYC! Nothing religious, please. Thank you! <3

Momskii 09/21/2020 #

I will accept anything that you want to send to me. So, give everyone their requests, and send me whats leftover. thanks for this

dustyrumor 09/21/2020 #

I love all! Would prefer NOT to receive patriotic, Star Wars, Comic, Pixar, Memu. What a great swap idea! Thanks for this :)

Barbara 09/21/2020 #

Oh anything and everything. Thank you!

Hyshu 09/21/2020 #

Thank you for your generous offer! I will be happy with anything I receive!

ajmay 09/21/2020 #

Thank you for doing this! I would love a space and a food art card and the rest can be random. You are amazing!

catspen 09/21/2020 #

would love love memu cards! thank you~

sleepykitty 09/22/2020 #

Thank you so much!

AZmom875 09/22/2020 #

I like cats, clocktowers, windmills, and coffee and sunflowers, and tea postcards. I have postcard preference in my profile.

Carime 09/22/2020 #

Too bad it's US only :'( But congratulations anyway for your kind gesture

DreZee 09/22/2020 #

Thank you for your generosity! Feel free to send me all the offensive cards!

aligurl75 09/22/2020 #

You are such a sweet person! I really like this idea!

MissRich 09/22/2020 #

I will treasure anything I get; Thank you for hosting! Here is my 'list' of things I have a soft spot for; 1.) ANYTHING Alice In Wonderland!!! 2.) Clocks 3.) Johnny Depp too ;) lol

Kbrewste09 09/22/2020 #

I’m not picky! Anything would be great! Thank you!!

PrairieKittin 09/22/2020 #

The only thing I prefer is NO christian cards. Thank you so much!!!!

Lila84 09/22/2020 #

Thank you, so kind of you! I'm not really into religious, star wars or comics, bugs, clowns, patriotic type themes.

bpl76 09/22/2020 #

love this idea thank you for hosting !! would like anything

MCGalaxy 09/22/2020 #

Love this idea. Such a great way to purge. I love comics, humorous cards, nature, animals, just about anything except for patriotic themed ones

SatisHuman 09/22/2020 #

I love Alice in Wonderland, animals (especially cats), Harry Potter, crude and offensive humor, nudity, and any other oddities you may have. I’m not easily offended and welcome any cards that may potentially upset other people. I am not interested in patriotic or religious cards. Thanks again for such a generous swap!

2Hearts 09/23/2020 #

Wonderful of you to do this!! I love all PC except Scary ones! (Harry Potter is one of my favs - he is not scary)! Anything will be happily loved!

bordercolliemom59 09/23/2020 #

no nudity or cursing or horror or satanic please

ittybittykitty 09/23/2020 #

You are so kind for hosting this! I love wild animals and pets, holidays, space, arts, spooky things, and anything that’s kind of quirky or not easy to categorize. I’d prefer not to have patriotic, religious, or touristy (places). But anything you send will be loved! :)

Poohtat 09/23/2020 #

What a lovely idea. Thank you. I like anything.

fiennesgirl 09/23/2020 #

Thanks in advance for this swap! I’d love getting Alice In Wonderland, anything spooky, space (for my youngest son), Harry Potter (for my middle son’s girlfriend), tea-themed, any Dachshund ones, or Jane Austen if available. Please no touristy or ones with realistic spiders. Spiders freak me out!

arystotle 09/23/2020 #

Nothing too child-like

Snailmail1772 09/23/2020 #

Thank you in advance for your generosity! I’m interested in Alice, Jane, Pixar, space/earth, or any B&W. Good look with your project!

klover 09/23/2020 #

Thank you for paying it forward! Very kind of you. I collect Alice in Wonderland anything. lol!

Ace330660 09/23/2020 #

I would not like these themes if possible. Thanks for the giveaway! Star Wars Comics, Pixar, Memu, and, patriotic

emmiepontremoli 09/23/2020 #

Thank you so much for doing this swap! It is so generous of you:) I really like space, mushroom, aliens, and funny cards!!

bostianh 09/23/2020 #

Thank you for your RAK!😍

EleanB 09/24/2020 #

Yes to naughty, creepy, scary, etc. Happy for anything except religious.

mcorbus 09/24/2020 #

Thank you for doing this. I like anything

Honeyloveart 09/24/2020 #

Can't believe how many people have signed up! I'd love farm, space, nature just please no patriotic. You're amazing!!!

MsBellaDonna 09/24/2020 #

Thank you for being so generous! I would love Alice, NYC, patriotic. :) If you have anything black/white or vintage I'm interested in that too. Surprises are fun! Thanks again!

paperlover 09/24/2020 #

Very generous of you to do this. I like everything!

ckwini 09/24/2020 #

This is a kind gesture and I might steal this idea! My order of preference would be 1)earth/space, 2)Star Wars, 3)Boston, 4)a random assortment. But I will be happy with any postcards!

xanthishome 09/24/2020 #

Wow! You rock for sure. 🙂 I'm happy with anything but I do like space/galaxy, architecture & fantasy. Thank you!

lovesreward 09/24/2020 #

This is a fun idea - good luck with the move! I'm open to any cards you send my way, thanks!

questionauthority13 09/24/2020 #

I'd love Boston, Albany, NYC, Vermont, & Earth/space. But I'd be happy with whatever you send. Thanks for your generosity.

Postalstamplife 09/24/2020 #

This is so fun! Thank you. I love vintage birds, animals, and floral note cards. I prefer cards over postcards, but I will love whatever you send, I'm sure. Good luck on your move.

EverydayAngels 09/24/2020 #

Wow❤️What an amazing and generous idea. You are beautiful! Blessings to you

coleandjojo 09/24/2020 #

This is such a fun idea! Thank you for your generosity! Sorry to hear you don't have much time these days to Swap....Can I at least send you some stamps in an envelope to help with postage costs? I don't have any preferences on cards, surprise is fine. Thanks again!

JingleKeys 09/25/2020 #

@coleandjojo you're so sweet! It's more people than I expected but I have lots of stamps and lots lots more postcards!! xo I'll be swapping lots more soon I'm sure. I'm just trying to get organized right now :)

ladydy5 09/25/2020 #

Can they be blank cards not written on ?

Vickimac 09/25/2020 #

You have a generous heart and so many people in this swap. I’ll take whatever cards you want to send. I don’t love touristy cards but they are free so I won’t complain :). I love Halloween and spooky cards if you have any weird ones

PegOGood 09/25/2020 #

Any kind is good for me (as long as not offensive) Thank you for doing this.

LavenderSprinkles 09/25/2020 #

I would be interested in food art, Jane Austen, and space.

lilmissthrifty 09/25/2020 #

AWESOME! ANything is cool with me, but touristy cards THANKS DEAR!!!! Good luck with purging!

mandigutterrose 09/25/2020 #

No preference, I just think this is super cool of you!

alexalgebra 09/27/2020 #

Thank you!! I don't have a preference really, except for not FL or CA (unless it's Disney-related) because I have a ton of cards from those two states.

Earlgurl 09/30/2020 #

I will DEFINITELY leave you a comment on your profile bc this and YOU are AMAZING for doing this for all of us. 102 are in this swap. You freaking ROCK!!!!

Earlgurl 10/ 5/2020 #

I couldve sworn that I commented about this but I don't see my comment. IF you still have any ALICE, or crude humor I'd be more than happy to take them off of your hands. LOL I'm really not picky, but a HUGE fan of Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, etc. Thank you again for doing this!!!

Katiebree 10/ 6/2020 #

Wait im confused postcard or greeting card? Lol

Katiebree 10/ 6/2020 #

Nvm I see lol

dobiegirl 10/10/2020 #

that is very sweet of you

coleandjojo 10/14/2020 #

Wow I got your amazing package of postcards that you sent. This was such a nice thing to do! I enjoyed the variety of them and I will be sure they all find a good home in choosing a recipient. Thank you so very much! PS: I never mind a homeade envelope I am all for reduce, reuse, recycle, so that was fine, I didn't even notice til I saw your note. Don't sweat the small things in life!!

middleearthtraveller 10/14/2020 #

I received your cards--thank you so much!

MCGalaxy 10/15/2020 #

I just got your envíe and wanted to thank you.

I loved the selection of cards that u sent but i don't know if I'm going to be able to mail out those comic ones. They are just too cute

dobiegirl 10/16/2020 #

thank you the cards were great

dustyrumor 10/16/2020 #

I just received your cards! Thank you :) I'm so thankful for all the nice people on this website! :)

Allegrae 10/19/2020 #

Thanks so much for the cards! What a great assortment! I especially love the Maine seafood card. You really outdid yourself!

lovesreward 10/20/2020 #

Thank you for the cards Kelly = you must have a hand cramp from sending over 100 envelopes! :) Thank you for this fun swap!

xanthishome 10/26/2020 #

Thank you sooo much for the PC's! So generous of you!

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