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Birthday: September 16
Country: United States
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About Me

About my 3 ratings. They are all fair ratings. I have made up the swap I didn't send and resent 2 that I trusted someone else to take to the post, but the swaps were sent over a year late, a year and a half in one case due to communications and negotiations.

April 24, 2017 I am now in an awesome! safe place with a 6 month work contract as a caregiver with room and board as part of my pay, so it is semi permanent. A welcome thing after bouncing and traveling for so long. I learned my lesson and I'm planning my swaps to allow for Bordelare type intrusions.

Spoiler alert!! Don't look at my Flickr if we are partners in a swap and you like surprises! I sometimes put my projects (including swaps) up there!

I love helping newcomers. Inbox me if you are new to swapbot and would like to do a trade.

  • Quick rundown of the family stuff
  • ex hubby of 21 year marriage, Vinny. Still my b.f.f.
  • hubby Anton. Awesomesauce. A great guy. Married since 2.3.2014
  • 4 grown kids, 2 girls, 2 boys
  • DD Angela 27 married to Fritz (has 6 boys Andy, Eddy, Willie, Bobby, Charlie, and Johnny) ???or Christine is already in the plans for next year! They are hoping for a girl lol
  • DD Angelica 25 (married, no children).
  • DS 23 is working on management, recently divorced, but I'm keeping the steps! 2 beautiful 14 year old grandsons (Ashton and Ethan)!
  • My youngest son, DS 21-Yona is staying with his ailing grandpa.
  • bonus kids. Lots of them. Kids who have claimed me and call me mama. Hayden will have a son soon. Liz had a little boy Jay Jay.
  • (that's 9 grandSONS , 0 granddaughters for those who are counting)
  • fur baby Jazz. He's a service dog. Black lab. Has his own Facebook page. He's my constant companion.

About Me

  • jobs
  • I work as a caregiver.
  • I write.
  • I was a biographer and genealogist. (I got paid to have people tell me stories! ) Its by far the best job EVER!
  • I help run Write Rotation which is volunteer work. I especially love the story round robins.
  • I create curriculum and sometimes guest lecture at a homeschooling cooperate.

About the swaps

please please please contact me if you do not receive a swap/tag from me.

if I don't rate you for a swap, bring it to my attention.

If you receive a swap from me 2xs, just smile and giggle. I either forgot I sent it or I didn't trust my mail carrier at that point. :D

I never send extras expecting hearts. Sometimes as I read a profile, I'm like ooo I have THiS I think they'll love! So I add it.


Do NOT send...

Things that require my signature. I can never get by the post office when they are open! If you insist it needs a signature please ask me for an alternative address.

food or drinks of any kind. Sorry, but I have so many allergies, I don't dare eat anything that I don't know exactly what's in it. My allergy list includes Milk, eggs, fish, rye, mustard, pineapple, grape juice, and strawberries. I'm diabetic, which limits sugar. I also have food triggered migraines. Triggers include garlic, nuts, MSG, too much or too little caffeine, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and some I haven't figured out yet what's causing it. I am also very sensitive to pesticides. So you see what I mean. Food's not really safe.

I've added to the food fun by adding my friend's diet restrictions to mine. We are both adjusting our diets to see how the other one eats in addition to keeping with our own restrictions. I simply am adding Kosher (starting Sept 1) to my restrictions. Poor girl has to add ALL mine to hers! hahahaha I have the better end of it. 6 years later, I'm still eating Kosher! I felt so much better after detoxing from nonkosher foods that I kept it up.

If we're trading recipes, don't worry about this list. I know how to substitute for all of my needs and I realize from personal experience how insane it is to try to avoid all of them. I'll handle that from my end.

I need more variety for side dishes. I know how to make a lot of main dishes, but very few sides. :-)

quick a-z likes


B bookmarks, bags, boxes, bamboo, butterflies,

C cello, coloring (with crayons, markers, and gel pens (especially the glitter ones!)), cut outs,

D doll houses, dragons

E embroidery, elves, envelopes {especially mini ones}

F flute (especially my Kiowa love flute), fairies,

G gypsy, giraffes, glitter, globes, glittery gel pens, gel pens,

H hunter green, history and all things historical including anything I can use in my classroom for mini lessons for extra credit., harry potter, handmade crafts, hand drawn art, Halloween

I ingress (blue resistance faction)


K kokopeli

L lined pretty paper, leather work, leather scraps, lesson plan ideas, long letters, lace,

M monkeys, maps, memoirs, metal boxes, monchichi,

N native American, New Orleans, nudity, notecards,

O octopus, owls, original art,

P postcards (new and used), purses, postage stamps, pen pals, pixie, pink, pouches, punches,

Q quills, quilting, quilt squares, quilt scraps,

R rub ons, rain, ribbons,

S sunflowers, spiders, stories, swap cards (to put in my swaps with my username and a place for the swap name on them), stuffies, stamps (postage), stamps (wooden, unmounted, and clear), stamped images, small stuffies that will fit in my pocket (handmade or store bought and you can take the stuffing out so they ship flat. I can restuff on arrival.), spiders

T Tinkerbelle!, Travel, touristy cards with place name on the picture, tin boxes, ty toys(especially the ones with the big eyes and the tiny ones), turtles, trees, especially tree of life, Ty babies especially the mini ones, trolls cute and ugly love them all the same

U used postcards, used postage stamps,

V violins, Voltron,

W wooden boxes, wooden nickels, witches



Z zentangles

quick dislikes

I can't think of any. If a swap doesn't suit my needs or wants, I regift in another swap. A lot of times I'm like..... would love this! And set it aside for a certain Penpal.

Toy Voyagers

I have 4 toy voyagers. If you'd like to host one, let me know. I'm also always willing and very happy to host toyvoyagers! www.toyvoyagers.com

  • Nolan is my favorite. 212417 He's currently at home.
  • Concierge is a TV hotel 213447
  • traveling/missing
  • Leife 212454
  • Arty Bunneh 212416

Favorite Crafts

  • to MAKE
  • leather work including bookmarks, wallets, purses, saddles, holsters, Ext etc. If its leather, I can make it.
  • embroidery
  • sewing
  • quilting
  • more recently jewelry, which I'm surprising great at!
  • I am always looking for new creative outlets
  • to RECIEVE
  • A.T.C.
  • bookmarks
  • wallets and purses
  • boxes
  • decorated envelopes
  • tiny stuffies
  • quilt squares
  • jewelry
  • anything handmade with love

I need

A plastic peacock stencil

Other plastic stencils


Scrap leather

Stickers! Lots! I use them to make my own pretty paper to write to my penpals!


BooksTeaAndMe rated for Letter Swap # 28 on May 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful letter
midestino76 rated for The Penpal Project on May 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you !
03Scarlett rated for Long letters-walk through my week on May 13, 2017
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Wow, what a challenging month, but you really stuck to it! So many hard and beautiful letters you wrote - what a gift to your friends and loved ones. Thanks for your detailed log and letter.
Response: Thank you! This was such a challenge for me! A blessing, too as I have contact with people through mail now that I would not normally hear from.
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you 😀
jaimierandolph rated for Notebook Paper Letter #3 on May 1, 2017
Comment: I always love hearing from you! Can't wait to get you a partner and write back to you as well! Thank you so much for the letter!
Response: Thank you! :-) I'll be joining more soon. We're still moving in and dining places for all our stuff
iamred rated for Letter Swap #23 on Apr 29, 2017
Comment: thank you so much for the fancy letter! ill write you back shortly. ♥
Response: Thank you!
gruskal rated for The Penpal Project - usa only on Apr 26, 2017
Comment: Loved your letter - I'll write soon. Just started two new part-time jobs, so it's throwing me off some. I'll use your envelope :-) Sorry for the late rate. Take care, Annette
Response: Thank you! Congrats!
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you!
foxyroxy912 rated for Letter Swap #20 on Apr 11, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing part of your life with me. Internet hugs coming your way.
Response: Thank you! Hugs are always appreciated! :-)
craftykat68 rated for Letter Swap #21 on Apr 10, 2017
Response: Thank you :-) I look forward to your letter!
fruitypebbles rated for Penpal letter goals on Apr 1, 2017
Comment: Hi, Kristy! Thanks for sharing such a personal goal with me. I am in a similar situation...kind of. If you'd like to stay in touch via short letters, I'd be open to that. Wishing you the very best!
Response: That would be awesome! Thank you!
foxyroxy912 rated for Notebook Paper Letter #1 on Mar 30, 2017
Comment: Beautifully decorated envelope and letter, thanks.
Response: Than you!
isamanthax rated for Secret Swap on Mar 30, 2017
Comment: Sealed lips!! Cheers for the Elvis stamp!!
Response: Thank you! They are my favorites! I bought soooo many! :-)
Comment: Thanks for your letter, and the extra bonus day! :)
Response: Thank you!
pernie123 rated for Letter Swap # 16 on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: I have read your letter and find your openness, spirit of adventure, and ability to be strong through adversity admirable. Good luck!
Response: Thank you :-)
Comment: I know it's been a while, but since I never got this... and I have never gotten any of my own stories back, either... I am just going to rate it. (Edit: January 8, 2017: It was marked "sent" on October 22, 2015. On January 8, 2017, she sent me a message asking if she could make the swap up to me. This was a cooperative story swap, and can't be done over.) .... EDIT: So, here it is, March 16, 2017. Almost a year and a half since the send-by date. I just got the beginning of a story in the mail. I'll raise the 1 to a 3, but I honestly don't know what to do with this story. Finish it and send it back to her? I'm not a member of the group anymore because I never got any of the stories back. So, I now have the beginning of a story that is probably going into the trash.
Response: 1.8.17 contacted for current address. make up swap was understandably refused by prairiekittin due to the nature of the swap. March 1 updated prarie on what I was doing as far as contacting the swapper who she sent her story to. Got no response from the person who had her story or from her. Offered other solutions such as private controlled coop story and asked for confirmation of address. Message was read but not responded to. March 10 after requesting address again, sent exactly what swap description called for. I'm glad the address was correct. I truly appreciate the rerate, but wish we could have worked something out between us that would better suit prairy.
mebanham rated for pot luck recipes on Mar 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you. I am looking forward to trying theses recipes.
Response: Thank you!
paperlover rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #9 on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Bluebonnet PC. I used to live in Texas so I got to see some live ones. I can't grow anything so I have a rock garden with statues of owls in it. Good luck with your garden
Response: Thank you! I do so enjoy the flowers by the road this time of year! Next year, we're going to Roosevelt state park to see them. It's spectacular and hubby has never seen it
Whippet rated for private kristyrogers and whippet on Jan 31, 2017
Comment: Kristy, I'm not happy to rate you a 3 but this swap was due Nov. 30, 2015. Received your swap in the mail Jan, 31, 2017. Thank you for sending. It has been more than 1 year since the swap deadline and this is why I rated a "3" for lateness. My messages were answered by Kristy. I am now satisfied this swap was worked out as described by Kristy.
Response: 1.27.17 mailed swap over a year late. Thank you for allowing me to make this up.

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jamicam on May 24, 2017:

Hope you're having a great day!


From Healthy Journaling

pandessa on May 14, 2017:

Thanks for the great col for your 6 year RAK. It I wonderful!!!!!

shinyserra on Apr 23, 2017:

Thanks so much for the March 1 RAK! I enjoyed reading you letter and the goodies!

Mellipenpal on Mar 24, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Feb 16 RAK! :) ❤❤ I really enjoyed reading your letter. And woahh the penpals papers supplies, I need these so much! Thanks again Kristy. :)

pandessa on Mar 23, 2017:

Thanx so much for fabric! Great RAK!!!!

flowerfield on Mar 13, 2017:

Kristy, THANK YOU for the sweet RAK you sent me from the One-on-One Trades forum. I love the stationery and the other leather art items. The spam pc is interesting! LOL! Thanks again!

theaterfan23 on Mar 6, 2017:

Thank you for returning my story back home!!

supersquirrel on Feb 16, 2017:

Hi Kristy - I received the RAK friendship sheets. Thank you very much!!

Fever on Feb 15, 2017:

Thank you so much for the lovely RAK of office supplies you sent me! I love the box labels, that's a really neat idea. I will be able to put everything to good use. Thank you so much for your generosity!!!

Whippet on Jan 9, 2017:

Hello Kristy! Yes, I did get private message from you recently, and yes you do owe me two swaps: cooperatively fiction, & private swap you were to make something for me and send. Waiting to receive your reply to my message.

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