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Gift for my special someone!

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Gift for my special someone!
Swap Coordinator:MuzicChiq (contact)
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Last day to signup/drop:November 25, 2008
Date items must be sent by:December 12, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

Does your husband/boyfriend/fiance/wife/girlfriend or someone else special in your life need a smile on their face? I know my boyfriend gets jealous that i get all the fun stuff in the mail, and all he gets is junk, so this Swap is for the special someone that we live with who doesn't usually get fun stuff in the mail, like we do.

For this swap, you will have 1 partner. You will send a small package or large envelope full of little goodies for the Special Someone of your partner totaling no more than $10. Of course, you can send more for hearts! =). Also, you will address the package out to the Special Someone, instead of your partner(assuming you both have the same address). Participants MUST list some items that your Special Someone likes below in the comments so that Partners can choose make a package PERFECT for your Special Someone. Idealy, this is a gift for Christmas time.

Again here is the summary: Send a package addressed to Partner's "Special Someone" totaling $10, using the information that your Partner leaves in the comments.

Newbies are fine, as long as full profile. International is welcome as well.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!


MuzicChiq 11/21/2008 #

My boyfriends name is Sean. He loves: Lighters, Reeses peanut Butter Cups, cooking gadgets, Punk Music, Spongebob, Planting/Gardening

And yes, we live together, so you can use the same address when sending the package to him.

Thanks!!! =)

smilesandsunshine 11/21/2008 #

My husband's name is Dan. He likes boy stuff.

Ummm...candy, cars, motorcycles, video games, and he wants a new knitted hat/beanie--I think that's what you call them. He has a PS2, and a motorcycle. He likes junior mints and milk duds, and Reeses peanut butter cups and those Lindor truffles. I'm sure he would mind a new lighter or pencils and pens, since he is a college student. Oh, and he likes stickers to put on his guitar case. He's a bass player and a guitar player.

Favorite colors are army green and burgundy.

sweetbunnabunny 11/21/2008 #

My husband's name is Isaiah! He likes: - anything spicy - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - GI Joe - anything aviation - Dallas Cowboys - guns (real and airsoft) - anything related to video games (Wii, DS, XB360, PS2) - if your significant other plays XBox Live or Wii, he'd love to get their gamertag or Friend code! - old school Nintendo - outdoors stuff (survival kit, outdoors clothing, mini maglite, etc.) - James Bond - Jason Bourne (Bourne Identity, etc) - any action movie that isn't excessively crass - beard maintenance supplies (he gets ingrowns and razor burn easily) - curly hair products - socks (shoe size 11) - old coins - lefthanded stuff (scissors, notebooks, etc.) - favorite color: red - colors he hates: orange, purple, pink, yellow - shirt size: XL - Michael Crichton - sweet tarts, spree, nerds, any sour candy - popular science magazine - PC game demo disks, games, magazines - flight simulators - anything pilot related (he's becoming a pilot) - Beastie Boys, Dashboard Confessional, CCR, James Taylor - small unscented lotions to keep in his bag/car - little tissue packs

Thanks!!! He's excited!

SkippyMom 11/21/2008 #

This is SO great!

My husband's name is Steven and he is the best husband and Dad in the world. He loves to help with the swaps I do and enjoys what I receive as much as I do.

He is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. He loves his suv [big red - a 95 chevy blazer] He is a hard worker who packs his lunch everyday. We do a lot of camping so he loves anything to do with that [soap on a rope is his fav' for camping] He could use a pair of warm gloves for winter - he is always losing one...or a warm pair of socks. A coffee mug with regular coffee? He is not fancy in his coffee - he likes it home brewed [no Starbucks, etc]....He really is the best Dad in the whole world - he just takes all the time in the world for the kids. A pocket planner for 2009 to schedule all his trips to and from school with the kids...that would be neat. We have a dachshund that he doesn't want to admit he even likes, but he fawns over her and she is goofy over him - so anything funny in dachshund motif is great [she is a short haired black & tan if it helps] We do have an XBOX - not a 360 - and he likes the golf and madden football versions on that, but something different [used of course] would be nice. He loves white chocolate, Almond Joys and Mars bars [we can't get Mars Bars anymore here, don't know why, but he misses them.] He is also the best husband in the world, seriously. I would love if someone would send him a little package - it would be a great thing - I will definitely repay in kind. I thank you in advance - this is such an awesome swap!

MuzicChiq 11/21/2008 #

So glad that you all are excited about it! I am too! My Sean always complains that there is never something fun int he mail for him, so i really hope that this swap is special for all of our special someone's! =)

bluecrayons 11/21/2008 #

chris is his name and he likes men things. he loves silk boxers m-l. gum - watermelon- Wrigley juicy fruit. loves kool-aid. mens body wash- axe/clix. loves to fish. red is his color. he loves to wear white tanks under his shirts. i think there called mens athletic tanks. tagless size lg. loves chocolate

reauk 11/22/2008 #

this is for my son grant . he 14 nov 30th. into playstation 3.xbox 360. loves simpsons mens smellies likes bit chocolate.likes mens neckchains and bracelets.not the metal ones the lace neckchains.anything family guy.wall posters typical teenager.just discoved aftershave.lol thanxs for listening.

jimmyy 11/22/2008 #

This is for my sister Lauma. She's always jealous of the all awesome stuff I get in the mail. She's 21 & we live together. She LOVES jewelry & accessories - bracelets, earrings, bags, make-up, usual girl stuff. Also likes stationary, candy. Her favorite colors is baby blue, mint green and purple. Her favorite music is the usual top 40 stuff. She's very slim, blonde and kinda preppy :D

3YorkieMom 11/22/2008 #

My David loves Nascar (Jeff Gordon #24), Pro Football, Our Yorkies, Gospel music, Anything with his name on it. He also watches a lot of TV. He loves salty snacks, coconut candies, Reeses cups. Just today, he said he had to join swap-bot as he was jealous. He would love to open lots of small stuff, instead of 1 large present.

sherrykadan 11/22/2008 #

My husbands name is George. He is a great husband and a great (step)Dad to my son.

He loves chocolate (no lindt truffles or dark chocolate) He is an avid hunter He loves corn nuts and spicy snacks like that Loves beef Jerky Is 38 yrs. old Nonsmoker Favorite colors are blue and green (does not like red) Loves polo shirts, long sleeve and short size xl Does not like to read likes sweet and salty food espescially specialty foods Does not where any jewelry Has blonde hair Only wears caps. Works for a buick/pontiac/gmc dealership Would love a GMC hat but we can't find one anywhere. Live in Mississippi so we don't have extremely cold weather so no gloves or scarves. Loves the t.v. show Nip/tuck and Rescue me. Loves Nickelback, likes the new Pink song Rockstar ? Has no food allergies, only allergic to cigarettes. Has horrible sinuses and allergies so if you know of any great remedies feel free to jot them down on a postcard or message them to me.

sinisterspackle 11/22/2008 #

My husband's name is Mike and I think he'll love to get a package of his own - He's wonderful to me and I love to see his face when he gets things :D

  • He is a fan of 5th Avenue candy bars and Ghirardelli chocolate of almost any variety (just nothing flavored with fruit and no dark chocolate). He also likes Skittles and Nerds.

  • He loves to read :)

  • He's a gamer - things like Halo, Bioshock, and Gears of War have been what's going on recently (Or being re-played really :p)

  • He definitely enjoys his peace and quiet.

  • To contradict that (!!) he likes rock music - 80's and a bit of 70's rock and some more recent stuff as well (Staind, Godsmack, Seether...)

  • He's a big fan of Firefly (and Serenity)

  • He loves wolves

Thank you :)

sinisterspackle 11/22/2008 #

To go with the above, please PM me if you need more suggestions :)

MuzicChiq 11/22/2008 #

OOOH, Sean wanted me to add fishing, beer, Captian Morgans, and that his favorite color is green. HAHA

euphoria 11/22/2008 #

I love this idea! My husband, Buddy, loves peppered beef jerky, pistachios, pepitas and macadamias. He loves milk chocolate, pretty much any brand except Hershey's. (Twix, Toffifay, Ghirardelli and Lindt are favorites.) He would DIE for fudge-covered Oreos. He collects Jokers from decks of cards and is always thrilled to get a new design. He collects novelty lighters; favorite motifs are skulls, pirates, pin-ups, basically your standard tattoo fare (though he doesn't have a tattoo himself). He's a huge fan of Rat Fink (the hot-rod cartoon rat from the 60s). He has osteoarthritis in his hands, so can always use really fat pens to write with. His music tastes run to heavy metal and hard rock; he's a fan of AC/DC, Jethro Tull, ZZ Top and the like. He likes scented candles - apple, cinnamon, pine and pumpkin, nothing "flowery." Hmm...that should be enough for ideas; PM me if you need more! :)

Nese 11/23/2008 #

My Husbands Name is Phil.. He loves Duncan Yo-Yo-s, Tootsie Rolls, Computer Games like civilization and flight simulators, warm socks, hats, cool pens, notebooks for his scriptwriting, tropical skittles, b-horror movies, unsigned music.. i.e. local music to anyones scene (rock/metal/alternative)

Cupcakery 11/23/2008 #

I think this is a brilliant idea! My partner's name is Chris & he is pretty easy to please. He is 41, very big (6 foot 3 & XXL), loves his sport, food & drink.

He plays golf every Tuesday, is absolutely fanatical about NRL (he's a Manly Sea Eagles supporter), enjoys cricket & American football, loves our kids & dogs, and tolerates the cat. He really enjoys music (loves the new Verve CD, Shannon Noll, Coldplay, Natalie Merchant & heaps of others.

He really likes anything hot & spicy (especially hot sauces), beef jerky & any yummy treats. Unlike me, he is not a reader at all & doesn't drink tea or coffee. Surprisingly, he also really likes personal grooming stuff - everything from tweezers, ingrown hair fixers, shower wash, etc.

Looking forward to this one!

reauk 11/25/2008 #

oh he loved a tshirt from usa he size large. he likes socks and baseball cap or beanie hats.anything unusual.

silverinsanity 11/25/2008 #

I already participated in "For the Man in my life" so I want to do this one for my son. The only thing he gets in the mail is bis monthly kid's magazine, but he is always eager to check it everyday.

His name is Raine. He's 7 years old and in grade 2. He loves lego and hotwheels. He also loves the movie cars, and has a collection of the vehicles. He's inquisitive and likes to learn... science and math are his preferred classes. And gym of course! He loves to run. Um, he collects pokemon and magic the gathering cards. He wears size 10 shirts. He ADORES Star Wars. He likes to draw and colour. He's in Taekwondo and swimming classes. He wants to learn how to play the drums, and loves to play the XBox 360. Typical boy stuff I guess.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. And if you just would rather do an adult, then I can give you info on my man and find another swap for my 7 year old! No worries!

precious 11/25/2008 #

my hubby is a big big fan of the Dallas Cowboys!!! Did i tell u he loves the Cowboys..he also love Monster Trucks, Wrestling. He is a truck driver so he works alot and sleeps little...lol He can always use work socks...his shoe size is 14...and sweatshirts, long john(thermal) tops(4x)..oh and he loves to clean house(he does all the cleaning..)...he love chocolate candy...and anything u get him he will love...

cakes61804 11/25/2008 #

Hi! Im so excited to get something for my fiance. (We are getting married next August..yay! :) He is so-o good to me and I think it would be a really nice suprise! (And..he loves presents...at Christmas time he always takes pictures holding his gifts...and MY gifts! :)! haha )

His name is Adam and he is 22. He absolutely LOVES paintball and anything to do with it. Magazines, etc. He also likes airsoft. He likes UFC and TapOut. He is a hunter and likes to go camping. His favorite candy is Peanut M&M's, Almond Joys and Butterfingers.

He cares about being clean and smelling good (thank God! hah jk) so unscented lotions (that arent greasy..lol..i know he likes and uses suave + Vitimin E ) and axe body spray that he can keep in his truck would be good.

He is going to school to be a Physical Therapist. Also, we are moving to Chicago and right now we are live in Michigan but he loves to go out to eat but we are trying to cut back on that to save money...so a giftcard maybe? He likes Mongolian Barbeque, Applebees, Outback, Famous Daves, or anywhere really...Im just trying to think of big chains around us.

But anyways...I promise he will LOVE anything he gets. He isnt picky at all...Just trying to give some ideas.

Thanks SO much in advance!


reauk 12/ 1/2008 #

adding superman items ...............

firevgoddess 12/ 1/2008 #

Hey ya'll! I think this is absolutely amazing! I know my fiance gets jealous sometimes when I get all the fun mail haha so this would brighten up his day!

His name is Tony and he's 25. He's an avid xbox live player and he's currently stuck playing Gears of War 2, Call of Duty 4 and 5, and occasionally he'll bust out Mass Effect. His handle on xbox live is JuggaloSpider if anyone is looking for a good challenge/match/whatever they call it! haha I know it's not good for him, but he smokes and is always losing lighters (mine too of course! haha I buy more every week) and he would love a Zippo with skulls or military or US flags or Confederate flags for that matter. He loves Kit Kats, Almond Joys, and peanut M&Ms, and he's been trying to collect old style soda bottles (think old school small glass coke bottles) and so far he has Coke and Dr Pepper. They dont have to be full, although Im sure he wouldn't mind a free drink! haha!

Also, he's trying to join the Army Reserve, so any words of encouragement or congratulations would be awesome! I try to tell him every day how proud I am of him for doing it, but I think he'd also like to know that others are proud of him too! =)


sherrykadan 12/ 6/2008 #

I just started a new swap. My first one if anyone wants to check it out.


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