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Fill it! A minizine project

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Fill it! A minizine project
Swap Homepage:http://www.miss-pickle.blogspot.com/p/fillit.html
Swap Coordinator:MissPickle (contact)
Swap categories: Books  Zines  Illustration 
Number of people in swap:74
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 15, 2012
Date items must be sent by:March 2, 2012
Number of swap partners:5


This is the first round of a minizine project that'll, I hope so, include as many issues as long as people will participate. The project is inspired by The Scribble Project, and the idea is to see how people are changing the same sheet in their own way. We'll do the same, except the final project will be a super cool minizine. You'll see, it's pretty simple.

Step 1) Download the template (ISSUE 1) on the swap homepage (or copy this link in your browser --> http://pumpkin66.webs.com/fillit_issue1.PDF).

Step 2) Print it. It will directly fit to letter size : 8.5 x 11 inches.

Step 3) Doddle/draw/illustrate the sheet in your own way, following the guidelines. You can also write on it, embellish the frame, add colors... whatever you want to personalize your issue.

Step 4) Put the original in the copy machine and print as many copies as you want (at least 5 because you'll have 5 partners).

Step 5) Fold the minizines according to this tutorial.

Step 6) Send one copy to each of your partners!

Your zine will be directly in 1/8 format, with 8 pages including the front and back covers. You are more than welcome to embellish the front and back covers as well. You can flickr or google "mini-zine" to have some pictures/inspirations :)

You'll have five (5) partners and this swap is international because of the lightweight of the zine who'll fit in a normal sized envelop. Plus, more partners = more zines = more fun!

Beginners and long-time zinesters are welcome to joint, as long as newbies with completed profile. Other swappers must have a 4.9+ rating to participate. I'll angel if needed but please no flakers! I reserve the right to ban any suspicious swappers before assigning partners.

If you have any question, feel free to PM me and/or visit the swap homepage on my blog!

Have fun everyone!


50DaysOfSummer 01/25/2012 #

This sounds like a pretty awesome swap. I am new to zines, I always wanted to make one though. :) So i thought I give it a try now. Thanks for hosting such an awesome swap. ^^

nasreen 01/25/2012 #

So let me just make sure I understand. It is a basic minizine and we illustrate it with "doodles", photocopy it, fold and and send it to five people? Please let me know if I have understood properly.

MissPickle 01/25/2012 #

nasreen > that's right! It's exactly what you have to do for this swap.

50DaysOfSummer > Great! I'm happy it will be your first zine and I hope you'll have fun!

KarmasBullet 01/25/2012 #

Sooo.. We use this template? http://pumpkin66.webs.com/fillit_issue1.PDF Or do we just doodle on the entire thing ourselves? Haha sorry. This is still a little confusing for me :P

MissPickle 01/25/2012 #

KarmasBullet > The template include some guidelines to complete the zine. For example, a page ask "three songs". It can be your favourites songs, the worst tracks you've ever heard, random songs on your playlist etc... And another participant will probably write something completely different in this page. The template is a sort of "frame" of the zine which mean every participant will start with the same frame but transform it as they want, with their own style and illustrations. Is it more clear? I tried to explain the swap as best as I can. If it's a little confusing again just take a look at the Scribble Project page and you'll see some examples of the completed sheets (templates). It's the same thing for here!

KarmasBullet 01/25/2012 #

I understand it now! Thank you! This is going to be fun! :D

Adlpated 01/25/2012 #

The back page lists name, date, fear and email. What do you mean by 'fear'? What I'm afraid of, or something I don't understand?

MissPickle 01/25/2012 #

Adlpated > I mean something you're afraid of!

EvilBlackSheep 01/26/2012 #

Is it ok if the format is a little bit different? I don't have 8x11 paper, I'm in europe I'm using A4. Or do i have to recut it ?

MissPickle 01/26/2012 #

EvilBlackSheep > A4 paper is fine too! Maybe you'll need to resize the PDF template a little bit before printing it. Or you can cut and paste each "page" of the template in a blank A4 sheet then copy it to have a real A4 format to work on :)

EvilBlackSheep 01/26/2012 #

I'll make it fit to the page, I hope it won't look too different or won't annoy people if the format is slightly different. Definitely joining then, it'll be my first minizine but i'm excited to give it a try

MissPickle 01/26/2012 #

EvilBlackSheep > Sounds good. I think the zine will fit well once folded even if the A4 and letter format are slighly differents. Thank you for joining the swap and I hope it will be a positive first try at making zines!

Faun00 01/28/2012 #

Can't wait, this will also be my first Zine. One question, is it all Doodled and drawing (which is what I mostly do) or is there some collaging, i.e.-picture of you?

Faun00 01/28/2012 #

Sorry one more question, we doodle all 5 or we doodle one and then copy the finished one 5 times?

MissPickle 01/28/2012 #

Faun00 > The main idea is to doodle/illustrate the zine in your own way. I don't think the collaging will be fine with this swap, it's better to complete it "by hand" with your own style and handwritting. Also I strongly suggest you to doodle one (the original) then copy this original!

Faun00 01/28/2012 #

Ok, perfect, thank you, this will be fun.

Adlpated 01/29/2012 #

I just wish the cover were blank that we could fill in.

rottifan4 02/ 3/2012 #

I'm almost done with mine. I hope you do more of these. They are fun.

MrsHonniB 02/ 4/2012 #

I collage a little here and there in my zines, use ink to make it look old and such since I love mixed media, and it comes out righ when printed....I hope that's ok for this zine too?

MissPickle 02/ 5/2012 #

MrsHonniB : There is no specific rules with this zine but I think it may be interesting to handwrite on it or doodle... even if I wrote a few message earlier that collaging won't be okay for this swap, finally if it's a part of your own style it's okay! So no problem if you want to add a little bit of collage here and there.

And everyone let's just have fun!

50DaysOfSummer 02/ 5/2012 #

I just finished mine! As it is my first one, I wanted to get it done before the partner's are assigned, to chicken out in case it turns out awful :D I had so much fun with this. I hope you do more in the future :)

MissPickle 02/ 9/2012 #

50DaysOfSummer > Great! I'm glad you liked your first "experience" of making a zine. I'm impressed to see how many participants are joining/watching this swap... that's super cool! I'll definitively host a round two with a new template soon :)

saellys 02/ 9/2012 #

This is so delightful! I'm getting started on mine now, and I look forward to round two!

vixen 02/ 9/2012 #

Watching for now. I've never heard of this.

papermoon 02/10/2012 #

wow I love this! Soon as I kill off some of my current swaps I'll be sure to join in :D

jasondpierson 02/11/2012 #

Mine are done, in envelopes, and ready to go! Looking forward to getting those zines in the mail!

barbieloufromKY 02/11/2012 #

Sounds like fun....but have a question or two....I doodle on the 8 sections......then I send this zine to my partners.....then what do they do with the zine??? do they doodle some more on the zine and send it back to me or send it to someone else?? Just to be sure I'm understanding this before I join! Thanks!

MissPickle 02/11/2012 #

barbieloufromKY > After your zine is copied and folded you send a copy to each of your partner. They don't have to complete it because you do and zines are like a piece of art by itself. Your partners may collect them, swap them with other people etc... for more informations on zines I strongly suggest you to read this article on wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zine Hope this may help you :)

CardsZania 02/12/2012 #

How do I get to the Scribble Project Page? I'm not quite sure about this so would like to see some examples. Thanks!

MissPickle 02/12/2012 #

CardsZania > Here is the link! The Scribble Project

FreddFudd 02/12/2012 #

MissPickle, just finished my minizine and it was suuuuch fun - looking forward to more minizines and the swaps. Thank You =D

bluecrayons 02/12/2012 #

if we photocopy the original 5 times who gets the original? ive never done this nor heard of this but i printed it out and im a get started.

MissPickle 02/14/2012 #

FreddFudd Thanks! I'm so happy there is lot of people interested in this project. I'll set up the Round two in about a week with a new template :)

bluecrayons > You should keep the original for yourself if you want to make more copies in the future or swap this minizine later with other people. I always keep my originals for this reason :)

sunshinesuperman 02/14/2012 #

I am willing to swap zines with anyone I do not get paired with. This way we have even more to collect! PM me after partners are assigned if interested.

Wingy 02/14/2012 #

i am new to making zines..i have only recvd 1 in my lifetime :D so i am in and going to try this out ....sounds like F U N .

pahasiga 02/15/2012 #

I must shamefacedly admit that the questions in this zine turned out to be too difficult for me. I'll be on lookout for next.

sdowner 02/15/2012 #

I'm in .. this sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to start doodling and drawing!! This is a good excuse to get the markers and crayons out and not feel guilty!! :-)

saellys 02/15/2012 #

I'm making ten copies! If you want one and we're not partnered, send me a message!

pengrafyx 02/15/2012 #

I'm also making extra copies ... if you don't get me as a partner, send me a message via swapbot and I'll exchange with you. I only wish I could afford the postage to swap with everybody - I'm a "collect the whole set" kinda girl and I get happy chemicals in my brain just thinking about how fabulous all these are going to be! Great swap, Miss Pickle ... you are my hero! :)

MissPickle 02/16/2012 #

Hi everyone!

I woke up a bit early this morning to assign partners before going to school... so exciting! I just want to say THANK YOU all for joining the fun. It's super cool to set up a project/a swap and to have a positive response for it. And especially with zines!

If you liked the challenge, there will be obviously a round two. I'll upload the second template next week and set up a new swap :) So for now, let's doodle!

Have fun and a pretty nice day to all of you!

raesha 02/17/2012 #

I'm going to make extras too - so if you don't have me as a partner send me a message!!!!

zibbity 02/17/2012 #

So so so so sad that I missed the fun this time. Realized it dropped from my watch list today. SOOOO sad. I'd be happy to be an angel if someone needs. Was really looking forward to this one. Please host another one VERY soon so I can participate! Thanks MissPickle!

Wingy 02/25/2012 #

i made 4 extra copies......so if anyone would like to trade and you are not my partner...PM me....lets trade :D

firstborn 02/27/2012 #

this was fun @miss pickle...looking forward to the next. i too have extras if anyone is interested in extra swapping. pls. drop me a note :) mary ann

MissPickle 03/ 2/2012 #

I've just set up a new swap for the second round of the Fill It project! :) --> here

Happy swapping!

samsstuff 03/ 7/2012 #

I had fun filling mine! I do want to apologize about the printing on mine. I had printer issues & had to take the one copy I had to a business supply store to have copies made. They couldn't make the copies much darker than the original & the machine pulled the pages through a bit sideways. I'll print them myself, next time. Grr...

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