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Handmade Christmas ornaments

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Swap Homepage:http://www.flickr.com/groups/handcraftedchristmas/
Swap Coordinator:samjowers (contact)
Swap categories: Seasonal 
Number of people in swap:28
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:November 12, 2010
Date items must be sent by:November 26, 2010
Number of swap partners:10

This swap is for all of those people who love to craft and receive handmade Christmas ornaments. You will have ten partners. You will make ten identical ornaments for the Christmas tree and send them out. Absolutely NO store bought ornaments! Please do a good job with these ornaments as they will become a part of your partner’s cherished Christmas tradition for the years to come. Do not just put a sticker or computer print out on a piece of wood and call it an ornament. Be sure to make your ornament hang with either a hook or ribbon. Package your ornaments so that they make it in one piece to your partner’s home. This is not a profile based swap so anything Christmas is acceptable. You may use any materials or medium to make your ornaments as long as they are not perishable or edible. (We don’t want to encourage rodents or unwanted guest under our Christmas trees!) I am making the send out deadline for the Friday after thanksgiving so that we can receive these to enjoy for the month of December. MERRY CHRISTMAS fellow/sister crafters! Please be aware that this includes international swappers so postage may get a little bit higher.

I do not want to have to angel this swap so I am setting the rating at 4.9 and higher. No unexplained 1’s or 3’s in the last 6 months and I will be checking everyone’s profiles. You MUST have a completely filled out profile and have at least 5 mailed out swaps. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and maybe I can set up a flickr account to showcase what everyone ends up making. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

edit 10-16 I was reminded that some countries (like Australia) do not allow plant products to be sent to their country. Since this is an international swap, you will need to keep that in mind. (Thanks! Nikkidear!)

!!! I just created a group on flickr for everyone to show off your ornaments that you make. This is a spoiler alert! Only look if you dont mind knowing what you'll be receiving! I would LOVE to see what everyone sent out this year. There will be more than just our ornaments on the site, so you might get ideas as well!

(Edit Dec 1 Notes for next year. Must have swaped in the last six months.)


glittergothgurl 10/ 8/2010 #

ten partners?? wow, that's too much for me. I'll watch for now

Garrent 10/ 8/2010 #

I did a swap similar to this one last year and it was a lot of fun! I sent out cute felt holiday stuffy ornaments (therefore didn't cost much to send) and received several really wonderful handmade ornaments in return. I'm in!!

Garrent 10/ 8/2010 #

By the way, I'd be happy to angel, if needed.

samjowers 10/ 9/2010 #

thanksGarrent!! Yes, I think I was in the same swap. I had so much fun. I asked the host regarding this year, but she never answered back. I got 7 really great ornaments. I am hoping that the higher rating will get everyone the expected 10 this year. and, glittergo..you would be suprised at how quick it is to make 10 ornaments! :D

violin21 10/ 9/2010 #

I did this swap last year and made mini fabric Christmas ornaments, and received lovely ones last year.

joswaps 10/13/2010 #

Yes I was in that swap too and also contacted host and also didn't get a reply so am very happy to find someone has organised one :)

nikkidear 10/14/2010 #

I was in a swap like this last year and had a ball, I'll be watching this for now, but I'll probably be joining closer to the date when I sure I can commit.

Also just to mention since this is international you might not want to use plant based material like leaves, beans, pinecones, seeds, etc. in your crafting, as some countries have issues with customs.

sandyxrs 10/15/2010 #

This will be my first time of doing this. But I can't wait , I am so excited about this. i just love Christmas and it is my favourite time of the year. Willing to Angel If you need extra help. Just let me know....Also would I be allowed to send a home made Christmas card with the ornament if I would like to?

samjowers 10/16/2010 #

Sandyxrs - Yes! even though they are not required, a homemade Christmas card would be lovely!!
Nikkidear - Thanks so much for the reminder! I will have to edit the swap to indicate that!

nichole2203 10/18/2010 #

Love it! I participated in one like this a couple of years ago and then missed the one last year. Glad I remembered to look early this time! Can't wait to see the cute ornaments. :o)

TerryF 10/19/2010 #

A couple of you mention above that you contacted the host of a similar swap from last year and never received a reply. I hosted 2 swaps last year for 10 and 5 handmade ornaments respectively. I am hoping that I am not the host you tried to contact and never received a reply from. I always reply to all of my messages within a few days at most, but sometimes pms do go astray here. So if it was I you tried to reach, I apologize, but I never received your messages. (";)

I also decided not to do those swaps again this year so am happy to see this swap up!

samjowers 10/20/2010 #

no, it was someone else. she only hosted it two years and there was a lot of disastisfaction from her friends who were with her from previous years on another swapping forum. I think she only host at christmas time.

mollysmum 10/20/2010 #

I partcipated last year too and received all 10 handmade ornaments from all over the world.. IT WAS THE BEST SWAP EVER!!!!!!

Harineke 10/26/2010 #

What a nice idea for a swap. I'm in a few swaps at the moment, but don't think I'll have 5 completed (rated) before the sign-up date. Hopefully next year. I wish you all lots of fun!!

Gofeen 10/26/2010 #

Do the 10 ornaments have to be absolutely identical or can you use say different colours, maybe different buttons etc. but essentially the same ornament?

samjowers 10/26/2010 #

No, different colors and buttons are fine. I just thought that "identical" would make it easier for everyone. that way, you can design it once and make them all fabulouse. Who's going to know that we all didn't get the same? LOL! Mine are the same design, but different colors and when I know who my partners are, I can do better at matching up the ones who like red better than green etc.

starrgazer 10/30/2010 #

I just found the perfect project. I am really hoping to make this work!

samjowers 11/ 1/2010 #

ok, so the old host of last years swap decided not to host it here on swap-bot. She is hosting it on her blog like in previous years. I did not want to step on anyone's toes. I feel better now! :D sam

TerryF 11/ 1/2010 #

Oh THAt swap - yes, the host does not angel and a lot of people never received all of their ornaments.

samjowers 11/ 2/2010 #

I didn't receive 4. But that was last year and this year, I am looking closely at all participants. I have made enough ornaments that I could angel, but really dont want to have to! :D I think hers was so big (264 swappers), that it became impossible to manage. I have some fabulouse volunteers this year for angel if necessary. At this point, I am hoping that that wont be necessary. I went back and looked at the comments that occured after the swap was over and I really dont want that to happen here. Too many people in that swap only showed up for that swap and never swapped again or swapped only for that series. There was no way to tell if people could be reliable. I hated seeing the negativity and the disappointment. This year should be better! :D

funkylukecosmicart 11/ 5/2010 #

i am 99% done.. had a blast

samjowers 11/ 7/2010 #

Did you post a picture to the flickr? Would love to see them!!! I am getting soooo excited! mine are almost done as well.

wolfeagle 11/ 8/2010 #

I loved last years swap. Thanks for hosting this one. I would be happy to help angel also should you need some help.

samjowers 11/ 8/2010 #

Wolfeagle - Thanks for the angel offer!!!

FYI, I will go thru everyones profile before I assign partners. Please do not be offended if I ask questions. I made a commitment to no flaking and I have to follow thru with the swap parameters that I set. This includes a 4.9 rating or higher. No unexplained or poorly explained 1's and 3's in the last six months. If this applies to you, I will apologize in advance for hurting anyone's feelings. There is always next year and you will be more than welcome when things change.

samjowers 11/ 8/2010 #

Of course, if you have had a good rating and the circumstances show that you really are a golden swapper, I will take that into account.

funkylukecosmicart 11/10/2010 #

mannnnnnnnn.. forgot to take a pic for flicker.. just wrapped them all up today

samjowers 11/11/2010 #


samjowers 11/11/2010 #

I plan on flipping the switch this sunday. I still havent heard from two inquiries. If I dont hear will most likely drop. I need time to finish checking all swpprs. (almost done!). I also have an art teacher conference tday and tomorrow. I just wanted to thank all of you for joining this swap and I am so excited!

funkylukecosmicart 11/11/2010 #


TerryF 11/13/2010 #

I am not in this swap, but would be happy to angel if needed. (";)

samjowers 11/14/2010 #

OK, so there is one that doesnt meet my requirements but I feel very comfortable with this swapper and will angel if something happens because of my judgement on it! Have fun and let the ornaments start arriving!!!!! I am so excited my gut is turning summersaults!

itsybitsygirlsydney788 11/14/2010 #

i am all set to post out the handmade ornaments and cannot wait to seewhat my fellow swappers send me.

frankie 11/14/2010 #

Yippie!!!! Im so excited...

samjowers 11/14/2010 #

Thanks, TerryF, for your generousity and earlier kind help!

motes 11/16/2010 #

i can angel as well--just let me know!

samjowers 11/17/2010 #

Motes, Thanks so much! This might be nieve, but with all of the swppers we have so many 5.0's, I simply dont think we will need angels! I am so hoping that that is the way is works out! You all have been so generous!

BeckyKay 11/17/2010 #

I'm so close to having my done! I really hope to get them mailed out by Monday!

So excited about this swap!

samjowers 11/18/2010 #

Mine are sent! I hope ya'll like them!!! :D

samjowers 11/21/2010 #

please dont forget to rate your partners! everyone works so hard on what they do,it would also be nice to hear your comments about their work when you rate. Also, dont forget to upload a picture of your wonderful ornaments into the flickr gallery! I plan to put pics up of the ones that I receive. If you dont want me to do this, just PM me. otherwise, I will assume that it's OK to do so! Again, i want to thank everyone who joined and is making this a wonderful swap experience!

nichole2203 11/23/2010 #

Mine are in the mail. I thought I was late, but whew, I made it in time! :o)

TC 11/23/2010 #

Mine are going out tomorrow!

samjowers 11/27/2010 #

If you have not received your ornament by the 15th of December, PLEASE, contact me and I will get you one in the mail ASAP. I would like everyone to be able to have their ornaments on the tree for this year. You all are awsome!!!!

TC 11/28/2010 #

Well, 4 of my 10 sending partners haven't sent yet, and I haven't heard a word from any of them....

samjowers 11/28/2010 #

Im on top of getting the late senders out! Angel volunteers!!!! be ready!

samjowers 11/29/2010 #

OK, Frankie just PMed me. She sent her ornaments out on the 27th, but is having computer problems and couldnt get it to accept her "sent". She is going to put her ornament onto the flickr site so everyone can see her wonderful ornament!!!

prattlingpetunia 12/ 3/2010 #

So far I've received a heart plushie, a glittery Marilyn Monroe ball ornament, a felty-fabric Christmas tree, a button wreath, a knit swirled candy and a fabric ornament adorned with a snowman. I am awaiting packages from Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia. It's been a great month to check the mail. And my three-year-old daughter loves to play with all the new ornaments. She is always moving them around on the tree. :)

samjowers 12/ 4/2010 #

Not only are all of those that you are missing from overseas, but all but one sent theirs after the deadline. Let me know Dec 15th and I will send angels. The austalian on has been rated (I think by you! LOL!) Sounds like you are getting some amazing ornaments! Wish I could see them on the ornaments site! especially the Marilyn ball and the button wreath! also the fabric one with the snowman. I think the rest are already on the site! You can just notate that they were sent to you.

TC 12/ 7/2010 #

I still have 4 unreceived, although all four (3 in the USA) claim to have sent 7-10 days ago. Their other partners haven't received, either. I suspect flakeage.....

samjowers 12/ 7/2010 #

Until today, I had six people who had not received ratings yet. Now, two have of these have been rated. that leaves the four you just mentioned. I will continue to monitor until the 15th, when I will mail out angels. Please, when the 2 week marker hits, go ahead and mark their rating accordingly! Also, please leave a message regarding the number of PMs you have sent and if the Pm was returned. This will help future host to be aware and not accept them into swaps.

robbyn 12/ 8/2010 #

nobody seems to have received any of mine yet as I've had no ratings- post from here may have been delayed due to the bad weather but hopefully they'll arrive very soon!

starrgazer 12/ 8/2010 #

I am also missing at least four or five ornaments. I have not looked into seeing if they are all overseas. I have also not been rated by four people. Only two of the people I sent to were overseas, and I am pretty sure I was rated by one of them.

I am also concerned with one of the swappers @TC listed above as she reportedly sent to me in another swap, yet I have not recieved anything and it has been about a month.

samjowers 12/ 8/2010 #

I am concerned about Charon as she has a 1 rating for a current swap. I will probably have to angel all of hers. Frankie has not been on since the 1st of December so, not only has she not rated anyone, but she hasnt been rated either. I will most definately have to angel for her. Robbyn just commented today and the only other person who has not been rated yet is Beelicious. Like I said. When the two week mark hits for rating - PLEASE! Rate these people with the appropriate rating and let the swap bot system work. I do plan on waiting until the 15th to send out angels because I do know that over seas postal is a little slower getting here especially with all of the Airplane checks at customs bringing in packages for the holidays. I actually have most of the 50 plus ornaments made. I have a list of people for these four who will get angeled. everyone else has been rated at least once if not more and that tells me that they have sent their packages and will arrive soon. Be patient. I believe the two week marker is today? So go ahead and rate and if they packages arrive then you can change the rating. Otherwise, On the 15th, I will go in and find out who doesnt have the ornaments they were supposed to get and I will get them in the mail that day. Even with the stringent 4.9 rating requirement and seeing really good swap numbers, I still got caught here with at least 3-4 to angel for. Im not sure what I could have done differently and if anyone knows how to have a flaker free swap...Please tell me! :D I might go to a 5.0 rating requirement next year!

robbyn 12/ 8/2010 #

I can assure you I am not a flaker in this swap and i let you know why my ornaments were sent out just after the date due to the bad weather and no post getting collected and sent. I'm sure my partners will get my ornaments soon

prattlingpetunia 12/ 8/2010 #

I received from Robbyn today ;) Very cute. Actually I have received all 10 now! Thank you everyone. This was a very fun swap especially for my 3-year-old daughter. She was so excited to open them all and she regularly moves them around the tree and shows them to daddy.

prattlingpetunia 12/ 8/2010 #

Oh and I just rated everyone all 5s and hearts because it's Christmas, everyone was very thoughtful and making my daughter smile is surely worth a heart--two if I could. Happy Holidays!

TC 12/ 9/2010 #

Beelicious is the only un-rated ornament swapper who has some upcoming swaps on her dashboard, so it's important that she get rated promptly and appropriately so those other hosts have an idea of her swapping habits.

Mousesf is still logging in every day but not currently signed up for other swaps. Again, rating her promptly will alert other potential future hosts of possible problems.

Charon is not only unrated for this swap, but also has 2 other unsent (overdue) swaps on her dashboard.

Frankie's profile comments from last Christmas indicate problems then, too. Unfortunately, 8 of her partners from that swap never rated her. If they had, Sam might not have let her in the current swap. So please make sure to rate her THIS year so that next Christmas she can't flake again!

Sam, I think you did a good job with the information you had to work with. It's very, very hard to predict who's going to go flakey if they've had good ratings up to the swap deadline. But if we all do our part by rating, we can protect other SB hosts and members from flakers!

samjowers 12/ 9/2010 #

Thanks, TC, Frankie was the only one who begged to be in and I made the mental committment to angel if need be. I just heard from mousef. she said she will resend on the 15th if hers dont show up but that she has sent them.

I have PM'd everyone else but only heard from Robbyn (she just got rated!) and Mousef.

I still have hopes for all to show but maybe two and I will plan to send out on the 15th!

Definately, RATE, RATE, RATE! :D It will help!

TC 12/10/2010 #

All the rating options are open today. I went ahead and rated Charon and Frankie with 1s, as neither of them have logged in in over a week. I PMed Mousesf and Beelicious to see what they plan to do about their end of the swap.

samjowers 12/13/2010 #

There are quite a few of you who do not have all ten ratings. Infact, some have about half of what they should have. This says two things: Either you did not send out all of them (which is not very likely) or There are quite a few non raters in the group. those of you who have not gotten your ornaments need to definately contact the senders to get a resend. There are four partners who have absolutely no ratings as of today. (AM). I will angel all partners for the following people: Charon, Frankie, Beelisious and Mousef. If you have a partner other than the four mentioned and you feel that that partner has no intention of making good on this swap, please contact me.

samjowers 12/13/2010 #

Oh! and please rate all of the ones that you have received so far. It will really make my holiday season go much better!

TC 12/13/2010 #

GRRR! Mousesf has deleted her profile. I guess she had no intention of sending, let alone re-sending.

Beelicious has not been on since Dec. 8, so has not responded to my PM. I rated her a 1. She especially needs to be rated by others because she is signed up for more swaps!!

No news from Frankie or Charon since I left 1 ratings.

TC 12/13/2010 #

You can still rate Mousesf even though her profile has been deleted.

samjowers 12/14/2010 #

That's good to know, I wasnt sure about that. I already rated her, but went in to double check and she was gone.

samjowers 12/14/2010 #

So, it's about 4 pm here in Houston. I am on my way to the post office as soon as I pack up my stuff here at work. If you were flaked on by Mousef, Charon, Frankie or Beelicious, you have a package on its way today in the mail. Five of you hit the flakers lotery and will be getting four ornaments!!! I tried to make each one different from the other. I hope that you like them and if you dont receive them by say, the 20th, let me know.

starrgazer 12/15/2010 #

Sam, you have done a lovely job hosting this swap. I appreciate all the time and energy into making this go as smooth as possible. The fact that you are angeling on such a "global" level is very generous. Thank you!!!

samjowers 12/15/2010 #

You are very Welcome! I love this swap and plan to do it again next year! I want everyone to be happy and not disappointed. I make so many ornaments every year that a few more is just that much more fun! :D Merry Christmas, All! Sam

samjowers 12/15/2010 #

I am wondering why only three people have rated Charon. Please, We host really need everyone to do their part so that we dont end up angeling on such a grand level. She has 10 partners and there should be 10 ratings!

samjowers 12/15/2010 #

Beelicious has only been rated twice for this swap and is part of another swap. Please dont let this host go thru what I did and go ahead a rate her!

TC 12/15/2010 #

Sam, you might consider only angeling to those who are willing to rate 1s for the unsent swaps. (Unless you've already sent the angeled ornaments, in which case never mind! lol)

TC 12/15/2010 #

My "ornament" from Charon arrived today. See my revised rating and comment on her page. I will never swap with her again.

samjowers 12/15/2010 #

I am glad that I already sent them since it appears that you really didnt get an ornament, but a mess instead.

TC 12/19/2010 #

I received an ornament from Beelicious. I'm going to post a photo of it on Flickr later today.

samjowers 12/19/2010 #

I was hoping someone would. I am glad she came thru.

samjowers 12/28/2010 #

OK, I am archiving this swap. If you need to get in touch with me, contact me via my profile. I had a fabulous time and look for this swap next year sometime in the middle of October.

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