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It's getting closer to my daughter's September wedding so I am going to have to slow down on the swapping and focus on the wedding plans :)

I am allergic to wheat ;) Please don't send any. I think it gets missed down below, so I wrote it up here too. Thank you

Hi. My name is Kimberly Faye Kirk and I am a Leo. I have been happily married since 1988 and a mom to 2 grown up kids who are moved out, but not far away. I live in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, in the high desert at an elevation of 4,500'. It's very peaceful up here and I love it! I have a Tortoise Chimera cat named Mia & a Boston Terrier named Abbey. I love to travel and have been to many countries. It's so cool to see the world...how different and also the same people are everywhere. I love visiting monuments, castles, cathedrals & graveyards. I also love taking road trips, camping, beachcombing and light hiking. I enjoy going to museums, art galleries, botanical gardens and tea houses with my friends. On the weekends I sometimes stay on my boat with my husband in the Marina and soak up the moisture and breath in the salty air. Sometimes my husband will drag me to the lake to go fishing. I never want to but always end up enjoying it. When I am home I am mostly doing crafts. I have an organic vegetable garden and a greenhouse for flowers. I also have a beehive that I tend to. For work I commute an hour and do the book keeping at my husband's machine shop. I am an easy going but sensitive, spiritual but not religious, nature loving person & I just like to be happy and spread love :)

Favorite Crafts

I love to spend time in my craft studio painting on canvas, creating jewelry, making things with nature & doing seasonal crafts. I make Pysanky eggs. It is a Ukrainian batik method using beeswax, a candle & dye. I also make soap with my daughter, who also makes natural body products....If you receive one from me, don't think I am being cheap. I actually pay full price for her items to help support her Etsy shop when I can AND you are most likely getting a higher dollar amount item than the swap called for ;) I am doing paper crafting but I really do not need any more supplies for that. Trust me...I could open a store!

Themes & Styles I like

Alice In Wonderland, Fairies, Gypsies, Mermaids, Goddess, Cats, Victorian, Bohemian, Frida Kahlo, forest, ocean/beach, India, Egyptian, Irish, British Family, Tea, shabby-chic/romantic, Dia de Los Muertos. cactus, arrows, lamas...all that cute trendy stuff. Bees.

I like Light & Happiness & Love & Healing...I like witches but not dark. I like odd & creepy things, but not evil things.

I do not care for country décor, animal print, camo or wine themes.

I respect all religions, but I have my own beliefs that may differ from yours.

Things I enjoy receiving

I AM COLLECTING MARRAIGE ADVICE TO PUT IN A JOURNAL FOR MY DAUGHTER & HER FINACE TO KEEP. if you want to just write something on a little piece of paper & send it with my swap I would be so grateful and they would have it forever to read when they need a little reminder.


I love receiving Handmade items where I can tell love and pride were put into them:

Something you specialize in making or something your country is known for making.


Handmade paper.

Pocket letters.

Nicely made ATCs.

Smash Books & Junk Journals!!

Gelli prints.

Paper embellishments.

Origami (already made).

Calligraphy Art

Asian ink writing.

Shadow boxes.

Tiny felted animals.

Sewn items.

I WOULD LOVE sewn coasters/mug rugs in St. Patrick's Day, Asian, Wedding, Tea, Birthday, Mermaid, Unicorn, Lama & Cactus themes.

Crocheted/knitted items.

Beaded Embroidery.

Altered items...tins, matchboxes, bottles etc.

Handmade Jewelry.

Pages to put in a Nature/Spirit/Meditation Book. I would like to make one and I have been gathering things.


A Cute Spoon Rest for my 50's Kitchen.

Glitter Gel Pens,

A Cell Phone Ring- Holder/Stand,

Travel cup for hot tea,

Cute Mousepad,

Wrist Cushion for mouse (carpal tunnel),

Silver toned chain for jewelry making,

Circle Cutter,

Martha Stewart Tubular & Spiral Ornament Makers,

Heat Tool,

Pysanky dyes,

Cystals & Gemstones.


tiny teaspoons,

Pretty Cloth/Lace Lavender Sachets.

Astrology items.

Snap Settings for gems!!!

Foreign coins.

Foreign paper money.

LUSH Lip Scrub.

LUSH Toothy Tabs.

Face Sponge.

Pretty things to hang in my greenhouse (boho style/floral/tea).

Boat/beach related items.

RV/Camper items (cute vintage style-glamping).

Indian, BOHO, trendy, rose-gold jewelry or jewelry from any foreign country.

Teas with caffeine. Please, sealed in individual sleeves...I keep them in my Tea Journal.

Coffee Bean gift cards.

Hobby Lobby Gift cards.

Michael's gift cards.

Odd paper mache items...shadow boxes... Dia de Los Muertos (sugar skulls) items.

Handmade decorations for my house from your travels around the world.

Items from World Market/Cost Plus.

Zen items.

Brown eyebrow pencil/gel.

Brown eye liner.

Dark Brown hair color.

Target bin stuff.

Travel size shampoo & conditioner.

Fishing Gear: Lures, Hooks, Bait...

Organic Vegetable Seeds.

My favorite colors are light pink, all greens, pastels & tropical colors.

My favorite number is 3.

I am a petite small & I love:


cute sweats,


yoga pants,

long boho skirts,


size 6 flip-flops,

cute undies size small,

34C Bras,

For jewelry I like shorter necklaces & my ring size is 5 1/2 - 6

I love Honey & Jams.


Mod Podge,

Glue Sticks,

Cotton Balls,

A gift card,

party plates,

outdoor solar lights,

Crazy Glue GEL,


Bobby pins,

Room air freshener,

Fun Car Freshners,

Travel Tissue packets,

cotton balls,



China Teacups with Saucers,


Beaded fabrics,

Native American jewelry,

Vanity Tray,

Serving Tray,

Swarovski miniatures,

Rhinestone costume jewelry,

Sugared Candles,

Art Candles (shaped/twisted),

Rock or Punk Rock Records, Cassettes or CDs.

Beer Steins.

Alice In Wonderland Book,

Reader's Digest,

THINGS FOR MY MOTHER: She collects: Limoges, Belleek, Waterford, Baccarat, Capidemonte, Carnival glass & milk glass.


Foreign coins or paper Money.

Unique items from your travels.

Anything from my "Thrift Shop" list.

For Stocking Stuffers I use a trunk instead of a stocking, so size does not matter!

I do not mind receiving used things that are clean and in good condition.

Things I won't use

I don't keep a planner journal at all & those items are wasted on me. I also do not sew, knit, crochet or bake. I do not have any small children in my family.

Page tags,

Pencils, erasers & sharpeners,

kid items (reward stickers/stamps, toys, bubbles, sun catchers & wooden items to paint),

Picture frames,



Sheet Masks (I tried them but just can't stand them).

Nail Polish, files, nail stickers or pedi stuff. My daughter does nails. so I have to go to her for all my nail needs ;)

THINGS I HAVE A LOT OF RIGHT NOW ARE: note pads/loose papers, socks, makeup bags, scarves.

Thank you!!!


I have allergies & migraines and can't eat wheat or artificial sweeteners, chemicals, MSG & dyes. I don't eat much candy- I am sensitive to sugar and too much gives me a headache. I do eat chocolate occasionally and I like dried fruit & nuts :) I also have sensitive skin and use natural or hypoallergenic toiletries & makeup.

Quotes Movie Music Books

My favorite quote is:

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then".

from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I never go to the movies and I don't watch much T.V. I watch a few things: Stranger Things, Once Upon A Time & Better Call Sal. I like Fairytales & shows about royalty & Discovery channel shows about Ancient Egypt & stuff like that. I watch HGTV & Hallmark if I am home alone at night and feel scared LOL.

I listen to easy Rock, 80s new wave, Alternative, Beatles Chanel, 40's music & music from around the world and nature sounds to sleep.

Books I am reading right now are: Queen Of The Road & The Rules Of Magic.


I do my best and would never intentionally hurt someone. If you have an issue with a swap I have sent, please message me about it. I try to add a personal note with my swaps, but sometimes I don't. So, please forgive me, I don't mean to be rude. I send my swaps off with well wishes and the intent to spread happiness.

Thank you for reading my profile and for all your swaps, they really brighten my days :) Big hugs! P.S. When you rate me a 5 without any comment I think you hated my item :(


Graicen is my 17 year old niece. She collects polished rocks. She likes all the little trinkets at Francesca's. She likes all the gold-toned jewelry that's out right now with triangles, arrows, cactus and stuff like that. She likes stuff for acne prone skin...pore cleansers, toners. She likes things with lamas, cats and unicorns on them. She likes all that Target bin stuff to decorate her room with. She likes Dr.Who stuff and Tim Burton and other kinda creepy things like that. She likes Starbucks. She is allowed to have candles without overbearing scents. She is a size medium. She is vegan, so please make sure candy has no animal product in it. Please don't send her perfume, she is not allowed to wear it. Any make up needs to be clear or sheer colored lipgloss, she is not allowed to wear bright makeup. no tattoos please. She likes: Gel pens, hanging purse decorations, little kits for card making, Disney, SpongeBob, Kawaii.

Things I Have To Trade

I have LOTS of Journaling Cards!! Spell Kits, Blank Journals, Page Tags, Note Pads, Pretty Paper Clips, Wedding Themed Scrapbook Stickers, Craft Papers in MANY designs!! Jewelry (I make), loose cut gemstones, Scentsy Warmers (New in box & some displays), Scented Wax Bars/Tarts, Body Products: handmade soaps, body butters, scrubs, etc... look at my daughter's Etsy shop & see if there is anything you want: https://www.etsy.com/shop/honeybutterbathco

I am open to private swaps :)


moM rated for Junque Yard Angel on Apr 19, 2018
Comment: She's fantastic! I love her face - kind of how I'm feeling this week, a little cracked up the middle!! Thank you so very much!
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful vintage pocket. I really like the unique enclosures. :)
me2az50 rated for Altered Puzzle Pieces on Apr 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the puzzle pieces, love them both. Thank you for the beautiful card.
Comment: Once again, you exceeded my expectations, I love the coloring pages, the altar cloth, the green tea and the 2 blue stones. Thank you so very much! All of them will contribute to the ritual
Jmitchell8814 rated for Girls Night In Swap - USA on Apr 18, 2018
Comment: Wow, Kimberly...thank you!! I love all the bath/pamper goodies you sent me! They are just my style and I can’t wait to have a relaxing night to use them. Plus- You’ve introduced me to a new Etsy shop :) This is one of the best swaps I’ve ever recieved. Thank you so much!! ❤️
Comment: Thank you for an amazing pennant. I love that you made it vintage which I adore. It is up in my art room and will stay because I celebrate Halloween year round! Hugs, Mona
BusyB rated for Fill My Stocking - April on Apr 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you Kimberly, saving for Christmastime. Thank you also for the pretty mermaid card and your note. So glad you enjoyed the Eclipse and Portland food!
Comment: Always "grate" to meet another DH on Swap Bot!
SilverD rated for End of the Year Holiday Swap USA on Apr 14, 2018
Comment: This must have been at the time when the rating system was on the fritz because I know I got your swap and had fun unwrapping everything. Pretty sure I rared already but it didn't post. Anyway, thank you.
polyk rated for Wishlist Swap on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: Super loved everything you sent! Those stamps are super neat!! Ps: We have the best name ever! 😜
MMark rated for Altered Key on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: I LOVE the Alice key. So creative! Thank you so much.
Comment: I wondered what possibly could be in a package to me....and it was this amazingly beautiful flip-book from YOU! I love it. You always bless so sweetly. My best to you. Many thanks.
Comment: 2 presents? I am so blessed by your generosity. Thank you so much. I put them on my cedar chest below my stocking for December.
Comment: You are so thoughtful to send along Wedding stickers for Bens' wedding. Thank you so much. I placed my present in my stocking for December.
institches rated for Kid's Fill My Stocking - April on Apr 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you, Ethan is waiting until December to open
cllfdl rated for Advent Calendar #5 USA on Apr 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you! Will wait until Dec to open!
Comment: Well I’m trying to save this but I don’t know if i can... it is so festive and enticing!!! I’ll let you know if i open it early :-)
Comment: Got my package in the Mail today, trying to squeeze it to guess what it could be.? Might not be able to wait Til Christmas..!!t Thank you !!
whytewillow rated for Small Stocking Stuffer - March on Apr 11, 2018
Comment: Well after much ado, I figured it out. Hearts for being patient with me. It's safely tucked away till Yule...
daisyd90 rated for April Dark Moon / The Morrigan on Apr 8, 2018
Comment: Thanks for all the wonderful Morrighan items!!

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njstauter on Apr 7, 2018:

Thank you so much for the birthday card, seeds and tea. It was such a joy. I am glad you can see the Tehachapi's from your home.

Jmitchell8814 on Apr 5, 2018:

So happy you liked your Easter Basket! Thank you so much fo all the awesome goodies you sent me. I loved everything. I can’t wait to use the cotton candy lipgloss! Happy swapping :)

luckycharms on Apr 1, 2018:

Happy Easter

blueseabliss on Mar 23, 2018:

Miss you.....

ChinaCat on Mar 3, 2018:

Hey, girl! You expanded your profile page didn't you? I love it! I always read my partner's profile and the longer the better, I say - it really helps me. xo

CajunLady on Feb 26, 2018:

Thank you for the birthday card.

kayfay on Feb 24, 2018:

Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday card and tea!! Its the first card I've received this year & definitely made me feel special. Thanks again! :)

esmy77 on Feb 12, 2018:

Thank you for

the kind rating, you made

my day!!

snail mail by esmeralda3

njstauter on Feb 5, 2018:

Be the love you seek in the world

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Jan 29, 2018:

I added this to the rate I left you I will re write it here in case you miss it

Thank you for sending Layla a card, you didn't have to re send, no big deal at all, I will put it in her V Day bag she will open it on V Day

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