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Date Joined: July 5, 2007
Last Online: February 24, 2020
Birthday: August 28, 1974
Country: United States
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UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 I no longer foster cats/kittens since mine have stomatitis. I take in blind cats. You may send text message to 623-734-5305 if you want to check on swaps I owe, incase I forgot about shipping day or something. Yes I still have issues with my memory so gentle reminders are appreciated.

I just started collecting DREAM CATCHERS. I have one that glows in the dark, an owl and then normal ones. .............. I have a really bad memory and its only getting worse!! IF MY SWAPS ARE DUE OUT OR LATE PLEASE TEXT ME (SEND MESSAGE TO THIS EMAIL, IT GOES TO MY PHONE) [email protected] I MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN..

IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME EMAIL ME AT [email protected] I haven't been getting messages from Swap-Bot.

Hello everyone, My name is

grumpy  MerKitty

and I love to swap.


I had 2 home busniesses one is called Low Cost Pet Clipping and the other is Aquatic Restoration Center (a freshwater fish rescue). Hubby made me get rid of the fish since electric went up $500.. Insurance made me shut down the other.. Which is now open as a hobby..

I have 11 indoor cats (most are PURE WHITE CATS), which I am allergic to and 3 dogs. I moved from Indiana to Arizona. I just love it out here.

I "rescue" momma cats and their babies. I give them a safe place to grow up and once they are old enough I get them all fixed and adopted out. I usually get stuck with the moms since everyone wants kittens. I can always use your unwanted pet items, I don't care that they are used.


I have sleep apnea and have to have a CPAP machine when I sleep. I found using this at night really helps. I also was able to take myself off all my meds for my allergies and asthma!! Just an added benefit.

Favorite Crafts

My favorite colors are pink, purple, and blues (in that order and mixed..lol). I HATE green unless its on trees or the ground.

I LOVE RECEIVING HANDMADE ITEMS! Wish someone could quill this for me or video to do it.


I love paper quilling (always needing papers), rubber stampers, Sizzix/Sizzlits, CuttleBug/CuttleKids, and others.. Paper punches, paint by numbers, doing "fans". I always like getting books on craft projects so I can learn more.

I have a HARD TIME FINDING.. paper that looks like wood and Mulberry paper that is thin. Asian pictures, vintage things, things with Peacocks, seahorses, mermaids and penguins.

My most recent hobby has been making fairy dolls!


I would love to do swaps like the following, and would love the pattern for this first one:

MermaidDollOnBed MermaidBed

I love this painting (it was done as an ATC). I wish I could get one to hang on my wall!


And I just love this picture...


what I collect

grumpy Care Bears (especially Grumpy Bear), Oriental/Asian things, dust (don't send me this I have enough..lol), ocean/sea things for my bathrooms, pc games, music cds (all kinds especially country and relaxation), cds or books on scrapbooking or art things like Paper Quilling, card making and such.

I love anything with Peacocks, Penguins, Mermaids, Zebras, Amish things, Sea Horses, Pandas, Koala Bears, Geisha, Sea Otters, Eskimos, ocean/sea stuff... Heck just about anything..lol


Japanese-Chinese-Asian stuff, little tiny dolls w/komono etc.




I would love anything hand made ATCs, Skinnies, inchies, "dressers" from match boxes, and so much more! (doesn't have to be made right then, an extra of ones you have are great)

Series sets of ATCs, skinnies, inchies...

mint tins and other small tins. I do alot of small crafts and use these to organize..

rubber stamps (new or used .. mounted or unmounted)

die cutters (new or used) I have Sizzix machines with adopters.. I am really getting into Quickutz.

TINY paper punchers that you get from the $1 bins

tins and such to organize my small craft stuff.

papers that look like wood

THIN mulberry paper

unwanted cat/dog toys (I do dog sitting in my home and foster kittens)

COUPONS for Purina Cat Chow, Friskies canned or dry cat food, Meow mix canned, Beniful dry dog. Fresh Step Litter

pet magnets for my truck

Chinese lucky cats

Cinnamon scented candles! (NOT the sugary kind)

DREAM CATCHERS really love those with more than 1 attached or in odd shapes.

Thank you for looking!

Nathalie Kabela 15866 W Washington st Goodyear AZ 85338 USA


Favorite Video or PC games...


Sims, Mario Party, Zelda!!, Pac-man, Virtual Villagers, Escape from Paradise Island, Canasta card game (I AM LOOKING FOR A GAME CD WITH CANASTA, IF YOU KNOW OF ONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW), Build-A-Lot, WestWard, My Time in Portia.

I used to collect all Nintendo things but finally sold all my old consoles and games.

Sims MarioParty Triforce Pacman

Favorite Television


I love Angela's eyes, Army Wives, Big Bang Theory, Card Sharks, Chasing LIfe, CSI, Devious Maids, Desperate Housewives, Doc, Dr. Quinn medicine woman, Drop Dead Diva, Early Edition, Face Off, Friends, The Fosters, Grace Under Fire, Greys Anatomy, Heartland, House, King of Queens, Last Man Standing, The Last Ship, The Lottery, The Millers, Naked Vegas, NCSI, Reba, Skin Wars, Survivor, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Switched at Birth, Touched by an Angel, under the dome, When Calls the Heart, Yes Dear,

Favorite Movies


ANIMATED MOVIES ARE THE BEST.... like Shrek, Spirit, Ice Age, Cars, Incredibles, Madagascar, Happy Feet, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc,

Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Maid In Manhattan, Mrs. DoubtFire, Miss Congeniality, Twilight, Jeff Dunham,

anything with Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams,


chocolate, caffeine, anything to eat with cinnamon-it will kill me (love to smell it),

color green.. unless on trees or ground.

flowers I have never been a flower person unless carnations. I will except them and do swaps with them but prefer something else if there is a choice..

ANIMAL ABUSE I feel it should be done to the people that abuse them. You leave an animal chained up with no food/water to die, it should be done to you!! Litterally leave you out there to die!

shaving.... it hurts me to stand in the shower let alone do it on 1 leg to shave my legs... I have bad knees.. I hate having to use my shower chair to do shaving.. It makes me feel terrible since I am only 37..... I tried waxing but it only worked on a few patches.

plain white walls!! There are so many colors out there.. use them!

Favorite Music

Garth Brooks, Reba, Collin Raye, Lorrie Morgan, Chely Wright, Dolly Parton,

relaxation, sounds of ocean or instruments or animals/nature.



Mermaid Bride USA ONLY was due August 15, 2013 Here it is Oct 10.. never received ATC or message.. Deema F (FundyGirl) ASKED FOR ADDRESS 8/10/17 RECEIVED

edited...USA only...Partners name ATCs partners called.. November 1, 2012 due out January 15, 2013 we had 12 partners to mae 2 ATCs per partner. Dixie (for the name cards please put name Haley) S (tnhomeschoolmom) over 2 months to make ATCs that were due out January 15, 2013. None of her partners have gotten anything from her or heard from her.

edited...USA only...Partners name ATCs partners called.. November 1, 2012 due out January 15, 2013 we had 12 partners to mae 2 ATCs per partner. teri G (terifairy) over 2 months to make ATCs that were due out January 15, 2013. She did contact me a few weeks ago and said she was in the hospital. I haven't heard from her since.

ATC Pink or breast cancer USA ONLY @Pamela K (CardsZania) Swap Deadline: Oct 20, 2012 its now Nov 20 2012 Last Online: January 23, 2013

Mermaid Series # 3 Bronze judith van As @jmvav
due out by September 22, 2012 its Oct 23 profile page says... Sorry... But this member's account has been deleted. This means that they are no longer able to join swaps or even log into Swap-bot. ANGELLED BY tigermousecat

ATC SWAP BAG^^^^ #1 due out by September 30, 2012 Alexis C @Alquimista due out by September 30, 2012 profile says.. Sorry... But this member's account has been deleted. This means that they are no longer able to join swaps or even log into Swap-bot.

Images to print off via email***QUICKIE**** due out August 25, 2012 Caitlin D (mombiebrains) I pm and emailed several times no reply.. Same with others in the swap.. I can't believe someone would flake on an email swap!

Paper Fan Swap-International-Bath/Bathing Debbie T @coffeewithclouds Comment: Never got anything. I even extended the send by date when I was told by both partners they needed more time.. Was due by Sept 25 then by Oct 9 2012 Will change if I receive.. UP DATE...received Oct 26 2012 the fan I made her which I feel is very tacky to send something someone else makes. I am at a toss up on rating since she included 2 atcs and a bunch of other things to make up for the swap. I may change rating to 5 but for now I don't have it in my heart.. IF the stuff was in themes I liked I would have given a 5 for the thought.. Response: thanks for rerating sorry you didn;t like the ATCsor the card and I didn't want to send you my fan just didn;t thin I could make one and just wanted to send you something and its not like I tryed to say I made it anyway your fan is done all except the ribbon so lie I said I will mail it when I go to the doctores next week Debi

Paper Fan Swap-International- SET..see note!!!! Janet D @moonlightjade was due out by July 25 2012

Paper Fan Swap-International-makers theme.. Allie D @curious
was due out by March 25 2012. Not even marked sent, no messages or anything.

Paper Fan Swap-International-travel-Donna B @donnaraebedwell was due out by March 25 2012. Not even marked sent, no messages or anything.

Fan swap - International - Cats..Tara D @BlackWolf .. It was due out by May 25 2009. I see you have been partially suspended for no sends..I heard she claimed to be dead and yet joined more swaps after her death..



thriftymermaid rated for MLU: Valentine Card Exchange on Feb 24, 2020
Comment: Love the cute Valentine!! Thanks so much!!
Comment: Thank you for the cute bookmarks.
luckycharms rated for MLU: Valentine Card Exchange on Feb 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for the sweet mermaid Valentine and bookmarks!!!.
kfaye rated for MLU: My Mermaid Valentine on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: What a cute little mermaid valentine card. I will save it & use it in a paper craft. Thank you for the mermaid wind chime & suncatcher kits. What a fun surprise it was to receive all these ATCs you made! There are some really funny ones! My favorites are the wizard of Oz set & the Disney princesses and I love the Lucky Care Bear! Thanks for a really great package!
kfaye rated for Mermaid themed $10 gift exchange on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: Oh wow, a mermaid dreamcatcher! I will hang this in my she shed! It's so pretty! Thank you so much for all the essential oils!!! I am using your headache blend right now. It's a nice, subtle scent-perfect for soothing a headache. So very thoughtful of you ❤️
Response: I am glad you love the dreamcatcher. I ordered extras when I got mine.. I love them as well. My favorite Care Bear is Grumpybear. I am glad you can use the essential oils, I opened them to smell them but never used those. and the headache one I use alot.. I hope it comes in handy for you.
MissNyx rated for MLU: Send Me Something Mermaid USA on Jan 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you for ALL the lovely little surprises you sent me! It was above and beyond. :)
Comment: Nathalie, I apologize for the late rating. I thought I had already rated the swap. Thank you so much for the cute lil’ gifts for my stocking. I’m being very good and waiting, but appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Comment: Thank you for my stocking stuffer and the extras....! hope I can wait for Christmas to open!!!12/28/19- Thank you so very much for my mermaid goodies and the Starfish earring!!!! I hope you have a great New Year!!!
VioletLove rated for MLU: My Mermaid Valentine USA on Feb 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for a lovely package of sea themed plushies! The mermaids are so very cute!!! :)
Comment: THANK YOU so much! Your parcel made its way to me yesterday, and it's beyond generous!! I DO like putting things together so the felt will be fun for me!! :) Thank you again for so much mermaid love!!
Response: Glad you liked it and that you can finish the mermaid that I wanted to do for you.. Its one of those Sizzix die cut outs.. First time for me to try it. Its Christmas its time to be generous! Have a wonderful Xmas and Safe New Years.
apryl rated for Mermaid ATC USA only on Oct 3, 2017
Comment: BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much!
craftyone rated for Mermaid Madness on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the colorful mermaid stickers and cool necklaces! This was a fun swap!
kfaye rated for MLU: Mermaid ATC USA only on Sep 4, 2017
Comment: So cute! Happy belated birthday! Mine was Aug 5th :)
Response: Happy belated birthday to you as well!!
Comment: I LOVE my adorable mermaid and shell! Thank you so much for the hours of work you put into this sweet project. And thank you for the extras you included as well. Such a thoughtful swap! xo
crystals3 rated for MatchBox DRESSER and matching BED on Mar 15, 2017
Comment: I love everything what you did with this!!
Comment: Cute! Thanks! =)
Hestu0726 rated for MLU: Group theme $10 gift wrapped on Dec 16, 2016
Comment: Many hearts!! I already told you how much I love your gift, but I want to tell you again. Thank you so much for the awesome swap!! Update: I opened the 2nd gift. I love it! ❤❤thank you!
Response: Thanks! SO glad you love it! Wait until you open the other half..
Comment: I received your package today . Thank you so much for a wonderful swap. I loved your dresser & the little mermaid. I also love how you lined the inside drawers with seashells. I loved the earrings & necklace & I LOVE the little plants in the shells, super neat. I wish I could give you a ton of hearts , you spoiled me rotten!! I loved everything!!Thank you so much & Happy Holidays to you & your family.
Comment: Love everything and thanks for the gift too.
Comment: I was torn on giving you a 3 because of the extremely late send. Thank you for the extras, which I enjoy receiving, but I always rate for the actual swap. It is awesome that you rescue animals and I admire you for it and I do realize that it is a very time-consuming heartfelt journey.
Response: I appreciate the 5. I did tell you I was going to be late so I didn't leave you hanging.. At least on the swap I did my best and did send extras to make up for it being late. Have a great day!

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Wishing you a wonderful Birthday! Stay safe out there. Blessings from Burbank.

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Thank you so much for the lovely mermaids you sent for the November WTA in the MLU Group, they are much appreciated. I hope 2017 is a great year for you!

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I hope it was a good one!!!

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Happy Independence Day!!!

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The Mermaids you sent for the MLU May WTA are AWESOME! I can't wait to make some goodies with them! <3

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