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My Stationery Matches My Purse! (Newbie Friendly)

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My Stationery Matches My Purse! (Newbie Friendly)
Swap Coordinator:lacedrawers (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Themed  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:8
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 18, 2011
Date items must be sent by:August 15, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

21st July 2011

Just making sure everyone sees this, even though I put it under the discussion.

  • Pink got 5 votes
  • Purple, Green & Yellow each got 3 votes

So pick ONE to send to your partner. It would be nice to ask about their colour choice, but it isn't a requirement. Again, those colours are PINK, PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW. I figured I'd choose all four to make it easier. :D Happy swapping.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE - 19th July 2011

8:10 PM - Partners have been assigned, as I did not get any objects about the colour choices. If you wish, you can get in touch with your partner and ask about their preferred colour choice, once it's a colour ON THE LIST.

And just to clarify, here is something I got from the Swap-bot FAQ regarding ratings:

What are the rating criteria?

There are only three different rating criteria: I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points); I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points); I never got anything (1 point). Keep in mind that you are NOT rating your partners on whether or not you liked what you received, only on if it met the requirements of the swap. The fun thing about swaps is that you never know what you are going to get, and that means that sometimes you may not be thrilled with what you receive. Also, remember that everyone (including the person you are rating) can see who you are and what ratings and comments you gave. It is important to rate participants honestly, but it is also good to be kind even if you have to give someone the lowest rating.


Okay - I sent out messages and emails about the colour choices. I am going to assign partners now, as I didn't get any negative responses about the colours. I'd like to wait a few days, but I think I'd prefer to get the ball rolling. :) HAPPY SWAPPING!

ANOTHER UPDATE - 17th July, 2011 Remember, tomorrow is the deadline to sign up. YES, I have been checking and double checking profiles.

UPDATE - 12th July, 2011

First of all, let me apologize. I should have set some specific deadlines other than the the sign up and send by dates. My idea was to narrow it down to two colours - what I did not do is specify when voting deadlines should be.

  • The deadline for picking your THREE colours is July 18th. Be sure to sign up and vote by then.
  • Please keep in mind that some colours maybe be harder to source than others and we're trying to keep this cheap.
  • I have changed the rules a bit - I have changed it to AT LEAST 5 different items.
  • Partners will NOT be assigned until AFTER the two (or three) top colours have been posted. I hope that partner assignments can take place by JULY 21st.
  • I have pushed back the send by date to August 15th, 2011.
  • I just want everyone to enjoy this swap. Feedback is always welcome. And again, keep in mind that some colours maybe harder to source than others.
  • (And I thought 'purse' was catchier than 'shoes'. LOL)

  • You will send ONE partner a small bubble mailer (for example the 6x9 ones from Scotch - but this is an example - any small bubble mailer will do) filled with at least 5 DIFFERENT BITS OF STATIONERY - (pens, pencils, post-it notes, note cards, small envelopes, (handmade ones are okay) stickers, highlighters, gel pens, paper clips, scotch tape, page markers, erasers, sharpeners, sticky labels, page markers, etc.)

  • Here's the catch: I want to make this a colour-themed swap, but I can't decide on what colour to choose! Comment below with THREE COLOURS you would prefer to RECEIVE. Pick these three colours by JULY 18TH. The TWO colours that get the most votes will be the colour picked for this Swap. PARTNERS WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED UNTIL AFTER THE TOP COLOURS ARE CHOSEN. (I hope this happens by July 21st) The colour is SENDER'S CHOICE but must be one of the two that get the most votes.

  • Newbies are welcome, with an adequately filled out profile. We all started once. (You must have at least one rating though.)

  • This is an international swap. I know this may make postage a bit expensive - be conservative with your spending. (I think $7 - $8 USD is reasonable, please let me know otherwise.)

  • Please explain all recent 3s and 1s by PMing me. A rating 4.8 is fine, PM me if your rating is lower.

  • I am still somewhat new to Swap-Bot myself and this is my first public swap. If you see anything I should change/consider, please let me know. Feel free to PM me any questions.

  • I'd like to thank @Donnaleesymons for giving me the inspiration to start this swap.

  • Please, DO NOT FLAKE. In the unfortunate event that this happens, I will ANGEL if needed.

Forgive the (corny) name! I couldn't come up with anything else.

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1750


DonnaLeeDesigns 07/ 1/2011 #


kells4eva 07/ 1/2011 #


charophyta 07/ 1/2011 #

Green, purple, or yellow

lacedrawers 07/ 2/2011 #

Why do I have a feeling it'll be between purple or pink? LOL. I still don't know what colours I'm going to vote for. Question: is it normal for people to watch before they join swaps? Sometimes I do it if I'm not sure if I can do a swap...for everyone watching: let me know if I'm doing everything okay so far :D

Deeno1105 07/ 2/2011 #

Green, Blue, Orange

FluffyButtons 07/ 3/2011 #

Purple, lime green.

MrsAndrews 07/ 4/2011 #

black, lime green, red

lacedrawers 07/ 5/2011 #

I'm thinking Green is a hot contender! :D

lacedrawers 07/ 6/2011 #

18 watchers! Amazing :D My choices: ORANGE, GREEN, RED.

ADDozier 07/ 9/2011 #

I have a good idea! Our partner should put 1 color on their profile for us to use for them ( so it's fair) BTW I HATE PINK!!! Please consider this but just in case you say no, my colors are Orange, Lime Green, and Teal (please consider!!!) I really want it to be fair!

ADDozier 07/ 9/2011 #

How come so many people said a color they want and only 3 people are signed up! They are saying colors even if they are not joining!!!

lacedrawers 07/11/2011 #

I noticed that too, ADD. I'm hoping that they'll eventually join as the deadline gets closer.

Deeno1105 07/11/2011 #

I'm watching because I don't know what color this is going to be and don't have a lot of money to spend buying off the wall colors. I was expecting @lacedrawers to consider the colors submitted and choose the color before partners were assigned. When does the color voting end?

alphagam5 07/11/2011 #

I'm with @deeno1105 I want to see what the color choice is so I know what to get

lacedrawers 07/11/2011 #

@Deeno1105 and @alphagam5 thank you so much for pointing this out. Yes, my plan was to pick colours before partners are assigned. Can this work?

lacedrawers 07/12/2011 #


Please note the following changes: - it's at least 5 bits of stationery - voting for the three colours ends July 18th - send by date is now August 15th

Have a good day everyone! Hope I've cleared up any vague details. :D

ADDozier 07/12/2011 #

No, I liked shoes rather than purse. And I change my colors. Blue, Yellow, and Red. They have to have the primaries!

alphagam5 07/13/2011 #

I'm all in!! I vote for pink, yellow, and lime green

lacedrawers 07/13/2011 #

If you're watching - why not join and vote? :D

lacedrawers 07/15/2011 #

It's nearly July 18th everyone. I hope this swap won't be a bust! I was so stoked to see 18 watchers! Hope more of you can join :)

Sparklefaerie 07/15/2011 #

aaah super excited to join:) What about like neon pink?

lacedrawers 07/15/2011 #

Remember, you can pick THREE COLOURS. :) Bear in mind that some colours are harder to source than others.

nermalski 07/15/2011 #

I was watching but freed my dash so I'm in.

Colors I vote for are blue, green, purple.

DonnaLeeDesigns 07/15/2011 #

OK I am in now - had to mail some swaps today - and add turquoise to my colour choices

Sparklefaerie 07/16/2011 #

ok my bad, my colous r pink, purple and green:)

ILoVeCoWs 07/17/2011 #

my colours are PINK, PURPLE, and Aqua Blue

lacedrawers 07/17/2011 #

8 participants! Nice :D The deadline is coming soon! Sign up and VOTE!

Deeno1105 07/18/2011 #

Today is the last day before partners are assigned. When will the color be given. I still won't join unless I know the color first.

nicky33 07/18/2011 #

thats true @Deeno1105 I am not going to join either unless I know the color. Because I am not running around town wasting gas for some off the wall color that is hard to find. You should have given a list of colors for us to choose from. Then that way we have a basic idea of what the colors would be.

lacedrawers 07/18/2011 #

@Deeno1105 and @nicky33 - I'm not assigning partners until after the colours have been picked. Next time I'll do a lot better with this swap. :(

lacedrawers 07/19/2011 #

Hey everyone,

As you know it's past the deadline and I've tallied up the votes.

  • Pink got 5 votes
  • Purple, Green & Yellow each got 3 votes

I've decided that all four colours are an option - I think that's fair. And as I said, I'm not assigning partners until I got that info out, so there it is. I'll be putting this in the discussion as well. If there are any problems just let me know. I hope to assign partners soon.

Feel free to ask your partners about what they prefer. :D

For the record, this is my first hosted swap. I think I may have messed up a bit because so many people had so many issues with it. But if you enjoyed this I'd be happy to host it again. Please let me know.

  • Louise
lacedrawers 07/19/2011 #

Ok I've emailed everyone and I will assign partners now.

nermalski 08/11/2011 #

Mine went via customs no value/ gift LC154503848US. Enjoy

Sparklefaerie 08/31/2011 #

Hi guys, Can u guys tell me what u all got in ur swaps cos I'm very confused as to the difference between what I sent and what I received. Thanx so much:)

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