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Doodle-a-Monster Postcard Swap

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Doodle-a-Monster Postcard Swap
Swap Coordinator:mutiny (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards  Drawing  Illustration 
Number of people in swap:83
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 21, 2011
Date items must be sent by:October 28, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

For fans of doodling, postcards - and monsters! Seeing as Halloween is coming up, I thought this might be fun. Here's what to do...

1.Grab yourself a good quality postcard (new or handmade). Postcards are senders choice, but it's always good to look at your partner's profile for likes and dislikes.

2.Doodle your monster(s) on the back, and write your username somewhere too.

3.Post to your partner in time for Halloween (without envies please, we like to see the postmarks). Simple!

Any questions please send me a message. Newbies welcome to join in (everyone has to start somewhere). Flakers, however, will be removed.


charophyta 08/17/2011 #

Haha! Did you doodle that one in the swap graphic? It's awesome! Oh I love doodling and seeing doodley, scribbly art!

mutiny 08/18/2011 #

Oh I wish I drew him, he's so cute (looks like he's just been tickled!). I love seeing people's doodles - can't wait to get my own little monster! :)

summerhawk 08/23/2011 #

The little monster up above is sooooo cute!!! I imagine him being baby blue for some reason. :)

BudgieFresnell 08/26/2011 #

Have made my postcard already. Drew my monster on the front of a blank one, hope that's okay? :D

mutiny 08/26/2011 #

Absolutely, that sounds great BudgieFresnell! :)

BudgieFresnell 09/ 1/2011 #

Coool! :) Did mine at work in a boring bit. :D

justined0414 09/21/2011 #

Just wanted you let you know you have a flaker in your swap. She flaked in my swap and hasn't logged in in two weeks now. @tids80

peacegirl10 10/ 9/2011 #

Can we color in our monsters after they have been doodled?

trashybetty 10/ 9/2011 #

So, this can be a regular postcard w/ anything on the front of it and a monster doodled in the note section on back??? Or does it have to be blank on the front as well.. and drawn on

papercaper 10/10/2011 #

From the comment above and the swap description, pretty sure it can be either. Which is great. :)

Rocktopus 10/11/2011 #

i am joining this one, but would you mind if i made a us version of this?

mutiny 10/12/2011 #

You can do whatever postcard / drawing / colour combinations you like! So long as it's a) a monster, b) on a postcard, and c) not in an envelope! :)

Rocktopus 10/12/2011 #

USA version here:


mutiny 10/13/2011 #

Thankyou to everyone who's joined this swap and helping to put it in the 'top 10 swaps' list! You've made my day! :D

kgeslab 10/13/2011 #

I'd love to join, but being overseas I don't think if I send on the date we get the address it would be there by Oct. 31. Postcards from here take about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Great idea!!!!!

mutiny 10/13/2011 #

It doesn't have to reach your partner by the 31st - Halloween is too much fun to have just on one day! :) It's more a monster-based swap than a specifically Halloween swap (as some people don't celebrate Halloween).

kgeslab 10/13/2011 #

But the swap clearly says "posted in time for Halloween" so I could be rated down if not there by Halloween according to the requirements. While most people would understand, some would rate down - I know from experience. Still, I LOVE the idea!

DanicaJoyful 10/14/2011 #

I'm so excited! This is my first SWAP and I already have my little monster drawn and awaiting her adventures!!! I love this site, I have been a cheerleader for snail mail my whole life!!!!!!! Weeeeeeee I am in heaven! Haha Aloha -Danica

quiltncat 10/15/2011 #

I am cheating and having my husband doodle the monster. I promise, my partner will be much happier this way.

ccillustrator 10/18/2011 #

love the idea but think I'll be a bit far away from most members for delivery for Halloween good luck

OyWithThePlushiesAlready 10/18/2011 #

This is my first swap! I am so excited! lol

mutiny 10/19/2011 #

Apologies to those of you unable to join because of long postage time - I'll bare this in mind when setting up future swaps. :)

Drakelientje 10/20/2011 #

Had to drop from the swap, due to long postage time. A shame, because I really liked the theme. :( On the other hand, I would be very dissapointed to get a 1 because the postcard didn't arrive in time for Halloween. So I decided to drop :(

sammybongo 10/20/2011 #

Just to let people know on here I am from Edmonton Canada and if my card is not on time for Halloween please forgive me but it is called snail mail for a reason, But people should be happy just to get the item\items even if it is not on Halloween or before Halloween.

LilCowgirl 10/21/2011 #

oh well, today's the deadline so i f we're fast, card should arrive in time for halloween. BUT i am a passionate letter and postcard writer and i do know mail can be veeeery slow - so i think we all should be aware of long postage time before we rate. and, honestly, to me this is about the fun - no matter if it may arrive shortly after halloween. well, maybe this is because i m german and halloween to me seems fun but it s not as big of a deal as it may be to some americans. ;) happy monster doodling!

camelsamba 10/21/2011 #

First of all, to the person worried about getting a 1 - the worst someone could do is give you a 3, for not meeting swap 'requirements'. In my experience very few people are that much of a stickler, but I understand why you might be concerned.

Second, to the person setting up the swap: you really shouldn't have receive dates be part of the swap description. As swappers, we have no control over delivery times and dates. Even if I posted it on October 28th (the deadline you gave) and it was going across town, there's no guarantee it would arrive in time for Halloween - it might get stuck in machinery, it might get stuck inside someone else's catalog, etc. etc. I really don't think that was your intention (making "by Halloween" a requirement), but once people started expressing concerns about this aspect, you could have edited the description to clarify. On the other hand, this is on the top swap list, so clearly a lot of people aren't worried about that at all!

mutiny 10/22/2011 #

Camelsamba - you're right, I shouldn't have specified Halloween. People are taking this way too seriously. The only things people should be thinking about - and rating on - are...

1) Sending a postcard 2) Drawing a monster on the postcard

This was supposed to be a fun swap and I'm really sorry to the number of people who are disappointed by it.

Itti 10/22/2011 #

I still think it's fun! I am going to send mine out right away and hopefully they will be there by Halloween, but considering the "send by" date is the 28th, I wouldn't mark people down if I received postcards from them after that date.

OyWithThePlushiesAlready 10/22/2011 #

FUN FUN FUN lol Okay I am really excited about this swap and want to know who my partner is but I am confused lol How do I find out who my partner is??? Thanks for organizing this swap Mutiny!

Itti 10/22/2011 #

Go to the bit on the top right of the swap (the yellow box) and click where it says "See the partners you send to". It'll open in a popup. When you've posted your postcard, you'll need to go back to the box and click the one that says you've sent it : )

Itti 10/22/2011 #

Also, when you receive your card don't forget to click on "rate your partners and co-ordinator" in the same box!

MrSchiEvous 10/23/2011 #

TO BAD I"M TOO LATE!! I totally would have joined this :(

StarMouse 10/26/2011 #

I couldn't stop with a doodle! I had to decorate him! I hope I don't get rated down for that. I even named him!

youngeclecticimages 10/28/2011 #

I loved this swap. It let's me share where I am from and some of my fun art. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. However since my partner I sent to was international there is no way even if I had sent it immediately it would get there for Halloween. Next time could we have more lead time, or no get there by time or have it be US only. mutiny thanks for hosting this. Hope you do more !! Johnina

youngeclecticimages 10/28/2011 #

BTW since the card will not make it on time i posted it on my flickr page so the reciepient could see it even before it arrives. best I could do

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