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Magpie Journal U.S. - Summer 2017

Magpie Journal U.S. - Summer 2017
Swap Coordinator:chelle523 (contact)
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Location:Regional - U.S. Only
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Last day to signup/drop:June 30, 2017
Date items must be sent by:August 2, 2017
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I was in several of these swaps a few years ago and just loved them. I've hosted several over the past few years and they're always fasincating! I think the original was hosted by honeyblossom.

What's a magpie journal? Well, a magpie is a bird related to the crow that is know as being a collector. Similarly, people are called "magpies" who collect things, particularly things that seem to have little value. So, for this journal, you're going to collect various items and paste them in a small journal.

For the sake of postage, you need only make 30 entries of collected items - you don't need to fill an entire journal (but please feel free to do so if you wish). Please keep the journals no larger than roughly 5 x 7 inches - smaller is definitely okay. I generally use a small composition book (roughly 4x6 inch size). Decorate the cover any way you like.

What to include inside the journal? Here are some ideas:

Recipes/Menus/Postcards/Playing cards/Stickers/Tags and labels/ Interesting stamps /Coupons /Found items (as long as they're clean)/Notes /Grocery Lists /Poems /Song Lyrics/ Interesting bits of paper /Interesting ads /Flyers /Clippings from newspapers and magazines /Inserts /Labels from favorite products /Candy wrappers (make sure they aren't sticky) / Washi samples

Try to include things that have visual interest or meaning. Feel free to add a note here or there to explain why you included something if you'd like. Doodles and other decorations are likewise encouraged but not required. If you'd like an extra challenge, see how much of the journal you can fill within the deadline!

Basically anything goes - just make sure you have 30 entries and nothing dirty, smelly or sticky! I've included photos of my own Magpie journal for inspiration as the official swap photo, but if you have any questions about the swap or requirements, feel free to ask!

There's a long lead time on this one, so you can go ahead and get started as it's sender's choice and not partner-specific! I'm also running an International version of this swap if you're interested in that.

Have fun!


cynaemon 05/ 8/2017 #

I have done many of these and they are great fun. I am using a 6 X 8 journal. Hope that will be okay.

chelle523 05/10/2017 #

@cynaemon - that will be just perfect! Thank you for joining!

littlemissme84 06/ 8/2017 #

Is there an international version of this swap?

Dessie0416 06/ 8/2017 #

So, basically, you just glue stuff in the book you find interesting? Does it have to be glued. For example, if I find a nice postcard, I wouldn't want to glue that and ruin it for my partner. Just wondering. Very interested in this swap.

chelle523 06/ 9/2017 #

@lilmissme84 yes there is!

chelle523 06/ 9/2017 #

@Dessie0416 yes, you can attach things in other ways, too. Not everything has to be glued if it's something that the recipient could use!

LunaMoody 06/17/2017 #

HINT for both of my partners.....I for one prefer my journal to be more of an art journal rather then full of writing / journaling. I've done swaps were it's mostly writing and to be honest I have yet to read any I've gotten. I keep them an tell myself I will but never do more then flip through and look at the pictures or what-not but that's all. I know that's not nice of me but since I'm being honest here I'll tell you why I don't get to it. A few years back I had an accident that greatly impaired my ability to move or stand. So I can no longer work and don't get out much beyond going to doctor visits. I miss working and just really living a full life. So in short reading about other peoples lives and what they are doing depresses me. Hench the avoiding reading the journals. Which is also why I no longer write in journals myself. Because these days I don't have a lot to write about.

Anyway this is why the journal I'm making for my partner will be artistic rather then writing. And I hope the partner that sends to me does mine as more of an art journal.

I've already started on the one I'm sending out. Working in it makes me happy so I'm having fun with it.


chelle523 06/19/2017 #

@LunaMoody - That's wonderful but be aware that this is NOT partner specific, so your partner may well have already begun their journal. And this isn't an art journal swap, so there's no requirement for artistic ability. This is more of a glue journal/junk journal/found item journal/smashbook type of swap. Thanks so much!

Ramya 06/20/2017 #

Hi... I'm excited about making a magpie journal!!! My question though is when you say 30 entries, do you mean 30 items? Surely you don't mean 30 pages. Please clarify. Thanks!

AZmom875 06/22/2017 #

I am pretty sure she means 30 pages. but does that mean a two page 30 page spread? 30 pages isn't too far fetched for a journal swap.

USAFwife 06/24/2017 #

When I've asked the host, she has said this is basically 'anything goes' and based on her description, I don't see why 30 pages would be terribly difficult - I don't get the impression this is an art journal. I guess I don't see how "30 entries" and "30 pages" would be that different.?

Ganell 06/27/2017 #

I have been making my own journals late :). @chelle523 Would ok to make my own journal from start and continue with per instructions of this. I love make all sort of journals? Just wanted to know if a purchased journal is a requirement? Sincerely Ganell

chelle523 06/27/2017 #

@Ramya - 30 items can be 30 entries. You don't have to fill an entire page. But definitely, the more the better. I wouldn't want to get a journal with just 30 postage stamps or stickers stuck in it, if that makes sense.

chelle523 06/27/2017 #

@USAFwife - you're right - this is kind of an "anything goes" swap.

@AZmom875 30 pages = single pages. Not double spread. :)

@Ganell - that would be absolutely fine!

Ladies - I am leaving this kind of open-ended to give you license to get crazy with it! Just make something interesting - something you'd like to receive. And make sure it's clean and not stinky! It should be a sort of window into everyday life - the mundane stuff, the quirky stuff, the stuff you collect for whatever reason - have fun with it! <3

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