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About Me

Please note my P.O. Box is 3.5 in x 5 in if you send a larger envelope to me for a swap please remember to write "Do Not Bend" on the outside or they will fold it to fit inside the box.


Below are pictures of some examples of my ATC's and art to see more visit my Flickr page or my Hidden Stash with the links provided above. There may be spoilers for some swaps up so if you want a surprise don't look! Please follow me on my crafting journey! Thank you!

The Button Collector

I am a dreamer, a giver. I am creative and kind. I am so many things everyday depending on mood and circumstance. I am free and happy! I am a mother, lover, poet and friend. I believe in respecting others, being open and finding a common ground. I have a "good-dark" nature, I am a pagan, a follower of the Old Ways, I walk my own path. Most of all I am true to myself and a loyal companion.

I like to have fun hanging out at my house and playing on one of the many gaming consoles, watching movies and cooking a delicious dinner. I also like to go out and take walks in the neighborhood park, going out to dinner, concerts or plays. I like to read fiction and non-fiction books, write poetry, and learn about exotic places to someday spend a holiday.

I am wacky and have a very dry sense of humour. I like to make people laugh and I can laugh at myself. Also, I like beautiful things, warm earth tones for colours and unique items to decorate my home. I love snowy evenings and rainy afternoons wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa with a good cup of tea. I adore real letters written by hand and sealed with wax, what ever happened to that? Love letters are even better!

Speaking of letters I love vintage post! Old style postcards, as said before wax seals, envies and weathered paper. Cursive handwriting (think Victorian love poems and letters, and correspondences) old postmarks, carte postale. I love anything French especially Paris themed like café scenes, vintage bicycles with baskets outside of store fronts, French bakeries and Paris landmarks. The imagery of wine, grapes and French food/chefs are also fun! I love books written in French or pages from them too. Other things I like are antiques, anything Marie Antoinette, skeleton keys and tattered lace, distressed items and paint faded and peeling, and small vintage glass bottles. Also any vintage postcards or ads, scraps or bits for paper crafting you have with foreign languages on them are golden too! An entire list of other likes I have are listed farther down on my profile, I know I have a lot but I am only trying to give my partners several options to work with!

So, as you can tell, I am person with a wide range of interests and tastes because I want to experience everything life has to offer. I am very excited to see what new things, people and ideas I can learn of and experience through these swaps!

Now with all that said here are some stats about me and my own.

Myself: My name is Sherie, I have 5 tattoos, one I got while visiting San Francisco in '97 at a great place Anubis Warpis, it's a Celtic tribal knot design and it's my fave on the top part of my right arm. Ears are pierced, eyebrow was at one time would like to get it done again. I am a History major in college, with an emphasis on medieval Europe, so I love anything to do with that period. My greatest wish is to travel to the UK someday and spend some real time there.

Also, in case this info is ever needed for a swap:

Sizes for myself: Ring: 9-11* (I like to wear rings on my index finger and thumb a lot). Also, if anyone should ever send me a necklace either homemade or bought, please keep in mind that I would prefer a 22 inch chain/cord or longer, thank you!

Ok, so I finally have the courage to put a pic of me up...

Me~Being Reflective

My Guy: Christopher (who is Knightfall on here) is a real goth guy, gamer, comic collector, and Steelers fan and yet still loves stuffed animals. He's a rare one ladies, his favorite musical is Fiddler on the Roof and he watches romantic comedies with me, yet loves old Bruce Lee movies. No tats yet but he wants them, best father in the world, takes care of his girls. (Yes, that is Chris hanging out with the Elder gods, Ithaqua and Cuthulu, during Yule.)

Sizes for Chris: Shirt: 2-3XL* Ring: 10-11* (depending on finger).

My baby with his buddies!

Little Sister: Hera is our newest family member! She just turned 4 years old as of June 2015. She started Pre-K this fall. She is just a delight! Her favorite pass times are eating, sleeping, dancing, coloring, singing, playing outside and playing in her room. She likes Doc McStuffins, Ninjago, Dora the Explorer, Ever After High and Monster High. She keeps mommy busy!

Sizes for Hera: For now, she is wearing 7-8 clothes, if in doubt send a bit larger as I am sure she will grow into things.

Hera Summer 2013

Big Sister: Thea is an active little girl now! She turned 7 this July and starts 2nd grade this August (2015) and is learning new things everyday! She loves music, Doc McStuffins, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and Fairies, Monster High,The Avengers and Power Rangers (see what happens when you have a 18 year old bro?). I am blessed to be able to stay home with her and her sister. She also keeps me busy!

Sizes for Thea: Well, as of June 2015 she is wearing a size 7 in pants and 7-8 (M) shirts in girls clothes and size 1 in children's shoes. If in doubt I would say always send a bit big as she can grow into them.

Thea New Glasses

My Son Benjamin, my camera-shy teenager, is a great kid, loves his baby sisters and helps mommy out a lot. He's a gamer like me loves anything to do with Mario Bros., also likes Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Avengers, any Marvel comics really, he even draws and writes his own comics.

Sizes for Benjamin: Shirt: M/L (in mens)

We live in Kansas, USA. I have lived other places as well in the US, but loved Denver the best and hope to move back there after I finish my degree in history and get my masters in museum administration. My dream job would be to work at "The Cloisters," a section dedicated to medieval art within the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Well, that's about it for now, I hope this gives you a little insight to me and my family. I wish all of you blessings and lots of cool things and new friends. I look forward to making new friends myself and will always give my best in any swap I am in.

~Thank you and Goddess Bless~

Favorite Music

Wow! What don't I like?! Oh yeah, Bluegrass and Polkas (insert Mariachi music here as well), but besides that...What don't I like?!

I freakin' love Hollywood Undead my faves are Danny and J3T but really it is difficult to have a fave all the guys in this group are awesome. They released their latest CD on 1-8-13 and I am constantly listening to "Notes From The Underground" (whenever the girls are not around).

I love G-Dragon, a K-Pop star who is a solo artist as well as being a member of Big Bang! I also like T.O.P. who is also a member of Big Bang and has out some of his own solo material and has a small career as an actor in Korea as well. I didn't know I would ever like music like this but it's good and I love having new musical experiences!

I couldn't put every artist and genre up, so I would like to add that I do love opera and classical as well, especially Chopin's Nocturnes. I am very eclectic in my music and as long as it is good music (good I know being subjective) I am interested in hearing it. But here is a brief list of artists I like:

  • Nightwish
  • Disturbed
  • Loreena McKennitt
  • Sarah MacLachlan
  • Tori Amos
  • Robbie Williams
  • Seether
  • Goldfrapp
  • Lush
  • Dead Can Dance
  • This Mortal Coil
  • Massive Attack
  • Kate Bush
  • Duffy
  • Katy Perry
  • Metisse
  • Blue Foundation
  • Laura Marling
  • Portishead
  • Cocteau Twins
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Blackmore's Night
  • and Nickelback.

I love music, music weaves through every important moment and aspect of my life, I could document my life by songs alone. Music is my expression when my own fail me.

Favorite Books

Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker is astonishing! Thank you to my sister for putting it in my path. I am currently reading The Hunger Games trilogy and am on book two Catching Fire.

I read 50 Shades of Grey, and found it to be utterly unrealistic (no woman is that naive) and an offense to the BDSM lifestyle. Christian is not sexy, he's an utter ass, selfish and doesn't understand the first thing about BDSM or women. I could go on but why bother. If you really want to know more about the real BDSM lifestyle, then there are several informative sites online and I am sure Google will help you.

Let's see...other books I like include Beowulf, Les Fluers du Mal by Baudelaire, Wicked and Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire, Smoke and Mirrors, Good Omens, and Stardust by Neil Gaiman, The Crimson Petal and the White, Les Miserables, A Separate Peace, Ethan Frome, The Little Tragedies (I love Pushkin and classic Russian writers in general), Harry Potter series (my guilty pleasure). Another guilty pleasure is the Kushiel's Legacy novels by Jacqueline Carey. I also enjoy Rilke, Tolkien and Henry James. Also, when I was a sophomore in high school A Separate Peace by John Knowles changed my life in regards to literature, and friendships it is an amazing novel.

I am a History major in college so I like non-fiction history books concerning medieval history or theology, medieval poetry, tales or stories are also great! I love King Arthur either fictional or historical reading and any of the Arthurian legends by Tennyson, White, etc. I enjoy Yeats, Auden, Austen and Poe as well. Below is an excerpt from The Stolen Child by Y.B. Yeats:

"Where dips the rocky highland

Of Sleuth Wood in the lake,

There lies a leafy island

Where flapping herons wake

The drowsy water rats;

There we've hid our faery vats,

Full of berrys

And of reddest stolen cherries.

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world's more full of weeping than ye

can understand..."

I also enjoy reading about the tactical strategies of great men like Alfred the Great, Henry II and William I. It's also amazing how one simple progression in weaponry, the invention of the long bow for example, can turn the course of history.

I also adore children's literature (I love Coraline, but again it's by Gaiman) especially the English authors like Lewis Carroll and A.A. Milne, and their works Alice In Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh I love the old illustrations in those books so very much. When I was young A Wrinkle in Time and the following books in that series really had an impact on me and made me feel like even though I was only a small girl I could make a difference. I also love The Secret Garden, and Where the Wild Things Are.

I have to say though that Bridge to Terabithia is one that will always be with me. I cried at the end of that one and it impacted me in a way that no other children's book had done before. That first brush with death, someone you know, love, and had built a beautiful and safe world with is ripped from you so carelessly. It is a cold and sobering lesson. I lost a friend of mine when I was in the 8th grade, sitting in the classroom everyday and looking at his empty seat was daunting to say the least, this book helped me to cope with my loss.

There are many other books I could list, but fear for a lengthy profile, but I do and always will have a love for children's literature.

I would also like to add my love of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I grew up on them, whether Grimm fairy tales or Celtic fairy tales, etc. I love to read them from various countries and learn about that culture through its folk and fairy tales.

Lastly, I would like to mention that I am a RPG fan. I love the old World of Darkness books and have about 2/3 of the entire collection. I also do some of the new lines although they totally ruined Werewolf and Vampire for me. However, on the other side of that I really love their new lines for Promethean, Changeling the Lost, Hunter the Vigil and Geist. I also game a bit of Shadowrun, Ravenloft and others.

I do read graphic novels and the one I am currently fanatical for is Soul Stealer by Michael Easton/Christopher Shy (artist). If anyone can find a new copy of this I would be willing to trade value for value for something they wanted as well. I also like some Manga, especially Vampire Hunter D.

In closing, I would like to add that I also collect indie comics so if anyone has extra Belladonna, Unholy, Pandora, Gypsy, Lady Death, Purgatory or War Angel comics I would love you forever!

Favorite Television

Let's see I love American Horror Story, Once, Hemlock Grove, Game of Thrones, The Tudors, True Blood, Supernatural, Penny Dreadful,The Walking Dead and New Girl. CBS should really bring back Moonlight, even though they never will just like Fox totally canceled Firefly and never brought it back, (oh yeah and bye-bye Caprica too) even though fan support was overwhelming. ABC shame on you for cancelling Legend of the Seeker, you made me so sad not picking up a third season! I wish HBO would have continued Rome as well...I LOVED that show! I am also a HUGE Battlestar Galactica fan and Buffy and Angel fan too!

Now that we have a Roku box and a Netflix account we are catching up on all the shows we have missed. We are currently into Supernatural and since we added Hulu we are caught up and enjoying season 8. Also we have recently become addicted to The Following that show is intense to say the least. I am also catching up on X-Files, Charmed, The Dresden Files, Reaper, Dead Like Me, Doctor Who and Torchwood and Being Human. It's so nice to finally get to watch all of these when we want.

Also, I like British TV (BBC) like Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous, Black Adder, The Young Ones and Monty Python.

Favorite Movies

Where to begin! Let's just say my taste in Movies are as varied as my music. The only kind of movies I can't stand are really stupid, gross out, spoof, flicks. Yes, this goes for "Epic Movie," "Meet the Spartans" and ones like that, there are some exceptions to this (like "What We Do in the Shadows" and "Orgazmo") but it follows no rhyme or reason.

Otherwise I love martial art films, action, suspense, drama, old classic black and white films like "Now, Voyager" (I adore Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn), comedy, just about anything, and I also love foreign movies.

Some faves include: The "Underworld" movies (especially Rise of the Lycans) Lucien is a great character and these films just look good and are great fun! I love foreign and indy films, like "Babette's Feast," "Brotherhood of the Wolf (Les Pacte des Loups)," "Chocolat," "V for Vendetta" and "Amelie." Also enjoy the Harry Potter movies, "Twilight," and other more commercial movies as well...just a bit of everything really, I don't like to be close minded when it comes to the arts.

Favorite Crafts

I am a self taught crafty person and I am learning more every day it seems. I am more gothic, earthy, and old world in my own decorating tastes, very bijoux and bohemian, mostly due to budget, but it makes me creative and appreciative for what I do have! So as far a crafts go, I like wreaths for the Yule season, handmade brooms, dolls and trinkets. I will say this as well, my favorite piece of artwork is "The Lady of Shalott" by J. Waterhouse, I love his work. I have an art print of this painting framed and hanging in our bedroom, she has been with me for about 13 years now and I could never give her up. ** I am also a follower of Mark Ryden's work as well...he is amazing!**

Since joining swap-bot in October of 2008, however, I have discovered I love making ATC's, felties, button faeries, whimsy pockets, zines, bookmarks and altered art and mixed media, along with trying journals (which I am still experimenting/learning about). I would love to learn bookbinding and the different techniques in which to do this. I love to try new crafts!

Below is a list of groups I founded on Swap-bot, based on my favorite subjects and crafts. These groups are my babies. I have also been asked to help co-found a few others but these are the ones that I devote most of my time to. If you would like to join please read over the criteria and send me a request. Thank you.

My main groups are:

Marie Antoinette & All Things French

Keepers of Avalon

Keepers of Avalon - Secret circle


Let me list some things that I am fond of to help make swapping a bit easier.

I like:

  • Old 45 record adapters! If you have 1 to spare to send my way I would be so grateful!!!
  • Rainy Days
  • I love earth colours, matte finishes and muted metals.
  • Tim Holtz! Distress Ink refill bottles (any colour)
  • StazOn ink pads (any colour)
  • Vintage Buttons
  • Chocolates/Biscuits (love any peanut butter or caramel filled chocolates)
  • Candles (no vanilla scented please)
  • Postage Stamps (from other countries)
  • Battlestar Galactica (the new series)
  • Cooking/Recipes
  • Vintage Postcards
  • Antique or Glass Beads
  • Anything from the UK (I'm an anglophile)
  • London Fog Trenchcoats
  • Faeries
  • Crystals/Rocks
  • Essential oils for burning or making incense
  • Pouches/Bags to keep dice, crystals or tarot
  • Vanilla Caramels
  • Fantasy Books
  • I enjoy long steamy baths and bubbles
  • Anything Final Fantasy (esp. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus, I love Vincent!)
  • Invader Zim, I really love Gir!
  • Harry Potter, Sirius Black is my fave
  • Sealing wax (for letters, envelopes)
  • Stamps for the wax (could be of designs or letters of our initials)
  • Fountain pens the old style nib ones
  • Bottles of ink for fountain pens
  • Embossing powders
  • Medieval History/Literature
  • Dragons
  • The anime "Hellsing," Alucard rocks in that one!
  • Pirates (our kitchen decor is an old pirates tavern theme)
  • Used RPG books (anything from White Wolf publishing old or new)
  • Console Gaming (I have a Gamecube, N64, SNES, PS2 an Xbox and Xbox 360)
  • Mongolian Beef (if anyone has a good recipe for this I will love you forever!)
  • Seeds (to grow herbs or small flowers)
  • Tarot Cards
  • Tattoos (I have 5!)
  • Hot Tea (except Earl Grey)
  • The colour periwinkle (to look at)
  • Lotions and potions love body products (esp. body butters, splashes or sprays)
  • Antique Keys
  • Matchbooks (from bars, hotels or anywhere) vintage or new
  • Bookmarks
  • Journals
  • Art/Posters/Prints (especially like movie posters)
  • Unique papers or vintage parchments
  • Vintage Punk Memorabilia
  • Old Movies
  • Jones Soda (Strawberry Lime is my fave)
  • Richly coloured or textured vintage fabrics
  • Runes
  • Ogham
  • Fortune telling
  • Incense
  • Magnets
  • Cartoon/Gaming/Fantasy Pics, Patches or Stickers
  • Old Levi jeans and worn Converse sneakers
  • Thick, warm cable knit sweaters
  • Walking along the beach
  • Early morning mist/fog
  • Nintendo stuff (especially Zelda, love the Tri-Force!)
  • Homemade soaps, candles, incenses, stuff for my alter
  • Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton movies
  • Anita Blake comic series
  • Obviously I think vampires are hot!
  • Thick, fluffy socks
  • D-10 dice or any dice (especially unusal themed dice or colours)
  • Anything to do with Neil Gaiman (fave contemporary author)
  • Button pins or any lapel pins with gothic or fantasy stuff
  • Books of poetry (your own or store bought)
  • If you are from a country other than the US, I love things native to your home! Anything that is exclusive to your region is always welcome!
  • Resident Evil, Transformers or Star Wars (if we ever do like a spouse or partner swap, Chris loves that stuff, or send that stuff anyway, making my baby happy, makes me even happier!)
  • Oh, and picture frames, I collect picture frames size 5x7 or smaller


On the opposite end now here are things I don't care much for:

  • Peppermint/mint flavoring
  • Licorice (any kind, tastes like wax to me)
  • Cliches
  • Bad Jokes
  • Rude, ungrateful people
  • Vinegar
  • Espresso
  • Beets
  • Quiche
  • Cutesy, artsy stuff (like pics of kittens, ruffles and pastels)
  • Mineral Water
  • Hot, Spicy Sauces
  • Please no current political bumper stickers, stickers, magnets, etc.
  • I am pagan, so please no "Jesus Saves" magnets or booklets, etc (unless I sign up for a religious swap). I respect your beliefs so please respect mine, if you are of the Christian faith you wouldn't want me to send you a figure of Isis now, would you? What I am trying to convey is no matter what your religion, I don't mind learning about it, (in fact I love little statues, candles, and other items that reflect the world's various religions as I consider myself an eclectic pagan) but I do not wish to be converted. Sorry to even bring this up but I have, regrettably, had issues with this.
  • Sushi
  • and Kevin Costner (the man can't even fake an accent!)

My Angels...

My kind angels include:

Favorite Quotes & Thanks

V: And thus I clothe my naked villainy / With old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ / And seem a saint when most I play the devil.

[quoting Shakespeare's Richard III, Act I Scene 3]

"If you give up smoking and drinking, you won't live longer...it will just feel longer."

"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip."

Finally, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I know it may be lengthy, but I hope it helps as to what to send, what I like, etc. I just want others to get a feel for who I am in general and if you would like to get to know me more or just become pen pals, let me know. I am always open to meeting new people and making new friends. Have a lovely day!


Comment: I have not received this swap. Marked sent on February 10. Contacted you March 10 and again April 7. Both times a resend was promised. Nothing has arrived.
CardsZania rated for Mixed Media ATC w/ a Butterfly on Feb 19, 2016
Comment: I am sorry for the 3+ years delay in doing this. Not an excuse ... But doing better now and I want to finish and register all of my swaps that I neglected to complete.
Response: Thank you, I too have made mistakes and have had to make up for them as you can tell by the 3's I have. I appreciate you doing this. Have a good day.
renmagpie rated for Color combo # 1 on Feb 1, 2016
Comment: I really loved the composition of this ATC. It was beautifully executed. Thank you so much! xoxo
Response: You are so welcome! Thanks for the rating too!
mellyrose89 rated for Doctor Who Postcard Swap on Jan 27, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!! :)
Response: Oh good! I am so happy you liked them! And they really didn't take too long to get there either. This was such a fun swap I hope there will be more like it soon! Thank you for the heart and have a good day!
boriquaz rated for January Free theme #1 on Jan 25, 2016
Comment: Yes I love free theme as well and you did a beautiful job. Thank you
Response: Thanks! :-) So happy you liked the ATC. Have a great day!
Pandd rated for Zetti Art ATC swap on Jan 22, 2016
Comment: Cute! I love the hand drawn one. That is what I did mostly did also. Thank you and thank you also for the extras. Pat💕💕
Response: Oh I am so happy! I don't usually do had drawn but I just felt inspired, so I thought I would try. Glad it worked! Thanks for the heart too!
123Poggy123 rated for New to me on Jan 12, 2016
Comment: I am glad you tried this new technique for my ACT. I love it. Thank you for the goodies for me to use.
Response: You are welcome! So glad you liked it all!
hushpadwitch rated for Doctor Who Postcard Swap on Jan 9, 2016
Comment: Thanks I love it!
Response: Yay! So glad you did, this was a fun swap! Thanks for the heart too! :-)
Pandd rated for Scrap Attack ATC on Dec 14, 2015
Comment: The ATC was lovely. Thank you and I appreciate you sending the ATC. I appreciate you working to change your status. Happy holidays. Pat💕💕
Response: I don't like receiving them either I will get to these but I cannot say exactly when. I will try for sooner rather than later though. thank you. Update 12/5/15: This swap was mailed out on 11/18/15, shortly after I mailed I got a message from my partner saying they were going overseas and would re-rate when they returned, just fyi for anyone reading the comments. Edit: 12/14/15: Thank you for the re-rate!!! You made my day!I am so glad you liked the ATC too. Sherie
Comment: I like your idea and how you did it. Very cool :)
Response: Thank you so much for the heart and the kind words. This is my first official swap back and it feels good to get rated again! I hope you have a great holiday season. Blessings! Sher
Comment: I really, really hate to do this, hun, but unfortunately I feel it's my only option at this point. I do believe you had issues with your mail carrier, but it's now been over 2 months since the swap deadline and though you said you'd resend, nothing's arrived. I just feel that I have to rate fairly, and I hope you can understand. I'll happily rerate should I receive something. Update, 11/23/15: I received this swap today. Thank you for the cool and textured ATC. I also like Thea's drawing; very cool you had it made into cards. Thank you!
Response: That is fair, and understand. I am so busy with college right now but I will send something I just don't know when at this time. But I will make it up to you. I am so very sorry sweetie. Edit: 11/23/15 I am so happy you got it and that you liked it. I really have missed swapping with you and hope that we can do some more in the future. Big hugs, Sher.
Ky rated for EASU: Hand drawn or painted ATC Swap on Nov 20, 2015
Comment: I will happily re-rate when the ATC arrives. Edit- Received a beautifully handpainted ATC, thank you, I love it! Your record shows you were a great swapper, I'm sorry that life got in the way but I am thrilled that you are back and doing things the RIGHT way! I would be happy to swap with you in the future and hopefully others will too. Good luck to you!
Response: I am re-sending one as I mailed this off awhile ago, I am sorry I try to check mail once a week as I am currently in classes and not on every day. I will send your other one out by Friday. I always send my swaps if they don't make it they have most likely gotten lost in the mail. Thank you. 11/20/15 Edit: Thank you so much for your kind comments and your re-rate for the swap. I really appreciate you giving me the chance to make it right. I feel so much better now that it is resolved the right wayas well.
Tasia570 rated for Inexspensive Etsy Swap July on Aug 1, 2014
Comment: Love my bracelet! Thank you so much!
Response: Sorry for the late response, but you are so very welcome! I remember that bracelet, I really loved the look of it. :-)
AynE rated for The Bells of St. Avalon on Jul 18, 2014
Comment: As always it is such a pleasure to be on the receiving end of your artwork. We need to do more swaps. Thank you.
Response: You are welcome, always nice to swap with you! :-)
Comment: Thank you for taking care of this! :0) I do enjoy the Ye Olde Faire swaps.
Response: You are very welcome!
nancybarlow rated for Plague Doctor ATC on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: I received a most wonderful card today! Thank you!
Response: You are most welcome, I also want to thank you as well, I hope you have a great weekend.
jringling rated for Plague Doctor ATC on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: VERY COOL ATC!I love it!
Response: Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate this.
milkiss rated for Swap Coup d'Etat on Oct 21, 2013
Comment: Received the box today! Thanks for all the stuffs as always. =) And you wrapped them in perfect way! Can't wait to use these soaps. And when I opened the box, it was so sweet with these scents. Of course, with a bit of chocolate scent. ;) Thanks for all! =D
Response: You are welcome! So happy it made it through customs and found you! The soaps are divine and the lip scrub, well I may have to order some now, it looked like it would be awesome! Glad you liked it and as always it was great swapping with you!
Comment: It is always exciting to see mail from you. The ATC did not disappoint. Each one of your cards is such a little piece of art. I love my KOA collection, a prized possession. Thrilled to be swapping KOA style again. Hugs, Mona
Response: Thank you so much! I am glad to be swapping with you again, I love sending or receiving swaps with you. Take care, hugs, Sher.
Arabella rated for EASU: Inchie Swap on Oct 8, 2013
Comment: Sherie, these are beautiful little bits of artwork! Thank you so much!
Response: You are so very welcome! :-)

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tinnuwen on May 21, 2016:

Hi! :) I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope you're doing well :) Marta

ImzadiRose on Jan 25, 2016:

I agree about 50 Shades. Sad the attention it gets and people think that is bdsm, when it's not, at all.

Lishmo on Jan 25, 2016:

So happy to see you back! Missed you. We'll have to swap again sometime, let me know if there is anything you'd like while I'm still living in Europe. We move back to the states this summer. :)

tinnuwen on Nov 26, 2015:

I just wanted to say... it's great seeing you on here again! :)

raven on Nov 20, 2015:

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Ok, ALL swaps that I received a 1 for are in the mail. That's feels good. Have a great week everyone!

NaughtyElf on Nov 17, 2015:

Two swaps mailed out today and the other two done waiting to be mailed out tomorrow. Thank you to my partners for letting me make these swaps right. It will be good to finally come back once these swaps are resolved. Thank you!

NaughtyElf on Nov 16, 2015:

I am sending out ALL ATC's owed this week! Sorry it has taken me a few weeks to get my craft room sorted through and organized again, but it is done. School is getting busy and finals are fast approaching so I am sorry it took a little longer than anticipated to get it all done, but now I am crafting once more. Thank you for your patience.

NaughtyElf on Oct 28, 2015:

I will be coming back to the bot soon! First I have to make amends for the 1's I have on my profile. I have contacted my partners and will soon be making things right. I have missed it here so much. Thank you!

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