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About Me

I'm Jamie, back on Swap-bot after a hugely long break. I must admit, I am a little sad to change my profile information, since it's been up here for roughly 8 years, and I kinda liked it! But I am told change is good, so I will update. (Plus, I finally learned how to take a screenshot, which is exciting, so I memorialized it!) It's in my camera roll, only to be deleted when I run out of space, since I still don't know how to upload photos to the cloud or the net or the sky or the computer or anywhere else that would be useful.

I'm 48. A mother. A wife. A teacher. Sorely out of practice in the art of making myself seem even remotely interesting.

Favorite Crafts

I like things you can buy and then put together easily, and you can thank my rotten home ec teacher in 7th grade for that. The miserable woman scared me away from ever being able to use a sewing machine, just because my pig pillow took too long to assemble. If I weren't so OVER her, I'd hunt down one of those kits and embroider a swear word on it and send it to her. She's probably dead now, but still. Good thing I'm over it.

I like paper crafts. No home ec teacher ever ruined me on cutting and gluing.

I like the idea of whimsey jars, and things that are delightful. I scrapbook, but my pages are really bad. Like the kind you don't put on flickr, but you rationalize them by believing your children will be glad to look at them when you're dead, even if they're awful. (I figure they might even feel sorry for me, and wished they had bought me better Mother's Day presents.)

I also like to make cards, because it requires no cutting of pictures, and if they're icky, you just send them to loved ones, and THEY can't complain, because they don't write at all.

Favorite Television

I'm sorry to say that if you are looking for tv recommendations, I am such a dud. I was reading what I wrote here the last time I updated this, and I mentioned the tv show ABOUT A BOY. Not the movie. Remember that show that ran for about two seasons? Yep, me neither.

I went through one of those really crap seasons in life for a couple of years a while back, and I think it was then that I kind of dropped watching tv much. At least not anything new, or hard for my anguished brain to focus on. Now I care again but I know the risks of getting into a new show. If you love it, you have to binge-watch until your eyes burn and you're forced to pretend to have a drug problem so nobody knows that reason you have bags and a zombie stare is because you couldn't discipline yourself to turn off the damned tv, since you HAVE a job, and going through three seasons of a show in a weekend isn't it.

Favorite Books

I go to the library and stand by the "new" book shelves, and if anyone looks like they're going in to reach for it, I grab it, because they know what they like, and it's probably good. It's fun to win.

I hate to admit it, us being just barely acquainted and all, but I like realistic fiction. Not that kind on the reading list for college literature, either. Just good old her-husband-had-an-affair-and-now-she's-picking-up-the-pieces kind of stories. Bonus if they contain recipes or talk about oceans. Extra bonus if they DON'T contain an overabundance of description.

Oh, and those memoirs of people who survived weird diseases, bad marriages, troubled children, hard times, or being trapped in countries where you can't take your children with you, even though he said they belonged to you both until you got there and now he said he divorced you and you'll never see your children again. And polygamy. I'm fascinated with polygamy.


scrapbook papers and stickers designed for scrapbooks

cats and dogs

butter--(you don't need to know that, but I really do like butter)

Kawaii stickers and coloring sheets

prayers, if you're the religious kind.

little plastic toys or dolls or charms or animals

Chocolate and/or snacks

Address labels. What a score!

I am always looking for flat stickers, because I like to put them on envelopes

Does anyone have any of those puffy stickers with the googly eyes from the 70's and 80's? I miss those!

office supplies sarcasm--more the silly kind and less the mean kind

blank labels

unique pens and pencils

note paper that is decorated or funny

things with the "J" monogram on them

new sharpie markers in cool colors, or scrapbooking pens

glittery things

mini-sized things

Hot chocolate packets

activity books (I wish they made these for grown-ups)

star and heart shapes

trial sizes of regular products

whimsey jars, or littler versions, like matchboxes, with a surprise inside

unique envelopes I can use, big or small

vintage bluebirds and happy looking birds

notecards and envelope

stamping supplies--stamps and inks

novelty key chains

journals or notebooks

larger stickers

charms that come in bubble gum machines, especially if they're old

coloring books

vintage ephemera

felted toys

Grover from Sesame Street

anything related to the show "All in the Family"


iced tea

long letters

word games and puzzles

70's tv shows logic puzzles (the easier ones as I am not ambitious)

old salt and pepper shakers

items styled from the 20's to the 50's

spring and summer

light orange, red, yellow, light green, blue, lilac, purple, pink, sometimes brown.

the ocean and things related to looking at the ocean and eating lobster or going to the beach or having a vacation

squirrels and other woodland creatures

cool fonts on the computer

one million dollars in unmarked bills


painting by numbers

art kits, even the small ones

dot-to-dot books or sheets, especially hard ones

recommendations of good authors and books


cats wearing wigs

fruit prints

Snoopy items

A good magazine

A cigar box

hand-knitted socks...I've never had any, I just wish you would make me some, you charity knitters out there.

This is what I hate

Foam stickers. Foam anything.

Not capitalizing the pronoun "I". That's just wrong.

This is mean, but I hate sunflowers and carnations. I know this makes me a bad person.

Tiny stickers. Why do they make these?

When swaps call for a note and people write the least they can.

Supernatural or paranormal TV shows--I don't like looking at scary things or working that hard to understand what's going on.

People who take time to chastise something I've said on swap-bot. Don't like my swap? Who cares, lady?!

People overzealous with 3's and people who sort of hint that they "REAAALLY love those hearts!!"

Christmas stuff...I'm not against the idea of Christmas, I just really hate Christmas looking stuff.

Dried flowers and fake flowers and flower arrangements with those huge woody things in there.

Dark colors. Americana looking stuff, or apple-themed objects.

People who are mean about immigrant children.

Candy made in China. (I just feel like I'm being poisoned with lead. Or melamine. Or leaded melamine.)

When people don't rate after they have gotten what you sent.

Fibers, confetti, plastic jewels, and those painted wooden little shapes.

The colors teal and logan green. And beige and maroon and mauve and that yellow that looks like it has brown in it.

Camping and being cold or wet

Japanese anime.

Hear me out here: I hate re-gifted stuff. Now, now. I understand that we all have things we like and we don't, and can pass things on, and that's great. Very "green". But like, have any of you out there ever gotten a whole pile of stuff that you know has seen the rounds BECAUSE NOBODY REALLY LIKED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND PEOPLE KEEP SENDING IT ON AND ON? Very depressing. So, what I'm saying is, maybe if we re-gift something we KNOW is a kind of a "homely-not-bring-it-home-to-meet-mother" kind of item, then maybe we can make up for it with other, more attractive and usable stuff mixed in there, so the person we send it to does not want to hang themselves when they have no money but they're looking forward to a swap coming because, hey, at least there is MAIL to look forward to, and then you rip it open and it's like that "whaa whaa waaaaa..." sound they make when you lose in game shows and you know have no right to be choosy but still, you're...what? Oh, sorry. I mean...it's just that...er...sorry.

People who hate cats and like to say so.

LOL--I'm not saying you can't use it. I'm just asking, did you truly laugh out loud? Because if you didn't, I don't want you using that on me. I'll think you were laughing when you weren't.


Carollee922 rated for A Note For You # 58 on Aug 4, 2020
Comment: I am in awe of teachers, I am not a fan of kids, its like wrangling kittens. Where do you get the patience? I wish you all of the very best with online teaching.
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful package! I especially loved the person shaped notepad that you sent me. It's literally one of the most UNIQUE items I've ever received in a mail swap! I also loved the cute tiny stationary along with all the other goodies that you sent me. All in all, it was a great package and I absolutely loved it! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Response: Oh, I'm so glad! I was getting nervous that it wouldn't get there because of the larger envelope. I am glad you liked the person book thing. When I saw your profile I felt like you were a person who would know what to do with it. Glad you liked it.
ButterflyLover rated for Happy Little Notecards #113 on Jul 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely card and extras β™₯ Happy Swapping!
Response: That was fun! Happy swapping to you too! Take care!
squince rated for Mailbox Blues #8 on Jul 21, 2020
Comment: Love the card and Q stickers! Thank you!!! xoxoxo
Response: I'm so glad! I wanted to give them to you but I hate post cards in an envelope so I'm glad that worked! :)
grammypammy rated for Butt Ugly Post Card Swap 2020* on Jul 21, 2020
Comment: Yeah, you're right, this pc is butt ugly lol I'm like you, it's just a little strange on how it's created. Thanks so much for making me laugh! Enjoy your day!
Response: Haha! I don't know why I save those kind of things, but I guess they come in handy eventually--as in this swap! Otherwise, I suppose you could send them to enemies! haha!
CrankDatDesigns rated for Happy Little Notecards #113 on Jul 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you Jamie for the great little note-card you are hilarious and I really appreciate all the Extras... Don't worry, our 4th wasn't much of an event either, hope to get matched up again! Happy Swapping!
Response: That was fun! I loved your profile, by the way!
4Friends rated for Mailbox Blues #8 on Jul 20, 2020
Comment: I loved the Mulan PC. I don’t have one of those- thank you
Response: I'm glad you could use it! I thought it was nice and was bummed that it didn't have a place to write, but us creative types know how to fix that!
Klymntine rated for Mailbox Blues #8 on Jul 20, 2020
Comment: Jamie, LOVE this card, too cool!! We're still in "decision limbo" but all signs are pointing to Virtual. Thankfully we've been using Canvas for the last five years (I actually really like it); downside is that we still have to do a 14-hr Canvas certification....bummer.
Response: Yuck! I just finished a 75 minute course on Canvas, and I'm more confused now!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter, Jamie! :)
MissPlay rated for Snail Mail Lovers 2 on Sep 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your funny letter and the very interesting paper ;) I look forward to testing it out!
Amandlyn22 rated for Snail Mail Lovers 2 on Sep 25, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the letter and great stickers! Your letter made me laugh. I will write to you soon!!
mariewilliams810 rated for Happy Little Notecards #91 on Sep 24, 2019
Comment: Since you're the third person to say I need more content I probably should get some out huh. ;) I actually love pumpkin, but I have since I was little and before it was trendy. I hope you have a fantastic fall and fall break.
Starforest rated for Happy Little Notecards #91 on Sep 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the notecard and extras! I love the paper and the little day of the dead skeleton people! Now you totally have me thinking also about what in the world is pumpkin spice exactly πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
Comment: What a groovy surprise in my mailbox! I love the Japanese candy box chunk.We had a wonderful trip to MN, ND and Canada - I saw my 50th U.S. state! I hope to see ya soon. Thanks for the chunk!
shinyserra rated for Happy Little Notecards #90 on Sep 9, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for your note and goodies! I'm happy your trip went well!
mermaidery rated for Happy Little Notecards #90 on Sep 9, 2019
Comment: "not enough but enough" I understand that deep down in my soul, haha. Thank you for the letter. I enjoyed reading it :]
Comment: I will be responding this week! Thanks for the fun letter. :)
NRGordon rated for Chunk O Cardboard - September 2019 on Sep 7, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the fun chunk and your note. It's been hot here too. Not over 104F, but we hit it several times. It just isn't supposed to be over 100F in northern New England in June. Oh well. Its past now and I'll be snowshoeing soon.
tentmari rated for Chunk O Cardboard - September 2019 on Sep 6, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard. I wish there was a Trader Joe's close to me. If you ever do get in your truck (that you don't have) and to come to Texas be sure to look me up. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
J198928 rated for A Note For You # 12 on Aug 31, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the note and the goodies :)

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kittyhahahotbot on Sep 22, 2019:

user2637 on Apr 24, 2015:

FYI - @gothnanacreations is offering to make up swaps that her 'neighbor' flaked on using her information. The old profile is @nana713 and owes you a swap.

shelleym on Apr 21, 2015:

Hello, you entertaining loon! I'm so sorry to hear that you're hungry and have no shoes. I can't wait to hear the rest of your extensive list of grievances when your letter arrives!! Meanwhile, yes, I can definitely accommodate your request. I'll have my driver take me to the art store and I'll point with my extra-long cigarette holder at the frame that I feel is most suitable for the (minimum 11"x17") artwork I will prepare. The owner will bow obsequiously and have it wrapped and sent to my penthouse apartment, and then I will design and execute an exclusive illustration for you, all while looking fabulous, of course. Did you want a pony, too?

RareBlue on Apr 20, 2015:

So glad! And don't worry about quirky mail. I love it all. Plain will do too! BetsyPreston and I got off to a rocky start but I have a peace offering to send her. Just waiting for her to send me her address. It's such a small pen pal world! ShellyM is hilarious just like you so I am not surprised you two write one another. See you in the post!

RareBlue on Apr 2, 2015:

Mail out. Yep. Never, ever feel bad for sending late with me. ;)


naturenerd3 on Jan 3, 2014:

Happy New Year! I got your letter and I'll be replying shortly so don't be a stranger! ;)

naturenerd3 on Dec 11, 2013:

Did you see this swap? It looks hilarious


Kera on Nov 12, 2013:

Your profile has been the most entertaining of all the ones I've read so far. Your sense of humor is hilarious, probably due in large to its blatant nature. I wish you the best outcome with the divorce and all the crap that comes along with it (like having to move back in The Mother Unit- "whaa whaa waaaaa..."). Things will get better ... Unless you're still waiting for rock-bottom, then, umm, I'm sorry. ;)

crescendo on Nov 9, 2013:

Bwahahaha about your comment on the Christmas card swap. Will you rate me down if the card has Santa depicted as fat or elves in a sweat shop?

fawnscrafts on Nov 8, 2013:

Good for you, you go girl!

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