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candy candy and more candy

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candy candy and more candy
Swap Coordinator:auntjudy (contact)
Swap categories: Food 
Number of people in swap:62
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:June 13, 2009
Date items must be sent by:June 20, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap you will send your partner about 4 ozs of wrapped candy , and feel free to send extras, make your package look nice. Please make it something that you like to get! Please check your partners likes and dislikes. Please leave a short note so that your swap partner will know what you like, what you dislike etc.

I am opening this swap for newbies and seasoned swappers .This will be a international swap.

As I can understand about the 1 rating if you have a one please email and work it out

NO CHOCOLATE!! This time a year most of us would get chocolate syrupy.

I found that I am writing may newbies so I thought I would just add this to the swap. Newbies will need a well filled out profile or I will have to ban you. Thanks


auntjudy 06/ 3/2009 #

I like most candies so send something that I cannot find locally.


MelodyMoon 06/ 3/2009 #

What does 4 oz means? I'm sorry I'm from Portugal and I don't understand some measurement language. Pelease tell me more a less how much is it. I'm really looking foward swap candies ^^ Just tell me that because I want to send everything right. Thanks =)

jeaniebeanie 06/ 3/2009 #

it is about 115 grams more or less

kissgal 06/ 3/2009 #

i like about anything except almonds

sewcrafty 06/ 4/2009 #

i'm going to pass this one on to my daughter, she's allergic to chocolate, of all things, poor kid. so candies like fun dips, skittles, smarties, sweet tarts, and the like. hard candies are good. pops. thank you, i appreciate it.

AgnesGR 06/ 4/2009 #

I like anything, just please don't send me those well known international brands - I want to receive sth that I can't find in my own country.

Dibrittain 06/ 4/2009 #

NO Chocolate! No I love it but the heat here will kill it before it reachs me. Great way to do this is go to a party store or toys r us and get small packets of diffrent candy. Makes it alot of fun to get more than a couple of candies. Please no flakers.... I hate being flaked on these cause my kids get upset over it. :(

clavriene 06/ 5/2009 #

I would love to get candies that I can't find in my country, although I can't have anything that have gelatine in it...likewise I prefer to send people candies made locally in my country rather than sending candies that from international established brands

CherryPopTart 06/ 5/2009 #

no chocolate no nuts otherwise im not fussy :)

Luthien07 06/ 6/2009 #

No nuts please!! I'm open to trying most anything else. And I'd love to see some stuff I can't find in my country as well.

jeaniebeanie 06/ 6/2009 #

I like CANDY, any thing is good with me. I would really like to have some CANDY I can not get locally. I would like you to send a note as why you choose this particular candy.

nylelyn23 06/ 7/2009 #

my profile has some preferences, but if you don't have it from wherever u are, then no popular candies please. like snickers, mars, sktitles, mnms, etc. for chocolates, i hate anything with raisins or fruits. i like hazelnuts, macadamia and almonds. no alcohol allowed, at all please. thanks!

brokendoll 06/ 7/2009 #

i love gummys and sour stuff. chocolate is ok too. please no dark choc. or coconut candy.

surfacerising 06/ 8/2009 #

No chocolate, I'm very picky. I don't like nuts as well. I do love all other candy though, and also live in Canada so candy I can't get here would be nice! I also love super sour candy!

auntjudy 06/10/2009 #

I edit this swap because once I read it, I saw that it was not very clear. Chocolate would melt this time of year.

Sorry if this cause any problems


Dyne 06/10/2009 #

I do not like licorice, otherwise I would be happy about all sweets that can not get in Germany. Thank you

janetd 06/10/2009 #

I like ALL candy! I would adore anything I can't get here in Florida!

splendid 06/10/2009 #

I'm open to anything....especially "old school" candy from childhood.

louise55 06/10/2009 #

I like licorice{red}, no jelly beans, like pretty much anything else.

Krystle3211 06/10/2009 #

I Love Love Love candy! Im open to try anything, but like a lot of other people said, I would really love something that I cannot get here in Texas! I like sweet or sour candies... Im so excited for this swap!

lindasusanna 06/11/2009 #

Oh I love candys ! I love those twizzlers so much and wonka candys and and aallll <3 I can eat sour candys but I'm nor huge fan of those :) something nice, that you'd like to receive <3 I'm not too picky <3

sekhmet 06/11/2009 #


just wanted to ask if anybody had problems with verifieing the email adress.. i haven't got the mail yet and already asked the support, but still got no answer..

hope i can take part here ..

ugachica5990 06/11/2009 #

hey auntjudy! i'm new to this whole swapping thing, so i had a few questions! first, how much is 4oz of candy? could you use maybe the amount of candy (US candy) to describe the weight? And secondly, would i be able to send out my package a little earlier, seeing that my flight leaves on the 20th? Thanks! and also..when will we know our partners? their address?

to my candy swap partner-i have a section in my profile with my candy preferences! i'm not too picky, but i would absolutely LOVE it if you could send me candy that i can't find here in the U.S. (i've had too much of it, want to try something new!!) it might be too hot to send chocolate, but gummies, sour candy, fruit candies, anything is awesome!

ugachica5990 06/11/2009 #

i'm BEYOND EXCITED for this...it's my first swap EVER!!! :DDD

heathertsosie 06/11/2009 #

I am doing this for my kids so at least 3 pieces of candy would be nice so they could share. They are not picky but it is hot here so no chocolate.

misssarah01 06/11/2009 #

I love this - and the deadline is my birthday:) Just no coconut and no chocolate as it will melt on its way to me - I am sure of it. I also don't like black licorice. Thanks!

wiccan3 06/11/2009 #

Aren't there restrictions on what some countries will allow shipped in? Doesn't Australia have restrictions on what can come into their country? I ran into that on my last tea swap anyway. Personally, I love coconut. Great Britain has these candy bars called Bounty..I can sometimes get them in the World Market here in town. ohhh they are good! Like missarra01, I hate black licorice. Just a warning, I live in Charleston, SC and the temps here are in the 90's during the day, just a heads up if you are sending soft stuff.

jay 06/11/2009 #

i love coconut, sour things, airheads... anything really! i just don't like liquorice!

happypanda 06/11/2009 #

Hi, I like most things, not black liquorice though. Everything else is tasty. This is such a good idea.

Noni82 06/11/2009 #

Great idea! ^-^ I'm not a big fan of lemon or orange flavoured sweets, ginger or any kind of chewinggum...and of course I'd love to receive candy I can't get in the local shops around here ^-^

Elfetta84 06/11/2009 #

I would like candies that in my country cannot find!


Tatsu 06/11/2009 #

Please NO: international candy like skittles, sweetarts, Jelly Bellies, altoids, starburst, etc. We get almost all American brands- so nothing you can find in the supermarket..

YES: anything locally made, or something from my profile. I like saltwater taffy, anything flavored orange or lemon. I especially like gummies, Chinese or Japanese candy.

Nadezhda 06/11/2009 #

I like just about everything except black licorice. I really like chewy candy and watermelon and lime flavors.

Ereine 06/12/2009 #

I like everything except coconut and I prefer something I can't get here (we don't have for example any American candy except M&Ms which were recently launched here but we have things like Haribo).

sarahrose8301 06/12/2009 #

dislikes: anything too hot DISCLAIMER: I have braces!! nothing too sticky...if you cant resist I would love to pass it along to my nephews!

Winenku 06/12/2009 #

I don´t have problems with chocolate. In chile we´re frezzing!!! ...It´s winter here xD

saskwoman 06/13/2009 #

i dont like anything with orange or lemon.no black licorish

jamiehml 06/13/2009 #

I live in Washington state and would love to get something i have never seen before, I like all kinds of candys and I'm not too picky.

LongVacation 06/13/2009 #

No Black Licorice, skittles, super sour, rootbeer candies for me please.

Noni82 06/14/2009 #

Quick note: please no such bars as snickers, bounty, mars etc. ^-^

Welshgirlie 06/14/2009 #

I don't like anything coffee or marzipan flavoured, thats about it, please no chocolate

nylelyn23 06/14/2009 #

just wana add that i cannot receive anything with meat products or alcohol in them as well

Barbara 06/14/2009 #

Please send chocolate. I don't mind if it's melted.

ugachica5990 06/14/2009 #

hey luisfearn! I sent you an email, please check it whenever you get the chance too! I'm happy we're partners! :)

wiccan3 06/14/2009 #

In my town, there are 3-4 candy making places. The candies are regional favorites. I doubt you can get those internationally.

rollypolly 06/14/2009 #

Hi, please don't send chocolate as it'll melt I think, I like candy like Hi-chew or sour candy, gummies, and hard nougat. No liquorice too. Thanks. :)

sharone 06/15/2009 #

I live in Australia and have participated in heaps of candy swaps (they are the best, arent they!!) I have to say, I have received everything that was sent and all in good order (ie. no custom dog teethmarks!!). I think tea or plant matter would be a whole different ball game, but candy..... go for broke!!

spclla 06/16/2009 #

No black licorice for me. I love chocolate (not dark though), sour candy (especially the green ones), caramel, toffee, gummy bears, chewey fruity candy.

wiccan3 06/19/2009 #

I wanted to get to the downtown local homemade candy store, so I am mailing this swap today the 19th...just made the dateline!!!

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