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A Celebration of Paper!

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A Celebration of Paper!
Swap Coordinator:winemakerssister (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods 
Number of people in swap:73
Last day to signup/drop:May 12, 2007
Date items must be sent by:June 12, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

This swap is for paper snobs -- those of us who love working with very special paper! Here's your chance to share some of your favorite papers with your swap partners and receive some wonderful new ones in return.

In this swap, you'll package an envelope with pieces of paper (they can be scraps as long as they're usable). The total weight of the envelope should be between .8 and 1 ounce. Please check your weight and add more if it's too light! Make up two packages and send one each to two different partners (you'll make a total of two packages). By keeping it an ounce or slightly lower, we'll keep the postage costs down. The paper can be any usable size, but I'd recommend standard envelope size or smaller so you can take advantage of the 1 ounce postage. The idea is to send a group of wonderful papers.

What kinds of papers should you include? Anything you consider special. They might be handmade papers, Japanese Washi papers, marbled papers, metallics, papers with interesting bits of things embedded in them, special decorative papers used for hand-binding books... anything like that. Just make sure it's something YOU think is special and would love to receive yourself!

This is an international swap. Just think what wonderful papers you might get from overseas! Note: US swappers, I just checked the USPS postal calculator and a 1 ounce envelope to most overseas locations costs 84 cents. Not bad for an envelope filled with fabulous papers!

Anyone with a 4.5 rating and higher may join, but you must contact me if you have more than 1 "no sends." If I see any of these, I will ban you from the swap. Sorry, but I HAVE to protect the good swappers. Newbies are welcome but must provide me with proof of feedback elsewhere (eBay, Etsy, etc) and it must be feedback I can view without having to join a site. And please have a filled out Swap-Bot profile.

Because this is an international swap, I am allowing 4 weeks between the start date and the deadline date. However, because you don't need to know your swap partner's preferences, you can put your packages together ahead of time if desired.

After the swap, please take the time to rate your swap partners.

If you have any comments or suggestions for this swap, please let me know in the comments below. I have hosted many swaps elsewhere, but this is my first swap hosted on Swap-Bot. I'm happy to hear any suggestions!


animalchatter 04/23/2007 #

This sounds great...I LOVE paper. I'm a newbie, so please check out my ebay feedback at http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=animalcommunicator

Can't wait to get started!

user2310 04/23/2007 #

I've just check on the conversion tables 1 ounce is approximately 28 grams (: I have plenty of japanese yuzen paper to package up for my partners but I would love marbled paper hint hint

winemakerssister 04/24/2007 #

Thanks for signing up! I'm glad there's lots of other paper lovers out there in the world...

Heather winemakerssister

FridaKahlo 04/24/2007 #

I just went to a rubber stamp and paper show and picked up some FAB paper to swap! This is going to be great (for my partners anyway.)I am very excited. Dianne

cmhatcstamper 04/24/2007 #

The postage in the US goes up to 41 cents on the 14th of May and it will vary significantly depending on where it is sent. Overseas unknown..I don't want to rain on your first swap and I totally want to join...Would you possibly be willing to move the sign-up date up a couple days. If you annouce partners immediately that day (the earlier sign-up date), people can get in "one more swap" before the US postal service gets crazy with the cost to ship overseas. Thanks for considering my suggestion. I am a total paper fanatic and would love to be in on this:)

fromthepines 04/24/2007 #

HI, I love paper as well. I am assuming vintage is ok as well? I am a newbie and you can see my ebay feedback under my name "fromthepines". Thanks!

winemakerssister 04/24/2007 #

cmhatcstamper, thanks for the suggestion. I just moved the swap sign-up date up to May 12. That way everyone will have a day or two at the old postal rates. I hope that's agreeable to all.

fromthepines - vintage papers sound great to me!

Heather winemakerssister

user6664 04/24/2007 #

Lovely swap! :) And stupid question: what do you usually mean by standard envelope size? Is it about 23x16cm's (about 9,1 x 6,3 inches if I calculated right...) ?

winemakerssister 04/24/2007 #

Hi Beleonora - Yes, that's the size I was thinking about. That'll give you enough room to put in some good sized papers... and some smaller ones, too.


user6664 04/24/2007 #

Ok good, I'm in! :)

toni 04/25/2007 #

Is there a minimum size for these papers?

winemakerssister 04/25/2007 #

Hi Toni -

I think we can all use various sizes of papers at one time or another. And if you've got some small pieces of something wonderful -- that's great. I'd just encourage a range rather than mostly all small. I do some ATCs and sometimes a little pieces of fabulous paper is a great starting point for creativity.

Does that help?

Heather winemakerssister

toni 04/25/2007 #

Actually, I don't know what to do with papers smaller than ATC size (3.5 x 2.5). Maybe I better sit this one out. Thanks for your quick response.

winemakerssister 04/26/2007 #

Thanks for deciding to try this, Toni. If anyone else is looking for examples of ATCs made with little bits of paper, there are a bunch on this page of my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/winemakerssister/page4/

Heather winemakerssister

winemakerssister 04/26/2007 #

We made the Top 10 -- yay!


spinjenny 04/26/2007 #

For anyone else sending from the UK, our steps in airmail postage are 20 and 40g. To the USA, the prices are 78p and £1.17, less to Europe. My empty C5 manilla envelope (16 x 23 cm) weighs about 10g.

alwaysjoy 04/26/2007 #

Could I send a single large sheet of paper? Or maybe I could cut the sheets in half and each would get a medium sized sheet of 2 papers... They are bigger than 9 x 12 they are like 20 by 20 I think (I could be off a little) they are handmade!

winemakerssister 04/26/2007 #

Hi AlwaysJoy -

I had imagined this as a variety of papers stuffed into an envelope. I don't know... how does everyone else feel about 1-2 sheets of paper. (Also, does it weigh close to 1 ounce?)

Heather winemakerssister

Eve 04/27/2007 #

Sounds like fun! I'm a paper nut.

Curious...Would it be OK to send paper for your partner to recycle? I'll explain - I have an origami desk calendar, but haven't actually done all of the origamis in it (there's one for each day!). For each day there's a sheet of paper. Each one is different with very pretty designs and nice colors - they're 6x6.

Nathalie 04/27/2007 #

I'd prefer a variety of paper instead of 1-2 sheets./ Just to inform you.

shopinc 04/27/2007 #

Yup, me too - would prefer a variety as compared to just 1-2 sheets. Thanks!

toni 04/28/2007 #

I'd prefer a variety also, but do love handmade paper so if you have several different sheets you could cut them up for your partners.

The origami paper from the calendar sounds cool!

Cheryl1681050 04/28/2007 #

What fun. I love paper and look forward to swapping.

winemakerssister 04/28/2007 #

Hi eve, I think the origami sounds fine -- my rule of thumb is, if you'd like to receive it, it's probably suitable.

AlwaysJoy, it sounds like most folks would prefer a larger selection of smaller sheets of paper.


user6664 04/30/2007 #

I'd prefer a variety also.

twobluecrows 04/30/2007 #

One more thing to watch out for is the thickness of the envelope. The post office has a slot template they test it with and it's 1/4" wide. If the filled envelope soesn't slip easily through, they tack on the "unmachinable surcharge" --currently 13 cents. I sent an envelope of "inchies" (1" squares of paper)and flat-rolled them up in a sheet of tissue paper to keep them from bunching up at one end and making it too fat.
I use a lot of scraps about 1" for my ATCs, especially fancy expensive papers that I swap for small bits of here!! They make great focal points with a brad or jewel.


user7591 04/30/2007 #

can i just ask anyone who is my swop partner please can they email me first as i am moving soon and i would hate for bueatifull papers to go missing , will also be contacting the swop coordinator

winemakerssister 04/30/2007 #

Thanks for letting us know about the thickness surcharge, twobluecrows.

Hollie,s atc,s: Do you know your new address? When will it become effective? Once your partners are assigned, I'll make sure to email them and let them know about your move.


kiwivandal 05/ 2/2007 #

The weight of any package in the US system will not be as important as the size and orientation after the 14th check it out online at usps.com

simplypursenality 05/ 3/2007 #

I'm a newbie and love paper. Please check my feed back at e-bay. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=bjscountrycorner0413&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS. can't wait BJ

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 05/ 3/2007 #

Thanks for letting me join! And can't wait! I'm actually ready to send heehee (";) - I'll easily go over the 1 ounce too ;)

twobluecrows 05/ 6/2007 #

Here is the USPS page for mailing size info: http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm100/what.htm


twobluecrows 05/ 6/2007 #

My envies are packed, stamped and ready for addresses of my two partners--I don't think I've ever been this early before! Now, if I can just keep track of them until the partners are assigned! ;)


twobluecrows 05/ 6/2007 #

Please remember to write your name, swap-bot id and the name of the swap on the outside of your envelope as well as somewhere on the inside in case the envelope gets mangled by the post office. Sometimes the outer label/return address might get torn off, and the inner one will be there to identify the contents. I say this from much sad experience! It helps to have your id so we know who to thank before the rating link comes active, too. Cyn

jannikinz 05/ 6/2007 #

Sorry lovely people, I need to drop from this swap.

winemakerssister 05/ 7/2007 #

Sorry you have to drop, Jan. Take care.

Heather winemakerssister

Maddy 05/12/2007 #

Hi there, I have just squeezed in, lucky the US is several hours behind, I am from Perth Western Australia. I am a newbie but you can check my feedback on eBay (27, 1005)


Hope this is OK


ladydy5 05/13/2007 #

Tomorrow I will be sending to Ling Hui in Singapore and to Joy in Virginia. Happy scrapping, hope you enjoy.

Nathalie 05/13/2007 #

Package are leaving tomorrow to Rachelle C and Lauren F.

Watch your mailboxes ; )

user6635 05/13/2007 #

Mine will be on their way to Martha in the Netherlands and Barbara B. in Texas in the morning.

starrycat 05/13/2007 #

sewpatchwork and spinkie, your papers are on their way to you from Ohio!!! Hope you like them!!

twobluecrows 05/13/2007 #

Well, I was ready to mail, but now I have to figure out how much more postage to add because the rate goes up tomorrow! No matter what, my two envies are going in the mail tomorrow! One to San Diego and the other to Santa Fe!


spinjenny 05/14/2007 #

sleeping traveler and tiiamaria, your paper is on its way from the UK. I hope you like these papers as much as I do.

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 05/14/2007 #

hullo lilacsusan & cmhatcstamper - yours were posted today! - 15 May (NZ time). Hope you like them!

evieroz 05/14/2007 #

Just wanted to let Sparrow and Patty J. to watch their mail. Their paper is on its way. Mailed it yesterday.

Mel 05/14/2007 #

Hi tiiamaria and spinjenny -

Your paper is on its way from Wisconsin, USA - I hope it doesn't take too long to get to Finland and England! :)


FridaKahlo 05/15/2007 #

Well, i found out my postal scale at home is slightly inaccurate. It LOOKED like one ounce, but when i got to the post office it had increased to 1.2 ounces. I think my paper has been doing some hanky panky inside the envelope. Not much difference stateside but doubled the postage overseas. Just a little FYI for the new postal rates. Dianne

inky 05/15/2007 #

Just sent out my two paper swaps. I REALLY had trouble cutting some of it. ") I hope my partners love it as much as I do. Can't wait to see what I get. This swap is right down my alley!


user6664 05/15/2007 #

The papers for Cookiebear and RobertaMiller were sent today from Finland.

PattyJ 05/16/2007 #

Kimberly in NJ and Belinda in Finland, your envelopes are going in the mail tomorrow (May 18 in Japan, May 17 in the US... what day in Finland???) Hope you enjoy your paper!


Patty J. Okinawa, Japan

shopinc 05/17/2007 #

I can't remember if I've PMed my partners personally, but just in case I haven't, I have sent out my packages to Joy (ninjaprincess) and Tracey (TraceyMasterson) a few days ago from Singapore! :)

Do let me know when you guys receive it.

Thanks, and hope you like it! :)

user3457 05/18/2007 #

couchart, received your swap and I loved the assortment you sent. The decorated envelope was cool, too. Nice business card, my youngest flipped for it because she loves giraffes. Thank you so much! Can't wait to give you a great rating.

couchart 05/18/2007 #

veggiemommie and Janet Burns, I sent your envelopes out last Monday. I hope you like them.


couchart 05/18/2007 #

I receive an envelope from Sandra Smith, but there is no user id on it and I cannot determine from looking at the participant list which one she is. So, Sandra, please let me know who you are and I will be happy to leave you a rating. Thanks for the array of nice papers. I uploaded a scan of them too.


FridaKahlo 05/18/2007 #

Inkybru - your papers came today! wow! they are great. i have NEVER seen these sewed paper, where do they come from? i can't wait to use them in my work. Dianne

Iowascrapemouse 05/18/2007 #

Mailing my packages to Patty Taylor & Michelle Florence on Saturday.....

ladydy5 05/19/2007 #

Inkybru, I am extremely happy with my paper swap and you. Just so nice and so much texture love it. Your note to me was so sweet, email me if you get the chance.

roberta51503 05/19/2007 #


I received your package of papers tody. thank you for sharing so many of your favorites!


winemakerssister 05/20/2007 #

couchart - Sandra Smith is Whiskers.


couchart 05/20/2007 #

Heather, thank you for Sandra's ID!

Cynthia (couchart)

joanandemma 05/20/2007 #

I've uploaded pics of the papers I sent o my partners. I cut most just over 3.5 inch by 8 inch to fit in a legal sized envelope.

:) Joan

spinjenny 05/22/2007 #

Mel, your lovely selection of papers arrived today. Thanks!

Iowascrapemouse 05/22/2007 #

Received my fantastic papers today from Cheryl Butcher. They are worth the 17 cents postage due I had to pay...lol

user7639 05/22/2007 #

Mickey...thanks so much for the WONDERFUL papers!!! Gorgeous stuff!!! Thanks!!! <3s

Mel 05/23/2007 #

So glad you like your papers, Jenny! I had a great time picking them out for you. :)

toni 05/24/2007 #

Packages went out to Jeanne in Minnesota and Yvonne in Mexico today.

Cheryl1681050 05/24/2007 #

I sent out both envies last week. Hope you like them. Cheryl

ladydy5 05/25/2007 #

Would sure like to know if my package to Singapore arrived safely.

ladydy5 05/25/2007 #

Would sure like to know if my package to Singapore arrived safely.

winemakerssister 05/28/2007 #

Hi Ladydy5 -

shopinc has rated you so it looks like your package arrived safely! I have a package that I'm waiting to hear arrived in Singapore (to a different swapper on a different swap) so I understand your concern... Although lately I've been more worried about DOMESTIC mail delivery :::smile:::


spinjenny 05/28/2007 #

It is 2 weeks since I sent mine from the UK to Finland. I hope they aren't lost.

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 05/28/2007 #

Me too! - I sent both of mine out like within the first few days of finding out my swap partners - i hope they weren't lost too! (starts habit of biting fingernails...)

paperholic 05/30/2007 #

SUGAREYES and CMHATCSTAMPER - your packages were posted today from Down Under. I had them all collected before the start date but then decided to decorate the envelopes (which has taken a bit of time) - anyway hope you both enjoy.

Cheryl1681050 05/30/2007 #

I sent papers to Mickey Betz and Patty Taylor and you needed to pay $.17. I'm sorry. My postage meter is off. I use it to weigh preious metal clay projects. Woops! I hope you enjoythe papers. Cheryl B

Iowascrapemouse 05/31/2007 #

Cheryl, like I said above, the papers were worth paying 17 cents postage for...lol

cmhatcstamper 06/ 1/2007 #

I sent out my special papers to Susan and Sherri today. Enjoy:) Chris H.

nifty 06/ 1/2007 #

I've sent my paper parcels to inkybru and Belle the Cat yesterday. Hope you'll enjoy them!

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/ 1/2007 #

yay I got my first one ;)

Thanks paperholic! I love it!


SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/ 1/2007 #

I want another series!

user7639 06/ 2/2007 #

Evie Roz and marchingstars...watch your mailboxes...You're paper is on it's way. :)

cmhatcstamper 06/ 4/2007 #

Thanks to paperholic! what an awesome assortment of papers. You really went all out. I love that you decorated the envelope too. You have to tell me where you got all those terrific papers. I also appreciate that you included papers you made yourself. Thanks so much, Chris H.

inky 06/ 7/2007 #

Nifty.....got your papers to me today. WOW! what a wonder selection! Love them all. The embossed roses (1 sheet of white and 1 sheet of red) are fabulous. I really like all the handmade papers (and the envie) and the reversable crane paper is lovely. Thanks so much!

paperholic 06/10/2007 #

CMHATCSTAMPER - glad my package arrived safely. Did your post person tick anything on the back of the envelope? I had a lot of fun doing your envelope - in fact it probably took more time than sorting out the papers to send!

I've been collecting paper for years and have got them from various places, but a lot come from where I work - Artwise Amazing Paper - here in Sydney (www.amazingpaper.com.au). Isis

user7642 06/11/2007 #

Aylanah and twobluecrows - your paper mailed today from Texas. Hope you enjoy the selection.

user7869 06/13/2007 #

I mailed my packages to Sweden and Canada last week. I hope they are pleased with the contents.

user7869 06/13/2007 #

I did receive my package from California nearly two weeks ago. It was a treasure to open from the decorated envelope to the lovely note inside. It was fun.

user3457 06/14/2007 #

zlana, received your swap and loved the assortment you sent. Beautiful! Thank you so much. ♥

Eve 06/18/2007 #

Cathy Wegner and mercurialmagpie - you should have received your papers by now (I hope you liked them!)...

My only concern was - I sent them in thick padded envelopes so the papers wouldn't get ruined, I hope that's OK since the postage was a bit higher.

Jeanne3k - I got your envelope yesterday - THANKS!!!

user7219 06/29/2007 #

I hope that being honest doesn't really do damage to anyones psychee! I had to pay postage due when the swap was received, no problem, I emailed the sender and she sent me postage. Problem... it was printed from a computer... unless I print metered postage with my zip code I can't use it! Secondly, I thought this was a CELEBRATION of paper... I didn't realize that I would send what I love to someone (and she loved it too) and get back paper that needed to put in the recycle bin for the garbage collector to pick up! I truelly believed when I read PAPER SNOBS that only those snobs would sign up and I would end up with a wonderful new textile to work with. Well we all grow up and become disillusioned and this truelly was the straw on the camels back... I give up! I won't sign up for any more swaps here because of swappers that go through the garbage bin and think it will be well received... This hostess has been great and probably the only one I will rate before I never log in again...

Just an FYI for the future; Please do not send anything you would not be excited to receive, take it to the post office and pay the correct postage for it to get to your SWAP partner and don't sign up if you can't meet the guidelines. Chiao! :)Patty

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