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Date Joined: September 23, 2010
Last Online: November 20, 2017

Country: Denmark

About Me

September 1st.2017. We now get mail once a week, so if you are worried that something hasn't arrived, it probably hasn't! But it will get here, don't fret. 😉

I have been making cards for about 8 years, mostly for friends and family but I do sell some too, mostly commissioned cards for special events 😊

I have a battered CB, an ebosser, a scalpel , three guillotines, one of which is pretty crappy but I won't chuck it(unless it refuses to work at all) and loads of scissors. ;o)

My mainstays are Nellie, CB, Nestie,Cheery Lyn and a few Tattered Lace dies,embossing folders, handmade papers, a few( update that to many) punches, brads, RIBBONS, glitter pens, promarkers,oh the list goes on...and on and on. I just did another complete clear up; I don't have quite as much stuff as I thought, that's the first time that has happened, LOL

I'm learning to stamp; steep curve. But I'll get there. Update, getting better but still room for improvement.

Have now a craftroom of my very own; it's Heaven ( You call it Chaos, I call it Home) I'm as happy as a pig in poo :o)

Have tried painting but I'm a numpty at mixing colours; everything turns out brown or grey. Can draw but not very well, room for vast improvement. I'm learning to make ATC's; great fun, I can understand why so many people like making them :o)

So, my crafting thing is making cardsand envelopes. I'm learning to make boxes too.

SWAP LIKES: Items that I can use on my cards:

  • Ribbons.

  • Papers, all sizes. Particularly "masculine" ones, you know, dark colours and patterns.. I find them very hard to get.

  • Gems and pearls, self adhesive

  • Anything that can be used with my CB or ebosser

  • Did I mention ribbons

*and PAPERS.

SWAP DISLIKES: Please don't send me

  • Loose glitter, it makes me wheeze and sniffle and my papers fly everywhere!

    • Découpage things

    • Things with text/ writing on them; I won't be able to use them as I usually work in a different language.

    • Chipboard,

    • Eyelets,

    • Babyish, childish or cartoon items; I have enough for my needs ;o)

    • Neon colours, I have too much of that already ;o)

    • Torn, crumpled or "tired" items

About Me

Favourite books have got to be Stephen King, Christopher Brookmyre,Anne Rice, Nick Hornby and Clive Barker. I also like Dorothy Dunnett, Ruth Atkinson, Fay Weldon,Christopher Priest and Monica Ali. At the moment I'm going through the bookcases and re-reading every single book, after which I will give them away, to make room for more books!

TV..watch it very rarely so no favourite programmes but I enjoy a good documentary.

Movies? Not a great movie fan ( perhaps because my husband falls asleep EVERY time, after about three minutes )but anything with Woody Harrelson, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp and Robert de Niro. oh and science fiction, fantasy films... Matrix, Blade Runner.

Music: Modern folk, zydeco, cajun.

Other bits and bobs.. I really enjoy cooking on my days off, it's relaxing. Recipes are always welcome! :o) I'll eat just about anything apart from rice pudding (yeuchh!)

No allergies that I know of :o)

No children, no pets, oy how boring that sounds!

Computer and gadget nerd.

About Me

  • Born in the UK with itchy feet, 60 years ago.

  • Jobs have included: waitress, bartender, stewardess, salesperson, tourist guide, gopher, shop decorator, translator, teacher in computer skills. Jack of all trades, master of none LOL

  • Good qualities ;o) A patient listener, creative, curious, openminded.

  • Bad qualities:o( Perfectionist, drat.

  • I work full-time and live in a house with a large and very unruly garden. We're not big on weeding so we have a motley crew of plants.

  • I read a lot, but in bouts, mainly when my mojo has gone walkabout.

  • Met my wonderful, kind and funny husband at a party 32 years ago and we just stuck like glue. We have very different interests and give each other room to enjoy them.

  • If I weren't me, I'd be an orangutang. Or a cat.

  • Favourite colours:Happy ones, particularly turquoise, blue, green and red. Just not together ;o)

  • I really enjoy sunshine, the company of friends and family, good wine, learning new things and making other people smile.

  • Also the smell of a newly cut lawn, silence,(have tinnitus which is triggered by noise),strong coffee, wrapping presents and going to car boot sales and fleamarkets.

  • Fireworks, the sea, mountains and deserts.

  • I love travelling; long distances, short ones, doesn't matter.. it's the sights and experiences along the way that do it for me :o)

Love, love, love spring and summer and cooking food in the kettle grill; it all tastes so much better that way! Whole roast chicken or pork with the crackling, oh yum😍

  • Dislikes.. intolerance, meanness and lateness.

Loathe housework, going to the doctor,shopping for clothes, earwigs, slugs and wasps.

Re. swaps...

I joined swap-bot because I love sending and receiving letters and packages.

I will be joining in swaps that are to do with card-making. I would love to do the "heavier" ones but our high postage costs make it too expensive, I just can't afford it :o(

If you don't receive something from me, let me know and I'll get it sorted. I'll read your profile and do my level best to find things that suit you and I send my swaps as soon as possible after partners are assigned.

Re. Rating, please rate! That way I know you have received you package/ envelope/ whatever.

That's it, I look forward to swapping with you! :o)


Comment: Thank you so much for the extra special envelope :). I love everything! I really love Christmas, the rest of my family not so much. On Christmas eve we eat different small dishes, like spring rolls, chees crocquets,... and cake. We always watch a movie together. On Christmas day my sister comes round and we open presents and then I always cook roast potatoes with brussels sprouts, carrots and turkey breast with mushroom sauce,
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and that you liked the swap! Thank you for the rating and when should I come round on Christmas Day?Love turkey!LOL
JenniferB rated for Stamp me #1 on Oct 26, 2017
Comment: My oh my Anni...I adore EVERYTHING you sent me. In fact, you spoilt me! The stamped envie is gorgeous. Lots of little discoveries all over it. I enjoyed reading your letter very much, with all you shared. Look forward to your suggested authors. I can’t believe I got the fluttering b’fly, I’ve seen videos of others and getting a fright, love it, so cool! I’m grateful that you were my partner in this swap. Happy creating and retirement!! 💜🦋💜
Response: Phew, I am so glad it reached you! I was worried it had got lost on its travels. Great to hear you liked everything, thank you for the grand rating and the💜! 2days to go. Happy swapping!
luckycharms rated for TPD: Mystery Supply Swap #10 on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the Card topper, what a great way to use the Mystery supply. You did a fantastic job on it!!!! and I love the Danish stickers, tags and cards you sent, but mostly thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions with me!!!
Response: Delighted to hear that you liked everything and I do hope you will be able to use the bits and bobs! Thanks for the lovely rating and happy swapping😊
Comment: Anni! This is a beautiful Envelope filled with so many smiles for me! THANK YOU!! I love everything you sent to me!! I think it's amazing that you have been here to New Jersey! What is your favourite thing about it here? I live exactly between NYC and Philadelphia! We have the mountains here in my back yard almost and the beach is about 50 minutes by car. We have a lot here and it's a lovely place to live!!! Thanks again for the fantastic goodies!! HUGS FROM NJ!
Response: I am so glad to hear that the surprises were to your taste, it was a fun envelope to put together😀 My favourite thing about NJ? Definitely the friendly people and after that the varied landscape! Thanks for the lovely rating and happy swapping📬
TeeB rated for IS: Decorated envelope #10 INT on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: Super cute envie with wonderful goodies inside! Thanks for an awesome swap!
Response: You are very welcome! I am glad you liked the swap, thank you for the rating and the heart😊Happy swapping!
Comment: Oh my gosh, thank you for such a great swap! I love the card you made - it is so pretty and the black envelope is really cool. I love the texture! The washi tape and extra paper are so neat. I will put them to use right away. I also love all of the extra envies that you made. So creative and the poster paper is so cool! I wish I could give you more than one heart. This is a great swap and you put a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much for joining my swap. :-)
Response: 😊Thank you for such lovely feedback! I am so glad you like the card and envie.. the texture IS fun, isn't it? Glad also to hear that the bits and bobs will come in useful. Thank you for the rating and the ❤️ and happy swapping!
gooddog56 rated for TPD - Mystery Supply Swap #9 on Apr 11, 2017
Comment: Anni, what a delightful package of paper goodies you made! The cards, the ATC, the tag, the punches....and the penguin extras! All wonderful! Thank you so much...and thank you for your sweet letter....Happy spring to you....
Response: So pleased to hear that you liked everything, it was fun making the items, I had a 🐳 of a time! Thank you for the heart and happy swapping.
owlsinathens rated for TPD - Mystery Supply Swap #8 on Jul 25, 2016
Comment: Omg I loveloveLOVE this wonderful package! Everything is sooo delightful - the ATC alone deserves a 100 hearts!! I have to say the Butterfly gave me a Little heart attack but it's so sweet and hilarious - I heartattacked my whole Family with it XD Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts, I feel really spoiled :D
Response: I'm delighted that you like the ATC, I thought it might be a bit OTT, but apparently not ;o) Glad too that you liked the envelope contents.. it was fun to put it together. Thank you for the rating and the heart, happy swapping !
HeideC rated for IS ~ ATC with a Pocket - INT on Jul 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you! All the papers are beautiful!
Response: Wow! That was fast! I'm so glad you liked everything😀Thank you for the lovely rating.
Created46 rated for TPD Mystery Supply Swap #7 on Jul 8, 2016
Comment: This was such a cute ideal, I really like the little cutouts with all the little charms. This is very cool.
Response: I am so relieved it finally got to you! And that you liked it😊Thank you for the rating with heart, despite the long wait. Happy swapping!
Mimi7 rated for TPD - Mystery Supply #6 on Mar 17, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the great Presidential ATC, very cool use of the mystery supply! Thanks for the Statue of LIberty card and the extras. Happy Swapping! :)
Response: That second class mail sure took it's own sweet time to reach you but I'm glad it finally made it😊 Thanks for the rating with heart and Happy Swapping to you too!
Ky rated for BMAG: The Sparrow Post- Tiny Mail Swap on Nov 18, 2015
Comment: Sweet....sweet tiny mail!! I love the tiny postcard and such tiny writing in the notes, I couldn't accomplish such small handwriting! Thanks for a great swap. :-)
Response: Hi Ky, I'm glad it arrived safely and that you like the contents, it was a fun swap to complete! Thanks for the ❤️
Comment: What adorable little mail :) And thank you for all the beautiful papers!
Response: You are very welcome and I'm glad you liked the swap. Thanks for the ❤️!
Kathy821 rated for TPD Just Add Watercolor ATC Swap on Oct 31, 2015
Comment: Beautiful job and thank you so much for both of them. Love the pocket and the extras. You're too kind.
Response: I'm pleased you liked them, I had fun making the pocket one!
MommyKnows rated for EE: Christmas in Colors on Oct 19, 2015
Comment: Lovely envelopes, and so well made. Nice job! Thank you!
Response: I'm glad you like them!I hope that you will find a non- traditional use for them😀 Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Very nice, thank you. Really like the butterfly stickers!
Response: Glad you received it ok and that you liked the swap. Thanks for the heart!
toothteri rated for EE - Sparkle & Shine on Sep 4, 2015
Comment: As always, delighted to get you as a partner! Love the sparkle on the envies and all the extra bits! I am working on some steampunk/ vintage journals and these will be perfect! Want to hear all about your trip! Please keep in touch!
Response: Hi Teri, so glad you liked it all😊I have some other steampunk stuff kicking around that I can send you. Would you like some die cut cogs? Thanks for the kind words and the rating. Will keep in touch, promise!
Annalee rated for SIE - Snail Mail Supplies :) #5 on Sep 3, 2015
Comment: Tusen tack! I really love everything you sent and that you are from one of my favourite places, Amager, is extra special! Would you like to do a private swap maybe?
Response: So glad you liked everything Annalee! And yes, I'd be Happy to do a private swap📮😀. Thanks for the lovely rating!
Annaisjoyful rated for NH: Down Write Fun! on Aug 19, 2015
Comment: Hands down the best swap I have ever received! That photograph your dad took is amazing, thank you so so much for including it. And thanks for your well wishes on the birth of my son - he's a cutie pie. I'm also really glad you liked my website and photography, I'm really touched you went and looked at it! One last time, THANK YOU!
Response: You are very welcome!! Thanks for the lovely rating and comments :o)
Lisapotterylady rated for Crappy Ribbon De-stash on Jul 28, 2015
Comment: I love the ribbons! And all the extra goodies ~ hearts!, leaves!, tulips!, my fave things. And I like the envelope with all the Pooh quotes on it. I wish we could have met when you were in WA. I have two friends here who are from Denmark.
Response: Wow, that was fast, even for Danish Post! So glad to hear that you liked everything, I do hope you will be able to use them for something😀Next time I'm in WA, I will give you a shout.. it would be fun to meet up and just think, you have two friends from Denmark, the world sure is a small place! Thank you for the lovely rating😀

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RyeRye on Mar 24, 2017:

Thank you so much for meeting with me all the way from DENMARK! I must say, you and your husband are about the sweetest people I have ever had the fortune of meeting!
Let me know how the rest of your Florida trip goes! Did you go to Johns Pass or go swim with the Manatees yet?? DO tell me all about it!

Much love

LahDeeDah on Dec 31, 2016:

crescendo on Dec 16, 2016:

"Hairforce One", you had me howling with that! haha thanks for the laugh!

RyeRye on Jun 24, 2016:

Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

greenraisin on Jun 19, 2015:

Your wonderful return MA Envie arrived today! I loved how you used the ephemera. The little punch outs are adorable and you have fantastic ink stamps. Also thank you so much for all the interesting crafting goodies, I'll have fun using them in future projects. I'm so glad you participated in this swap. Have a great summer!!!

toothteri on Apr 1, 2015:

You are the sweetest! Thanks for the lovely card- it really brightened my week!
Love the picture that you sent-happy to bring a little bit of Canada to Denmark. I always like to see if someone looks as I imagine- you are totally different than I pictured you. Now I can bring your face to mind and it will put a smile on mine.

kirstyenarno on Mar 25, 2015:

Yoeuur EE: spring return to sender envelope will be mailed out today, sorry it took me so long...

greenraisin on Mar 20, 2015:

Your lovely Spring MA envie arrived today. Your mailing envelope had such a fun, fresh, Spring-like feeling to it. I love the adorable little chick on the return envie and on the Easter card too. Thank you so much for all the Easter/Springtime goodness you sent, and I hope you have wonderful Easter and a fantastic spring season. (Today 4 inches of snow fell at my house. Interesting way to start of the spring season- lol!) Thanks again for everything. <3<3<3 :-)

anrtist on Feb 4, 2015:

WELCOME to the APDGroup! Enjoy! Have fun and I hope it helps to Brighten Up Your Profile!!! You are an Officer so you may host some swaps for us... & earn some STARS ;-)

Blessings, cc

dachenhausa on Jan 31, 2015:

I received the second part of the EE Valentine Swap today. Thank you so much! I love the card, and the envelope looks so much more special now! The extra hearts are super-neat and I know I will use them soon. Thanks again!


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