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Country: United States

About Me

UPDATE 2/3/2016: So, I am at a turning point in my life. My husband and I have separated and I am trying to get on my own two feet. Job hunting and interviews are taking up a lot of my spare time, along with caring for our two children throughout the week. I am trying not to get involved in too many swaps, and the ones I am currently in, I am trying to complete them as best as I can. I have never had any big issues swapping, but if for some reason a problem arises, it is because of our postal service, or that i have forgotten to do something on my end. Please contact me first before assuming I am a flaker and that I cannot hold up my part of the swap. I am a very generous and understanding person, so I always try to right my wrongs. It's such a crazy time in my life, so for those that do understand, i thank you tremendously! Swap-Bot has been such a wonderful experience for me and I plan on continuing, just at a slower pace.

If you are curious to know more about me, I can be found on Facebook under the name Chelsey Garner, & also on Pinterest under the name Chelsey Garner as well. Feel free to email me at: [email protected]

*** If there are any questions or doubts you may have, before you rate me, please private message me first so we can figure out what's going on and give me the chance to make it right IF I did anything wrong. There have not been any issues as of yet, but I figured I would go ahead and put this on my profile just to sort of give you guys a heads up. Thanks everyone! :)

  • Greenville, Alabama is the place I call home for now. Not the most ideal place, but it's where my family is and I've lived in Alabama my whole life, so I can't say TOO many bad things about it. Although I will say this: Don't believe everything you hear about us southerners being "rednecks", "inbreed", or that we are all stupid. I am personally none of the above. I would describe myself as a city girl in a southern world. I will say that when it comes to food, ain't nothing like a good southern family dinner!
  • 27 years young.
  • mother to a 6 year old little girl, & to a 9 month old baby boy.
  • Stay-At-Home Mom is my new job title. And it's the TOUGHEST job ever!
  • Paper Lover.
  • I am obsessed with coloring in all of my coloring books at the moment. It's become a new way for me to relax.
  • list maker
  • washi tape hoarder
  • magazine addict (Glamour, People, Hgtv magazines, diy/craft magazines, O, & tons more!)
  • married for 5 years to wonderful man, but I've been with my him for 11 years combined. Things have been rocky in our lives lately, but as long as I know he will stand beside me and vice versa, we will be able to overcome anything. Besides my few best girlfriends, my husband is also one of my best friends & the thought of him not being present in my life.......well I just can't even picture that! It would be a very gloomy time.
  • good conversationalist
  • I enjoy redecorating our home and doing diy projects any time I can.
  • teacup/tea set collector
  • shabby chic. antiques. vintage.
  • fav tv shows: (when I can actually watch it) Scandal, Greys Anatomy, Breaking Bad (so behind) , Orange Is The New Black
  • Fav Books: I read pretty much any and everything except crime or anime type books.
  • before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a hairstylist and I LOVED my job! I miss it greatly, but staying home was the path that I had to take at that time in my life.
  • I'm a very open and honest person, and when I tell someone I'm going to do a certain thing, I usually always do it. I greatly dislike people who don't do something they said they would!
  • I'm not a mean girl. I don't bully or pick on others. I am not here to criticize or belittle another person just because they didn't do something right. I'm new at this, so I need all the help and positive vibes I can get.
  • I'm not picky when it comes to receiving gifts. I am a very feminine woman......meaning I will love any and all things that scream LADY! :)
  • I have a massive jewelry collection ( massive to me anyway), even though ever since I quit working, I hardly ever get to wear my nice things anymore. But nonetheless, I still love me some fabulous fakes ;)
  • I am a pretty good cook, but not the best baker. I'm working on it!
  • I love long hot baths and tons of relaxing and smell good bath products. Im a beauty junky to the highest degree!
  • my favorite colors at the moment are: blush/ rosy pinks, creams, golds, lavender, and light blues
  • music preference: I listen to ALOT of diff artists. The only music I don't listen to is gospel and although I occasionally come across a song I like, I don't listen to much rap. I like a lot of 90's songs. I also listen to a lot of rock. One of my FAV bands are The Civil Wars. Even though they no longer make music together anymore, listening to their past albums......ahhhhh their voices combined are just amazing!
  • I have a very secret crush on stickers. I collected them when I was younger, and like so many things, I got disinterested in it and grew up. But now that I am almost 30 years old, I've learned that I LIKE WHAT I LIKE. It doesn't matter to me if someone else thinks it's dumb or childish. Screw em.
  • I would be estactic if one of you guys, or myself personally came across a pack of the original LISA FRANK STATIONARY SET. That would make my week!!
  • I've been struggling with a mood disorder and my hormones got severely messed up because of the form of birth control I was on, so for a minute there I actually felt crazy. It's a long story. I am trying to find my own personal happiness again and rise above a lot of the things that have happened within my life over the past year. Mail that makes me smile and just gives me an overall sense of happiness......well, that's what's im looking for!
  • I am not a picky eater, so if there was ever a food swap or gift card swap, I am down for whatever. No food allergies that I know of.
  • I am into reference books pretty hard these days. I want to get better at hand lettering, so I've got a manual about that. I am also interested in watercolor painting. I've painted with watercolors many times, but now that I know all the things that can be made into something beautiful just from watercolors......it has made me want to try and make different pieces of art, snail mail decor, and just turn it into a hobby period.
  • I LOVE perfume. I never ever leave the house without any on, no matter what I am wearing or where I am going......it is a must for me!
  • I am into the whole planner art project too.. Since I'm new at it, I'm seeing so many great planners and ideas and it makes me want to throw mine away and start over!

  • Things that make me smile/ Wishlist:

  • mermaids
  • fairies
  • flowers (not red roses)
  • Victorian era images/items
  • coffee
  • nail polish (without glitter.......takes way too long for me to get it off lol)
  • gel pens
  • fine tip markers
  • fine tip permanent pens
  • coloring books/pages for adults
  • candy (pretty much any type of candy except dark chocolate or licorice)
  • beautiful stationary
  • notecard sets
  • Lisa Frank
  • recipes to try (I'm not a vegan or vegatarian)
  • face masks
  • watermelons
  • handmade items
  • thick fuzzy socks to wear at night
  • hair masks
  • quotes/images/paintings of funny, happy, or uplifting sayings)
  • postcards (I would like some from different states, but PLEASE, no generic touristy looking ones), any postcards with images of watercolor flowers, or vintage/antique ones would be ideal.)
  • interesting facts or stories
  • informative articles such as: diy projects, crafts to do for myself or with my children, advice, tips etc.......)
  • I LOVE succulents!
  • rose gold or gold, dainty, feminine jewelry
  • old books or book pages
  • brooches
  • scent sachets
  • embellishments!
  • pretty labels
  • WASHI tape! I have so much, but I can never enough!)
  • scrapbook paper (scraps or whole sheets)
  • pretty wrapping paper or tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • fabric (scraps or larger pieces)
  • embroidery supplies
  • candles (not apple or cinnamon though)
  • rubber stamps and ink pads
  • pretty patterned paper napkins/doilies
  • lace doilies
  • notebooks/notepads/memo notes
  • dreamcatchers"
  • postage stamps(new or used)
  • magazines(articles you think I may like, diy magazines, fashion & beauty, flow magazine, psychology today, glamour magazine, readers digest, parenting/family magazines.......it would make my day to receive a magazine such as the ones above, from a different country!)
  • STICKERS!!! Love. Them. Especially: girly/feminine stickers, quotes, words, 3D, vintage or antique, unique, glittery or shimmery, beautiful floral stickers, mermaids, fairies, lace, colorful, rainbows, stickers I can use for borders, teacups/tea sets, polka dots, romantic, birds, cupcakes, fruity stickers, popsicles, clouds, jewel stickers,and so many others. Please do not send me cartoon or reward themed stickers. My daughters has an endless supply of them that I can use if I ever have to.
  • BARBIE MEMORABILIA. I like the older, more vintage looking Barbie items instead of the modern type stuff. Any stickers, pictures, Barbie clothes, books about Barbie, stationary, postcards, etc.......Any of that would be so great to receive!
  • paper dolls and paper doll books
  • depression glass (pinks, blues, or the jade green color. Images, small pieces,etc.......whatever you do not want or have a need for, just send my way)

  • Dislikes : sloppy work & cartoon themed items are the main things. Also, I do believe in a higher power, but please no religious or political type things. both of those subjects are things that can make or break any good conversation or friendship, so if you will, omit those from any future swaps.

  • I am sure there are many more things I could list, but I just wanted to give you all a general idea of who I am, what I like, & what I am interested in. I am not hard to please and when I chose to become a member of swap-bot, it was not to get free things. It was more because of the fact that I was trying to make new friends and start writing to pen pals again.

  • I have never attempted an ATC or a Friendship letter/book, so if any if you have some great pointers and include a note in a swap you send me, or even comment/message me about those two subjects, that would be very appreciated. They look like fun to do, so I really want to try and make either/or soon!

  • As long as I can tell that a person has tried their best and has clearly put forth great effort, I will be totally happy! Even if I receive something that doesn't appeal to me like it would to someone else, more than likely I will not complain. If I am a partner for a swap for any of you, and you aren't sure about something, just shoot me a message and I will gladly answer whatever questions you may have.

I am hoping to make some great connections with pen pals/ other swappers and I am so excited that I came across this project! Getting to know new people from all different walks of life is something I look forward to! My father is a mail carrier and as far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed paper crafts & sending/receiving mail. I tend to get a bit giddy when I see there is something for me in the mail besides bills :)


Comment: If they get in contact I will re-rate xx
qbee rated for AMA Sender's Choice-Feb on Apr 2, 2016
Comment: will chance if i receive the swap
teddygirl rated for Snail Mail Flip-book on Mar 19, 2016
Comment: Please let me know what happened to this swap, not happy about being flaked on :(
Comment: If I receive I will change rating. Waited long enough.
Comment: Thank you for this wonderful package! It feels like Christmas in March! I love everything!!
Ciaz rated for Washi Tape Sample Swap on Mar 4, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the washi tape and all the goodies 😘😘😘😘 i love the monkey stikers!!!
Comment: Did not receive, per swap requirements
Response: A resend is being sent out this afternoon. I'm very sorry, idk what happened, but I sent out all of my swaps, and this is the first time I've had any issues. Whatever the case may be, your resend for this swap is on its way!
Comment: I am swap host. Swap partners assigned on 2/17 and swap to be mailed same day. Sent PM on 2/19 to remind to mark sent. As of 2/22, partner had not logged on to swap bot since 2/16, so could not have known who partners were to mail to..making it already at least 5 days late. Received PM on 2/23 that forgot to hit send. As of 3/2, none of 3 partners have received their swaps. Will change rating to a 3 if received. UPDATE: 3/21 no resend received and not logged on since 3/9
Response: I've made all partners resend swaps. I am very frustrated as to why my swaps didn't reach any of my partners. I will say I got a family member to take this swap to the post office for me. I assumed they had did what I asked, so I may have to see what the deal is with that. My apologies to everyone.
ShyAnn64 rated for UHM: Pen-Friends Wanted on Feb 28, 2016
Comment: I have not received anything even after sending a PM. I will be very happy to change my rating if/when the swap is received.
Response: A resend will be on its way this afternoon! I'm so sorry! I hate this because I really put a lot into it :/ anyways, let me know when you get the resend!
Vaidilute rated for Rainbow Mail Art #5 on Feb 26, 2016
Comment: What a nice envelope, wonderful treasures inside and those closed quotes - i like them very much. All packed with attention. Thank you
Comment: Thank you for the sweet PC & all the little extras!
sjayana20 rated for Small Booklet swap on Feb 20, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely lovely booklet ☺️❤️❤️ I loved it !!! And the extras that you sent me are simply gorgeous. It's my bitprthday today and your envelope brought a big smile to my face ☺️😄👍😃 thank you :)
Comment: Absolutely wonderful! Super made my day😃
kygirl rated for Crafty Little Paperclip Swap on Feb 16, 2016
Froggy2974 rated for Crafty Little Paperclip Swap on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: Ahh, I was so excited to get another swap from you! You always make such wonderful things and send the best happy mail. The paperclips are wonderful and I love all the extras, especially the adorable frog stickers. Thank you so so much!
mb58ca rated for Washi Letter Pick 7 - International on Feb 3, 2016
Comment: I enjoyed your answers AND the extras, too :) Much thanks.
Tina78 rated for Just to say hello... on Feb 3, 2016
Comment: Thanks for your [email protected]
Ireneconde91 rated for New Pens for the New Year on Jan 31, 2016
Comment: I got your package. I loved absolutely everything !!! Thank you
Cha13 rated for New Pens for the New Year on Jan 28, 2016
Comment: Fab parcel received today! Thank you so much for everything ... my daughter is still in hospital and happy mail is a fun distraction! Especially pens as we do a lot of writing and colouring!

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Heirloom on Feb 20, 2016:

MissTullie on Jan 8, 2016:

Thanks so much for the "I've Got What You Want Tag" you sent me. I love the variety of postage stamps, note cards, recipe cards and baker's twine. Always love happy mail!

GummiBear on Dec 1, 2015:

Thanks for the great letter and goodies. Your reply will be sent soon!!

ladydy5 on Nov 25, 2015:

Welcome to Make an Envelope group. We have both great swaps and great swappers.

anrtist on Oct 19, 2015:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the really Lovely, Big & Awesome package HAPPY MAIL you sent me! ;-) So many things I luv! Those feather cutouts, peacock stickers, Fabric and ricrac/trims are so great!!!! THANK YOU so much! Blessings, cc

Vanillacreamteas on Sep 29, 2015:


Thank you so so much for the I collect tag! What a wonderful huge package! Thank you for everything! It seems like you put a lot of love and effort into this tag, and i am entirely thankful to swappers like you on this website who really put their love into it! Thank you again, i loved everything, all the cute fabrics and the notecards! Argh so so cute! I will surely be posting this on my instagram for sure! Too cute and beautifully packaged!!!!!

anrtist on Sep 4, 2015:

APDG~ Artistic Profile Deco Group Welcome! ;-)

ALWAYS Lots of fun swaps to choose from
Or join them all! ~ MAYBE even Host a few too ;-)

I really hope you enjoy the group!!! ;-)
Blessings, cc

Amace on Aug 11, 2015:


♥Hi, Thank you for joining Friendlies :) I am looking forward getting to know you in the group.♥

Lizard on Aug 10, 2015:

Welcome to swapbot. It's lots of fun. ♥

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