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Last Online: July 18, 2015
Birthday: March 15, 1983
Country: United States
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About Me

I am 29 yrs. old and the proud mother of a beautiful 4 yr. old girl and an adorable 2 year old baby girl! I love being a stay at home mom and having the opportunity to create in my "off duty" time (when the little ones are down for the evening).

Just a note about my swapping- I will rate ALL of my swap partners. I would appreciate ratings on the swaps I send too so people know that I follow through and hold up my end of swaps. Thanks!

Favorite Crafts

I have typical crafter's ADD- I have been known to draw, paint, woodburn, etc...but my passion is for paper crafting which is currently consuming all my free time. By paper crafting I mean I am into making cards, tags, gift boxes, ATC's, etc. I do not scrapbook. I tried once, but I realized I have this irrational fear of cutting my photographs. I think I'm scared I'll accidentally cut out something important and regret it. I hope to one day get over that and give it a try again in a few years when I have more time to work on it. I would love to be able to do that with all the pictures of my daughters.

I love taking something blank and basic and creating something beautiful out of it by simply adding different layers and elements to it. I have a pretty simple design aesthetic (not into tons of gaudy stuff piled on top of eachother), but I work in the direction of whatever is inspiring me at the moment. I have a shop on etsy which I sell cards and other paper goods from. It has been fulfilling and helped me feel productive and worthwhile in ways other than being just a mom and wife.

I tend to be a bit (VERY) addicted to buying craft supplies, but sometimes I just can't resist that neat stamp set or the pretty new paper I see in front of me. My newest obsession is anything Tim Holtz!

I also enjoy crocheting- I just learned a little over a year ago and though I don't crochet in the warm months I go back to it in the fall and winter. I love giving my items as holiday gifts!

Favorite Television

  • Drop Dead Diva
  • Royal Pains
  • True Blood
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Bones
  • Psych
  • Leverage
  • 90210 (yes, I am 28 and watch a show about 18 yr olds... sad. lol.)
  • One Tree Hill
  • Party Down (which was cancelled)
  • Gravity (which was also cancelled)
  • Sex and the City
  • The L Word
  • Weeds
  • Ugly Betty
  • Eureka
  • Lie To Me
  • In Plain Sight
  • Dexter
  • Castle
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • The Secret Circle

And that is just to name a few. Let's just say I love my DVR. :-) When it comes to t.v. and movies I really just want to laugh and be entertained. I don't like watching things that are sad... I turn to t.v. and movies to escape those kinds of things.

We also watch Flyers hockey in this house! Thanks to my husband I have actually become a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. So any Flyers items would be fine to send!

Favorite Books

How about some favorite authors?

  • John Saul (at one time I had read EVERYTHING he had out, but I have yet to read what he's come out with since getting married and having kids)
  • Jane Heller
  • J.K. Rowling (yes, I LOVE the Harry Potter series)
  • Meg Cabot (her "chick lit" type novels- The Queen of Babble books, etc...)
  • Jane Green

I used to read A LOT, but I've hardly touched a book since having my first daughter. I miss it sometimes. Now I am reading the same book over and over to my 3 yr old. Lol.

Note: I do not like the Twilight series (I just felt the books were poorly written).

About Me

  • Favorite Colors: slate gray and purple; I also like blues and greens... basically "cool" tones.
  • Favorite Music: depends on my mood, but I do NOT like jazz
  • Favorite Song: believe it or not, I love Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love"
  • Favorite Food: Italian dishes and steak fajitas... and frozen pizzas with doritos.
  • Heritage: Irish (so is my husband- we are both very proud of it)
  • Life Status: married with two beautiful daughters!
  • Sign: Pisces (and I am a Pisces through and through if you know anything about sun signs)
  • I am decorating my daughter's room in a ladybug and butterfly theme with lots of purples, sage and pink so anything like that would be more than welcome!

Craft Supply Preferences

  • I LOVE stamps! I used to prefer clear stamps over rubber stamps (placement is so much easier), but I've actually been using a lot of rubber stamps lately... they work better with the distress inks I've been experimenting with and I've been getting better at using them!
  • I am on a huge Tim Holtz inspired kick (think retro, grunge, vintage, shabby, distressed, etc...)
  • I am a sucker for really awesome papers- especially ones with unique textures. Double sided designed card stock is also really nice to work with.
  • I use dimensional adhesives quite a bit for my cards.
  • I don't use stickers very often, but I can find a use for almost anything. Lol. (My 3 year old will be more than happy to use any stickers).
  • Tim Holtz/Ranger Distress Ink Pads and Re-Inkers (SOOO in LOVE with them... they are the most versatile inks I have ever worked with and the possibilities almost seem endless)!
  • Micron Pens in sizes 05 and 08 (especially black 05 which I use the most)
  • Old watches (they don't need to be working)
  • Old film strip
  • Individual binding rings


I don't really want to specify too many dislikes, especially when it comes to crafting. I don't want to discourage someone from sending something I might love using, but just didn't know about or something that might give me a chance to try something new, but here are a few things I definitely DON'T need...

  • Yarn scraps (I have tons of my own! Lol).
  • Food, drink or candy items (I'm just way too picky when it comes to food and I'm not really a candy person).
  • Paper scraps (because I have tons of that too left over from my own projects).
  • Not a fan of things like Pokemon, Silly Bandz and other children's trend type things.

Private Swaps I Would Enjoy

I would be more than happy to do private swaps with people! Here are some swaps I'd be interested in doing...

  • ATC swaps (contact me for themes if you are interested)
  • Profile Surprise Swaps
  • Handmade Items Swaps
  • Altered Composition/Mini Composition Swaps
  • Handmade PC Swaps
  • Handmade Bookmark Swaps
  • Thrift Store Item Swap
  • If you think we have similar tastes in something and would like to suggest a private swap please feel free! I am here to have fun and maybe make new friends!

Wish List

I see some people have "wish lists" so I thought I'd make one too!

  • ANYTHING TIM HOLTZ or reminiscent of Tim Holtz
  • Gift cards to AC Moore or Michaels or Joann Fabric.
  • Anything Pisces related.
  • Anything Irish related.
  • Embossing folders (like from cuttlebug or sizzix) or dies you no longer want or need. I just got a Sizzix BigKick and I LOVE it!!!!
  • Butterfly and ladybug items for walls- this is what I am using to decorate my daughters' room.

Just so you know, I would never expect these things... just a simple wish list.

Swap Pet Peeve

WHY DO PEOPLE MARK THINGS "SENT" WHEN THEY HAVEN'T SENT THEM???!!! If you are going to be late, just contact me. But marking your swap as sent before it is actually sent just really puts me off and gives me a very negative perception of you.

It kind of bothers me when someone has a stipulation for EVERY "like" and "dislike" they have listed in their profile. For example: "I like (fill in the blank), but ONLY if it's this and that and such a way, etc..." I understand we all have our preferences, but some people just seem ungrateful and impossible to please and make me dread having them as someone I have to send to...

Then again, maybe people are just tired of receiving junk. LOL.

I got my first cigarrette smoke infused package today and I must say it was quite attrocious. It basically went straight to the trash. I am an ex-smoker who quit for her kids and while I don't care if you smoke, I most likely won't keep or use the things you send me if they smell like an ashtray. Sorry. I am not judging smokers, but it's just the truth.


iGirlZoe rated for Time... on Oct 30, 2013
Comment: Thanks for another superb swap. Love the frame and the memo pad (already using it). The charms are yummy and I already have an idea for the compass charm. Thanks as always. x
iGirlZoe rated for A Holtzy Little Matchbox on Oct 30, 2013
Comment: Gorgeous matchbox and loved the contents, it's always a bit of a treat getting a matchbox from you. :)
iGirlZoe rated for Halloween Surprise Package on Oct 30, 2013
Comment: Fabulous package just in time for me to get my spooky on for Halloween. LOVED the magnet puzzle and the Martha Stewart crows... you know me so well. GRINS
iGirlZoe rated for Wings ATC on Nov 10, 2012
Comment: This is one of my favorite ATC's. It's so beautifully grungy and I love the deep rich color on the canvas background. It must have taken you hours to color it with nibs. Really really do love it. Thank you so much. x
Comment: Your tag is epic! The design is beautiful and I love how it turned out. It's always such a pleasure getting you as my swap partner. I so enjoyed doing the class. Thanks for being awesome. x
faeswapgrl rated for Poisonous Potions on Oct 30, 2012
Comment: ♥ Thank you for the lovely potions bottle, & all the extra goodies! ♥
lcjustme rated for Anything Tim ATC on Oct 29, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the ATC.
Lishmo rated for TH Style Cupcake Toppers on Oct 23, 2012
Comment: Angela, I love these so much!! Rosettes make perfect cupcake toppers! You did such a great job on them- the steampunk gentlemen look great under the fragments. Just gorgeous! Thank you very much. And thank you for all the thoughtful, wonderful little bits. You always send me such fun stuff! I don't have the envelope or bag die. Those are great! And another thank you for my name in tiles. Very sweet, personal touch. (((hugs)))
Comment: thank you for the lovely card Angela :) I hope you and your daughters have a very happy halloween :)
NaughtyElf rated for Totally Tim on Sep 26, 2012
Comment: I have never had you for a partner but OMG I am so glad to have you for one, especially for this swap! I LOVE my picture frame, it is the best, and so beautiful! I cannot say how I felt to know that you made just for me, it just blew my away! The magnets are on my fridge and the little pack of extras, including the wax seals I can't wait to use! Thank you for one of the BEST swaps I have ever received you are in the top 5 girl! Hugs, Sher. I just realized that I did have you as a partner for another THA swap! How silly of me that Whimsey Pocket was divine, I still have it out to where I can look at it! Please forgive me, it slipped my mind for a moment. So this is yet another amazing swap from you! Thanks!
Response: I am so thrilled to hear you love the frame! I was hoping it would meet your expectations of me. LOL. I truly enjoyed making everything for you!
crescendo rated for Tins and Diecuts on Jul 4, 2012
Comment: I love everything! It is so beautifully presented. I am also so happy to have a rolo made by you for my collection, that was a lovely surprise. The decorated envelopes are just beautiful. I'm glad you made them because I never would have thought to put them together decorated like that! Thanks for a great swap, can't wait to use all these goodies. Although I hate to unpackage them because they are so pretty :o)
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful atc--I love it. It is always a great pleasure to swap with you--you do such wonderful work. And thank you for all the extra ABC goodies--I'll certainly use them in future swaps.
Lishmo rated for TH Style ATC with Pocket on Jun 15, 2012
Comment: First, the ATC is absolutely awesome. Of course it is, you made it! It's just perfect and so thoughtful that you chose a theme I love. Thank you very much! The other bits you sent are amazing! I love the envelopes! And the Halloween bits are so cool, thank you! Everything is just great and you are such a sweet and thoughtful swap partner. ((hugs))
iGirlZoe rated for Dapper Gentlemen ATC on Jun 11, 2012
Comment: I can't believe we used the same background stamp. So funny! I really love the way you've made the images 3D, they really make the ATC pop. I also loved the tilted top hat on the back, it's such a nice touch. Thank you for the stash of Umbrella men, I now feel less panicked that I don't yet own the die. You're awesome and your swaps rock! x
iGirlZoe rated for Tim Holtz Mini Book #4: Steampunk on Jun 11, 2012
Comment: The mini book is simply divine. I love the opening balloon on the front cover and the flying machine at the back, that flies! My favorite detail is the dapper gentleman with a light bulb under his top hat! I love the gentleman with the clock key in his back, the black crackle background made it look like looking back through history through a dirty lens. You've got such amazingly creative ideas. I really love love love it. Thank you for parting with it. x
NaughtyElf rated for TH Style Whimsy Pocket on May 23, 2012
Comment: Is there a button for like 10 extra stars because I want to give them!! Just beautiful and original and thoughtful as your swaps always are. I have been wanting to get you for a partner for some time now and it's finally my lucky turn!! I loved the attention to detail, from the handle to the carefully crafted contents, like the tin fig. tags and butterfly tiles that I want to use but will most likely just hoard like a jealous dragon protecting its treasure. You are truly an artist and I couldn't be happier with this swap. Thank you! Sher
Response: Thank you so much for the glowing feedback! I'm so happy that you were pleased with everything. It was a really fun swap. I love making tiny things like that!
Kattera22 rated for Paper Exchange on May 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you Angela for a excellent swap!!! I Love it all!! we actually have a lot of the same papers, So of course you have great taste! My fave was the TH rocket paper! LOVE IT! 50 hearts to you!
Comment: My gentleman is very cool with his fragment crackling. Thanks for sending me some of the new images from your collection!
lcjustme rated for THA: 12 Rolos of 2012 - March on Mar 28, 2012
Comment: Proud to be the owner of your very first rolo. The color contrast is very nice. Thanks so much!
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to rate!
MissThundercat rated for Tim Holtz Style Matchbox on Mar 22, 2012
Comment: awesome steampunk matchbox! thank you :)
Response: You're welcome! Glad it was waiting for you when you got home!

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crescendo on Aug 3, 2014:

Hey lady I saw you in THA! Need any skank towels? I've collected more

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So excited for you! Hope you and baby are well and getting some rest.

starrgazer on Apr 15, 2013:

Thank you for your kind words Angela! I am grateful for your support and cheerleading! :) No matter the outcome, I am content. It was an honor to make it this far.

Lishmo on Mar 15, 2013:

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day!

iGirlZoe on Mar 15, 2013:

Happy Birthday Angela-Toots. x

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from the Friendship Circle Gang !

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RyeRye on Feb 14, 2013:

From all of us at The Friendship Circle~

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The inmates over at the FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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