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Hello, My name is Kimberly Faye Kirk and I am a Leo born on August 5th 1969.

1st off I want to let everyone know my mail runs a bit slower than normal. I live up in the mountains and we use a very small post office with short hours & closed on Saturdays :( The mail carrier actually uses her own car to deliver the mail! So, add a couple of days to whenever you think it should arrive. If one of my swaps does not arrive at all, please let me know & I will either track it or send out a new package. I would never flake on someone! If I have not rated you & it seems like I should have by now, just ask me & I'll look into it...I want to rate everyone :) My packages actually get scanned as received as soon as they arrive at my post office even though I have not actually picked them up yet. I try to make it in there a couple of times a week & sometimes I have so many piled up I need to wait until I have the time to open & rate properly. If I've sent an item to you with incorrect postage, please let me know, and I will gladly send you postage to cover your loss.

I am a very caring and giving person and would never hurt anyone intentionally. If you have any issues with something I have sent you, please contact me and give me the chance to make it right for you.


"We are all mad here."- Lewis Carol, Alice In Wonderland

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

MY HOME & SURROUNDINGS: I live in a rural area up in the foothills of the Angeles forest at an elevation of 4,200', in the high desert of southern California, about an hour away from Los Angeles. The summers are hot and dry and it snows in the winter. There is a small town about 15 minutes away that's really not worth going to and a large city about 40 minutes away that's worth going to because that's where the craft stores are. It's very peaceful and private where I live. I grew up by the beach and it's now about 1.5 hours away, but I keep a boat in the marina so I can stay there often for a change of scenery. I always bring an art project with me in case I get bored. I do love the tranquility of living out in the country though. I have amazing mountain views, the most incredible sunsets and lots of wildflowers. These things tend to reflect in my art.

FAMILY: I have been married for 29 years. I met my husband John, in Venice, CA when I was 15...I was sitting on the boardwalk making friendship bracelets to sell. I have 2 grown children in their 20's, a son Dean, who plays several musical instruments and a daughter Allison, who shares my same craft addiction. I have a rescue cat named Mia, who is a tortoise shell chimera that I love dearly. I also have a very sweet Brat Terrier (Boston/Rat mix) named Abbey.

KIDS STOCKING STUFFERS: I am collecting stocking stuffers for my brother's daughter who is 16 years old. Her name is Graicen. She likes the color blue. She likes Dr.Who items, Tim Burton, odd/scary things, steampunk (kinda on the gothic side) and her cell phone (iPhone-6). She collects crystals & polished rocks. She wears a little bit of jewelry, but nothing too girly or glittery...no pink for her LOL. She is tough to shop for :/

HOBBIES: I have been painting with acrylics on canvas for 5 years now on a regular basis. I have done some Chinese ink art and a little bit of watercolor too. I enjoy make ATCs & flipbooks. I also make beaded jewelry, bead embroidery. I can crochet a scarf, but that's about it for that craft, haha! I have done some stained & fused glass. I make Pysanky eggs, which is a Ukrainian batik method, using beeswax and a special dye applied with a kistka tool .I make soap. I like to do henna tattoos. I love decorating and can't get enough of it. So, any craft (or item) where I get to decorate is really cool to me. I have a she-shed/studio dedicated for all my art & crafting. I like gardening, although it is a challenge in my harsh climate, but I keep trying anyways! I am setting up a greenhouse this Spring to help with that. I really strive to grow enough of my own organic vegetables that I don't have to go grocery shopping.

MY PASSION FOR TRAVEL: I love to travel and have visited several different countries. I love to experience different cultures & eat new foods, but I am gluten intolerant. I love visiting museums and looking at old buildings, churches/cathedrals/temples...not because I am religious, but because I find them fascinating and really cool looking. I love visiting old cemeteries, ruins, castles, caves... I also like to go camping/road-trips. I enjoy boating and beachcombing. I like light hiking. I like to go anywhere, I just love to get away and experience new things!

ENTERTAINMENT: I don't watch much television...too much of a busy body, I guess and prefer going to the theater to see plays, musicals and other performances. I do have a few shows that I will occasionally watch, but am way behind on most... Once Upon A Time, The Middle, Stranger Things, Better Call Sal, & Magnum P.I. re-runs, I like fairy tale movies. I listen to a lot of types of & world music...from around the world.

BOOKS: I don't read too often, but sure do enjoy it when I do. I want to read more, I just never seem to get around to it :( I like adventure, mystery, biography and travel & hobby/coffee table books about my interests. Right now I'm reading Queen Of The Road. It's about a married couple traveling around the U.S. in an R.V.

WHY I JOINED: I am a busy body and always looking for something fun and new to do. I am a craft addict! I visit the craft stores about once a week and spend much time in there....and way too much money, haha! I love gift giving and making things. I always make so much and run out of people to give them to, so when I heard about this swap site I thought "This is definitely for me!" So far it has been pretty fun :D

COLLECTING: I really appreciate handmade things and all the thought and energy that goes into them. I also collect fawns, crystals/gemstones, glass things that can be hung in a window, fancy bone china teacups with saucers, vintage toiletries & trinkets, Fairies & such. Altar items & little coins with symbols & tiny stone carved animals. Embroidered lacey things. I love handmade items that places are known for making...for instance, textiles from India, or pottery from Mexico... Whenever I travel I try to find a little something that's indigenous to the area to bring home.

WRITING: I'm active with Postcrossing and have a couple of pen-pals. I am really enjoying that. There are so many interesting people out there and I want to feel more connected in this world. If you just want to jot a quick note, I enjoy positive /funny quotes, sayings and Poems. I have written several poems I keep in a journal and one children's type story (just for fun) together with my daughter.

CHALLENGES: I am a new bee farmer. I want to help save the bees. We NEED bees! I want to eat local honey because it healthy and yummy and also to try and combat my allergies. So, I like BEE themed things ;)

RELIGION/BELIEFS: I am a spiritual, nature loving person. I do not belong to any religion. I respect other people's beliefs & I am happy following my own path.

THINGS I LIKE: Bethany Lowe Decorations, shabby-chic, Victorian, bone china teacups with saucers, Alice In Wonderland, fairytailes, mermaids, fairies, gypsies, witches, unicorns, pens that write nicely, handmade paper, lace/crochet/embroidery, sari material, anything that looks like Stevie Nicks would wear it, glass or natural (stone/clay) beads, green & pastel colors, gold, ocean colors. sugar skulls, crystals, dried flower sachets, handmade things, things your country specializes in making, Goddess, Ganesha, Buddha, gongs/chimes/bells, astrology, fortunes, chakra related items, crystals/gemstones, something cool you made, anything India, anything Egyptian, British/ Royal family, mythology, anything zen, anything Paris, anything Irish, hand woven things, vintage magazines, unique teas, gourmet coffee, the sea, trees, rain, thunder/lightning, clouds, mist, moss, cats, birds, bees. I do not mind receiving pre-owned things in good condition :)

WISH LIST: Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry...especially Broaches, Handmade Paper, Score Board, Paper Trimmer, Leather Embossing Tool, Metal Jewelry Stamps, Little Felted Animals, Foreign Coins. I just bought a Circuit Cuttlebug die cut machine. I have a fairy (that doesn't work very well), a mermaid, a unicorn, a cactus, a dreamcatcher, a tent & tree & several Halloween themed. I would love to have more.

DOLLAR SWAPS: pot holders, seasonal towels, cocktail napkins/serviettes, party plates, art supplies, stationary, pretty hair ties, holiday socks, light holiday scarves, decorative tissue/gift wrap.

FOR BEAUTY SWAPS: I prefer things as natural as possible. I always need brown eyeliner & eyebrow pencils & I wear black mascara. I have medium olive toned skin. I only wear neutral warm colors (browns & light pinks). Sheer lip stuff. I like natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, Lush, Farm House Fresh, Burt's Bees, & things like that :) I don't wear lipstick & I will not wear make-up with poor quality ingredients (like $1 store) because I have sensitive skin. I do use hair spray & dry shampoo. I can always use travel size shampoos & conditioners. I like good quality eye cream samples. Essential oils.

CHRISTMAS SWAPS: I don't mind my packages being too large to fit in a stocking because mine are all going in a trunk. My Christmas tree is a large flat canvas with a tree that I painted on it and poked holes into the back for the lights...So any ornaments will need to be flat in order to hang from it.

I HAVE ALLERGIES AND MIGRAINES: Please, No MSG, wheat or candy (a couple of tea bags is fine in place of my sweet treats). Please no lotion, soap, bubble bath, bath bombs & lip balm. With the exception of swaps that are for these things OR if they are natural/handmade, but please try & keep it as natural as possible, I have sensitive skin. If I can't use it I will pass it on to my niece. I can't wear stud earrings that are not nickel free (most are), but I can change out the hooks on dangle earrings. I do love jewelry!


I do not have any small children in my family, so I have no use for kid items, unless it's something I'm going to alter, like a doll head.

No use for school/graduation/reward stickers or stamps (no kids)

I do not have a magnetic refrigerator (they just slide off), so I don't use magnets.

I don't keep a planner/journal, so I don't use page tags.

I don't use recipe cards.


I don't really care for plastic beads, but I am trying to use up the ones I already have.

I don't like foam stickers.

. I don't like writing in pencil. It just feels creepy to me. So, I don't need erasers either.

Animal print or Camouflage.

ATC sleeves (I have an abundance).

I do not like Sheet Masks.

I bought a clipboard to hold all the little, loose notepad papers people keep sending me. So, I guess I'm okay with getting those, if you must.

Plain Green, Chamomile & English Breakfast are my least favorite teas. I will drink them but if you have others to choose from...

PRIVATE SWAPS: I made a few Pocket Letters I would like to swap with someone for some different themed pocket letters. I have a Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess', Little Mermaid & Hello Kitty. I bought the big packs of papers to make things for some friends & figured I should use them up.

Thank you for reading my profile and thank you for all your swaps. They sure brighten up my days :) I wish Peace & love to you all.


Lorellie rated for Witch Ball Swap on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: I wish I could give you two hearts! This ball is just absolutely gorgeous, as is the little gift tag. My fiance and I had the following conversation about it. Me: That one has a love spell in it. Do you think you love me more? Him: Well, I did go jogging this morning. Lol.
Response: Haha! Yay, it's working already :D
Whimsy1 rated for Witch Ball Swap on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: Absolutely beautiful. Thank u for the globe and note. I loved the tiny scroll and items you selected. It is hanging above my doorway. Blessed be!
sunshinesuperman rated for HS: Halloween Mug Rug USA on Sep 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for such a great envie full of goodness! The mug rug is absolutely fabulous and I love that you put a hanger on it. Now it's right next to the coffee pot for a grab and go! Hugs, Mona
nancylee rated for Halloween flip book on Sep 23, 2017
Comment: Wow you were ready- fun thank you
Comment: Thank you so much for the resend on this swap! I can't wait to open the gift! Thank you also for the wonderful extras!
aligurl75 rated for Stocking Stuffer Swap - SEPTEMBER on Sep 22, 2017
Comment: Sorry I am slow rating you. I've not been able to get my mail for 2 weeks. But I wen't and got my mail yesterday and wanted to thank you for the stocking stuffer. I am putting it in my stocking now. Have a great week :)
LavenderSprinkles rated for Autumn Comfort Swap on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: This was a very nice swap. I love handmade items as such. Thank you for brightening my Autumn. This will surely pamper and relax me. Happy swapping.
blueseabliss rated for Witch Ball Swap on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: I DO love it, thank you! I also love getting all these awesome packages from you!!!!
Comment: Thank you so much!! I absolutely LOVED everything inside :D I couldn't help, but smile the whole time!
stiffneck78 rated for Sending OWL my love.... on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Oh wow!! Thank you for the amazing swap. I absolutely adore the ATC you made. I loved the surprise TY Owl. Thank you so much for a great swap. OWL wish you a good day....lol corny, I know
Comment: Got my package today!! Can't wait to see what it is ... some ribbon was not wrapped so I got to see that!! Hopefully I can wait until Christmas comes before I open it! :-))
Lisapotterylady rated for Halloween Craft -USA on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the delightful whimsy jar! I enjoyed your note too!
Bridgette rated for Mermaid Madness on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for such beautiful things!! I love them all!!💙
Comment: Thanks! I am saving until Christmas!
blueseabliss rated for Shadowbox Mini Shrine on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: You are amazing! I completely love BOTH of these! The Frida one touches my heart beyond measure....thank you! I love them so much!
Chaton13 rated for Halloween BOS or SPELL Book on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: I got my book. Thank you, it's very cute. What was the extra envelope for?
Response: I can't remember the envelope...was it padded? Maybe I used it to help protect the book.
LowRain rated for Flat canvas Painting #1 on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: thank you so so much for the beautiful painting. I love it.
isabellasnow rated for USAPC: Halloween Paper Bunting on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for the lovely bunting. I have the perfect place for it to hang for the holiday. Love the little pleated embellishments you created!
JudalineZ rated for Boo Box #2 - September on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: so fun stuff! Thanks
auralily rated for Halloween Gift #10: Witching Hour on Sep 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the gift! I'm going to save it to open at Halloween but I love and appreciate the extra that you sent :)

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Jamnj on Sep 11, 2017:

Thanks for the note and tea--always a treat! Certainly a surprise😀You are a sweetie!

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LowRain on Aug 15, 2017:

Have you gotten my swap for the Pick Me up Box yet? It's been at the post office for a week now.

ladydy5 on Jul 6, 2017:

You are a most interesting person after reading your profile. Glad you are in my A.I Group too!

ladydy5 on Jun 14, 2017:

Welcome to Thriftstore Find Enjoy our swappers doing swaps.

doulakk on Apr 24, 2017:

Welcome to the Manic Magpie group!

I will be posting a swap or two today, so please check them out!

:D Thanks!

wolviechick121 on Apr 23, 2017:

Welcome to the Mermaid Lovers Unite swap group!!

yvonne401 on Apr 22, 2017:

Welcome to Swaps in the U.S.A.! It's great to have you!



LavenderSprinkles on Mar 29, 2017:

Do you need a resent for atleast the candy? You said you dislike it. I am so sorry.

Babsmomof5 on Mar 13, 2017:

Thank you so much for the lovely RAK of tarot cards! That's exact,y what I'm using them for...crafting!

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