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Date Joined: June 30, 2008
Last Online: July 3, 2017
Birthday: November 2, 1984
Country: Malaysia

About Me

UPDATE: hi!!, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and going to take a break from swap bot.. But I do have 2 lost mail that I am resending and sorting the problem as soon.. I do check my mail so do send me message if there's anything.. I'm quite sad with my latest rating and I don't think I can do anything about it because my partner deleted her account.. Thank you swappers! Hope u have a great days ahead!

Xoxo Nadi

Hello! i am NADI! thank you for looking thru my profile! i love swapping! u can see the things i swaped and collect at nadithings..

i own a little bakery from my house that i call nadibakes and Instagram #nadibakes

My dad is Malay and my mother is Japanese ...^_^...

i have been married for 10 years and finally im Pregnant! LOVE doing private swap. so pm me if youre interested!

i have always been an individual, i am my own cheerleader! i do things that makes me happy! im a happy go lucky gurl! i do get hurt, but i forgive easily..

nice to meet u! here is just a guide on my fav things! but honestly i like just about anything that u give me!

Favorite Music

I love music! love to explore different types of bands/songs/language

BIG fan of Robyn, if u have any cd, dvd or magazine picture of her is sooo appriciated! :D

I LOVE SOUNDTRACKS!(because u can hear variety of bands N songs) and because i am a tv series Addict

I don't download song, (don't know how :p) we don't have iTunes store, so I only listen to CDs.

don't really like top 40s, not fans of singers like kesha,

Favorite Books

comics ( dark, adult humor, quirky, Gory, cute,classic,deep but NOT superheroes comics like spiderman) my new Favourite comic ScaryGirl, Walking dead AND i love to collect Roald Dahl books ( i love his stories, its so scary fantasy cute lovely stories..) weird children books, stories about real crimes,true inspiring heartwarming stories, survival stories and weird happenings. The only stories I don't really like, romance and chick flick..

DESPERATELY looking for someone to swap with me walking dead comics number 5 onwards.. I got the num 1-4 only.. :(

Favorite Movies

I AM A DVD'S and a MOviE ADDICT.. I WATCHED a DVD almost everyday, But my ALL TIME Favorite is anything from Quentin Tarantino.. ii love to watch psychological thriller, sci-fi, horror and dark comedies/drama.. i love 80's/90's chick flick and would loveeee if u can burn me a disc!

Lovin the oldies too..

i love discussing about a show or a movie..so tell/ critic to me about your latest things u watched!

right now l loveee to watch

Favorite Crafts

I like beading, sewing,revamp/redesign Jewelery, crochet, ATC, cupcake Toppers and making note cards.. i would love to receive anything that u like to make too!

all time fav colour

i like all shades of color! but if i have to choose, i love Black, Brown/gold, Gray/silver, red, dark purple, teal, fushia, mustard yellow, olive green..

Animal love!

animals.. Cats is my fav! I love all animals but here are the list randomly.. :)

1#Cats/leopards/lion with attitude,  

2#funky frogs

3#cheeky monkeys!

4# pink flamingos

5# cute elephants

6# hedgehogs N raccoons 

7# mysterious birds (especially robins, crows, parrots and eagles, hawk and all birds! Haha!)

8#kawaii Bambi/deers

9# evil bears or polar bear

10# dancing hippos! 

i like them to be animated or cartoony..

I LIKE! Randomly..

1#  junko mizuno 

2#crux, unchi/ kawaii poop (yeah, i like cute s**it!)

3# kamio, sanrio, qlia (especially cats n cute desserts theme)

4# anything that has a dessert theme

5# hello kitty/ charrmy kitty

6# marie aristocats

7# kawaii bambi

8# momiji

9# tokidoki

10# monsters and zombies

11# 90's cartoon network ( Dexter laboratory, catdog, Cow& chicken, power puff girls, cowardly dog, 2 stupid dogs....etc)

12# care bears (especially grumpy bear) my little pony

13# 70's 80's 90's cartoons (thunder cats, spiderman, cat women,jam,...etc)

14# Mickey n Minnie ( official Disney, vintage Disney, sun-star, japan)

15# Diddl, 


17#  Pillsbury dough boy 

18# happy tree friends/ scary girl

19# stewie or anything from family guy

20#  french kitty/choo choo JETOY

21# mutley / pepe le pew

22# things with angel wings or bird wings

23# cupcakes! 

24# south park especially cartman

25# star wars especially darth vader, r2d2, Han solo...

26# robots and droids

27# zakka

28# have i mentioned i LOVE girls that Kick ASS!! eps: Zoe Bell, Kill bill, Roller Dirby Girls!,All the chicks in Quentin's movies!  pictures, drawings or lil figurines is loved!

29#I LoVE things with Lace or Crochets designs!

30# things made from your country/town! and story about your country/town

31# vintage old things from flea market

32# digital/ illustration from you or local artist

33# official logo goverment,army,state, country, world war 1&2, royal family

34# DVDs, audio cd's new or used

35# cartoon network ADVENTURE TIME, REGULAR SHOW AND GUMBALL! Any mechandise, figurine Or toy would be nice....cant get them here.. :(



ribbons [i like use ribbons all the time! any type and colors are welcome! but i prefer them to be at least 1meter so I have extras! ;D]

2# stickers, [graphic stickers, brands from sticko (EK success), kawaii, mind wave, pretty labels, transparent, stickeroni, lisa frank, vintage stickers (70's, 80's n 90's) sandy lion ( especially the old ones from the 80's & 90's) original/official cartoon stickers (example: mickey & minnie, diddle, forever friends, power puff girls...Etc) and official government logos, stickers representing your country, weird/ funny, acid free stickers (example. Mrs. Grossmens, scrapbook stickers ] PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME teacher reward, cheap china fake looking stickers,dinosaurs, religious, charity stickers, real picture of animals (except cats, I love cats), those u buy bulks for a dollar, I send ONLY stickers that I love to you, so I hope u do the same. :)

3# Lace, lovely lace.. ^_^

4# car air freshener (like glade or tree/cute things that hangs on mirror..etc) home perfume..(like the oil In jar with sticks, pouch potpourri,..etc)

5# kitchen /bakery/decoration items [like paper liners, I collect Spatulas! cant get enough! ,wiltons, paper napkins, aprons, toppers, cutters, molds, candy melts, anything that u can find at your local baking/kitchen supply store is awesomely appreciated! ;D ]

6# stationary, memo pads,loose memos,Note card, birthday card/note, note books or journals

7# Barbie Dolls, Altered barbie, monster high ,clothes or shoes (new or used)

8# Vinyl Toys/ blind box, mini re-ment (especially the dessert themes) and any small toy figurine from cartoons to comics or movies (Especially spiderman, Disney, cartoons/comics, tv shows like south park, family guy, star wars ..etc

9# magnets (especially from your state)

10# lipsticks (i like to try any colors!) , black or funky colors eyeliner and mascara, Miniature perfume or eau de toilette / eyeshadows ( any colors!) blusher (especially in cute packaging!) fake lashes or the fake lashes glue! I don't mind organic brands but Please don't send me used or from the dollar store items, childrens makeup and please don't send me this brand LA Colors because Im allergic to it,

11# hair accessories, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, Brooches and pins! ;)

12# handmade items with love and good workmanship! Don't send something u made that u are not proud of!

13# pretty scrapbook papers!(the one that comes in paper packs) crepe/tissue papers (plain color or patterned), wrapping papers.. i use this to make my toppers and note cards/tags

14# mint tins,(especially cool ones like death mints) band-aid tins,cigarette casings, Altoids tins!

15# do u have any tips for me? i love people sharing beauty tip, diet tips, cleaning tips, cooking tips, sex tips! LOL! even if i heard them before, sharing and giving knowledge and tips is something i like better then gossips!

16# HELLO KITTY! please, original only...

17# t-shirts and tops or dresses! vintage rock bands (especially Lynyrd Skynyrd), stewie from family guy, star wars, cool ones, cute ones.. any size

18# QUEEN! and kings i love learning about the Royal Family. especially Queen Elizabeth1. or anything about your royal family from your country! love the Crowns and especially the Dresses!


mints [especially if they come in really cool cute tins! ],

I Prefer Dark or bitter chocolates, but i dont mind any type of chocolates too :) cookies/ biscuits (loveee shortbread cookies.. :)

no sugar added chocolates or snacks/biscuits for hubby hehe..

Caramel and Toffes!

i dont mind if they get crushed or melt during delivery!

Teas or coffee, any drink!

just a note:D


right now im looking for someone to private swap with me BABY items like cloth diapers..etc theres not much cute things here..

i can offer ORIGINAL Kawaii brands items including Hello Kitty, Japan things/Snacks, Cosmetics, Local Items, clothes and your profile swap.. ^__^


I would really appreciate if u DON'T send me,

Torn pages from a book/magazine (it saddened me when i see torn pages, I prefer to get the whole book or magazines!)

religious items

free gift from charity organization

Fancy cute Rubbers/erasers (I don't use or collect them)

dollar store or used cosmetics

reward stickers, real picture of animals stickers, kiddy stickers, those fake/imitation cartoon characters stickers,

food with animal gelatin

animal or children abuse

im not easily offended, gory, nudes, funny rude, adult humour, I'm open! Only when animal or children is abused I get VERYY UPSET!

note* if ever in the past due to lost mails or my lost mind (forget) and you never received my tags.. please let me know, i can always re-send something.. ;D

I Reuse envelopes


TRYING my BEST not to send late, and if i do send late due to much more important issue i will always contact my partners about it! and i take alot of my time creating my parcel and hunting for things that i know my partner would like.. (i have make schedule now and not joining too many swaps in one time) so please please dont give me a bad rating before contacting me... ;(

tips on saving on postages: quality is better than quantity whether on receiving or whatever that I am sending... example: i rather send one item that cost 5 dollars than 5 items that cost 5 dollar..

my mails from malaysia to the states/europe and the rest of the world usually takes 10-20 days min, but there are some cases it will take more then a month.. i hope u will be patient with my parcel... and if u dont like it because for some reason please do let me know too.. we can work things out..;D i can always re-send..

lost mails within 1 and a half months then i will re-send.. please please let me know before u are about to rate me a 1 or 3, we can always sort things out.. ;D

i dont like dramas.. as u can see i like sorting things out! ;DD

i dont mind sea mails if it gets really heavy.. but please let me know because it usually takes 3 months ...

i like envelope that has stamps on them! and i put All my envelope with stamps too! most of the stamps i put are the limited addition, so please keep them or give them to someone who collects stamp.. please dont throw them away or u can always send them back to me! ,,, ;P


xoxo NADI


kacka rated for Anyone want TEA? Yes, I do #4 on Jul 15, 2017
Comment: thank you for the teabags, it is always super to find some new teabag in BOH brand:)
Comment: Assalamualaikum Dear Nadi :) Your package come like my birthday gift because so big. I'm in office now. I'll open your package in home :D thank you so much dear. Salam, Fiqa
Comment: Hi! As I´ve told you before I don´t think I´m going to be able to receibe this swap, but I´m sure you´ve done your best! I´ll try to do all the procedure in order to receive it but i´m not sure if i´m going to finish it by the end of this month(this is the deadline I have). In this case you´ll receive your swap at your home again and theres no need to send it to me again. Hope you´re having a great week!
widelo123 rated for Tote bag with profile surprise! on May 10, 2015
Comment: Nadi I want to thank you so much for your resend package. You really outdid yourself in the things you sent me. I love the small pouch that makes up to a large tote bag. It is water proof so I will be able to put frozen things in it. The cloth one with the elephant on it is so cute and will definitely come in handy when I do my shopping. The cute refrigerator magnet with all the doggies will be put on my refrigerator along with all the others I have gotten from other countries. The package of cute notepaper will come in handy when I need to write notes. And of course the cute pair of salt and pepper shakers to go with my collection. I really want to thank you for everything you sent. I wish I could thank you with more than one heart. You are a very kind and giving person. Shirley
JaneInSD rated for Washi Tape Swap! on May 7, 2015
Comment: I finally received your lovely package. Thank you so much! The washi tape is so pretty and I love the bag you included. I never received any of the other swaps you sent - I wonder where they are? The postal system is really getting bad. Thank you very much for re-sending. :-)
Response: Hi!! Oh dear.. I really did send.. But I must have missed your mail.. I'm so sorry.. This usually never happens to me.. But it seems my latest parcel 3 went missing.. I truly understand u have to rate me.. I'm sad but I will try until u received. I'm not a flaker.. Many years I've been here.. I had no problems.. I'm so sorry that you waited that long.. I really hope the resend will get to u soon! 😊 xoxo nadi update: Resending again but this time I'm using the international prepaid parcel without stamps and I realm hope they get to u as soon! I'm soo sorry for the inconvenience! 😊 happy swapping!
Comment: Hello!! Today I received your shipment and really loved, I am very happy, much variety of things, I'm die for try them all. I also enjoyed your card, the photo is your kitten ??. Thank you for everything. :D
Response: Yay!! Im so happy they arrived safely! Hehe i was worried fo a moment there :) thank you soo much for the heart and ratiNg.. xoxo nadi
ItsKim rated for Hot items we all want swap on Feb 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package! I love it! :-)
Response: Yay! Thank u soo much for heart n rating :) xoxo nadi
cami rated for 40 Stickers (International) on Jan 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much!! I absolutely love all the stickers, they are so cute :) I´ve been studying all day, so when I received this it made my day. I would definitely like to do a private swap sometime, thank you for the offer :)
Response: Thank you so much for the heart and rating :) I'm glad u like stickers I pick for u.. Happy swapping ^__^ xo nadi
renate rated for Big stationary stash swap on Jan 12, 2015
Comment: thanks for the nice stationary supplies
Response: You're welcome! Thank u so much for the heart and rating! ^__^ happy swapping! Xoxo nadi
Comment: Thank you so very much! Everything you sent is absolutely perfect and fits my likes wonderfully! ♡
Response: Thank u so much for rating n heart :) I'm happy u like them! Xoxo nadi
Comment: WOW - i can't wait to try everything out! And i don't know where to start as everything you picked out is simply perfect! Two of my favourite countrys actualy - i wish i could have treats like these every day :) :) :) defenetly extra hearts worth package :) :)
Response: yay!! im soo happy u like and u got the snacks safely! ^__^ thank u sooo much for the rating n heart.. xoxo nadi
Lexidh rated for QUICK Rubber stamp swap #140 on Dec 20, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for all the awesome stamps and tape and stickers =)
Response: yay! im so glad you like them!! hehe thank you soo much for the heart and the rating! xoxo Nadi
DG rated for QUICK Ribbon swap #49 on Dec 9, 2014
Comment: This package of wonderful things was a great surprise. The ribbons were beautiful and I'm thrilled with all of the extra things you sent. You are so nice. Thank you
Response: im so happy you like them!! thank you so much for the heart and rating!\xoox Nadi
Margothecat rated for QUICK Sticker sheet swap #46 on Nov 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you very much for the cute stickers!
Response: youre welcome! ^_^ thanks for rating me ;) happy swapping! xoxo nadi
karli rated for Scarf Swap on Nov 15, 2014
Comment: Nadi, oh, my god, so many cute items! I am in heaven! Thank you so much for all that and have a great day! Karolina
Response: Thank you so much for the comment and the heart! I'm so g lad you like them :) happy swapping! Xoxo nadi
Patty66 rated for Purple lipstick! on Jun 4, 2014
Comment: Thanks I love the packett!!!
Response: yay! im so happy they reached there safely! thank u soo much for the rating and the heart! xoxo nadi
pursuitofepic rated for Vegan Recipe Swap on Apr 24, 2014
Comment: Got your recipes today. They look awesome. I'm so looking forward to trying them. And the pens were an amazing surprise. My favorite pens in my 3 favorite colors!! Thank you!
Response: im so sorry for the late respond! im so glad your received them safely and u like! thank u so much for the heart rating.. happy baking! ;) xoxo nadi
lob rated for Vegan Recipe Swap on Mar 26, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap !!! I like everything and can't wait to use them <3 I didn't know the make up brands but now I have to look for more items !! Huggies, have a great Christmas :)
clavriene rated for 4 sheets~ 1 Partner on Dec 17, 2013
Comment: thank u for the swap!!! who says u can't draw!! I will keep that envelope forever! the tokidoki letter sheet is fabulous and of course the stickers are lovely!! I love the puffy cats stickers the most!! Terima kasih!!

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lou on Nov 7, 2016:

Happy Birthday MONTH from WIYM group!

Sulieen on Nov 28, 2014:

Hello sweet lady, I received the tag you sent me today! Thank you so much, I love all the Washi tapes you picked out for me. ..;)You sent so many! I can't wait to use them. ..

dolcxvita on Nov 27, 2014:

Hi there! Inviting you to the new and active Creative Mail Asia Group - so we can swap with others in our region. :)

sebastian122 on Nov 3, 2014:

Happy Birthday!!

Heirloom on Nov 2, 2014:

Happy birthday!

Sulieen on Oct 29, 2014:

Yay! Thank you, I'll let you know when arrives!:-D

Sulieen on Oct 24, 2014:

Thank you for tagging me! I pm'ed you my address. ..:-D

bunnyhoney on May 28, 2014:

Thank you for being a part of the Kawaii! group!


mariadastrouxas on Apr 24, 2014:

Hello nadithings. Send your application email to Rachel to be the Malaysian Swap-bot Ambassador until 9th May! See more information on swap-bot blog :)

miablancs on Sep 17, 2013:

I just wanted to add a comment about your Blind Swap August that you sent to me. I forgot to mention that I love so much the Elephant Wallet and Handmade Elephant that you sent to me. Honestly you were so very kind and generous with your swap. I wish I could give you one million hearts for how nice everything is =D. Then I looked at your profile and saw you were born in November just like me. SO you are a Scorpio and now I know why you are so kind =D.

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