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My computer has been down since the end of September and I haven't been able to access any swap information for the past weeks, because I couldn't use any library computers because my library has been closed due to flooding. ;w; Everything has been ready to go out, though, and I just have to put addresses on them and they'll be going out on 15/10.

And to explain my recent one that I have gotten in my absence: apparently the envelope was lost in the mail? Will be resending to my partner once I hear back from them.

Sup, I'm Dannie. I like menswear, don't eat meat, and often click on the logo instead of the messages tab (much to my chagrin). My interests include alphabetising, musicals, and wandering around in the woods at night. I can be cool, sometimes.

If anyone needs to contact me in a manner that is quicker than messaging, I'm always on AIM at grantaires.

Uh, I've realised recently that my profile is a mess so I am trying to organise it. Everything will be alphabetised and organised in no time at all!


I'd prefer to read classics rather than modern literature. Books these days just aren't how they used to be. My favourites are The Divine Comedy, Les Misérables, and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Sometimes, I indulge in a bit of modern literature. Neil Gaiman and Augusten Burroughs are superb.

I've also been a big fan of comics and graphic novels since I was a tot, and I guess those are considered books, in a way. Fables and Astro City are pretty cool; The Flash and Green Lantern have been my favourites since I was a kid.

Currently, I'm re-reading Les Misérables, but this time it is the Brick, the full unabridged version that is literally a brick.


I listen to so much music that it's ridiculous, but these are some of my favourites:

Anti-flag, Black Lips, The Cardigans, The Clockwork Quartet, Cocoon, Coeur de Pirate, The Dandy Warhols, The Decemberists, Depeche Mode, Elton John, The Hush Sound, I Am Ghost, Kyo, Led Zeppelin, Ludo, Mozart l'Opéra Rock (my most favourite music-related thing ever!), Sliimy, Styx, and Voltaire.

Even though it's technically not allowed, I still like to send and receive mix cds.


So since I spend a lot of my time watching shows, there's a buttload on my list of favourites:

Band of Brothers, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Criminal Minds, Dead Like Me, Dexter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Glee, House, Merlin, Misfits, Monk, Pushing Daisies, Queer As Folk, Shameless, Sherlock, Sirens, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Torchwood.


Films are just so lovely and I try to watch about one hundred a year. These are some of my favourites:

9, 1408, Amadeus, Antichrist, A Beautiful Mind, Constantine, Dorian Blues, Dorian Gray, Fanboys, How To Be A Serial Killer, I Love You Phillip Morris, Karla, The Kite Runner, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Les Chansons d'Amour, Little Ashes, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mysterious Skin, The Number 23, The Outsiders, Plan B, Queen of the Damned, Rain Man, Running With Scissors, The Science of Sleep, Se7en, The Soloist, Star Wars saga, Stuart: A Life Backwards, and Velvet Goldmine.


❀ Top hats (first and foremost, of course)

❀ Phone charms

❀ Kawaii

❀ Animals: pigs, whales, moose, hippos, octopi

❀ Damask

❀ Fob-watches

❀ I love the macabre, so nothing like that will offend me in the least.

❀ Fortune cookie fortunes (I've developed a strange habit of keeping them whenever I eat Chinese. Maybe I'll use them for a project one day!)

❀ Oscar Wilde and Voltaire quotes

❀ Pretty tape

❀ Foreign currency.

❀ I really enjoy history, with emphasis on the history around Napoleon, all revolutions (but especially the French Revolution), and World War II.

❀ On that note: propaganda posters as well.

❀ Black, blue, and red are my favourite colours; I generally favour darker colours over brighter ones like orange or yellow.

❀ My favourite kawaii would be things with little animals (i.e. pigs, whales, bears, frogs :3), and fairy tale—especially Peter Pan!

❀ And my favourite characters are Pom Pom Purin and Wonder Bear Rainbow.

❀ Stickers and sticker flakes

❀ Mythology—all kinds! I, myself, am not religious, but I love to learn about all religions. Recently I've been really into Buddhism and Hinduism.

❀ I love socks too, especially knee socks. Any socks with cute patterns and prints are lovely. And stripes. I don't quite know what size I am, but my shoe size is 8 US, if that helps.

❀ Also, I love Europe, especially France. I speak French averagely, but a native two year old child probably knows more than I do. :c Anything French-related would be greatly loved and books in French would greatly advance my skills!

❀ And Germany and Russia, too! I like to think that I am very well connected with my Russo-German roots, and I've been trying to learn both languages for a while.


There aren't many things that I really dislike:

❀ "Girly" things, such as butterflies or flowers, or even make-up (although I do love nail polish and sometimes eyeliner).

❀ Religious things of an pushy/inspirational sort.

❀ Anything that contains meat products or extracts (milk, cheese, and eggs are fine though) or gelatin.

❀ Chewy things, i.e. gum or taffy (because of braces :c which will hopefully be off soon).

❀ Romantic comedies. If there is anything that I absolutely and abhorrently despise, it's romantic comedies.

❀ I don't have pierced ears, so no earrings, please.

❀ Also, it's not like I abhorrently dislike them, and if I get any I'll just pass them on to other swappers most likely, but I have no use at the moment for: sewing supplies, beads, and most scrapbooking supplies.


❀ Anything related to anything on my likes

❀ Mini hats

❀ Anything vanilla, gingerbread, banana, amaretto, coffee, or orange flavoured

❀ Teas! My preference is for black teas.

❀ This is very specific, but I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some sachets of Perfect Cup premium cocoa, chocolate amaretto flavoured.

❀ Instant coffees/cappuccinos

❀ Chupa Chup lollipops; if anyone can get coffee or any milky flavoured ones, I'd gladly trade them something for some.

❀ Um, this one probably seems nuts, but I would love for someone to make me a Les Mis/Grantaire themed atc. A swapper recently made one for me and I think I've found something new to collect.

❀ Oh, and a Divine Comedy atc! That would be cool.

❀ Non-touristy postcards

❀ Lettersets

❀ Fairytale kawaii

❀ Sentimental Circus notepads, memos, anything!

❀ Tarot cards

❀ French things, in theme or in origin. Especially books written in French, even children's books! Actually, especially children's books. We all have to start somewhere orz.

❀ Foreign currency; coins and notes

❀ Cool/unique pens

❀ Yummy vegetarian/vegan recipes, and especially vegan baked goods! I'm so tired of eating the same thing day after day, and I'd love to hear about a tried and true recipe any of you know of.

❀ Glitter spray

❀ Japanese fizzy candies

❀ Address labels

❀ Rings! I just can't get enough of awesome rings.


This is just for my reference so I know what I'm sending/receiving and can keep track of my tags.

Currently under construction! I haven't been logging tags lately so all I know is that I'm waiting to send some and waiting to receive some. ;w; From this day on, I'll be logging them! I don't know the names of the tags for some of them but I do know the users:

❀ @DragonflyDore - Sent!

❀ @emika - Sent!.

❀ @id0be1ieve - Sent!

❀ Quick! I need... tag @Smudge (SENT but apparently lost in the mail? Waiting to hear from swapper for an update!)


I don't make atcs often, but when I do it's usually for the atc tag on the public forums, and for that I have to have a list of atc themes I like, so I figured it would be a good idea to put one here as well for that, as well as for reference if someone has to do a profile-based atc for me and they don't want to read everything:

❀ Les Misérables (especially Grantaire or Enjolras or Joly, in that order)

❀ The Divine Comedy (any of the three parts)

❀ Any of my other favourite books

❀ Men's fashion (especially waistcoats!)

❀ Comics (Fables, The Flash. Green Lantern, or any scary/gory comic you'd like to introduce me to!)

❀ History (especially Ancient Greece/Rome, The French Revolution, Napoleon's reign, and WWII, as well as all revolutions besides the French ones in 1789/1848)

❀ France, Germany, or Russia

❀ Mythology

❀ Any of my favourite films or television shows (five/six sections up)

❀ Any of my favourite musicals (Les Mis, Mozart l'Opéra Rock, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Catch Me If You Can, Cléopâtre: la derniere reine d'Égypte)


tanyacox rated for Gift / Present for YOU Swap on Jan 15, 2014
Aleksis rated for Banknote swap #3 on Mar 7, 2012
Comment: Didn't even mark it as sent.
panfried88 rated for Doodle-my-Profile Postcard Swap on Dec 20, 2011
Comment: Not sent by dateline. No communication nor respond to my pm. Fellow swapper (taoiionam) has very kindly offered to angel this doodle.
Comment: Thank you very much, I love the coins. And it was not Australia, but English 1/2 penny from 60s. Thanks!
Comment: Hey thanks for the coins. I don't think I had any of them before. Why didn't I think of taping them that way to mail them??
spinweaver rated for Fill my cup! on Nov 5, 2011
Comment: Thank you for your envie of teabags., I am happy to get this from you! In swapping, you do look for "special" types of items, but you can't always find that so you send what you can get. It would have been fine to send SwissMiss or Nestle hot cocoa, for instance. When you don't have access to a computer, borrow one for a minute and get your partner's address off SwapBot. It is important to either send on time or be in touch with your partner about the delay. I think you will be a good swapper with a little more attention to the details.
nativegan rated for Doodle-a-Dinosaur Postcard Swap on Oct 18, 2011
Comment: Thanks!!
Comment: 10-10- I've messaged you about this, based on what you said in your profile I don't think you sent these out at all, I will change the rating if I receive anything.
nasreen rated for The ATeaC swap on Oct 4, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for my lovely teas, I cannot wait to try them all. Thank you very much, I appreciate you sending them again and for swapping with me.
dkay rated for Chesire Cat ATC on Sep 29, 2011
Comment: Cute cat tail! Thanks for the ATC!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely atc.... don't worry about the delay!
Comment: Very touching
Bobbie rated for Top Five Postcard #2 -ISMs on Sep 3, 2011
Comment: Great list, and great card! Thanks
jpride rated for Cheap Etsy Favourites on Aug 30, 2011
conniebobear rated for Tell me your secrets! on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: I can relate and I loved it! Thanks for the extras too!
Comment: THANKS! I love those herb PC stamps, they're so pretty (I rarely send PCs but use all sorts of tamps for other stuff!) and the fishies are SO CUTE! :D Would love to swap with you anytime. :)
Comment: Thank you! Very cool-glad you had fun writing it, by far a fun read :)
Comment: thank you so much, these are great!

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TC on Sep 19, 2012:

DosLittleMonkeys on Aug 27, 2012:

“When you seek it, you cannot find it.” Zen Proverb quote

TC on Aug 17, 2012:

Happy Bad Poetry Day!

id0be1ieve on Dec 21, 2011:

Just a note to say that I have never received the two bars, for the 'Pick Two!' tag game, from way back in July.. :-(
Hope you're ok... x

panfried88 on Dec 7, 2011:

I guess I would not be receiving the Doodle-My-Profile pc swap from you since you failed to send by deadline and has not log on since Oct 14. I will archive swap for now. Thanks! Dew

daarhon on Nov 19, 2011:

I will now archive 'Foreign coins swap, September edition' since it was much time and I want to clear my dashboard. If you will ever come back please let me know if you did received coins from me or not.

SweetClementine on Nov 7, 2011:

Hi revolutionaries~ I'm checking again on the Fill My Cup! swap. The delivery confirmation says it arrived on October 7, but you haven't rated/responded to my email. I hope that the package arrived and that you're happy with the items that I selected for you. Hope all is well with you! ~Michele

daarhon on Oct 29, 2011:

Please rate me for Foreign coins swap, September edition if you did received it. My another partner received long time ago. If my swap still not arrived please let me know.

spinweaver on Oct 23, 2011:

Hello- I know you sent me a message saying that you would be sending my Fill My Cup swap the next day, but it still is not here. Did you send yet?

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 30, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

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