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OK - we are back out of lockdown - hurray, and getting back to swapping just in time for Christmas

3/20 Note: as with many other countries around the world, the UK went into lockdown last night. I've got just one swap I didn't manage to mail before this happened (who knew this last week was going to look like this?! I feel I'm in a scifi/horror movie!) and will get to it once we are out and about again. Take care all of you, see you the other side!


I live in the UK near London....Im happy to do private swaps, just let me know.

**I'm very reliable and really want my swap partners to be happy :) please always contact me if there's a problem before giving me a bad rating! **

ALLERGIES! : My allergies got really bad 3 years ago though I've been having treatment and they've got a lot better. I'm still extremely allergic to dust, pollen and animals though, so if you could be careful about what gets into the package, I'd be really grateful. Smoky stuff isn't good either so if it's possible to avoid anything which has been sitting in a "smoking home" that would be brilliant, thank you :) I'm also allergic to facial products and all metals except for pure silver.:( Allergies suck!

Swapping is my way of travelling without the travelling! I LOVE swapbot and enjoy finding and sending things to fit my partners profiles to try and make them smile as much as I love getting packages in the mail myself! Originally I studied languages alors je parle francais und ich spreche Deutsch. In fact I'm a big fan of Germany and most things German....

I love different languages and cultures, please do tell me something about you and where you live if you have the time. I also love trying foods from different countries. Wenn Du Deutsch bist, dann schreib mir bitte auf Deutsch :) Also I'm learning Danish so if you happen to be Danish (or Swedish or Norwegian!) I'd be happy to have something written in your language :)

I've just really got into outdoor and wild/open water swimming so anything to do with that will be received very happily thank you!

In 2018 I visited Denmark, Sweden and Iceland - I'd love anything written in those languages, A book or magazine in Danish would be amazing though I'm still very slow. I really want to go back to all of those countries, but fell in love a bit with Iceland!

I have 3 amazing sons and am loving watching them make their way in the world now they are grown. I'm so proud of them! I don't feel much older than them most of the time until I need to keep up with them!

I love nice mail, sunny days, my lovely garden, the sea, my amazing children, honeysuckle, champagne, guinea pigs, rabbits, time with friends, meeting interesting people, finding new places, adventure, travel, laughing, good wine, orange blossom, sunflowers, my garden, growing things, the sound of rain on the roof...

I work in the mental health field, love my job, but it's exhausting at times.I mostly work in a boarding school now which means more hours but longer holidays!

I enjoy cooking and baking so if you would like to send me a recipe typical of your country or which you love, please do - I cook from scratch though, so no recipes using cake mixes etc or canned fillings etc thanks, and I prefer not to have standard recipes out of magazines or recipe cards - I want a recipe that means something to you please and which you've used, preferably often!

I love old (pre 1965) magazines, I also love very old greetings cards (before 1950) The older the better and I love reading very old letters and postcards (pre 1950) and imagining the lives of the people who wrote them! My current favourite is a postcard I found in a charity shop to a girl at boarding school from her rather posh mum who had just visited an exhibition of "modern art" in London and is rather shocked! I'm happy to get interesting finds of yours as well.

During lockdown I dug up "treasure" in my garden which made me take up mudlarking! Any really old discovered pottery pieces from old dump sites, rivers or the sea would be lovely - I'm a big fan, especially of the old blue patterned sherds, and those with writing on. At some point I'm planning crafts with them!

Although I've dabbled with crafts, I'm definitely not a crafter, and I'm absolutely no good at papercrafts so prefer not to get items aimed at these, but am very happy to get things you have made!

I crochet so nice yarn is definitely on my wishlist these days :) oh and your granny squares! How cool it would be to make a blanket out of granny squares from around the world! Also very happy to get your amigurumi - I've made one and found it a challenge!! I'm planning on relearning knitting, not having done it for 30 years :)

I paint and have got a couple of canvases on my walls which I painted myself and a few more on the go - like my crochet, there are plenty of WIPs!

Some things I like.... (Not in any order!) - Emma Bridgewater pottery!!! (Actually this does come near the top!) I just had a factory tour and have gone from being a sceptic about something so expensive to a complete convert! I was so impressed that everything at every stage is done by hand! No wonder it's expensive!!

  • I ADORE candle holders that look like a typical house or building of your country
    • i love all things icebat/ugly dolls.
  • ** I love very very soft things**
  • vintage magazines from 1950 and earlier, really old photo's of people (1920's and earlier) especially women or old people or people working.
  • old pottery sherds from river or sea etc
  • beautiful or wide washi tape
  • beautiful washi tape and wide packaging tape ( not narrow thanks, I have a lot!)
  • German Krimis - my latest favourite author is Andreas Foehr :) please see below for what I already have before sending! :) _ Any award winning young adult fiction by a German author, ( in German please)
  • cute rabbit items
  • traditional crafts though I don't really like batik items
  • wool/yarn for crocheting, yarn needle etc And maybe even needles to knit socks (ssshhh knitting is going to the dark side!!) My favourite hooks at the moment are the Clover Amour ones. Colours I love are below and I love colour change yarns though don't like garish or neon colours.
  • moose, beavers, rabbits, racoons, foxes (I had baby foxes in my garden this year!) seals, otters
  • craft pens
  • I like most colours (except burgundy which i hate and neon which I'm not a fan of!) but don't wear yellow, peach, cream, red, orange,green or brown, i prefer cool tones - blues, black, light grey or charcoal, magenta pink, very pale pink, white etc...I also like rainbow colours and stripes. the colours I'm not keen on are OK in mixed patterns or stripes on socks etc!
  • cotton or wool or bamboo or fluffy socks - my absolute favourites are handknitted wool or bamboo and bright unusual cool patterns same as above for colours! Size 38.5. Not neon or black with a bright colour please! I don't wear short trainer socks thanks. I also love Cutie Mania fluffy socks! :)
  • Soursop flavour green tea
  • White teas, especially Tazo Berryblossom white
  • Teeccino chicory herbal tea - hazelnut
  • handmade things - if you have put love into what you do, I will never think store bought is better!
  • Very strange flavour Japanese kitkats. The stranger the better! Or the black for grown ups ones or the rum and raisin ones (not a flavour I much like usually but love the Japanese kitkat version of it!) normal flavours I can buy here :)
  • Polish Knorr cheese cup a soup ( not the one with mushrooms thanks and btw I hate borscht! Lol)
  • Bumble bees (not cartoon bees)
  • cool and useful items
  • Alba coconut cream lipbalm
  • Humani-T lipbalm
  • cherry blossom flavour green tea
  • really nice loose green tea (especially gyokuro) - please not flavoured unless with jasmine or something similar. I really am not keen on green tea with fruit flavours thanks!
  • chilli tea! ( love!) i adore Nordqvist Hola Chilli tea
  • love Davids Tea - buddha's blend and chai aye-aye especially, but there are loads i haven't yet tried!
  • cardamom flavours in tea
  • Stash vanilla nut creme decaf tea :)
  • Stash Vanilla Nut Creme loose tea
  • Bigelow's salted caramel tea
  • Bigelow's decaffeinated spiced chai
  • chilli or salt chocolate (Prefer not Lindt or Thorntons chilli but love Fazer chilli chocolate)
  • Orion Apricot Chilli chocolate (Merunka se spetkou Chilli)
  • Tony's Chocolonely - Best one so far I think was the lemon meringue one - truly awesome! ;-)
  • mini Timtams!!!!
  • Sarotti chocolate
  • Hachez Mango-Chilli chocolate
  • Alnatura Winter Schokolade
  • Alnatura Chili Kirsche!
  • Lauenstein Ingwer Limette
  • Suchti Ingwer in Maracuja
  • Marabou chocolate
  • Côte D'Or chocolate especially Citron Gingembre ( lemon/ginger)
  • Heilemann Chili Edelbitter-Chocolade
  • ghirardellis tree bark chocolate love - especially the bags of minis. I don't like ghiradelli's hot cocoa (too sweet for me!)
  • Russell stovers handmade chocolates
  • sees Candy (chocolates)
  • Nestle Turtles (my new love!!!)
  • OMG s
  • Reeses mix (LOVE!) the other Reeses stuff I can now buy here
  • damak pistachio chocolate
  • webury sticks, Alfort Black bourbon, Morinaga Bake
  • Maple syrup and salt milk chocolate
  • equal exchange organic chocolate ( love the caramel crunch with seasalt)
  • Seattle Chocolates
  • Morrisons Sea salted Almond and Hazelnut milk chocolate
  • Plopp salted licorice filled chocolate
  • chocolate with interesting filings
  • ginger flavour
  • Annie's bunny Graham's ( or any bunny biscuits really!)
  • S'mores packs
  • Pigalle!!!!
  • Wai Lana Turmeric cheese cassava crisps/chips (or anything else in that range I haven't tried yet!)
  • food typical of your country - I'm happy to try most things and love all kinds of savoury flavours for snacks (but see below... Please not candy and I prefer not packages of dried soup you make in the pan or protein/fruit bars!) I love cheese, garlic, black pepper, chilli, salt/sweet together, unusual foods and flavours..... But I like lots of savoury flavours so try me!
  • beautiful hand made items
  • Scandinavian typical items and style
  • four o clocks/mirabilis seeds - LOVE.
  • things to decorate my garden :) or solar lights ( LOVE)
  • things with orange blossom or almond (especially orange blossom!!)
  • personalised swap cards or labels
  • bulbs for my garden or seeds for unusual vegetables or flowers or sunflower seeds - I've planted a whole bed of sunflowers this year but I had to work very hard to keep the birds and slugs away! I usually end up with about 15 sunflowers out of 3 or 4 packs of seed which is REALLY frustrating!!
  • I dug half of my garden for fruit and veg, happy to get anything you think I can use, though not gardening gloves thanks as I have some fantastic leather ones! :) also recipes you have used for interesting jams (US jellies) or chutneys, cordials etc.
  • chilli related items
  • fair trade, recycled, upcycled, organic
  • did I mention I love handmade things??!
  • old skeleton keys
  • old ( really old, pre 1930!) black and white photos of people, particularly women and old people
  • some makes I love are Agnes B, burts bees, Pylones, Jelly Cat, Nici, Little Blue House, Gudrun Sjoden ....
  • unusual colour eyeliner soft pencils
  • sunflowers, dragonflies, butterflies
  • pure silver items ( second hand/ used is fine )

** German Krimis I don't have yet**

  • ich liebe Nele Neuhaus aber habe alles schon ausser "Im Wald" gelesen.
    • Ich liebe Andreas Foehr und habe "Der Prinzessinnenmoerder", "Karwoche" "Schafkopf" und "Schwarze Piste" gelesen, und neulich auch "Totensonntag"
    • ich habe jetzt 2 Winkelmann Buecher gelesen und wuerde gerne etwas von ihm, ausser "House Sitter" und "Das Haus Der Maedchen" bekommen!
    • Anything by Andreas Franz but not Moerderische Tage which I already have
    • Anything by Sebastian Fitzek (but not Der Augensammler, Der Seelenbrecher "Die Therapie" or "Das Joshua Profil" ) I enjoyed Der Augensammler but not so much Die Therapie though I guessed the twist early on!
    • Something by Jan Costin Wagner (Not Im Winter der Loewen)
    • I already read Petra Hammesfahr "Der Puppengraeber", "Das Geheimnis Der Puppe" and "der engel mit den schwarzen flügeln" but no others yet... I really didn't enjoy "Kroeten Wanderung" so not keen to read any more of Rainer Wuerth's books thanks.

Or introduce me to another German Krimi writer I don't know yet!

  • And an "I prefer not to get" and a "please don't send me!" List...

Please don't send me

  • ANY candy except chocolate, I REALLY don't like it - please don't be tempted to try and convert me!
  • any cured meat products as I'm allergic to some preservatives
  • facial products as I have allergies!
  • anything cat
  • Anything religious, horror related, skull or halloween
  • images of goat heads or anything with horns (deer and antlers are fine!!)
  • ephemera type paper items (except really old - pre 1950 ones)..... I have no use for them thank you
  • coins, bits of paper etc
  • pencils .... I just have no use for them.
  • Disney stuff, I'm not a Disney fan
  • Hello Kitty stuff
  • earrings other than silver or stainless steel due to allergies
  • anything gold coloured
  • I'm really sensitive to smells and find a lot of strong cheap scents give me a headache ( no clue why!) so prefer not to have cheap body lotions etc or perfumes or strong smelling cheap scented candles. I'd rather have less of something nice quality :) I don't like orange smelling things.
  • paper napkins - the earth will not last long enough for me to use all the paper napkins I have been sent so far! ;-)
  • phonecharms as I have no use for them
  • cupcake or candy design items - not a fan!

  • I would prefer it if you didn't send me

  • an item swap containing only paper items like memo sheets and envelopes

  • papercraft stuff - I've never been able to get into papercrafts

Thank you :)

Finally, and I've never really seen the point of this before, but I'm tired of scrolling through old messages to see who still hasn't sent things they owe me, these are swappers from whom I've been waiting a considerable time for something :

  • ingleside for a ti


Comment: thank you
Stachel rated for JATWCT: Christmas Card.Teabag.Seeds on Oct 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your swap. It's a beautiful card and I'm looking forward to try the tea and I'll try and grow the Lobelia 😅
Gaucha rated for Share your Country #5 on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: Hi Gill! Wow, did I love this swap ;-) Thank you so much for everything, I loved the original Keep Calm and the wonderful Harry Potter stamp. Actually I loved everything. Thanks again and all the best, Janneke
Eel9585 rated for Lockdown Happiness Postcard on Oct 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard
Nuisant rated for Large European Swap on Aug 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for such lovely items :))
Response: Really glad you got it! Sounds like you had a long wait!
Comment: Thank you I have mailed a response
Response: Thank you :)
sokakkedisi rated for SNACKS! 1 person per country #2 on May 4, 2020
Comment: Dear Gill, your package made my day today. Thank you for the snacks. I also appreciate how you wrapped it very well. Happy swapping!
Response: I'm really happy - I think you might have had a long wait?
carol rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 14, 2020
Comment: Wow. Yours broke my heart. So true. It's hard to believe how much has changed so quickly. Stay strong, stay safe. We'll get through this.
kristyrogers rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 13, 2020
Comment: Yes! It was so fast from normal to lockdown! Thankfully, I'm unwell sometimes and cant shop, so we were already stocked and haven't had to shop too much.
Rita2 rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 13, 2020
Comment: We really miss many things lately, simple and that make us feel good. But everything will be fine, be careful, be safe. Soon you will be running around the city breathing fresh air, feeling free.
NRGordon rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 13, 2020
Comment: The world will probably never be the same but, no, this is not even close to what war is like.
shirleyinCA rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: Stay home and healthy!
manaelsa rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: Isn't it wild, literally our whole world has changed. Hope you're doing ok!
bluecrayons rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: So sorry you’re “missing driving, swimming, life outdoors”.
MsBellaDonna rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: Sending love and hugs to you from "across the pond" in the USA! Stay safe and be well! We will get through this together!
ericabella rated for Coronavirus, my life in 6 words on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: Hi! Thank you for the lovely note card and sharing your highlight of the week. What an accomplishment! You should be so proud and congratulations on first place. And thank you for all the cool and unique goodies. I love the recipes and the neat vintage pictures.
jenthewen rated for ***UK ONLY*** DESTASH SWAP on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you for everything, love the stickers and charms especially , and the cancer ribbon brooch!! Many thanks!!
Response: Really happy there are some bits you lovel <3
Comment: WOW! Oh my goodness you went completely above and beyond with this swap! I can’t wait to sit and go through this! Thankyou so so much! I absolutely love it! Xx
Response: Haha! I was hoping you would enjoy it!! <3 Nice to share my amazing tea stash with someone!!

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Welcome to sunshine swaps!

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Happy Birthday!

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May your 2019 be better than 2018, and your best year yet!


romyisa78 on Nov 27, 2018:

Hey Gill, your Scavenger Hunt swap just arrived. thank you so much. I just informed the Admin, hope that he will rate you a 5 with Heart as I m only able to rate the non-europe partner who was wrong at that swap. So thanks again, i love it and have a wonderful Christmas time Isa

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danke, das du an meinem Faultier-swap mitmachen willst! :-) Ich finde dein Profil sehr sympathisch und wenn du Lust hast, bin ich jederzeit bereit für einen profile-swap (koennte dir zum Beispiel eine Koeln-Tasse von Starbucks besorgen)

Liebe Gruesse!


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Happy Birthday!

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Hi lovely! :) I'm not sure my private message got sent to you re: the PBS color swaps, and the site is glitching and not letting me rate. I just want to find a way to let you know I appreciate the sweet treats you sent me and I'll be sure to keep trying the rating. Feel free to delete this comment off of your wall once you read it. Thanks for participating in these swaps, I'm having a lot of fun with them and I hope you are, too! ♥

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Welcome to EU Happy Swaps, thanks for joining!

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Dear Gill, received today your wonderful happy mail. thank you so much. the matroshka- magnets are amazing and got a place at my fridge. i wish you a wonderful christmas time and thanks again. isa

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Postcard roulette swap intl #4 - unassigned partner

What a lovely surprise! Thank you for the beautiful postcard, the variety of commemorative stamps and your kind note. It was a pleasure to hear from you.

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