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Textiles Postcards 2: International

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Swap Coordinator:SummerLion (contact)
Swap categories: Fabric  Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:25
Last day to signup/drop:July 16, 2007
Date items must be sent by:August 1, 2007
Number of swap partners:3

The first one was fun, so here's Round 2. One new rule: NO STRESSING! This is supposed to be fun.

I love fabric and I love postcards. Let's combine the two!

NOTE: You can do this any way you want, as long as it involves a. fabric or an image of fabric and b. a postcard, combined.

You can make a fabric or quilted postcard, or you can use a photo of cloth on your postcard. You can purchase a postcard that has fabric as a theme: kimono silk or kitschy vintage fabric ads, for instance. You can just show the cloth itself, or you can show it being made, as in handweaving or knitting. It's up to you. Use your imagination and have fun!

You will have three partners. To each partner, send one fabric-themed or fabric postcard.

Again, your postcards can be made or bought. You can use photos or include actual fabric. (Just be sure the fabric is affixed well enough to go through the post intact, please.)

If you're trying to create a little fabric masterpiece, and it just isn't working for you: Don't worry! Send a printed or photo card! That will be perfectly wonderful, as long as the image has something to do with textiles and is something you like. I foresee doing this swap a few more times, so there will be more opportunities to create that masterpiece.

Write a little note on the card about why you chose or created what you did.

Everybody has a different preference, but mine is to have the card written on and not mailed in an envelope, so that's what we'll do in this swap. Some amazing fabric postcards have gone through the system perfectly intact, so this is a great opportunity to take a chance and see what happens. Think of it this way, too: You'll be brightening the day of all the postal workers who handle your card on its journey.

As a simple courtesy, please post in the comments thread when you send your postcards out and when you receive them. And when it's time, please rate your partner based on the swap description, not whether the postcard was to your taste. Thanks!

Newbies welcome with a full profile; minimum rating of 4.5 for everyone else, please. Any questions, contact me.

This is an international swap.


beckra 06/20/2007 #

Thanks, SummerLion, for the reassuring description of the swap; I'm going to give it a try!

Clayshaper 06/20/2007 #

oooh, thanks for hosting this swap! I absolutely cannot sew, but oddly enough, I love fabric and such. (it's the machine. I blame the machine. it's eeeeevil. if I had a 'new' one, I bet I'd do fine) ...i've been pondering how to do a postcard with fabric as a theme anyway... spiffy!! A chance to actually SEND it to someone. ;)

SummerLion 06/21/2007 #

Yay, beckra! If it isn't fun, don't do it, is my motto for swaps. I'm glad you're in.

Clayshaper, I'd blame it on my machine, too... Except that it's been so long since I used it that I wouldn't blame it for hating me. So, I hand-stitched the last ones. Don't know yet if they arrived, but it was fun (if painful: couldn't find my thimble).

dulcimer 06/21/2007 #

this will be a first for me but im off for the summer in 5 days (but whose counting and im not bragging;>P) and i decided to challenge myself and stop playing it safe with my crafting. Thanks summerlion for this chance to do something different

user3287 06/22/2007 #

Oh! I wanted to sign up for this one to, (I love doing fabric postcards), but sorry my holiday comes in the way this time. There will not be enough time for me in this one.

toscabelle 06/24/2007 #

Jumping in for round #2. Thank you SummerLion for hosting another one!

SummerLion 06/28/2007 #

So glad you're all here... I may have limited Internet access for a couple of days, but will check in as often as I can in case of questions. All should be back to normal (ha!) this weekend.

E11enT 06/29/2007 #

Ok - since you put it that way....no pressure to be a master tailor. I'm in.

junemoon 06/30/2007 #

For those who are not quilters, I suggest you do a little web search under "fabric postcards" and/or "quilt postcards" there are several sites with fascinating examples of what can be done -- it's been a fad within the quilters world for about three years. But, of course, as Summerlion says so clearly, it doesn't have to be quilted at at all, so I'll be fascinated to see what people send me.

SummerLion 07/ 6/2007 #

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for joining... and if you know anybody else who might be interested, please point them our way.

I'm a bit bummed that I still can't upload an image for the swap, but if you go to Flickr and do a search for "swapbot textiles postcards" or even just "fabric postcards," you'll see some great ones -- and not all quilted, tho I really love those.

When my life settles down in a couple of days (ha!), I'll also try to post some tips a couple of members from the last swap gave me, just in case (like me) you're new to this and doing it as a challenge to yourself.

Happy creating, everybody!

ElectricDaisy 07/ 7/2007 #

This swap is one of the reasons that I joined Swap-bot in the first place. I've tried so many new projects that I never wold have just up and done on my own. I love receiving a swap from someone like this who has really put their time into it and produced a great product. I just love to see how everyone starts with the same instructions, but finishes with completely different projects! That's what makes Swap-bot fun...trying new things and receiving others works of art! That said, I'm in!

SummerLion 07/ 7/2007 #

Awww, brewmomma, you're sweet! Your note really cheered me up at a slightly down moment. That's why I hang around, 'cause of folks like you.

beckra 07/17/2007 #

Mine are on their way: look for something in your mailboxes soon, TíaBel, SummerLion, and brewmomma! And thanks, SummerLion, for hosting!

KansasKate 07/17/2007 #

My postcards were just mailed, sans envelopes. I made my own using a couple of photos of my favorite quilt. Hope they survive the mail ok!

I was so excited -- the domestic postcard stamp has a BLUE CAT on it!

junemoon 07/17/2007 #

I've sent quilt post cards to my partners,birdbeth, juju and Ginger thimble -- I didn't have nerve enough to trust the international postal services with an embelished PC so ginger's is in an envelope. I'm going to post pictures of them on my blog later today, so anyone who wants can go to my profile and then to my blog.

SummerLion 07/17/2007 #

Wow... You guys are quick.

Kate: I love that panther stamp!

CalenderGirl: Thanks for putting pix in your blog. I actually had hoped you'd send your card without an envelope, as that is part of the swap requirements. My card reached Britain last time with only minor wear and tear.

TíaBel 07/18/2007 #

Postcards are on their way to Lisa, Marlene, and Granny's Namesake.

dandelion 07/18/2007 #

Postcards are on their way! Let's hope they stand up to the stresses of the USPS!! :D

earthnk 07/18/2007 #

ddmarie, fiberjunkie, kansas-kate, I mailed fabric cards out to you all today. Please let me know when you get them and I apologize ahead of time for the dark smudges the postal machines tend to leave on fabric postcards, ha!

AnkeArnold 07/20/2007 #

I sent my postcards to beckra, Pertineer and Patty J. - they come without an envelope, and I hope that they stay intact. Please let me know when they arrive.

Juju 07/20/2007 #

I sent off postcards to Birdbath, starwatcher & lHall today.

SummerLion 07/20/2007 #

bekra, that fabric is gorgeous. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it whole. Thank you for sharing it with me.

junemoon 07/22/2007 #

Send an extra postcard, not fabtric but of a quilt, to Emma in Australia so she'd get one without an envelope as well as the one sent in an envelope. I get possessive about my work and have a hard enough time trusting the USPO with my quilt postcards, let alone whatever happens internationally.

earthnk 07/23/2007 #

ddmaree, thank you for the kind comments on my fabric postcard. Thank also for noticing the little sparkles on some of the stars. That was such an afterthought and I really didn't expect anyone to notice. Blush!


toscabelle 07/24/2007 #

Ahhhh, gems in amongst the bills....thank you to Marlene and TiaBel for the fabulous postcards!

GingerThimble 07/29/2007 #

Hello lovely swappers! I'm due to be sending to birdbeth, juju and lhall, and you'll definately get something sent before the swap finishes, but at this stage it might be a printed postcard instead of a fabric one. I've got suspected pneumonia, and so I'll know more after tests tomorrow. You will definately still get a fabric postcard, but a printed one may just be holding its place until all of this clears up.

SummerLion 07/29/2007 #

Ginger Thimble, take care of yourself first! If you find that you need not to send, just let me know and I'll take care of it. Okay? Don't mess with pneumonia, says the voice of experience. :)

GingerThimble 07/29/2007 #

Thank you very much, SummerLion! I ended up in hospital overnight on an IV, but the medication is starting to kick in. I'll still be able to get the printed ones out, as hubby is the one who goes to the post office anyway.

toscabelle 07/31/2007 #

Ginger Thimble, I hope you feel much better soon! Almost all of my friends and family have had some respiratory ick other this year, myself included.

Postcards went out today to Ellen, Spinjenny and Chappykat. Has anyone else had postal issues? They charged me parcelpost rates for domestic; my two to the UK and Canada combined had less postage.

SummerLion 07/31/2007 #

Marlene, Granny's Namesake and TiaBel, your postacards are on their way from Alaska (finally).


birdbeth 08/ 1/2007 #

okay, finally sent mine out to blessings2ewe, Starwatcher and Ihall. Sorry so last minute, my brain is definitely on summer vacation!

KansasKate 08/ 1/2007 #

I've received 2 out of 3 of the pc's. Thanks, everyone!


SummerLion 08/ 1/2007 #

Thanks, Kate! I posted the ones I made here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/summerlion/980997441/in/set-72157600285753767/

If you're my partner and you want to be surprised, don't look! :)

I need to gather some stuff together to photograph several received swaps and will post those soon.

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