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About Me

Hello there! :)

I found this site through a friend of mine on facebook and was drawn to it because when I was younger I used to swap friendship books. My mother gave me one one day to shut me up cause I always used to think too much, talk too much and generally need to be occupied too much. I haven't seen one for about 10 years so finding this site was like an ancient but happy memory coming back to me. I loved the way I could create for hours and send somebody something that may give them as much joy as I got when I received something beautiful or interesting in the post.

My name is Sian. I live with my partner, 'Chris', my son, 'Zachary' (14th Dec 2012) and 2 cats 'Diesel' and 'Jefferson Beans von Twisp' or 'Beans' for short. My friends and my family mean the world to me, I'd be lost without them! :) For a job I'm lucky enough to be self employed as an artist and lighting technician. I adore what I do, I couldn't be without creativity, my world would cease to exist without it.

I'm a big kid at heart and still see the world with eyes of wonder. I carry a camera everywhere I go and thoroughly enjoy the fact that all you need for a happy life or an adventure is the right attitude. :) I play in the sea, dance in the rain, sing, read past my bedtime, build Lego, have water fights and make mud pies. Having children just gives me more excuses to do. :D Xx



*Water pistols and Nerf guns


*Dr Who




*Birds and moths.

*Bright colours.

*Tattoos and piercings (although body does not like metal in it right now so have taken out all bar my ears (2mm and 8mm each side) and septum which has a hidden retainer in atm.

*Cute monsters.

*Flowers, plants; all things green and growing. The peace you get at the seaside. (The smell of the sea, the sound of the guls and the waves.)

*Obscure yet darkly beautiful art, erotic art, photography. Elegant and fine art but with a certain edge or interesting content. Iconography. Retro images and pin up art. Illustration and graphic novel style art.

*Light, lights and the things you can create with them. I love interesting fairy lights, things with led's and lights in jars. :D

*Theatre and the amazing energy of backstage.

*Music, film, books. Of pretty much all genres.

*Fabric, haberdashery bits; buttons, beads, lace and ribbons. Strange found treasures. Clothing patterns for vintage style items or strange pieces. Fimo.

*Knickers! :D

*Paints, pencils, canvas and all things that I can make things from.

*Broken toys. (interesting ones)


*Coloured bottles and jars.

*Trinkets and charms.

*Sea creatures.


*Nut and bee.

*Ombars -yummy chocolate that I can actually eat!

Wish List:

*Recipes for food that I CAN eat. (Paleo/Fodmaps/Nightshade free)

*Buttons! :D

*False flowers.


*Strange childrens books (in any language but with pictures)

*Amigurumi, felt or fabric monsters and sea creatures.

*Taxidermy bugs (especially those small ish ones in clear resin pendants).

*'Classic' books. Old is as good as new as long as in one piece. :)

*Coloured LED bulbs.

*Kawaii felt food. (cuter and nicer to me than real food! :D )

*Photobooth pictures (like in amelie).

*Interesting cuttings (from magazines, newspapers etc).


*Vintage style clothes patterns.

*Origami creatures you have made.

*Trinkets and charms.

*Colouring in pages. :D

*Pants/ Bloomers patterns.


*Toy patterns.

*Fabrics. (no smaller than 6ins by 6ins please)


*Good quality beads.

*Strange (but clean) found items.

*Lego or Nano blocks.

*Hama beads.

*Glitter and sequins.

*Nerdy stuff

Dislikes/Anti wishlist

Things I'm not so fond of:



*Seeing people hurt.

*Problems I can't solve or accept as they are.

*Being ill.

*Being told I can't do something.

Anti wish list: (please don't send me)

*Anything smelly, my sense of smell has been massively exaggerated since my diet! I think indirectly this is a good thing.

*Food that I can't eat.

*Anything too festive or tacky, I'm a relatively happy person most of the year except those holidays that involve HAVING to be cheerful or feeling guilty about buying people gifts.

*Peacock feathers. (I'm supersticious!) :)

*Anything Twilight.

*Anything preachy. I am very open minded and accepting of most things (except that which is obviously evil; child sacrifice, torture, that sort of thing) so by all means send things that are informative or beautiful, just don't tell me I have to believe in God in any other way other than my own. (I'm Taoist/Chaos btw but believe in God, jesus, and every other God in the sky or being in nature that chooses to make themselves known :) )

*Anything TOO dark. For example, I find beauty in taxidermy, don't send roadkill. I like erotic art, don't send porn. I doubt you would but you get the idea. :D

Favorite Crafts

*Collage, *Sewing, *Painting, *Drawing, *Photography, *Lighting, *Doll making, *Finger painting, *Fascinator making.

Favorite Music

All things swing. All things alternative. :) and some guilty pleasures but shh. Xx

Favourite favourites off the top of my head?

*Incubus, *Garbage, *The Baseballs, *Corey Taylor, *Papa Roach, *The Cranberries, *Hollywood Undead. *Joe Strummer, *Tim Armstrong. *Rage Against the Machine, *Skunk Anansie, *The Clash, *Louis Armstrong *Silverchair, *Fat 45, *Ella Fitzgerald, *Caravan Palace, *Parov Stellar, *T-Rex, *AC/DC, *The Cat Empire, *The Puppini Sisters.

There are probably loads more but they were the first few I thought of! :D Xx

Favorite Movies

*The Fountain, *Moulin Rouge, *Romeo and Juliet, *Coraline, *The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, *Alice in Wonderland, *Lucky Number Slevin, *Amelie, *Memento, *August Rush, *Scott Pilgrim vs the World, *Step Up, *Shutter Island, *Fight Club, *The Usual Suspects, *Down with Love, *Inception, *My Neighbour Totoro, *Kiki's delivery service, *A Single Man, *The Lovely Bones, *Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter, *10 Things I Hate About You.

Favorite Books

*Anything by Neil Gaiman or Roald Dahl. *Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, *Kabuki by David Mack, *The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter, *The Chairs by Ionesco, *A Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare, *The Beach and The Tesseract by Alex Garland, *The Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu, *Johnathon Livingston Seagul by Richard Bach, *The Electric Church by Jeff Somers, *The E Branch Series by Brian Lumley, *His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phllip Pullman, *Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro, *The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, *The Trilogy in 5 parts (Hitchhikers Guide etc) by Douglas Adams.

The Others...

The Cats:

Would love you for:

*A bit o nip.

Not so much for:

*Toys, they don't seem to play with their own. Feet, shoelaces, carrier bags and each other tend to win out.

*Food, oddly, these guys seem to have easily dicky tummies too.

The Little Man:

Would love you for:

*Mini canvasses (4"x5" or 5"x5", deep set if poss); we are doing an ongoing project where we give him mini canvasses and art materials in a set colour and let him loose. Hoping to amass these by the tens and make a wall full of his art. :D Xx

*Disposable cameras; I love the idea of my children taking photo's. There is something about seeing the images that a little person chooses to photograph. I have umpteen pictures of feet on my phone. :D

*Small person craft materials.


*Small musical instruments; kid loves making noise.

*Small toy boats.

The Big Man:

Would love you for:

*Socks, size 8 (uk mens), I think his feet are scissor wielding maniacs with bad aim.

*Boxer shorts, the snug kind with nerdy images on (robots, iron man, etc) size mens small... I would say something similar to the above comment about his feet but I really don't wanna think about that in this context. :/ :D

*Electronic components; he's a tinkerer.


I have lots of silly allergies that can make me very ill if I don't adhere to a strict diet. Essentially I am Paleo, FODMAPs and Nightshade free. Unfortunately this means it's best not to send me food or drink (tea bags okay but research FODMAPs first for okay fruits)... Unless it's ombar chocolate, in which case, send as much as you like! :D Xx


I think that is it! Happy creating and I look forward to hearing from you! :D Xx


Comment: Cute goodies - worth the wait! Thanks for the bday card too!
dea rated for A Week of Tea! on Sep 2, 2014
Comment: Thanks for lovely teas... I love them all!
Response: Brilliant! :D that is always good to hear. :) Xx
RooBaRoo rated for Random Acts of Happiness for a Jar. on May 20, 2014
Comment: Thanks, As I decided beforehand,I am not opening my happiness strips, but since You mentioned you personalised them, I opened a couple, & such cute artwork! Thank You! :)
Response: More than welcome! :D I enjoyed making them. :D Xx
GeeLuv rated for Random Acts of Happiness for a Jar. on May 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you! I look forward to opening them!
Response: You are welcome. :) Xx
Comment: Thank you for the creative journal you sent me! I really enjoyed seeing your artwork and reading about the books you read! Yay for happy mail!
Response: Without meaning to sound obvious, happy mail makes me happy - to make and receive. :D Xx
mskadie rated for Random Acts of Happiness for a Jar. on Apr 21, 2014
Comment: Thank you, looking forward to opening these up! <3
Response: Yay! More than welcome. Thank you for rating. :) Xx
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Welcome. :) Xx
Comment: Thank you so much for everything :)
Response: Hope they put a smile on your face when you need it. :) Xx
mcall rated for Coffee Cup Themed ATC on Apr 13, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the coffee ATC :)
Response: Thank you for rating! :) Xx
snailmailer1 rated for Grant 3 Wishes on Apr 11, 2014
Comment: Thanks very much for the lovely textured paper and ribbon. I also love the notecards you chose for me. Everything is perfect x
Response: I am so glad! I don't know if it was silly but I just wanted to make it a bit more special. :) Xx
DebraNC rated for Blind Surprise Swap (March) on Apr 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the great surprises including separation of dude friendly but I am a gal that was kind if cute. Have a great weekend.
Response: You too! :) Glad you liked them. :) Xx
katcouch rated for Food Diary Week #1 on Apr 1, 2014
Comment: Went above and beyond with yours lol, I found it a bit intense.
Response: Fair enough! Thank you for rating. :) have a lovely day! :D Xx
Comment: Thank you soo much for the beautiful letterset papers and envelopes! they fit right into my collection! and also the manga-pages you put in as an extra put a big huge smile on my face :) <3
Response: I'm really glad you liked them! :D I meant to say in my letter but forgot before I posted it, it would be lovely to write to you if you would like another penpal?! :) You sound like my kind of crazy. :D Xx
Mimy rated for QUICK Happy mail #4 on Mar 8, 2012
Comment: Wow, thank you so much!! Socks are great and I looove the earrings !!! :)
Response: Bless ya! Glad you liked them! :) Xx
Rocktopus rated for Doodle-a-Monster Postcard Swap on Nov 11, 2011
Comment: gerrald is quite a cute monster
Response: :D Coool! My appologies, I just sent you a message asking if you'd got him. My email has stopped sending updates for some reason. No worries! Just glad he arrived safely and that you like him. :D Have a lovely day and thank you for my heart! :) Xx
PisceanMama rated for Good Morning! on Oct 2, 2011
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart. :D
Sha2ronS rated for Origami Swap on Sep 16, 2011
Comment: Oh my stars! I loved my origami! The paper is gorgeous, too. And I will drink the tea-I used to live there and know how English tea comes "unwrapped"... :))) Tomorrow morning I'll be thinking of you as I drink some! Thank you.
Response: Oh my word! I'm sorry! I did not thank you for your rating! I do hope you do not think me rude! I think you rated at the time in my life where a man became apparent. My apologies for neglecting to respond. If it helps, he is pretty. :D Xx
Racine rated for Good Morning! on Sep 13, 2011
Comment: Sorry for the delay in rating :( And thanks for sending, it reached me on time :)
Response: Thank you for rating! :) Xx
viviened rated for Good Morning! on Sep 7, 2011
Comment: Cool description! It's like reading from a book hehe. I am not a morning person either. I don't think I'll ever be and high 5 for Incubus! Love that band!
Response: Thatnk you! :) That's kinda what I was going with, no one likes a string of lists to read. :) And Ima not leave you hanging for that one! They're one of my favourites. :) Xx
Pinkfootballs rated for Good Morning! on Sep 7, 2011
Response: Thank you for rating. :)

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zombiekittie on Mar 26, 2011:

I got the other suicide girl atc card today, I love it even better then the first one. Thanks so much!

revolutionaries on Mar 24, 2011:

Oh, you should definitely see it! I've never had the chance to see it live, but even the recordings are seriously thrilling. And yes, the lighting and effects are totally amazing. <3 I think that the lighting in the 25th anniversary concert totally made up for Nick Jonas' failure at playing Marius (which was a gigantic failure, let me tell you). :3

revolutionaries on Mar 22, 2011:

I know, right. Meanies, the lot of them. :c

Yes, I do recall getting an email from you, I think. The giant strawberry, right? I am still really impressed by that. :) Eeeee I would absotively posilutely love an atc of it! I wish I could offer you an atc in return, but I'm afraid that I am all thumbs with atcs, although I'm trying to learn how to make them.

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