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Birthday: December 3, 1964
Country: United States
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About Me

MY ADDRESS HAS CHANGED SINCE MARCH 2017!!! I have updated changes within the system. For Wishes, Tags, RAK's, Personal Swaps 'please' scroll down to the last page where I have updated my new address in the forums. Thank You!

PLEASE contact me before rating if you haven't received from me, I always send my commitments out on time, however human error can sometimes happen to, from and in-between. I rate the same day that I receive a swap and I will always send a thank you message or post on your profile for wishes, random acts of kindness, winner takes all games, etc... Thank you!

I am the very private and reclusive type, my favorite time of the day is when I am able to find a few moments to myself... I feel very uncomfortable in large crowds and am rather on the shy side. I am "VERY" old-fashioned! I tend to find my own faults and turn them into humor (being a full time mother those moments are what get me through my day.) I have a "really hard time" with blue, crude, lewd or nasty jokes...especially when they are directed towards women. I can be very sensitive to it and take offense a bit too easily and get especially angry when women makes themselves a target!!! I really appreciate clever humor, though it is really hard to find... I resent people who are openly judgmental of those who criticize what they don't understand. I am a misfit in California... I daydream about relocating anywhere that it pretty much rains consistently... Boston, Seattle, England and especially 'Scotland!.' (Though, I'm not quite sure I could endure a the Scottish winters!) I "love" Scotland! I love the seasons, the friendly way you are welcomed, the culture and especially the history! I live near San Francisco, but I definitely "left my heart" in Scotland!" I am very simple--my favorite guilty pleasures in life are rainy days, books, perfume, bubble baths, pajamas, candles, tea, chocolate, an overly cuddled teddy bear that I named "Prozac".... and Katelyn (our adorable overweight Springer Spaniel)... OCH Having said all this, it is quite obvious that I am actually an overly quiet, boring and reclusive homebody! Oh well.... =o)

Pastimes and Guilty Pleasures

  • Reading
  • Rainy Days
  • Tea (*please see below)
  • Blankets
  • Pajamas
  • Bubble Bath
  • Candles
  • Perfume
  • Lotions
  • Twizzlers
  • Chocolate
  • Soft Teddy Bears (I'm always on the lookout for Gund!)
  • Cooking (I love trying new recipes! My favorite recipes are Main Dishes/Comfort Food!) I'm not a Vegeterian...
  • Adult Coloring (Johanna Basford)
  • Cross-Stitching and Quilting
  • Scotland!!! (Anything/Everything!) I'm a 'Scotophile!'
  • Medieval History
  • Psychology
  • Writing to Pen Pals
  • Norse Mythology
  • Native American (Lakota Sioux)
  • Tarot (for Psychology 'not' Fortune Telling!) ~ I believe that we all have 'Free Will!' I also love Lenormand Cards (most are beautiful!)

    *** I have been joining a lot of Tea Swaps, I am happy with 'all' types of tea! My favorite is Black Teas (Earl Grey's, English Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, Black Currant, Black Pomegranate, etc...) White Tea (all flavors!) Herbal Teas (w/o Coconut) ~ I don't care for Green Tea, Chamomile, nor anything Lipton!

Things That Make Me Smile =o)

(Not in order...randomly thinking)

  • Ravens
  • House-Mouse Designs Postcards/Stationary
  • Dragonflies
  • Tea
  • Bookmarks
  • Washi Tape
  • Recipes (Main Dish, Comfort Food!!!) I'm not a Vegetarian!
  • Stickers (Floral, Birds, Butterflies, Woodland Animals, etc... not teacher, reward)
  • Books
  • Fountain Pens
  • Wax Seals
  • Snail Mail
  • Monkeys (they are so darn cute!)
  • Pepe Le Pew
  • Candles/Wax Tarts (Yankee)
  • Lotions
  • Grumpy (Snow White's Dwarf)
  • Teacups (not made from China due to lead)
  • Coffee Mugs (not made from China due to lead)
  • Roosters
  • Faeries and Pixies
  • Essential Oils
  • Legends, Ghost Stories, Folktales, Fairy Tales
  • Stationary, Note Cards, Journals with Birds
  • Colored Pencils and Pens
  • Unused Vintage Stamps
  • English Springer Spaniels
  • Amish
  • Birdhouses
  • Norse Runes (Elder Futhark)
  • Letter Openers
  • Elephants!
  • Bears!!! (Even Unofficial Panda and Koala's)
  • Wine Toppers
  • Soft Piano Meditative/Relaxing CD's (can be copy ~ won't tell)
  • Quaint cookbooks
  • Shot Glasses
  • Playing Cards ~ Touristy
  • Castles
  • Dragons (I'm the Chinese Year of the Dragon)
  • Souvenir Spoons
  • Roses (with thorns)
  • Snowmen
  • Black and White Photography
  • Vintage Stationary
  • Celtic Crosses and Designs
  • Anything & Everything Scottish!!!

I am...

  • Quiet (Silence is Golden!)
  • Private and Reclusive
  • A Scotophile
  • Open Minded
  • Not Religious
  • Not Political
  • Not Racist nor Prejudice
  • Afraid of Spiders
  • Terrified of Clowns!

Favorite Music and Musicians

  • Country girl at heart... "George Strait!!!"

  • (Oldies!)

  • George Jones
  • Charlie Pride
  • Patsy Cline
  • Charlie Rich
  • Johnny Cash
  • Loretta Lynn
  • Kitty Wells
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Ray Price
  • Lynn Anderson
  • David Allan Coe... and so many more!

  • (Not so Old!)

  • Brad Paisley sigh....
  • Alan Jackson
  • Alison Krauss
  • Blake Shelton
  • Eric Church
  • Little Big Town
  • Jason Aldean
  • Band Perry
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Luke Bryan...many, many more!

  • (Also love Southern Rock!)

  • Lynryd Skynrd
  • Black Crowes
  • .38 Special
  • ZZ-Top
  • JJ Grey and Mofro... too many to list!

  • (Adult Alternative!)

  • Matchbox Twenty *Counting Crows
  • Gin Blossoms
  • The Refreshments
  • The Wallflowers
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • John Mayer
  • Nora Jones ...list goes on!

I love most genres except Rap, Scream Rock, (Some) Jazz, and Hip Hop (I've had my overdose of it with four teenagers!!!

Favorite Movies

  • PS: I Love You (Gerard Butler! Pure Candy for the Imagination!!!)
  • Bridget Jones Diary (Only the first one!)
  • My Cousin Vinny
  • Remember the Titans
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • My Best Friend's Wedding
  • You've Got Mail
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • The Godfather I and II
  • The Holiday
  • Love Actually
  • Toy Story (all of them)
  • Shrek (mostly the second one!)
  • So I Married an Ax Murderer

Anything with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Mike Myers starring in the movie!

(A Few Oldies!)

  • Pillow Talk
  • That Touch of Mink
  • Cheyenne Social Club
  • All of the Tammy and Gidget Movies

Favorite TV Shows

  • Outlander (Starz Series) ~ Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser Oh My!!!
  • The Vikings (History Channel Series)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Sex and the City
  • Downton Abby
  • The Sopranos
  • Deadwood
  • House of Cards
  • Dead Files
  • History, Discovery & Food Network Channels

My Favorite Books/Authors


I like most genres except for Horror, Sci-Fi, True Crime (w/gore,) and Self-Help

  • Favorite book when I was young "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott
  • Favorite book as an adult "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon

Some of my Favorite Authors:

  • Jodi Picoult
  • Nora Roberts
  • Janet Evanovich
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • Jill Mansell
  • Mary Balogh
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • Marian Keyes
  • Julie Garwood
  • Cecelia Ahern
  • Jodi Thomis
  • LaVyrle Spencer
  • Maggie Osborne
  • Susan Donovan
  • Teresa Medeiros
  • Kristin Hannah
  • Mary Higgins Clark
  • Victoria Thompson
  • Dean Koontz (when I am feeling brave!)
  • So Many More...List is Endless!
    • My favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe. I don't find him as depressing and dark as most do, I find him very introspective...

My Favorite Swaps =o)

  • Random Acts of Kindness (Wishes)
  • Tea
  • Washi Tape
  • Pen Pal
  • Brighten Someone's Day
  • Blind Surprise
  • Stickers
  • Ephemera
  • Flipbooks
  • Etsy Surprise
  • Snail Mail (of any kind)
  • Coffee/Tea Mugs/Cups
  • Bookmarkers
  • Books
  • Recipes! (Main Dish/Comfort Food! Yum!) I'm not a Vegetarian!

Lost in mail...?

Please contact me if you don't receive a swap that I committed myself to, I always send on time and have never flaked! I am happy to resend! When I sign up for a swap I put a lot of time and effort into each one, hoping to make my partner(s) happy :) I rate my swaps the same day that I receive them (sworn promise!) If I haven't rated you... please let me know!!

Angels: Thank you so much!!!

  • A 'BIG' hug and thank you to @crochetjunkie for being an angel for the Mega Washi Tape 3! You brightened my day by adding the pretty flower stickers! xxx

  • A huge thank you to @tyshadragon for being an angel for the Simple Tea Swap-Worldwide Swap!!!

  • Thank you @oneryswife for being an angel for UHM Pen Pals Wanted Swap! (Big Hug!)

  • I am an Angel for Who Wants a New Friend---sent letter to @MrsSkywalker :) I'm sorry that your partner flaked on you ((Hugs!!!))

Tags, RAK's, Swaps, Wishes and Games I'm involved in/committed to:

A Wish Granted USA - July - being sent to:

Wislist for July being sent to:

One on One Tags

  • Tagged @hamolla 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ~ International: 1 x7 Washi Sample 7/26/17

  • Tagged @zurdoswifey Take Ten...10 !: 10 Washi Samples 7/26/17

  • Tags - Profile Suprise envie PIB: Sending to @bblue 7/26/17

  • Tagged @craftyone for 'butterfly' for Animal Tag ~ US only Tag 7/26/17

Thank you for taking time to read my profile!


montigneyrules rated for Pick 6, send 3 (#2) on Jul 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you, great items.
Comment: Hi Carol Ann! Many, many thanks for the amazing parcel you sent to fulfill this swap! I am most in love with . EVERYTHING! I can tell from all the lovely items you sent that you read through my profile. I'm especially fond of the cutest-ever bear postcard. I don't know why I love bears so much, but I do! (only real bears, though--no teddies ;+) Thanks, too, for the Halloween pc's and the vintage stamps--can't wait to use them!
Response: You're welcome! I am so happy that you like what I sent to you, I loved reading through your profile! 🌸 Thank you for rating me with a heart :) ❤️
Comment: thank you for the fast and lovely swap. I love everything you sent me. I love the color of washi tape and stationery. Thank you for the cat postcards too ♥︎
Response: You're welcome :) I am glad that you like what I chose for you... Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Comment: I wish I could give more hearts to you !!! I loved them :)
Response: You're welcome :+) I thought they were so cute! Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Bargnoffle rated for NH: Big Washi Swap - USA - #2 on Jul 17, 2017
Comment: I loved all the washi samples! they are all very me :)
Response: I am so glad that you like what I chose for you :) Thank you for my heart!
peipeicl rated for Alphabet Fun: Washi D on Jul 16, 2017
Comment: thank you for the cute washi tapes
Response: You're welcome :)
simplykaren rated for $8 Etsy favorites surprise #4 on Jul 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the coffee scrub, it defiantly left my skin soft!☕️💗
Response: You're welcome :) Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Comment: First of all, your handwriting is gorgeous! Secondly, I loved your swap! Thank you so much for the warm welcome to Swap Bot. I'm really enjoying it here.
Response: You're welcome :) Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Comment: Thank you for the Happy Mail, Love the bird washi. 🕊
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Comment: Yikes! I'm so sorry for the late rating! Thank you so much for the wonderful happy mail!
Response: You're welcome! ❤️
Comment: It has been in the 100s here too. Thank you for the washi and other goodies. That small blue envelope is beautiful.
Response: You're welcome :) I'm so happy that you like what I sent to you. Thank you for rating me with a heart! 🌸
d2photo rated for $5 Etsy favorites surprise #2 on Jul 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the stamp :)
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for rating me with a heart ❤️
Mamabemus rated for Alphabet Fun: Washi D on Jul 6, 2017
Comment: I agree D was harder than I thought it would be. I love the ones you chose. Thanks for the extras.
Response: You're welcome 🌸 Thank you for rating me with a heart!
Comment: Omg omg love the postcard of ravens in the library omg omg omg thank you and the halloween card wow thank you
Response: You're welcome! I love that postcard too, one of my favorites :) I'm so glad that you like what I sent to you. Thank you for rating me with a ❤️!
PaperMorsels rated for Pick 6, send 3 (#2) on Jul 5, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the fun goodies! :) I appreciate you looking for fun things from my profile!
Response: You're welcome :) Thank you for my heart! 🌺
Comment: I love the tea selection you sent thank you so much and the your letter fun to read.. hope you have a mild summer Deb
Response: You're welcome :) Thank you for my ❤️!
Comment: Beautiful swap! Thank you! (I couldn't handle your high temps! Thankfully today it is only 80* here!)
Response: I'm glad you like what I sent. It was 107F today! 😰 Too hot! Thank you for rating me with a ❤️!!!
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome, thank you for my heart!
AtTheSmithHouse rated for The Happy Mailbox #7 on Jul 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the goodies. :) Always lovely to receive mail from you!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for rating me with a heart! ❤️

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Thank you so much for fulfilling one of my wishes! AWG July Wishlist

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OMG thank you so much for everything you sent for my July wishes in AATW...everything was so lovely...This package really wowed me =)

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Thank you so much for the July AWG wish! Cute cute kitty pens! So happy!!! :)

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Thank you so much for the Gelly Roll pens that you sent to me as a RAK, you are truly the sweetest- and yes, you did bring a smile to my face! So grateful to have you as a friend! xo Tracy

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I love the washi tape you sent for my July wishlist. Thank you so much! 😘

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Thank you so much for the recipe cards towards my June Wishlist - they are very much appreciated! You've made my day with this happy mail. ♥

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Thank you so much for all of the lovely stationary you sent for my June AWG wishlist! I appreciate the thought you put into choosing it and I love it all!

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