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Date Joined: November 6, 2013
Last Online: January 26, 2021
Birthday: June 16, 1988
Country: Germany

About Me

Hello there!

I tried to keep my Profile as short and neat as i could but i think i failed. :-)

My name is Sylvia, i was born in 1988 and i live close to Munich in Germany. I'm an easygoing person, i love crafting and artsy stuff, animals, trying new things and being with my lovely boyfriend. :-) I'm interested in interior design, especially unusual and cozy styles. I would love to start a postcard collection. Also i really love to receive new recipes to try, especially i find it really nice if there is a story behind it. I love Foxes because they are super interesting and pretty. Not just the Red Fox, also Fennec Foxes, Arctic Foxes and so on. They are just adorable. I also really love hot air balloons. I drew some hot air balloons on a wall in my bedroom, colored them and crafted some flags together with a lightstring (fairylights). So it's super cozy, which i really like a lot. I want to make a blanket fort there. :-D Everything themed with travel and adventures is usually a big hit for me. I love to make dreamcatchers as i find the story really beautiful. I guess i'm more on the nerdy side of life. I enjoy playing computer games (i'm on steam and always up for a nice game), some mangas/animes/comics, figurines, movie merch and things like that. I bought my boyfriend a 3d printer for christmas and we are printing a lot lately. it's super fun to print figurines, earrings, lamps and all kinds of things but especially models my boyfriend created himself. He is very good with all things computer- and technicwise.


As the Universal Post Union decided to make the lives of private customers very hard, it is not allowed to send any goods in envelopes anymore. So far i got swaps with teabags or other small goods as well as my partners, but the risk that my partner doesn't get my swap or my partner or i get in trouble for sending goodies in envelopes, i won't join swaps with those requirements anymore. If i would send small items, i would have to pay the price of a small package and in my eyes it's not worth it at all to spend about 5 Euros for a few teabags. :-( Very disappointing and frustrating, but it is like it is.

I'm usually up for private swaps (if i'm not in too many already at that time), i can share beauty products, food/sweets, washi tape, postcards, stationary ect. I prefer bigger swaps (besides Postcards) with either 500 grams in total (with packaging) or more so it's worth the postage.

If you don't get my swap within a reasonable time, just message me and i'm sure we can find a solution. :-) I really try to keep track of all the swaps i joined but i would be thankful if you could tell me. I will do the same. I usually don't mind resending, besides more expensive swaps, but those i normally send with tracking.

Happy swapping!

Favorite Books

I love good storys, Discworld Books, Stephen King, romantic and funny Books, Thriller, Crime, Fantasy and illustrated books. Also a big Dr. Seuss Fan.


I like:
🎈 Foxes
🎈 Animals (really any)
🎈 Flowers
🎈 Landscapes
🎈 Traditional
🎈 Halloween (not just in spooktober)
🎈 Christmas
🎈 Lighthouses
🎈 Space
🎈 Funny PC's
🎈 Fairytales
🎈 Mystical
🎈 The ones that you can color yourself (if you color them)
🎈 Hot air balloons
🎈 Vintage
🎈 Promotional signs
🎈 Teddies
🎈 Lights
🎈 Umbrellas
🎈 Doors
🎈 Cities
🎈 Flags
🎈 Maps
🎈 spooky/weird/macabre
🎈 Pin ups
🎈 Anime
🎈 Touristy Postcards

But any you send will be appreciated. These are just suggestions. If you have ugly/odd/weird/unusual Postcards, don't hesitate to send them to me, i would never rate down for those as i have a special place in my heart for unwanted things. :-)

I prefer Postcards whenever possible instead of Greeting Cards and i won't rate down if the swap requires a Greeting Card and you send me a Postcard that fits the Swaps Topic.


I don't have any allergies and i would say i'm pretty open minded. In general i like chocolate, winegums/jelly beans/Fruit gums, liquorice as long as it's not too strong or too salty, Crisps/Chips/Crackers ect. I like hot drinks or packages of jelly or custard in interesting flavours, pumpkin spiced sweets, tea, spices, cookies, nuts. So literally everything i guess. :-D

Besides orange flavoured, i really like any tea. From chai to rooibos to green tea, herbal, fruity, Oolong, black and so on. :-) Same for hot chocolate, Coffee or Chai Latte.

If there are food items required in a swap just make sure, that the things you send are sealed/wrapped. I would love to try things that are made in your country/area. Even tho i might not like it, it's always super fun to explore new things and usually there is always someone i can give it to.


I like:

⭐ Foxes, i really love Foxes :-)
⭐ autumn
⭐ the colors red, orange, gold, brown and light blue
⭐ tea, i like any kind but orange (literally not my cup of tea. :-))
⭐ nature, animals, flowers, cities, landscapes
⭐ books
⭐ wellness
⭐ hot drinks like hot chocolate and cappuccino
⭐ recipes and cooking/baking
⭐ handcrafts
⭐ the Middle Ages
⭐ any kind of markets
⭐ Asia, Africa, Orient
⭐ Documentaries about Food and Countries
⭐ Music
⭐ Movies
⭐ Retro and Vintage
⭐ Felix the Cat
⭐ Steampunk
⭐ Gothic
⭐ Fairytales
⭐ Card- and Boardgames
⭐ Lights
⭐ Organizing supplies
⭐ Stationary
⭐ Flags


❌ Orange flavoured Tea
❌ the Color Pink
❌ overly religious themed things
❌ too childish designs (tho i like cute things) i mean things/designs from childrens series like Caillou, Paw Patrol ect.

Extra Goodies

If you want to send something extra in a swap here are some ideas of things i would appreciate the most:

  • handmade crafts
  • hard candies (as long as they are wrapped of course)
  • extra tea is always very welcome
  • sachet of cappuccino, chai latte, hot chocolate, custard, jelly ect.
  • recipes that you like (i love to cook and bake)
  • postcards (if they are an extra please send them unwritten)
  • hair accessories
  • washi tape or other crafting supplies
  • beads / feathers / leather bands
  • cards from card games
  • eye shadow (warm colors)
  • seeds of flowers/veggies/fruits/herbs that i can plant on my balcony
  • stationary and stickers (just no children stickers)
  • keychains
  • pens
  • souvenirs from your country/city
  • flags from your country

or just anything you put thoughts into will be much appreciated! :-)


Giving a heart is a very individual decision. I simply want to notice, that someone has read my profile and put some thoughts in the swap. Not everyone is good with drawing/decorating envelopes or boxes and also not everyone can send extras so for me that is not a criterion.

Please communicate! I'm a chill person and i hate unnecessary drama. If you are late on sending i won't rate you down as long as you let me know before the swap deadline.

I like electronic swaps too, it's a free and easy way to getting to know someone a bit better or for new Music/Movie suggestions. Therefore i really appreciate it if you write a little detailed and not just one word answers, also ratings for those swaps are important to me as i put time and thoughts into those swaps as well, sometimes even more than in a Postcard as it often takes way longer to send an E-mail than a Postcard.

Favorite Movies/Music

I am a big movie and music fan, i like to watch most genres but i'm not that keen about sci-fi movies, i absolutely don't like gore and disaster movies. Typically i love movies with a good story, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Thriller, Comedies and romantic movies where i can just zone out and don't have to think a lot.

I like Blues, Soul, Swing/Electro Swing, Rock, Ska, Reggae, some Pop, some Classic, some Hip Hop especially 90's, 80's music, Motown, some Metal and i like Folk, especially Irish Folk. I don't like german Rapmusic and Schlager.


SGriffin rated for Ugly PC Swap #23 on Jan 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: This was such a fun swap. Great questions!
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It was also a lot of fun to read your answers. :-) Also thank you for the rating and heart.
Comment: Pretty picture of the castle! Thanks!
duskmite rated for WIYM: Unique PC #3 on Jan 21, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card, sorry it worried you about the delay! I hope you've had a good start to the new year, all the best :)
Comment: I love the dragonfly!
Comment: Thanks so much Sylvia For a lovely parcel πŸ“¦ Love it πŸ₯° 🌟🌟🌟β™₯️
Response: Thank you Andrea for the rating and the heart. I'm really glad you liked it. :-) Did you open the bag or will you wait till the 1st of December?
Comment: Sylvie, thank you for the lovely postcard as well as the recipe. I cannot wait to try it. It should be perfect now that the weather is super chilly here.
Response: I was just thinking about making some again myself as it is also chilly here. :-) It tastes soooo good when you serve them hot with a scoop of vanilla ice and vanilla is the best for that recipe. :-)
Comment: Thanks for the cute postcard. Hope you got some snow ! If I could I would send you all ours.
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart. :-) We did get snow in the meantime, but it's a bit disappointing as it always melts kinda fast and it doesn't have a good quality to built snow sculptures.
Comment: Thanks for your card! Shigure is one of my favorites too.
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! I was reading the manga when i was in my teens and the first character i liked a lot was Shigure, but the manga and anime series has so many very awesome characters. :-)
Comment: This was senders choice. I love the teddy bears!
Response: I always try to find something my partner might like, even if it's senders choice (except for the ugly postcards... ;-)) I'm glad you liked the card. Thank you for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter! I loved it and I will write back very soon. I look forward to getting to know you πŸ™‚
Response: I'm glad it arrived. :-) There are so many Problems with the mail right now so i'm always a little nervous about swaps. :-D I'm happy, that you want to respond and i'm looking forward to read from you. :-)
Comment: I loved the Sinner. I wasn't all that impressed with the last season, but the first 2 were great.
Response: The best season was the first one to me, it was super thrilling and my bf and i binge watched all episodes. The second was also good but not that exciting as the first and the third was in comparison very lame. :-)
jeka396 rated for Ugly PC Swap #21 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: You chose well, thank you!
Carrii rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #47 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: Love it!
lorelejka rated for ES: January is boring PC on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for your beautiful card. I loved how much it encouraged me and the design is so cute:). Veronika
Comment: I hope you had a wonderful NY and that 2021 is better to you than 2020 was
Comment: THANKYOU Sylvia, for the lovely card and he lovely Dr Seuss quote!
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart, i'm glad you liked it. :-) Have an awesome day!
Comment: I love the postcard! It's a perfect pick for me! I will add it to my favorites collection! Thank you for sending my way.
Response: I'm very happy that you like the Card. :-) Thank you for the rating and heart, have an awesome day!
Comment: Sorry for the late rate, it just was delivered today. Thank you for sending!

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