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Theme a day journal with a twist.

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Swap Coordinator:mermaidery (contact)
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Number of people in swap:20
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 23, 2010
Date items must be sent by:March 11, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

I saw this swap a few times on swap-bot, and ran into it again, but it was not international. I took the idea of the theme, and am changing it around and making it an international swap.

For this swap, you'll need a journal. Any type will do, as long as it's not super small. Let's say anything above 6 x 8. You may also make your own journals, if you would like.

There will be 31 themes for this swap. You don't have to do them in any order. However, try to only do one a day. Please date your entries. You do not have to do them back to back. Also, You can add more themes if you'd like.

This journal can be hand written or typed and made into a journal. There will be pages that require you to make things (though you dont need amazing artistic or crafting abilities!).

I will give you a month and a half to do the swap, this way, you don't have to write every day. You can start right away, as this is not profile specific.

If you have any questions, please email me.

****The Twist!!****: you will include a data CD of photos and music and any other thing that you want to send to your partner. Pictures of you, your family, your town, house, pets, friends.. your favorite place to go.. If it corresponds with an entry you are writing, please note that in the journal and put them in their own folder. Please nothing offensive.

YOU CAN USE A MEMORY STICK IF YOU'D LIKE - if you have an annoying CD burner like some people do (my old one was like that.) a 512 mb is cheap and should work just fine. Even a 256 mb will work - since you can fit 50 songs on there and STILL have more than enough room for photos. =] (there is no limit to how many songs or photos you put on there - but try to include a decent amount. maybe as many as a normal cd - so.. 16 or so? ) The Themes:

    1. Please write a short into about you and your life. This will let your partner get to know you a little better. You can include photos of you and your life on the CD.
    1. Daydream and doodle on an entire page of the journal. Don't worry about making it pretty.. Just doodle anything! Use up the entire page.
    1. Go through a magazine and cut out your favorite clothes. Paste them into your journal - you can even make outfits.
    1. write in your journal using a different medium (i.e. brush & ink, charcoal, old typewriter, crayons, markers) Write about what you want.
    1. Write a letter to someone random. Tell them something you could never actually tell them. I.E. express your love for that really cute guy behind the counter at your local starbucks... or tell your neighbor that you cant stand them and if their dog chases your poor cat one more time... you'll pour soap in their hot tub.
    1. Cut out a person from a magazine. Glue it into your journal. Write about their day.
    1. Draw or list everything in your purse. Tell us a little about some of them.
    1. Make a list of at least 10 things that are important to you in every day life.
    1. Tell us about something that you do on a weekly basis that you could get in trouble for (be it from a friend, a parent, a spouse, a cop, or a boss..) Do not pass judgment when you read these, after all, doing something wrong is all still wrong. :P.
    1. Turn your journal upside down and write your entry like that.
    1. Write about your day in all caps.
    1. Write about the most recent day you got presents (ie. Christmas or your birthday.)
    1. List as many things as you can touch from where you are sitting. (more then 10 but less then say 25)
    1. Tell us about something you're looking forward to.
    1. Open your favorite book to a random page. Write down a quote from that, and tell us why it's your favorite book.
    1. If you were to get 10 million dollars, BUT could ONLY have it if you spent it on things you dont NEED (ie bills) - what would you spend it on.
    1. glue a postcard into the journal. Tell us about that postcard or why you picked it.
    1. Include something local. Can be about your town.. or something about your state in general. Tell us about it.
    1. Write down lyrics from a song that inspires you, moves you, or creates a strong emotion. Emphasize your favorite part of the song.
    1. find, or make, your own mad libs. (http://www.madlibs.com/) http://www.madglibs.com is a good place to get ideas from as well.
    1. Write about what made you smile today.
    1. Make up a totally random, completely outlandish journal entry.
    1. Put your MP3 player or music player on random. Write down a line from the next 15 songs. Highlight the one that jumps out the most.
    1. Document your day. Make a time line of what you did that day.
    1. List 5 famous people you would like to hang out with for a day. Tell us what you would do with them. (all 5 at one time.) Can alive or dead.
    1. Write a letter to your childhood self. Tell yourself things you wish you had known to do or not to do back then.
    1. Pick an animal for each - land , air, and water. Explain why you would want to be this animal. (idea from @colleenp )
    1. If you could spend the day doing ANYTHING you wanted at all, what would you do. ( @TAnn )
    1. Fill a page with examples of your favorite craft(s) - you can explain it or give instructions if you wish.
    1. FREE FOR ALL. Write about or do what you want.
    1. FREE FOR ALL. Write about or do what you want.

Please feel free to leave ideas on themes for the last two themes. =] If you need ideas or themes to do, just refer to the comments. Theres good ideas there! Thanks to everyone that left an idea or two in the comments! <3

You can do more then 31 if you like. It's up to you how many you do, but you have to do the 31 listed above.. anything after that is all you.

****ABSOLUTELY**** NO RECENT 3's or 1's. Any person with 3's or 1's at all , that are not explains, I have the right to ban. This is a time intensive swap, and I don't want to chance my swappers getting a bad seed for a partner, sorry.

Please have at least 5 mailed swaps under your belt. This does NOT include email swaps. I want to make this friendly to everyone from still new to the more experienced, which is why I'm making it lower then normal.

Please put some time into your journal, as others will be doing the same. Do not use a ratty old journal. If you are hand making them, please make them look nice. Think "would I like getting this from my partner?" then kick it up a notch if you need to.

Newbies are welcome, but please have a decently filled out profile and at least a few (5) swaps under your belt.

Any questions, please feel free to message me!


mermaidery 12/24/2009 #

Im not sure why it all says " - 1." but it wont let me change it. lol. But, including the empty ones that are open to suggestion, there are 31.

TAnn 12/24/2009 #

My suggestions are

Your favourite recipe, if I could spend the day doing anything I wanted i would....,

nattyj 12/24/2009 #

My suggestions: Write about your family & where you fit in, the history, what you love & don't love about your family etc. Tell us how to do a craft that you love - include instructions, drawings, photos - could be anything from making paper, a bookmark, sewing, beading, scrapbooking.

secretterrabite 12/24/2009 #

This is a lovely idea for a journal. My suggestion is that the 5 are left up to the individual as we are all into different things. Also I have no facility to make a CD, can I include the photo's just as normal printed photo's and anything else as a real/live item?

babyamy 12/24/2009 #

I'm watching for now. I love the idea of this swap, but until today I have been flaked on every journal swap I did (I did three) and I don't want to happen it again... :(

colleenp 12/24/2009 #

i like the thought of leaving some of these last entries open, but here are some of my thoughts, too :-)

i like the fave recipe idea, maybe with a bit about where it came from, the first time you ate it, something like that.

if you were turned into an animal that lives in the zoo, which one would you be and why.

i like including something about a craft/hobby you do and giving instructions/examples.

a rant about someone/thing that did something horrid to you that day (coffee maker broke, someone cut in front of you in line at the PO, etc).

a guilty pleasure-- cookie dough straight from the fridge? retail therapy?-- and when/why you indulge.

i'll be watching until it gets closer, but i've copied all the swap info and will most like get started right away :-)

mermaidery 12/24/2009 #

Watch, Colleen,, you sign up, and I get you as a partner! lol.

As for everyone else. Those are great ideas! Since it's chrstmas eve and I'm pretty busy with family till tomorrow after dinner, I will read them all and think about them over the course of the next day, and then decide what im going to post up.. if anything, as I sorta do like that "free for all" idea that some of you put out. =]

@secretterrabite - if you have absoloutly NO way to make a CD full of images and music, you can upload your music to http://www.mediafire.com/ [with a free account] and then write the URL into your journal (I advise using http://www.tiny.cc/ . You past the URL what you want to send into Tiny.cc, and it will give you a shorter link. Easy for you to write, and easy for your partner to get to.)

But please, do this ONLY if you do not have a way to burn CDs... and have no way to use a USB memory stick ( a 512/1g - as they are pretty cheap.)

@babyamy oh no!! Well, I'll be going through the list before the swap starts and banning anyone I feel might even have a thought of not sending. I try to do everything I can to make the swaps safe for my swappers =] But, it is up to you. I hope you do join though! Perhaps this swap will let you know that not all journal swaps are bad!

TennesseeSannie 12/25/2009 #

This looks very interesting..... idea.... write about your closest friend(s) how you came to be, what you do together, what they add to you, what you add to them.

xd0nn4x 12/28/2009 #

I joined but kinda weary of not having a prerequisite of how many swaps the person has under their belt ya know (and what kind of swap? package, postcard, email)? Since this is time extensive

mermaidery 12/29/2009 #

Thanks for pointing that out, @xd0nn4x I just edited it... I kept it on the lower side because I want newish people to be able to join if they want... I still remember being new and wanting to join a swap, but didn't meet the swap sent requirements by one or two swaps. lol

xd0nn4x 12/29/2009 #

Ya it is my first joirnal swap and would hate ti be burned! Thanks for editing :)

xd0nn4x 01/ 1/2010 #

I already started my journal so excited about this one :D

kaytd89 01/ 4/2010 #

I absolutely LOVE this swap. I definitely want to join, but I need to be sure that I have enough money set aside for buying a new journal and sending it out once I'm ready. I'm going to watch it for now and keep my fingers crossed!

tinnuwen 01/ 5/2010 #

I'm watching for now. I've made such bad experiences with journal swaps though I do love making them... so I'm more looking for a private swap with one person rather than a group (please, no offense anyone on here!!! :)). I'll see!

Jaelle 01/ 8/2010 #

Q. I've started collaging and altering my journal.... then I wondered if that might not be okay. Is that okay to do? I'm still journal-ling, just that some pages might be more collage than journal. Wondering if that is okay or not... newbie question, lol!

nelliebugsdotcom 01/12/2010 #

If there are any flakers, I could angel. My wife and I are both doing this and only going to send one (unless there's a flaker). Just let us know!!

mermaidery 01/16/2010 #

Thank you very much, @nelliebugsdotcom I will keep that in mind, though, I hope I don't have to take you up on that offer!

Mandii79 01/25/2010 #

For anyone needing ideas or for any future journals, here are a couple of sites with a couple of good ideas




mermaidery 02/20/2010 #

Almost done with my journal. It's gotten so stuffed I have to use a rubber band to keep it closed. lol. Two or three more themes and two extra things and I'll be sending mine out! yay!

xd0nn4x 03/15/2010 #

Uh oh, there are a few no sends already!

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