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Swap Coordinator:birdiepoop (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:51
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 6, 2011
Date items must be sent by:March 13, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Hey guys and welcome to the first ever swap hosted by me! Basically the idea is simple, SEND YOUR PARTNER A BOX OF STUFF. Essentially its a profile surprise swap, check out your partners page and send them things that would delight them :D

Rules of the swap are.....there has to be at least five items in the box, and together they must add up to be worth at least 5 dollars/3 euros/3 pounds. It also must include a letter from you....this does not count as part of the 5 things.

When i say box of stuff it doesnt have to be a box, it could be one of those padded envelopes, anything that will keep the gifts safe :D

I WILL ANGEL IF NEEDS BE, but i have faith in all my swappers :D


richara 03/ 4/2011 #

You have no rating requirement for this swap so anyone who has already flaked can join ?

Sounds a bit expensive for someone to send out and get nothing in return.

aykra 03/ 4/2011 #

Are there any angels for this swap? Also, are there any rating requirements? I wonder how much postage will be to ship a box full of stuff internationally? =/

LINDA50 03/ 4/2011 #

Warnings to both the swap host and potential swappers.

This swap could get to be super expensive with international shipping.

This kind of swap is Flaker Bait. Some people will sign up just to get $10 worth of stuff. There are no joining requirements.

As an experience swapper I would not sign up for this. Too risky.

BambooPanda13 03/ 5/2011 #

Maybe this could be changed to non-international, and maybe instead of $10 worth it could just be 5 random things from your home? I've done something like that before where I sent an envelope of about 10 random things from my home. Nothing expensive, nothing I would miss, but definitely interesting (1 earring that I was missing the other, a feather I found outside, a few sticks of gum, unopened chapstick, cool magnet...). This way it won't be expensive, shipping won't be as much, and you won't be sending anything you bought for the swap. Just no junk like a piece of trash or something.

birdiepoop 03/ 5/2011 #

thanks for the suggestions, i have in fact emailed all the lovely new swappers and have their assurance that they will be taking part. IN NO PLACE ON THE PAGE DO I SAY THAT THIS SWAP HAS TO BE LARGE OF FULL OF HEAVY STUFF THAT WOULD BUMP UP POSTAGE. all you need to do is send 5 profile surprises, and their size is completely up to you. Ive been in swaps before like this and they have worked out fine and you can make the postage inexpensive. i think the terminology and picture has maybe confused people but if you read the page its actually just like any other swap. lindsay xx

birdiepoop 03/ 5/2011 #

ok so ive halved the value minimum, i hope this makes some people less uneasy about the swap lx

LINDA50 03/ 5/2011 #

@birdiepoop thank you for looking at the safety of this seriously.

BudgieFresnell 03/ 6/2011 #

It does amuse me that people worry so much about price. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite often skint but if you don't wanna pay up the required amount, don't sign up. I'm also more of the opinion that it's really nice to get things in the post but nicer to send things out. The only time I have an issue is if you make something, put a lot of effort in and then the swap collapses and you have nowhere to send the thing you spent time creating. And yeah, okay, it's shitty when you don't recieve things but surely you guys signed up to have fun and create and to send things to brighten up someones day? No? Shame. @birdiepoop happy to angel too. :) Xx Sorry if this post offends anyone, it isn't meant to, it just gets my goat that there are so many people on here that are so focussed on receiving, it's just as bad as the people that sign up to a swap with the full intention of not sending anything out. Come on people, see the fun in this, not the seriousness. Xx

kindledwhimsy 03/ 6/2011 #

@ BudgieFresnell - Well said! :0)

Doyle 03/ 6/2011 #

lol, really, if you have a problem with the swap...then dont join. Its pretty straight forward, why even waste your time picking apart what the host has put together? I'm in, sounds like fun!

ladydy5 03/ 6/2011 #

Really, I don't join if I think it will cost me a bundle. I don't join International for that reason. I don't think it was necessary for some one to put down a swap for any reason. Just don't join in.

mlookyloo1 03/ 6/2011 #

just have fun

joyohjoy 03/ 6/2011 #

@ Doyle and BudgieFresnell - I agree completely!! I'm an international swapper and one learns pretty quickly to have an eye for items that are great and don't weigh the earth and to swap selectively.

lettergirl 03/ 6/2011 #

Budgie, I agree totally with what you are saying about it mostly being more fun to send out things. However, I also see that you haven't done that many swaps. Once you get flaked on, especially with something that you were kind of looking forward to receiving, you may change your mind about being wary about the safety of swaps.

Lunatus 03/ 7/2011 #

I¨am a bit suspicious too about this. I have already collected the goods ready for mailing. I have been once entered the flaker, so I thought I wait a while before I send the goods. Just in case. I love this kind swaps so, I can be an Angel too :)

LINDA50 03/ 7/2011 #

Am I picking apart the swap, when I give a fair warning to the host and swappers. The host happens to be a newbie and I am sure that a lot of newbies will be joining this swap. Believe it or not people do join this type of swap and then when they are flaked on, or receive crap they start a thread in the public forum about how they were ripped off.

I do enjoy making and sending items. However, as a more experienced swapper I feel it is correct to warn both the swapper and the host about this type of swap. Those of you who love it, go for it. I don't worry about you. I worry about people signing up who actually think they are going to recieve a nice package.

dardarbinx 03/ 7/2011 #

Ok, well now i am getting worried...I know I won't be sending crap, but would be nice to receive something nice back. And I'm a newb and very much into this sort of thing...I am just addicted to getting nice things in the mail. I spend a lot on postage, so please I hope my partner doesn't flake on me... Do we get the same partners?

BudgieFresnell 03/ 7/2011 #

I dunno, yes I am new to this site and the host is too but doesn't mean either have lack of common sense. Part and parcel of joining a site like this and swapping items with people is that there is a risk you may receive something you don't like, or not at all if your partner decides to be an ass, but you just deal with it don't you? I don't think the term 'newbie' should hold so much stigma. It's got stuff all to do with how long you've been on here and more to do with the kind of person you are, and that, you can't judge until thy let you down. Sucky and unfortunate but relevant, especially amusingly that I used to do this kind of thing as a kid, for years, just not on here. Doesn't show that in my lack of swaps does it?! Anyway, I know those of you concerned are just trying to be nice and cautious but really, chill. It's really not that important. Those involved with any common sense know the risks. :)

Secondly, yes there's more! :D Just 'cause our lovely birdiepoop (tehe that sounds odd) hasn't put down a rating limit, doesn't mean she isn't checking profiles for ratings or good reasons to not have full marks. :) A little faith please. Xx @dardarbinx there are plenty of people on here that will angel for you if you don't get nice gifties. :) You'll be okay. :) Xx

SaltyCDog 03/ 7/2011 #

Im a newbie so I really appreciate the opportunity to join these kind of swaps and make someone happy! :o)

dardarbinx 03/ 9/2011 #

@BudgieFresnell I couldn't agree with you more and I could not have said it any better....I did get an email from birdiepoop who was "checking me out" I picked up the items for my partner today. It will be out in the mail on time.

hollycm6 03/ 9/2011 #

I think @Linda50 s only concern is that being new to the site, you might not understand that it isn't just about not receiving... it is about certain swappers who come back again and again, even under aliases, sign up for exactly these kinds of swaps, with new people who will send them lovely things, and then will already be off the site before anyone realizes. She wasn't trying to be ugly, but it is a VERY real thing here. I like sending as much as receiving, but I DON'T like keeping some of the repeat cheaters in business. And it is swaps similar to these that keep these flakers on the site.

I swap in groups with people I have become familiar with and I trust, and I mostly do handmade items and items purchased for a specific swap. I would not sign up for this swap simply because the rate of flaking will be so high on it, and at 51 people, angeling will be difficult. But it will be fun to put together, so if you are joining just enjoy yourself. :) I did one similar to this when I first joined and I DID enjoy it. So hopefully everyone will both send and receive lovely items in thoughtfully paxckaged boxes. But if not, just don't be shocked. Rate honestly, and then learn and move on. Best wishes for a fun swap!!

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