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#2 Big Fat Stuffed Envelope International Swap

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:218
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 27, 2010
Date items must be sent by:April 17, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope with all sorts of goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope that measures approximately 4 x 9 inches, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. Examples Include (but are not limited to) Post cards
Greeting Cards
Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera
recipe/recipe cards
old photographs
small books
handmade items
craft supplies
teas/drink mixes
fabric scraps
sewing items
rubber stamps
Or anything else you want to share

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. This is International. Have fun. No recent no sends allowed. Please rate your partner and remember international swapping times take longer to receive your item. No FLAKERS ALLOWED. Do Not Flake. I will list all flakers. I reserve the right to ban individuals

Postage may be high to ship to other countries so DO NOT SIGN UP for this swap if you can not afford to send your envelope to your partner. Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.


tex82 02/14/2010 #

What is the size of 4 x 9 inches in centimeters?

slamophile 02/16/2010 #

I think this is approximate: 10.16 cm x 22.86 cm

ErikaM 02/18/2010 #

@tex82 I guess it would be our "envelope ofício"

bristoldeep 02/22/2010 #

I always send a really LARGE padded envelope... I think it should be REALLY BIG and SPECIAL! :)

kraftykj 02/26/2010 #

I am using a 6x9 envie! Can't seem to get enough in a business size envie.

kaydensmommy4e 02/28/2010 #

what does it mean to "watch"??

wolfeagle 03/ 1/2010 #

If you go to your Dashboard, there will be a listing of current swaps, sent swaps, watching swaps, etc. You can add a swap to your watchlist, and watch it as it gets closer to the time of the swap when you can then decide to add it or not as one you want to participate in.

Christie1981 03/ 3/2010 #

thanks so much for organising such a great swap, and one that helps us newbies build our reputation here :3 you are a gem!

Eshara 03/ 3/2010 #

I'm so excited about this swap! Already got my large bubble envie all ready to stuff things into! LOL! Just waiting (im)patiently for my partner! LUV IT! <3

lilmisspolkadot 03/ 4/2010 #

oh i loooove this swap !!!! So exited !

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 03/ 4/2010 #

yay I am so excited to send out my first package lol now all I need is a place to send it!

lovelycoffee 03/ 6/2010 #

I will participate!! :D

Eshara 03/ 6/2010 #

March 27 isn't coming fast enough!!! LOL!!!

Capswife 03/ 8/2010 #

I would love to be included in this swap I'm a total newbie so thanks so much for letting us be included this is my kind of swap, just filled out my profile but not sure if it's long enough, please advise as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write....

Dibrittain 03/ 8/2010 #

I would love to get a partner in England. I hope.... It is all in the luck of the draw... Partner... I live in USA so let me know if you want something from the Washington DC area.

Lavinia 03/ 9/2010 #

This sounds fun, thank you for organizing it and letting newbies in n___n

Veanne 03/ 9/2010 #

hi~ im newbie here. Can i join..? I'm from Malaysia, somewhere in Asia. This would be my first swap. o.O Hope my craft won't disappoint my new partner.

Lamyaa 03/ 9/2010 #

I would love to get a partner outside of the USA, if possible. Looking forward to stuffing the envie with goodies!

Christie1981 03/10/2010 #

hehehe I agree with Eshara, the deadline isn't coming fast enough for me :P I already have a pile of goodies to choose from depending on my partner's likes/dislikes XD

Goldilocks 03/11/2010 #

I'm also a newbie and can't wait for the dealine. Getting my envelope tomorrow. I have tons of "stuff" to cram in too. This is exactly what I need to share my loot. Tthanks for this wonderful idea.

Kshiou 03/11/2010 #

This will be my 3rd swap... I'm sooooo looking forward to this one!!! I think I'm getting addicted! :) Can't wait for March 27th!

Eshara 03/13/2010 #

Ok it's the 13th! Slooowly but surely the 27th is rolling around! LOLOLOL!!!

kathchown 03/14/2010 #

Yey! An international swap!

lovestosew 03/15/2010 #

WOW! This is an Amazing turnout!!!!!!!!!! Good Job!

Veanne 03/16/2010 #

^^ I'm a newbie here and i just join... but i had a question.. do we choose the partner ourselves..?? or by the swap coordinator..?? if so, when will we know who our partner actually is..?? 28th March..?? hmm.. about the date of items must be sent to the partner, can it be extend..?? as I'm living somewhere in Asia country,I'm worried if my envelope will not reached on time.. o.O

misscordelia 03/17/2010 #

Veanne - Last day to sign up is 27th March which mean you will get your partner on 28th, it will assign automatically by the system, we cannot choose our partner. You can post the items from this date onwards.

Date items must be sent by: 17th April 2010. Mean the last day to post the parcel. If you want to post after this date, kindly inform your partner that you are sending late with the reason. Otherwise you will not get good rating ;)

Veanne 03/17/2010 #

thanks for the info.. ^^

strandedhero 03/17/2010 #

Hi, I'm so excited for this swap! Just so my partner knows I am moving May 1st so please make sure to send your package on time otherwise I will not receive it :(

wolfeagle 03/17/2010 #

Yes, once the sign up date passes, the host reviews the Profiles of everyone in the swap. The host can ban people who do not fit her requirements, etc. Hosts have up to one week to review profiles and have partners assigned. At that point, partners are assigned randomly by the swap-bot computer. Hosts have no control over who gets who as a partner. Once partners are assigned, you will get an email saying your partner has been assigned. Just as an FYI, I require Profiles to be filled out so please make sure yours is. You can go to Edit Profile, then select the Personal tab, which will bring you to a page with drop down tabs/catagories for you to fill in or to create your own categories.

iGirlZoe 03/18/2010 #

I am filling out my profile now but have no ratings yet as I only joined swap-bot today. I sent you an email, but wondered if I could join this swap? I have just moved to Switzerland and have boxes and boxes of new craft supplies to swap. Thanks :)

Cartilong 03/18/2010 #

My first swap! I am excited! Thanks for letting the newbies join. I hope my profile is filled out well enough.

madamerogers 03/19/2010 #

my first one too! i hope like the other newbies i have left enough info!

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 03/20/2010 #

just checking in :)

Eshara 03/21/2010 #

It's almost here people!!! Yeahh!!! I really hope nobody flakes on this swap :-|

Ok positive thoughts


I've already got tonz of goodies to stuff into my large envie but i'm just waiting to get my partner's name so I can put in some things from their profile!!!

Hmmmm...I hope whoever gets my name will do the same for me!!!

All I ask is for a little thought behind the items :-D

21ST AND COUNTING........!!!

Fernweh87 03/22/2010 #

Is this the biggest swap ever? Would be cool if it was!

ElleWelch 03/22/2010 #

Yay i just signed up....But i dont know what to get anyone ? Iam in the U.S. can i get some ideas please

edie3 03/22/2010 #

Call me dumb, but I got the email about my partner, and now can't find it. Where can I find my partner on the web site? Thanks.

paperfairys 03/23/2010 #

I am looking forward to this swap, so many things i want to send :)

adjockey 03/23/2010 #

Count me in! Sounds like a fun project for a first swap!

vane31 03/24/2010 #

I havent received info on my partner, this is my first swap.

wolfeagle 03/24/2010 #

Partners were assigned for the USA version. Partners have not yet been assigned for this swap. When they are, you will get an email. Again, I will ban people if your Profile is not filled out so please fill it out and more then a few sentences please.

Eshara 03/25/2010 #

25th and almost there!!!!

RyuLuna 03/26/2010 #

I can't wait! this is gunna be my first swap!! :D

Eshara 03/26/2010 #

Doin' the BigSwap doo-wop

Eshara 03/28/2010 #

Today's the day!!! Can't wait to get my assigned partner!

paperfairys 03/28/2010 #

My first swap here too ( though i am in a private swap with shanda panda ) i have had the email but still can not see where my swap partners name is ... im sure its something obvious but im just not finding it. Help please ?

elaine x

Eshara 03/28/2010 #

Paper click on "See the partners you send to" at the top right of this page....

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 03/28/2010 #

My partner is in Malaysia! how exciting yay!

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 03/28/2010 #

is it ok if we fill a box or does it have to be a envelope I have so much cute craft stuff to get rid of lol

Capswife 03/28/2010 #

Thanks so much got my partner will start getting mine ready to send out this week....

cittylou 03/29/2010 #

sent mine out today-stuffed it full! Hope my partner likes it all :)

adjockey 03/29/2010 #

This is fun! I'm happy that wolfeagle gave us some time between the start date and the shipping deadline; it gives me time to order some goodies to include...


paperfairys 03/29/2010 #

Mine are on their way to my swap partner :)

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 03/29/2010 #

I couldn't help myself I sent a box lol

missmashed 04/11/2010 #

wow mine cost a fortune to send..£10! last swap that ill be sending till i get some money...

DestineysMemoriesPhotography 04/15/2010 #

yeah mine cost $20.00 to send lol my husband got mad at me

Eshara 04/15/2010 #

Mine cost $13 USD to send from Trinidad to the USA. And I rec'd mine already! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful swap! I hope everyone gets a lovely package like mine!

paperfairys 04/19/2010 #

I am really confused. I sent an envie to someone in the netherlands as thats the persons name i was given but i recieved an envie back from someone in ireland ... so does that mean we do not give to the same people we recive from ? its like a chain ? as i had presumed the person we sent to was the person we got back from ... i recieved a fabulous envie crammed with goodies today but i do not have the user name of the person who sent it, only their name and address ? HELP PLEASE ?

Thanks ~ elaine x

paperfairys 04/19/2010 #

Also ... i now feel as though i have not sent nearly enough. I did a PRIVATE SWAP with someone and sent loads as it was a big haul swap ( i thought ) but this one, i thought was just meant to be an envie swap for odds and ends so thats what i sent, patterened papers and embelsihments etc. I feel as though i may not have been generous enough now that ive had mine and it only cost me about £2.50 to send. This will be the first time in my years of swapping i will have ( maybe ) disapointed someone :( and i feel awful.

paperfairys 04/19/2010 #

third mesg ... gosh i feel like a numpty :/ I found the person who sent to me ... was in sent and then the info was in the little box. It wasnt rocket science lol ... sorry ( i know better for future ) i have also emailed the person to say that if she feels i should have sent more i will, even though my son says i sent plenty ( as he posted ) ... i will stop fretting now and wait and see.

elaine x

FallenAngelNL 04/19/2010 #

:S The profile of the person i sent my package to has been deleted :S I guess i don;t get a rate now for this swap :( :(

morwesong 04/19/2010 #

I know it is only a few days after the deadline, but my partner hasn't even logged on to the website since 31 March :-( I really hope I don't get flaked on AGAIN; this will be the third swap in a row :'(

Dibrittain 04/20/2010 #

I mailed this days ago I just forgot to mark it sent.... So Brian you should be getting this swap soon if not already... di

ozrob 04/21/2010 #

I just PM'ed my partner to see if she if going to send. I hope so!

ozrob 04/21/2010 #

I'm not joining the #3 swap, if anyone wants a guaranteed 'no flake' partner, please PM me. (that is if you promise to send too)

couchart 04/23/2010 #

I just checked on the person who was supposed to send to me (Sadie Lankford (nelliebugsdotcom)) and I see that she has been banned from swap-bot. I guess that means I am out of luck on this swap. Bummer.


IngridRijnen 04/23/2010 #

@paperfairys PLEASE don't worry about your swap.... it was really nice, I really like all the things you send to me. All the papers and the nice tags you made, you really made me feel to come in the nice-cuty-paper-mood. There was no amount of money in this swap and hey swapping is supposed to be fun, so please don't worry. You really don't have to send me more. This was all great and very useful. Enjoy your following swap :-)))

wolfeagle 05/ 4/2010 #

I hate Flakers. It really is so rude. Hopefully, any partner who has not sent yet.. will still send and not flake. However, if they do flake, please rate your partner a 1 so we can keep them out of other swaps.

couchart 05/ 5/2010 #

The person who flaked on me has a deleted account. I don't know if that means she deleted it or if she was banned.

missmashed 06/ 4/2010 #

I still haven't got my parcel :( I'm not sure if I've been flaked or not as my sender has really good feedback, maybe it got lost in the mail :/

janetblythe 06/22/2010 #

I haven't got my parcel too.Tried email the partner but she never respond and now she's been partially suspended.

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