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Favorite Candy Swap

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Favorite Candy Swap
Swap Coordinator:emilynhr (contact)
Swap categories: Food 
Number of people in swap:120
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:April 20, 2009
Date items must be sent by:May 6, 2009
Number of swap partners:2

Candy lovers unite! You will have 2 partners and you'll send YOUR favorite candy to each partner. This is sender's choice. If you're not into new candy, this may not be a swap you'll enjoy. Chocolate, gummies, unusual candy -- WHATEVER your favorites might be! Spend about $2 on each partner. You can send the same things to each partner, or you can mix it up.

Remember this is SENDER'S choice. Rate your partners' fairly based on whether they followed the rules and not necessarily on whether you liked what they sent.

Newbies welcome. I'll check ratings, 4.9 and up.

International - foreign candy is so much fun!


Muriel 03/26/2009 #

on my watchlist!

Turtle17 03/26/2009 #


LoveOfKids 04/ 2/2009 #

this will be a great swap

timeerkat 04/ 2/2009 #

Mmmm...love candy. Can't wait!

ladystumblindummy 04/ 4/2009 #

mmmm choc lover. just no dark choc please

Virea 04/ 6/2009 #

I love candy. Chocolate and caramel in perticular. Fruity things not so much:)

rplante525 04/ 6/2009 #

No Coconut please...

Fittzwm 04/ 6/2009 #

I love dark chocolate & black licorice, and, weel most everything EXCEPT coconut & peanut butter. (It doesn't like me back, either.)

Pixiedustlady 04/ 7/2009 #

I love chocolate and sour stuff no dark chocolate/licorice please.

grtakajeja 04/ 7/2009 #

Anything chocolate, love chocolate with coconut, chocolate with peanut butter are my favorites

ArtsOnFire 04/ 7/2009 #

Did I misread this? Isn't it supposed to be SENDER'S choice? Why are people listing what they don't want?

Susi 04/ 7/2009 #

that was my question, why are people putting their favorits, when it's the sender's choice?

user7048 04/ 7/2009 #

I don't think it's fair to list what you don't want when it clearly says SENDER'S choice.

mutiny 04/ 8/2009 #

I agree! I'm going to send my fav's; hope my partner likes them!

Mysticsweetness 04/ 9/2009 #

Im so lucking forward to this swap - i know it says senders choice but can i just please say nothing with nuts for me as i have a nut allergy

happysaz133 04/ 9/2009 #

My likes/dislikes are in my profile :)

maryb221 04/ 9/2009 #

Likes and dislikes don't matter here, as people have posted. I'm just going to ignore the posts here when it comes time to send and do what the instructions of the swap says! So there. ;-)

Arwen 04/10/2009 #

Great idea !! I like candys !!!!!

ButterflyPrincess 04/10/2009 #

I do not like dark chocolate! Only milk for me! Thanks!

zerofantasies 04/11/2009 #

Amazes me how manye people still post their like/dislike even when its senders choice. Allergies, I understand though

Connie67 04/11/2009 #

I really really wanted to join this one but I just found out this week that I am diabetic so I am being a good girl and letting it get away from me =(

Binky 04/13/2009 #

Hope no one is offended when I just go by the swap guidelines here and send SENDERS choice as the swap states!!.... People are still listing likes and dislikes?!?! Weird......

Binky 04/13/2009 #

We should all just be grateful for what we receive in these swaps if we are willing to join up a particular swap to begin with...

lisaahart 04/13/2009 #

I love candy. I agree it does state SENDERS favorite. But in some cases I think it's good if the person is TRUELY telling us that there allergic to something then that's ok to list or put it on your profile so you don't get something we send that will make you sick.

Winenku 04/13/2009 #

I just join th group...I´m new and I can understand very much..

Is someone here can speak spanish?

Winenku 04/13/2009 #

I can´t wait for send some candies, chocolates and some other stuffs..and receive them too !!! xD

Hollyvia 04/15/2009 #

Very nice swap !! Can't wait to send mine out :) xxx

planter 04/15/2009 #

i hate dark chocolate! i like other chocolate such as resses, 9 grain, rolos

Baccarita 04/15/2009 #

I <3 Chocolate Not into sour/fizzy stuff or black liquorice

yomousey 04/15/2009 #

Hi Oriele,

Yo hablo Espanol. De donde tu eres? Yo naci en Puerto Rico pero ahora vivo en NJ.

For those of you that need a translation, I speak Spanish, and was born in Puerto Rico but now live in NJ:)

SABR 04/15/2009 #

I'm allergic to really dark chocolate!

planter 04/16/2009 #

no dark chocolate please! try to send candy for the kids though as i am joining this for them=) they would like fruit snackie things, and just candy thats perfect the little ones.

yomousey 04/17/2009 #

question, anyone have any idea how to send chocolate and not have it be a melted mush when it gets there? LOL!

Dawson80 04/17/2009 #

When I get melted chocolate I usually just pop in it the fridge while I fix a drink to go with it. Then it's perfect.

Tatsu 04/18/2009 #

I buy those very cheap disposable plastic containers, just big enough to bit the chocolate. It might still melt, but it won't be mush.

Tatsu 04/18/2009 #

Er..if this is sender's choice why are people listing what they like and don't?

minica 04/19/2009 #

I actually thought this swap could be fun, but looking at the comments were people seem to want to choose what they get, I'll sit this one out. Kinda sad though!

Arwen 04/19/2009 #

Very great idea !!!!

lilkye 04/19/2009 #

Hey you guys....keep in mind...even in South Dakota, it's often too warm already for chocolate to be sent safely!

lilkye 04/19/2009 #

oops...sorry about the yell...

so just be careful what you send to where....if it's to CA or FL or other very warm states, or warm countries (it's always summer somewhere), perhaps you'll want to send your favorite Non-melty candies instead of that Ferro Rocher package or reeces bar.

Hmm, perhaps you may want to pm your partner to ask what their weather is like,

or maybe post on here what it's like for the benefit of your partner!

lilkye 04/19/2009 #

um....I wonder is bubble wrap would help....as a layer of air helps with insulation in general, maybe bubble wrap around your chocolate will help it keep cool shrug

timeerkat 04/20/2009 #

Just wanted to say we've been having a heat wave here in California the past few days, so chocolate may get a bit melty if you send it to anyone from California. But hey, that's what freezers are for, right? ;) And no allergies to candy-related things, so seeing as it's senders choice I'm up for anything! (as long as it doesn't leak out of the packaging).

Lalla88 04/20/2009 #

I love chocolate! But I hate nuts!

Lalla88 04/20/2009 #

oh I forgot! I love snacks .....I don't like candies and gummies......

blonde998 04/20/2009 #

Since it is senders choice, I am up for anything....... i love to try new things and i think this will be great!!!

Nanphe 04/20/2009 #

Because I live in Arizona and it's already HOT HOT HOT I cannot send or receive any chocolate or any other candy that can melt. Other than that I don't have any preferences. If there are any doubts please put in baggie. I also find that bubble wrap helps insulate.

violin21 04/20/2009 #

Im glad that its a SENDERS choice, so I am up for anything new :)

polar 04/21/2009 #

I can't eat peanuts... I am allergic..

autumngeshia1106 04/21/2009 #

the whole point of this swap it to see what different kinds of candy people like, not to have a package taliored to your likeing. if you dont like what is given to y ou then give it to a friend of yours or save it to send in another swap.

Crazipurplelady 04/25/2009 #

I agree with the others, if it's senders choice, beside allergies, why list your likes & dislikes. I don't care, whatever I get that I don't like, my husband will eat or I'll take it to work & my co-workers will love you all forever! :)

Dibrittain 04/26/2009 #

Spring has become summer here in Virginia we are in the 90's so I don't think Chocolate is safe to send without a shipping icepack. So any other type of candy is fine.

flossyblossy 04/30/2009 #

I have sent mine. This is my first swap but a bit nervous that i've done what i was supposed to! I sent my fave things but also took into consideration the info on the profiles. I also assume Utah is HOT so only sent choc that has a sugar coating so won't be liquid by the time it gets there. I hope they enjoy!!!

mitmitsamuels 05/ 7/2009 #

I sent mine already just forgot to mark it

doublekissable 05/ 8/2009 #

I spoiled my partners!

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