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Journaling Cards Give Away #2

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Here is another journaling cards give away! Please note you will not be sending anything in this swap via mail! I will be the only one sending my partners something.

Please remember that Swap Bot generates the partners and I have no control over who wins.

So for this swap, comment below what you wish you could tell your 13 year old self.

Please comment as soon as you join so that you do not end up forgetting! Rate your partner a 5 if they comment, heart is up to you!

Email me with any questions and happy swapping!


kazthegoose 06/ 2/2020 #

You should love and be more self aware about yourself. People don't mind you as much as you think they do and some of them enjoy having you around. It's okay to be a girl and not feel feminine, it doesn't make you another gender.

I'd probably say that! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

koneko02 06/ 2/2020 #

I wish I could tell my 13 year old self that I shouldn't doubt myself and focus on finding what I'm comfortable with in life cause I'm good at things I love/am passionate about. Oh and also enjoy Sims 4! (It came out on my 13th birthday, so it was my bday gift haha.)

ceydaozdemir 06/ 2/2020 #

I'd tell my 13 year old self that me, who is now 5 years older thinks they did great in school, at home, with friends and pets. She was a good kid and I'm proud of her! =) Thx for the giveaway

Cindymt 06/ 2/2020 #

I would tell myself that everything I think is important won't be in the near future and to not worry about trivial things such as not having a boyfriend or a first kiss.

institches 06/ 2/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self that the painful periods you are having now (even being prescribed pain killers for them) will not be so painful once you have your children. And lucky you, you will go through an early menopause (done at 44) and no more periods at all!

swiftbrooks 06/ 2/2020 #

I would tell myself that this socially awkward phase of middle school and high school will soon be over and you will find the love of your life once you begin your adulting phase of life. Growing up was rough, but I am all the better for it! Thank you for the chance to win in your giveaway! :D

asdfghjkl 06/ 2/2020 #

i didn't know giveaways were a thing here! this made swapbot like 10 times better. i would advise myself to spend most if not all, by seizing the time and guaranteed days I've got on earth. have the least amount of regrets and dont care what people think about you, even when they purposefully mistreat you.

Alivia0asthetics 06/ 2/2020 #

" things may not be okay right now, but things will be better eventually. don't give up, don't accept failure. try again, don't let people bring you down and remember that you are your own person. you arent anyone else, be you."

that's what I would say, thanks for the giveaway!

megan1230 06/ 2/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self that boys are for later and to keep studying!!

Burger1girl 06/ 2/2020 #

"Tina, you are beautiful, smart and brave!! Never forget that!! STand up for yourself and take charge and run with your creativity!!!"

aero 06/ 2/2020 #

Ivy, speak up! Don't be afraid of what people are going to say about you! Be confident. Don't let your mother (step mother ) turn you against your dad!!

laurenaraya 06/ 2/2020 #

I wish I could tell my 13 year old self to stop trying so hard to fit in, now that I’m an adult I realize that none of that matters. I would have had a lot more fun if I was myself in my early teens!

1OldfoolPlanner 06/ 2/2020 #

I wish I could tell my 13 year old self that life will get better, and to hold on!

Nushkinathan 06/ 3/2020 #

Hey kid, try not to care about what other people think. You won't know those people in 5 years, so their opinions don't matter. Just take care of yourself.

Hyshu 06/ 3/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to always remember her self worth

Mirran 06/ 3/2020 #

Don't be afraid of messing up or get a bad grade, either you wont care when you are in my age, or it will just be a funny memory :)

52901m 06/ 3/2020 #

I’d tell my 13 year old self to enjoy the happiness while it lasts, and to persevere through the tough times. 13 was the last year I was truly happy (life got real difficult at 14). I’d also say, ‘“dont do anything stupid that youre going to regret”, because I used to be such an idiot.

Nevi2018 06/ 3/2020 #

Stop being an egg head... and Love your mom more she wont be around much longer!!

Mandaloolee 06/ 3/2020 #

Oh man, I would give her such a big hug and tell her that it's going to suck for a while, but she will turn a whole lot of pain into compassion and resiliency. To not be afraid to call bullshit when you see it, to tell people you love them, and that failing is not losing, it's learning. Also, look for more grants for college when you're older! Student loan debt suuuuuucks.

snailmailbella 06/ 3/2020 #

I’d tell her to not be so concerned what others think about her or about being “popular” or “relatable” or “normal”. I’d tell her to love herself and that she has value and give her a giant hug!

EverydayAngels 06/ 3/2020 #

I would tell her not to worry about the “mean girls” or all the drama of being popular. I would tell her to be nicer to her mama and believe in herself more. I would tell her that she will change lives if she just lives each day with intention! Most of all I would tell her to stop worrying about tomorrow and wanting to be older, and enjoy every moment of her youth. She will miss it all when it is gone, even the struggles.

kristyrogers 06/ 4/2020 #

Run as far away from Jeremy as possible as fast as possible. Wait until you have your own place to start with guys.

divamagenta 06/ 4/2020 #

I would hug my 13 year old self and tell her that she is beautiful, kind, creative and smart, and that anyone deserving of her friendship will see those qualities in her. Those who don't are simply not worthy of a second thought.

scrapkween 06/ 4/2020 #

You do not need a boyfriend to be accepted. Focus on your education and discovering you you are. Relationships cannot make you whole.

Kc055042 06/ 4/2020 #

Hey 13 year old self, Just wanted to let you know you're going to grow up to be a bada**. I know you have doubts and the world seems so big but everything will turn out ok. You'll learn that all it takes is a little bit of hope and hard work but you'll make it through and it'll all be worth the struggle. Keep at it and just know I love you! :)

Christianmom 06/ 4/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to be confident. Stand up for yourself and not be so concerned about what other people think about her. I would tell her those mean popular girls isn't worth hanging around with that there are other girls out there who would love to be her friend.

lynnpinkdaisy 06/ 4/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self that you are good enough and you don't need validation from other people. It's ok that you're not popular because you have a lot going for you and that's what you should focus on rather than trying to be accepted by others. Keep dreaming big and do not give up hope.

kristid1970 06/ 4/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to never, ever start smoking! There's no need to grow up so fast! And focus on your grades more! You did well and got A,s and B,s. Think what you could've done if you'd given some real effort! Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for listening!

Kittybob83 06/ 4/2020 #

To focus on school and not worry about what others think. To surround yourself with better people, not the ones you think are cool for doing stupid things, because look where some of them are now. Don't get into cars with strangers, save drinking for later if ever. No you dont look 18 at all nor act 18. Oh I can go on and on. Stay young as long as possible, being grown can suck sometimes.. Same things I hope to get through my daughters head now, though she has a few years.

Ace330660 06/ 5/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self not to be so hard on myself ! And remind her of her self worth. Thanks for the giveaway !

bambam 06/ 5/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self that there are tough times ahead and the road will be rocky but stick at it and you'll get there. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle and try and change you as you're okay just the way you are. All that matters is family

MikiJoyce 06/ 6/2020 #

I wish I could tell my 13 year old to be strong 💪 and fight for what’s right

AZmom875 06/ 6/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to make her health a priority. Exercise more, eat less. Make it your lifestyle not a fad.

Hmmm I guess I could tell that to myself right now, but will I take my advice? but seriously that was the first thing that comes to mind.

mylove4craft 06/ 6/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to experiment artistically. To not get so bent out of shape when something doesn't look perfect and that to practice and fail, and to try again will only make me better. I'm trying to learn that now and it's difficult.

abbyaguas 06/ 6/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self to take care of the body generously and not to be embarrassed with body odor, sweat, and menstruation -- that it's okay to have it, and also build up on training holistically, and not sweat the small stuff. Maybe start a business as well.

ayahsantos 06/ 6/2020 #

I would tell my 13 year old self that there's time for everything. Don't hurry to be a grown up! Enjoy being a kid. Everything will be okay. Focus on education and make your parents proud!

DreamCloud 06/ 6/2020 #

Go to Art School. Go to therapy.

patty 06/ 6/2020 #

not everyone hates you. They won't bite.

vitiator 06/ 6/2020 #

I would honestly want to tell my 13 year old self that low rise jeans are so terrible and not to wear them. also that everyone is mostly focused on themselves and not you.

brichandra 06/ 6/2020 #

Hi there! If I could tell my 13-year old self something (very cool questions by the way!) it would be: "Keep being yourself! I love you so so much and I'm proud of you. Oh also, please be more kind and patient to your mom and grandma! Also, be more sustainable and stop using ziplock bags and single-use utensils for goodness sake!!"

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