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Country: Denmark

About Me

Update 19/10/2020

Despite our insanely high postage charges, we only receive mail once a week so if you have sent me a swap and I don't react.. it will get here at some stage, don't worry!

Sending a postcard outside the country costs as much as sending a letter which weighs 100 grams or 3.5 oz, isn't that crazy? The upshot is that I stuff an envelope to the limit, LOL!

I have been making cards for about 12 years, mostly to give to friends and family but I do sell some too, mostly commissioned cards for special events.

I have a battered CB, an ebosser, a scalpel , three guillotines and far too many scissors ;o)

My die mainstays are Nellies, Nesties,Cheery Lyn and a few Tattered Lace dies, embossing folders, handmade papers, a few( update that to many) punches, brads, RIBBONS, glitter pens, promarkers,oh the list goes on...and on and on. I just did another complete clear up; I don't have quite as much stuff as I thought, that's the first time that has happened, LOL

I'm learning to stamp; steep curve but I'll get there. Update, getting better but still room for improvement. For some reason, I cannot get my head around colouring in the stamped image. Hmm.

Have now a craftroom of my very own; it's Heaven ( You call it Chaos, I call it Home) I'm as happy as a pig in poo :o)

Have tried painting but I'm a numpty at mixing colours; everything turns out brown or grey. Can draw but not very well, room for vast improvement.

I'm learning to make ATC's; great fun, I can understand why so many people like making them :o) Also learning iris folding.

With the postal charges being so high here, very few people send snail mail so I've found other ways to use my colourful Preciousses. Gift-card holders, boxes, bookmarks, cards with decorated envies are some of the items I like to make.


Items that I can use on my makes

  • Gems and pearls, self adhesive

  • ANYTHING that can be used with my CB or ebosser

*and papers, preferably with small patterns or unusual textures.

  • Anything Tim Holtz.. just love his stuff :0)

*Adhesive printer paper, we can't get it here

  • Cardstock, particularly dark colours, unusual textures and all shades of blue, red and purple

*Patterned vellum

*Artistamps of any kind

*Origami paper

*clear stamps

*washitape samples

*Small, flat buttons in all colours

  • Narrow gold and silver ribbon to add to cards


  • Quotes, particularly Groucho Marx and W.C Fields

    SWAP DISLIKES: Please don't send me

    • Loose glitter, it makes me wheeze and sniffle and my papers fly everywhere!
  • Babyish, childish or cartoon items; I will simply give them away.

  • Neon colours, I have too much of that already ;o)

  • Torn, crumpled or "tired" items

About Me

Favourite authors have got to be Stephen King, Christopher Brookmyre,Anne Rice, Nick Hornby and Clive Barker. I also like Dorothy Dunnett, Ruth Atkinson, Fay Weldon,Christopher Priest and Monica Ali. At the moment I'm going through the bookcases and re-reading every single book, after which I will give them away, to make room for more books!

TV..watch it very rarely so no favourite programmes but I enjoy a good documentary.

Movies? Not a great movie fan ( perhaps because my husband falls asleep EVERY time, after about three minutes )but anything with Woody Harrelson, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp and Robert de Niro. oh and science fiction, fantasy films... Matrix, Blade Runner.

Music: Modern folk, zydeco, cajun.

Other bits and bobs.. I really enjoy cooking, it's relaxing. Recipes are always welcome! Recently invested in a sous-vide machine and it is the bee's knees! :o)

No allergies that I know of :o)

No children, no pets, oy how boring that sounds!

Computer and gadget nerd.

About Me

  • Born in the UK with itchy feet, 63years ago.

  • Jobs have included: waitress, bartender, stewardess, salesperson, tourist guide, gopher, shop decorator, translator, teacher in computer skills. Jack of all trades, master of none LOL

  • Good qualities ;o) A patient listener, creative, curious, openminded.

  • Bad qualities:o( Perfectionist, drat.

  • I no longer work and live in a house with a large and very unruly garden. We're not big on weeding so we have a motley crew of plants.

  • I read a lot, but in bouts, mainly when my mojo has gone walkabout.

  • Met my wonderful, kind and funny husband at a party 35 years ago and we just stuck like glue. We have very different interests and give each other room to enjoy them.

  • If I weren't me, I'd be an orangutang. Or a cat.

  • Favourite colours:Happy ones, particularly turquoise, blue, green and red. Just not together ;o)

  • I really enjoy sunshine, the company of friends and family, good wine, learning new things and making other people smile.

  • Also the smell of a newly cut lawn, silence,(have tinnitus which is triggered by noise),strong coffee, wrapping presents and going to car boot sales and fleamarkets.

  • Fireworks, the sea, mountains and deserts.

  • I love to travel, it's our hobby and covid 19 has definitely put a stop to that. :0( Still, long distances, short ones, doesn't matter.. it's the sights and experiences along the way that do it for me :o)

Love, love, love spring and summer and cooking food in the kettle grill; it all tastes so much better that way! Whole roast chicken or pork with the crackling, oh yum.

  • Dislikes.. intolerance, meanness and lateness.

Loathe housework, going to the dentist ,shopping for clothes, earwigs, slugs and wasps.

Re. swaps...

I joined swap-bot because I love sending and receiving letters and packages.

I will be joining in swaps that are to do with card-making. I would love to do the "heavier" ones but our high postage costs make it too expensive, I just can't afford it :o(

If you don't receive something from me, let me know and I'll get it sorted. I'll read your profile and do my level best to find things that suit you and I send my swaps as soon as possible after partners are assigned.

Re. Rating, please rate! That way I know you have received you package/ envelope/ whatever.

That's it, I look forward to swapping with you! :o)


neca84 rated for Card Making Challenge #2 on Dec 22, 2020
Comment: what a beautiful card and thanks so much for the other bits and bobs, thank you
Response: I was certain I had responded but apparently not. My apologies! Thank you for the rating and I am glad you liked everything. Happy New Year and Happy Swapping :0)
Hunbun rated for Private swap on Nov 23, 2020
Comment: These envelopes are GORGEOUS! Thank you!
Response: I'm glad you like them and that they arrived so speedily! Happy swapping :0)
Hunbun rated for Card Making Challenge #1 on Oct 31, 2020
Comment: I am blown away! The cards you made are LOVELY and what an amazing assortment of extras! I got a kick out of reading the replies to correspondents. Thank you so much! I will PM you about envelope trading.
Response: I'm delighted that you liked everything and that it arrived so quickly! Thanks for the lovely rating :0) Happy swapping
vacths95 rated for Random Envelope 5 on Sep 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful swap. I loved how you decorated the envelope. Your handwriting is very pretty. Thank you for all the cute goodies.
Response: I'm pleased that it finally arrived and that you liked the swap; I hope you can use the contents. It was good fun making this! Thank you for the rating and happy swapping :0)
anicka22 rated for Lots of Stamps on an Envelope #17 on Sep 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you sooo very much. LOVE the butterfly so very, very much! ( and your letter as well)
Response: I'm glad you received the swap and that you liked it. Thank you for the rating and happy swapping!
Comment: Just got your beautiful envelope packed with goodies! Thanks so much! You made this an extra special swap!
Response: Phew, it arrived! I'm so pleased, I was getting rather nervous, LOL. I'm glad you liked the swap, thank you for the rating :0)
Comment: Thank you so very much for such a delightful swap! I greatly enjoyed your letter - I will have to research Pont-en-Royans, I love small villages - I hope you will let me know how you liked it after your visit, I imagine you are in for some unique experiences and I want to hear all about it! I have never heard of Cinderella stamps so I am fascinated at your explanation and overjoyed to have those you sent. I am now going to enjoy delving into all my saved postage to see if I have some likely others! I love the photo of your sweet little Mickey Mouse: he is vintage for sure! Great equation of happiness you drew so well. Now for the amazing and generous items you sent me in your classy, handmade envelope! I am thrilled with all the beautiful die cuts you made for me and wrapped so carefully! Just beautiful. You so thoughtfully chose washi and stamps and vintage papers for me! The handmade papers and stamped images and ephemera are lovely and just my style! I will find such joy in using all you have sent. Many thanks for all you sent and most of all for all you shared, so I could get to know you. (And it took someone in far away Denmark to be the first to mention - and even like - zydeco!) I count you as a delightful new friend, Aine!
Response: Oh my goodness, my ears are burning! Thank you for all your kind words, Shirley. I am so pleased that you liked the swap, I certainly had a lot of fun in preparing it for you :0) Re. Pont-en-Royans, we will put it off til the spring, it would be too cold in the winter, brrrr. Thank you for the lovely rating!
mgallardo68 rated for Bundle of mystery on May 14, 2019
Comment: Dear Aine, I loved my envelope! I love that you always include a note. It's so great to read about other's lives! Thank you for a lovely package and a lovely letter! Hopefully, by now, you're already eating BBQ outside! Hugs! ♥
Response: So glad to hear it arrived safely and that you like the contents, Maria. I hope you will be able to use the things. Thanks for the lovely rating and yes, we have had the grill going! :0)
fluffyjunk rated for Bundle of mystery on Apr 24, 2019
Comment: Aine, your mail blew me away! :D You put together so many wonderful items for this swap... Thank you so much! I love the beautiful cards and aaaaaall the paper! The teeny-tiny hearts and stars are amazing. But the best part was the letter. I enjoyed reading every single word - and now I have to search for some more Cuttlebug-plates. Just in case... :D
Response: It reached you pretty quickly, didn't it? :0) I'm glad you like everything and I hope you can use it all for various projects. Glad you could read my wobbly handwriting too. Thank you for the lovely rating.. happy swapping!!!
mgallardo68 rated for Handmade envelopes on Mar 30, 2019
Comment: Dear @Giddyanni, your envies arrived together!!! I opened first the last one you sent, it has an entry postmark from March 28 and just Wow!! Everything is BEAUTIFUL!! The perfectly cut envelopes, all of them with wonderful extras that are a total surprise, You put so much effort on this lovely swap. I love, love, LOVE the nautical grettings card and the postage stamps and the marvelous vintage pieces. I feel honored you have decided to share such a treasure with me, Everything is perfect!. The second package has a later entry postmark from March 29 but this was 'fixed' or 'reasealed' by oir local post so I think this is why this package got so delayed, it was trapped somewhere else. I has all the content, with many wonderful envelopes and extra goodies!!! I have no words to express my gratitude. You made my day! ♥♥
Response: Yippee, you got them both!! I am so pleased that you like the envies and their contents, hopefully you can use them for something. Thank you for the lovely rating!
MiRdLHWY43 rated for MAIL ART - Christmas on Dec 8, 2018
Comment: What a fun envelope that you made for me. Your handwriting is beautiful and all of your little drawings and images made me smile. Thank you also for the warm greeting and neat stamps and papers. Merry Christmas to you! Laura
Response: You are very welcome, Laura. I had fin making the envie for you!
Comment: What a delightful letter! I'm glad you checked out instagram. I post lots of photos of my grandkids there, and occasionally craft projects. Thanks for all the goodies you've sent, they are beautiful and will be used in future projects. I enjoyed all the stamps you put on the envelopes, quite the variety, but true to your love and mine, of travel!
Response: I am so glad you liked everything! It was great fun putting this swap together and as for the envie, well, I didn’t know I had that many travel stamps, blush, blush. Thank you for the heart and happy swapping, Becky!
Manifest rated for Paper Sampler on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: Loved the papers, especially the hand stamped one. This was a very thoughtful, and generous package.
Response: I am so pleased you like the papers; it was great fun to put the package together for you. Thanks for the rating with a ❤️! Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you very much
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the heart.
jukejan rated for IS: Crazy stamping swap ~ INT on May 29, 2018
Comment: What a super swapper! I loved your long and newsy letter. Newfoundland to the Keys, what a trip! And all of the lovely thoughtful cards and things to fill up your postal allotment. The Envie is simply wonderful, you have a great selection of stamps. So happy!
Response: I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the swap, I had great fun putting it together! Thanks for the lovely rating.
susieq11 rated for MAIL ART - Profile Related on May 7, 2018
Comment: This is one of the most wonderful swaps I’ve ever received!!! I am blown away!!! Gorgeous envelope and stamps, lovely extras!!!, and the best letter. I’m going to get in touch with you very soon. I’ll be out of town this week but will catch up next week. Thank you for such a fabulous swap!!!!!!! xoxo
Response: So glad to hear it reached you safely, I was beginning to get a bit worried, LOL. Thanks for the lovely rating and I hope you will have a pleasant trip!
Comment: Thank you so much for a wonderful envelope and nice letter and for all the cute stuff! You made my day! I am so happy you love Prague, I love it too :). And of course Mia says Hi. :)
Response: Oh my, that was fast! I posted it on Monday afternoon and it reached you so quickly.. that's much faster than post within Denmark! So glad you liked everything, thanks for the lovely rating and Happy Swapping😁
JaneInSD rated for CPG Handmade Envies - Global on Mar 14, 2018
Comment: Aine- OMG, thank you SO MUCH for the awesome swap!! I wish I could give you 10 stars! You totally made my day. :-) I love the variety of envies you sent me - such a cool assortment of papers. But even more so, I LOVE all of the ephemera that you sent me! It was so thoughtful of you to send it to me, and even more thoughtful of you to type out an explanation for all of it. I had so much for reading about your memories and looking at the items you sent. I am so jealous that you've gone to so many places that I want to go. Hopefully one day I will be able to go, and now I've got suggestions of things to do!! The vellum paper you sent is also really neat- lots of cool designs that I've never seen. Thank you again for such a thoughtful swap. :-)
Response: You are very welcome and I am delighted you liked the swap so much. I had a lot of fun putting it together AND it made the perfect excuse to go through the "travel drawer", LOL. Thank you for the lovely rating, that made MY day!
Comment: Thank you for all you sent. Loved your answers and yes, a talking chipmunk might be annoying :-) I also hope spring arrives soon, absolutely no winter person.
Response: Glad to hear that it arrived safely and that you liked the contents. It was a bit strange, answering my own questions! Happy swapping and thank you for the rating.
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful envelope , the lovely content and the sweet letter! Mail from you is the best. I love reading the history story very much and definetly will go and see it one day (I think Denmark is one of the best places for a vacation). Thank you again!
Response: You are very welcome, Anicka. I am glad to hear you liked everything! In an hour we are going to see the ring riders outside Grote Magle bii. It is a beautiful day for it, cold and bright. Thank you for the rating and for the heart.. happy swapping!

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phillaine on Dec 24, 2020:

phillaine on Dec 3, 2020:

for your wonderful long letter and the absolutely gorgeous handmade envelopes (so many! and the other little treats, too!) you sent me for my November wish list. I loved hearing about your Christmas traditions, your plans and hopes for this Winter, your garden, book recommendations-- just everything! Such delightful details. I'll re-read it again and again, I'm sure. I appreciate you and your kindness, and all the care you put into this gift for me. ♥ I hope you're safe and well and warm and cozy as we move into Winter, and wish all the best to you and yours ♥

anicka22 on Oct 29, 2020:

Thank you so very much for a lL the beautiful envies! They are so pretty. Sonny days with cold temperaturen are the best! We mainly have rain and more rain at the moment. But youamazing mainly brightened my day!!

tcornell on Sep 26, 2020:

Thank you so much for the RAK small cards for the IFM group. The cards are really beautiful. I also loved your note to me and the used postage stamps. It's Autumn here as well, however, I live in a very warm climate, so its still pretty warm: 90 F today... ♥♥♥

shtrqueen on Sep 19, 2020:

Thank you so much for putting a big smile on my face today. What a lovely envelope you sent me for Make a Wish - September. I loved everything! A few stand outs for me were all the wonderful die cuts, the adorable owl card, the cute cat stickers, all of the amazing stamps and the ephemera. I actually went to Prague on my last trip abroad and can use the Charles Bridge Museum ticket in my scrapbook - so cool. Thank you again - it was a such a pleasure to open all of the envelopes and discover more and more cool bits and pieces. Have a great day. Happy Swapping!

susieq11 on Jan 28, 2020:

I can’t say enough thank you’s for your Make A Wish January wishes!!!!! Omg just the most wonderful happy mail. The rubber stamps, beautiful, handmade envelopes, cards and postcards....and your letter with recommendations and stories!!!!! You should be writing books!!! I appreciate it all SO much, I’m overwhelmed!!!! Funny enough we are off to Vienna, Prague and Budapest late February so I’ll keep the Leopold Museum in mind! I’ve read some of the books you spoke of and I’ll keep the others in mind. I too can’t resist a colored edge on a book LOL!!! Aine, thank you for sharing with me and for the time you spent on all this. I am really very thrilled to have received it!!! XOXO

phillaine on Sep 11, 2019:

to Profile-Based Swaps!

dartha on Sep 3, 2019:

Make A Wish: Thank you so much for the envelope of amazing papers, tickets and stamps - WOW so many beautiful things to use in my journals. Thank you so very much - they are so gorgeous, darla

HippieChick on Sep 3, 2019:

I am so happy my simple envelope was able to grant you a happy mail day! MAW! Group Aug. wishlist

CurlyTea on Oct 29, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

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