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nadithings (spoiler alert!)
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UPDATE 7/02/18

I miss swapbot! and crafting..im back and right now full time mom and my son just started playschool! moved to a new city, put on hold on my baking business and now I have time for swaps! looking forward to have fun here again.. Xoxo Nadi

Hello! i am NADI! thank you for looking thru my profile! i love swapping! u can see old photos and the things i swaped and collect at nadithings Or my latest one in my instagram

i own a little bakery from my house that i call [nadibakes]

My dad is Malay and my mother is Japanese ...^_^...

i have been married for 14years to my soulmate norm aidid, he is a composer, cartoonist, artist, he makes short movies at night and day time he works at office to provide me and my 3 year old son.. im so gratefull and lucky to be a full time SAHM now. I just moved to Johor its the southern side of malaysia just opposite of Singapore (i can see them from my balcony)!

i have always been an individual, i am my own cheerleader! i do things that makes me happy! im a happy go lucky gurl! i do get hurt, but i forgive easily..

nice to meet u! here is just a guide on my fav things! but honestly i like just about anything that u give me!

Favorite Music

I love music! love to explore different types of bands/songs/language

BIG fan of Robyn, if u have any cd, dvd or magazine picture of her is sooo appriciated! :D

I like edm

I LOVE SOUNDTRACKS!(because u can hear variety of bands N songs) and because i am a tv series Addict

Would love to listen to your fav songs too!

Favorite Books

comics ( dark, adult humor, quirky, Gory, cute,classic,deep but NOT superheroes comics like spiderman) and i love to collect Roald Dahl books ( i love his stories, its so scary fantasy cute lovely stories..) weird children books, stories about real crimes,true inspiring heartwarming stories, survival stories and weird stories.

Favorite Movies

Netflix and chill.. haha! I really enjoy tv series and movies. for movies I like Quentin Tarantino movies, pitch perfect, movies from clint Eastwood, a mixture of silly comedies like adam Sandler stuffs, horror flicks, movie from wes Anderson, I used to like star wars but nowdays not so much... hehe much prefer the incredible hulk and thor franchise and spiderman!

Lovin the oldies too..

i love discussing about a show or a movie..so tell/ critic to me about your latest things u watched!

tv series im loving now is Gameofthrone, Happy, brooklyn99, stranger things, riverdale, santa Barbara diet...etc

fav cartoon familyguy, ricknmorty, adventuretime, gumball, futurerama, southpark...etc

all time fav colour

i like all shades of color! but if i have to choose, i like black, teal, dark purple, red, gold with pastels colors

Animal love!

animals.. Cats is my fav! I love all animals but here are the list randomly.. :)

1# cats

2# birds especially ravens, parrots, robins, and all birds

3# alpaca/ lamma

4# pink flamingos

5# cute elephants

6# hedgehogs N raccoons 

7# lambs/ goats

8#kawaii Bambi/deers

9# bears or polar bear

10# dancing hippos! and cute whales

i like them to be animated or cartoony..

things I collect and like


san x, q-lia, kamio, mind wave, crux, sanrio, jetoy anything japanese or korean brands i love!


artistic,lisa frank, scrapbook photo stickers, graphics stickers, sticker flakes, pvc clear type, government or club logos, stickers for bullet journal, labels or anything lovely.. please no reward/teacher stickers

washi tape/ masking tape

scrapbook items!

labels, die cuts, embellishments,papers,stencils, brads..etc anything!


I love getting mail arts, irregular shape postcards, cool postcards, notecards, cute envelopes and I love stamps! I also love to draw and decorate mails using themes..

handmade items with love

atc, flip book, matchbox, jewelry and whatever you love to create!


yes the band and the royal family from your country

things I cant get here...

diddle, moomin, saltwater taffy, share with me something local u like!

suprise me!!


mints [especially if they come in really cool cute tins! ],

Candies! Caramels, saltwater taffy,

Chocolates! I prefer dark, but anything u like i can try.. :)

Drinks coffee (sugar free) teas, decaffeinated tea, green tea, unique different flavour or nice packing

Instant food/flavour/cooking packet

savoury snacks like nuts! love nuts and kind

Recipes of your fav desserts, meals, spices, i love trying new recipes !

Please dont send anything with animal gelatin tq

just a note:D


I would really appreciate if u DON'T send me,

Torn pages from a book/magazine (it saddened me when i see torn pages, I prefer to get the whole book or magazines!)

religious items

free gift from charity organization.. unless theyre cool.. haha

Fancy cute Rubbers/erasers (I don't use or collect them)

dollar store or used cosmetics

food with animal gelatin

animal or children abuse

im not easily offended, gory, nudes, funny rude,political, adult humour, I'm open! Only when animal or children is abused I get VERYY UPSET!

note* if ever in the past due to lost mails or my lost mind (forget) and you never received my tags.. please let me know, i can always re-send something.. ;D

I Reuse and Diy envelopes


TRYING my BEST not to send late, and if i do send late due to much more important issue i will always contact my partners about it! and i take alot of my time creating my parcel and hunting for things that i know my partner would like.. (i have make schedule now and not joining too many swaps in one time) so please please dont give me a bad rating before contacting me... ;(

tips on saving on postages: quality is better than quantity whether on receiving or whatever that I am sending... example: i rather send one item that cost 5 dollars than 5 items that cost 5 dollar..

please ask for my phone number if you decided to send register post so Incase the postman have problem they can call me..

my mails from malaysia to the states/europe and the rest of the world usually takes 10-20 days min, but there are some cases it will take more then a month.. i hope u will be patient with my parcel... and if u dont like it because for some reason please do let me know too.. we can work things out..;D i can always re-send..

lost mails within 1 and a half months then i will re-send.. please please let me know before u are about to rate me a 1 or 3, we can always sort things out.. ;D

i dont like dramas.. as u can see i like sorting things out! ;DD

i dont mind sea mails if it gets really heavy.. but please let me know because it usually takes 3 months ...

i like envelope that has stamps on them! and i put most my envelope with stamps too! most of the stamps i put are the limited addition, so please keep them or give them to someone who collects stamp.. please dont throw them away or u can always send them back to me! ,,, ;P


xoxo NADI


HaoHaoHao rated for Who loves washi ? :) on Mar 18, 2018
Comment: Nadi--what an incredible swap. I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous washi and the thoughtful extras. I wish I could give a 100 hearts.Thank you!
Response: thank you soo much for the rating and the hearts! i glad u like my happy mail! have a great day ahead! xox Nadi
bluebear rated for Kawaii: Choose 3 (INT) #3 on Mar 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much
Response: youre welcome! Thanks for rating! Xoxo Nadi
qwertzui rated for teabags and surprise 5 on Mar 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the awesome swap! :)
Response: ohh im so glad u like them!! thanks so much for the heart and rating! xoxo nadi
schaefchen87 rated for food swap on Mar 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the great swap. It has arrived just in time. I have a cold and first thing I did was cooking the soup. It was really good. And maybe it helped me feeling better now :-) And of course I have loved all other things too. The Matcha Kit Kat is one of my favourites too.
Response: ohh so glad to hear u tried my soup ! 😊 I hope you will feel better soon! thanks so muchh for the rating n heart. xo nadi
Sissi rated for Fan of Washi #3 on Mar 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for this swap and everything else you enclosed. I'd give you a million hearts if possible :D Swaps like yours are the reason I love swap bot. I wish you a wonderful day!! Silke
Response: aww thank you for the kind words and hearts!im just happy to hear that. have a fantastic day to you too! 😘😘 nadi
Sissi rated for MEGA Fan of Washi #1 on Mar 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so very much!! I just got your wonderful swap and all the extras. You're so generous!!! Thank you so very, very much for everything! I wish you a fantastic day, Silke
ifzaaras rated for Blind, quick tea swap on Mar 5, 2018
Comment: Hi Nadi, thank you for the lovely tea it is very cold here at the moment, so I will definitely enjoy them and I love the Rilakkuma paper. Ps. loved the inside of the envelope design.
Response: hi!! thanks so much for the heart and rating! im glad u like them.. 😊 happy tea time! xoxo nadi
Stargazer90 rated for Chocolate! (February) on Feb 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the great variety of delicious chocolates and lovely extras! It was really exciting trying out chocolate from the other side of the world where I've never been to! :)
Response: Thanks for the heart! Im glad u like it! Enjoy! Xoxo nadi
kacka rated for Anyone want TEA? Yes, I do #4 on Jul 15, 2017
Comment: thank you for the teabags, it is always super to find some new teabag in BOH brand:)
Comment: Assalamualaikum Dear Nadi :) Your package come like my birthday gift because so big. I'm in office now. I'll open your package in home :D thank you so much dear. Salam, Fiqa
Comment: Hi! As I´ve told you before I don´t think I´m going to be able to receibe this swap, but I´m sure you´ve done your best! I´ll try to do all the procedure in order to receive it but i´m not sure if i´m going to finish it by the end of this month(this is the deadline I have). In this case you´ll receive your swap at your home again and theres no need to send it to me again. Hope you´re having a great week!
widelo123 rated for Tote bag with profile surprise! on May 10, 2015
Comment: Nadi I want to thank you so much for your resend package. You really outdid yourself in the things you sent me. I love the small pouch that makes up to a large tote bag. It is water proof so I will be able to put frozen things in it. The cloth one with the elephant on it is so cute and will definitely come in handy when I do my shopping. The cute refrigerator magnet with all the doggies will be put on my refrigerator along with all the others I have gotten from other countries. The package of cute notepaper will come in handy when I need to write notes. And of course the cute pair of salt and pepper shakers to go with my collection. I really want to thank you for everything you sent. I wish I could thank you with more than one heart. You are a very kind and giving person. Shirley
JaneInSD rated for Washi Tape Swap! on May 7, 2015
Comment: I finally received your lovely package. Thank you so much! The washi tape is so pretty and I love the bag you included. I never received any of the other swaps you sent - I wonder where they are? The postal system is really getting bad. Thank you very much for re-sending. :-)
Response: Hi!! Oh dear.. I really did send.. But I must have missed your mail.. I'm so sorry.. This usually never happens to me.. But it seems my latest parcel 3 went missing.. I truly understand u have to rate me.. I'm sad but I will try until u received. I'm not a flaker.. Many years I've been here.. I had no problems.. I'm so sorry that you waited that long.. I really hope the resend will get to u soon! 😊 xoxo nadi update: Resending again but this time I'm using the international prepaid parcel without stamps and I realm hope they get to u as soon! I'm soo sorry for the inconvenience! 😊 happy swapping!
Comment: Hello!! Today I received your shipment and really loved, I am very happy, much variety of things, I'm die for try them all. I also enjoyed your card, the photo is your kitten ??. Thank you for everything. :D
Response: Yay!! Im so happy they arrived safely! Hehe i was worried fo a moment there :) thank you soo much for the heart and ratiNg.. xoxo nadi
ItsKim rated for Hot items we all want swap on Feb 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package! I love it! :-)
Response: Yay! Thank u soo much for heart n rating :) xoxo nadi
cami rated for 40 Stickers (International) on Jan 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much!! I absolutely love all the stickers, they are so cute :) I´ve been studying all day, so when I received this it made my day. I would definitely like to do a private swap sometime, thank you for the offer :)
Response: Thank you so much for the heart and rating :) I'm glad u like stickers I pick for u.. Happy swapping ^__^ xo nadi
renate rated for Big stationary stash swap on Jan 12, 2015
Comment: thanks for the nice stationary supplies
Response: You're welcome! Thank u so much for the heart and rating! ^__^ happy swapping! Xoxo nadi
Comment: Thank you so very much! Everything you sent is absolutely perfect and fits my likes wonderfully! ♡
Response: Thank u so much for rating n heart :) I'm happy u like them! Xoxo nadi
Comment: WOW - i can't wait to try everything out! And i don't know where to start as everything you picked out is simply perfect! Two of my favourite countrys actualy - i wish i could have treats like these every day :) :) :) defenetly extra hearts worth package :) :)
Response: yay!! im soo happy u like and u got the snacks safely! ^__^ thank u sooo much for the rating n heart.. xoxo nadi
Lexidh rated for QUICK Rubber stamp swap #140 on Dec 20, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for all the awesome stamps and tape and stickers =)
Response: yay! im so glad you like them!! hehe thank you soo much for the heart and the rating! xoxo Nadi

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lovetherain on Mar 2, 2018:

Thank you Nadi, for the cute sticker sheets and tea (looking forward to trying it!) For the tag me...but I send to you tag.

lou on Nov 7, 2016:

Happy Birthday MONTH from WIYM group!

Sulieen on Nov 28, 2014:

Hello sweet lady, I received the tag you sent me today! Thank you so much, I love all the Washi tapes you picked out for me. ..;)You sent so many! I can't wait to use them. ..

dolcxvita on Nov 27, 2014:

Hi there! Inviting you to the new and active Creative Mail Asia Group - so we can swap with others in our region. :)

sebastian122 on Nov 3, 2014:

Happy Birthday!!

Heirloom on Nov 2, 2014:

Happy birthday!

Sulieen on Oct 29, 2014:

Yay! Thank you, I'll let you know when arrives!:-D

Sulieen on Oct 24, 2014:

Thank you for tagging me! I pm'ed you my address. ..:-D

bunnyhoney on May 28, 2014:

Thank you for being a part of the Kawaii! group!


mariadastrouxas on Apr 24, 2014:

Hello nadithings. Send your application email to Rachel to be the Malaysian Swap-bot Ambassador until 9th May! See more information on swap-bot blog :)

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